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					Totally Integrated Power
The Portfolio at a Glance
The System Environment – an Integrated Offer

       totally integrated power

Integrated Solutions for Power Distribution from
Medium Voltage to the Wall Outlet

            1 Medium-Voltage Switchgear              9 Switches and Outlets
            2 Transformers                           10 Energy Automation
            3 Busbar Trunking Systems                11 Power Management                    15

            4 Low-Voltage Switchgear                 12 Medium-Voltage
                                                        Circuit Protection
            5 Subdistribution Boards
                                                     13 Building Management
            6 Circuit-Breakers                          Systems                                                                  Total
            7 Switch-Disconnectors/in-line           14 Building Automation

            8 Low-Voltage Circuit Protection 15 Drives
                                                                                  11 11 12 13

                                                                              9        8            8           7            6

                 Totally Integrated Automation

                                                 4     2      1                                             5                4
                                                                              9                 5

                                                                                      1                 2           4                  3


Medium-Voltage Switchgear

 The main task of a medium-voltage switchgear
  station is safe and economical power
  distribution. Power utilities, industrial applications
  or power plants - every operator has different
  demands of medium-voltage switchgear
  depending on the process-specific requirements.
 This includes a high degree of reliability, safety
  of operating personnel, and low space
  requirements. Other relevant requirements are,
  besides appropriate voltage levels, air- or gas-
  insulated switchgear, scaling according to
  independence from ambient conditions,
  maintenance-free design, compactness,
  guaranteed return of investment, profitability,
  service friendliness and flexibility.


    Air-insulated, metal-enclosed, metal-clad medium voltage switchgear up to
                               24KV from SIEMENS

GEAFOL Transformers

Wherever distribution transformers must be prepared for an
utmost degree of safety, especially in the immediate vicinity of
people, GEAFOL transformers make the perfect solution, e.g. in
high-rise buildings, hospitals, road and subway tunnels, offshore
and mining facilities etc.
 High degree of operating safety
 Long service life
 Rated for 50 kVA to 30 MVA with operating voltages of up to 36
 Low flammability, self-extinguishing, no toxic gas emission in
  case of fire
 Long service life due to freedom from partial discharges up to
  twice the rated voltage
 Vacuum-cast high-voltage winding
 Very good electrical, mechanical and thermal properties
 High level of environmental compatibility

SIMARIS design Dimensioning Software

Easy, fast and safe planning
Networks in power distribution systems for industrial, commercial and
institutional buildings can be calculated and dimensioned with a minimum of
manual work involved.
 Short-circuit calculation
 Load flow calculation
 Voltage drop calculation
 Selectivity evaluation
 Fast and technically safe selection of the right protection devices
 Dimensioning in compliance with IEC standards

SIVACON 8PS Busbar Trunking Systems

Safety plus:
 High short-circuit strength and low fire load
 Increased planning reliability
Greater profitability:
 Low space requirements
 Straightforward network configuration
 Fast installation
 Easy retrofitting in case of on-the-spot changes of
  locations and connected loads of equipment
Better integration:
 Complete current range from 25 A to 6,300 A for
  craft shops, office buildings and production halls
 Communication-capable components
 Connection to SIVACON switchboards

SIVACON 8PS Busbar Trunking Systems
System Overview

                    CD-K System                        BD2 System                           LX System

       For the power supply             For power transmission              For power transmission
        of lighting systems and           and distribution in office           and distribution of high
        small equipment in                buildings and power                  currents in large buildings,
        shopping centers, logistic        transfer in all industrial           radio stations, data centers,
        warehouses and buildings          areas.                               and for chip and semi-
        of all kinds.                                                          conductor production.

                    BD01 System                        LD System                            LR System

       For the power supply of          For power distribution and          For the transmission of large
        electric tools in workshops       and transmission in trade            energy quantities und harsh
        as well as for lighting           fair buildings, the automotive       ambient conditions, for the
        systems.                          industry, heavy industry and         supply of tunnels, or for
                                          on ships.                            networking building parts
                                                                               outdoors and for the power
                                                                               in the chemical industry.

