MT_Engine_Coolant by lanyuehua


									                WHY AN ENGINE COOLANT FLUSH?

Your radiator protects your engine and air conditioning condenser from
overheating. It also plays an important role with your computer controlled
systems. An engine temperature sensor actually tells the computer what
the engine temperature is so the computer can adjust the air and fuel
mixture and engine timing. The efficiency of the radiator affects the
efficiency of you engine.

That’s why flushing the cooling system and making sure the PH balance is
correct will help to prevent the cooling system from doing damage from
the inside out. And keep your engine running at the proper temperature.

Our coolant system power flush continuously forces fluid under pressure
through the engine, radiator and heater core in both directions at different
times to remove contaminates. We pressure test the cooling system for
leaks, clean the recovery bottle and pressure test the radiator cap. The
system is then filled with the proper mix of coolant and water to reach the
-35 degrees for winter protection. We only use new coolant, not recycled.

Let one of our certified technicians perform this service

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