SIVACON 8PS Busbar Trunking Systems

Low-Voltage Switchgear

 Integrated safety: Type test, arcing fault and
  earthquake tests as proof of safety and quality
 High degree of flexibility for marine and offshore
 High degree of flexibility and economic efficiency
  thanks to a great variety of combinations
 Improved profitability - integrated solutions for low-
  voltage power distribution thanks to type-tested
  interfacing to busbar trunking systems
 High system availability - full communication
  capability with PROFIBUS DP
 High degree of flexibility thanks to local SIVACON
  Technology Partners around the globe
Mainly for technical infrastructure applications

Low-Voltage Switchgear
SIVACON 8PT - technical data

Busbar system                 Top                             Rear

Rated busbar
currents up to                7,400 A                         3,200 A

Rated supply-side
currents up to                6,300 A                         3,200 A

Max. short-circuit strength
Ipk of busbars                375 kA                          187 kA

Mounting and design              Fixed-mounted design           Fixed-mounted design
                                 In-line design                 In-line design
                                 Plug-in design                 -
                                 Withdrawable-unit design       -
Type of installation             Stand-alone / against the      Stand-alone / against the
                                  wall                            wall
                                 Back to back                   Back to back
Use                              Motor Control Center           -
                                 Power distribution board       Power distribution board

ALPHA Distribution Boards:
                                                                           ALPHA 125
ALPHA wall-mounted distribution boards
 Used as main and sub-distribution boards in institutional,
  commercial and industrial buildings
                                                               ALPHA 400 DIN
 In DIN standard: ALPHA 160 , ALPHA 400, ALPHA 630
 In NF standard: ALPHA 125, ALPHA 630
 Distribution boards and their components
                                                                           ALPHA 630 DIN
  are modularly designed
 Well-matched systems solutions ranging from assembly
  kits to floor-mounted distribution boards
 Boards available with sheet-steel or transparent doors

For electricians and switchgear panel builders:
ALPHA SELECT® software enables fast configurations of
distribution boards and meter cabinets.

SENTRON Circuit- Breakers

SENTRON 3VL molded-case circuit-breakers
 High degree of flexibility thanks to modular design
 Molded-case circuit-breakers for easy installation, retrofitting
  and extension
 All-round compatible accessories
 Greater system transparency owing to communication
 Direct interfacing to PROFIBUS DP via Com10 module
 Easy access to Ethernet/Internet using BDA Plus for remote         Our 3VL molded-case circuit-breaker is
  diagnosis and parameterization                                     the universal solution: As components
                                                                     for distribution boards, the product
 Full transparency with power management                            series from 16 A to 1,600 A excels by its
                                                                     tremendous versatility and its space-
 Areas of application                                               saving, compact design. Matching
                                                                     releases are available as thermo-
 As feeder or outgoing circuit-breaker in distribution systems      magnetic (16 A to 630 A) and electronic
                                                                     versions (63 A to 1,600 A) – and the
 As switching and protective devices for motors, transformers       whole product range is complemented
  and capacitors                                                     by merely two design families of internal
 As main switch and EMERGENCY STOP switch in
  connection with lockable, rotary operating mechanisms and
  terminal covers

 SENTRON Circuit- Breakers

SENTRON 3WL air circuit-breaker
 High degree of flexibility thanks to modular design
 Easy circuit-breaker retrofitting and extension on site
 Very few components for a multitude of functions
   in any application
 Greater system transparency owing to communication capability
 Direct interfacing to PROFIBUS DP via Com15 module
 Easy access to Ethernet/Internet using BDA Plus for remote
  diagnosis and parameterization
 External processing of messages / measured values via               3WL air circuit-breakers are extremely
                                                                      flexible. With just three different sizes,
  CubicleBUS module                                                   they cover a performance range from
                                                                      630 A to 6,300 A. This makes them
 Full transparency with power management                             uncompli- cated for use in many
Areas of application                                                 applications - everywhere in the world.
                                                                      In addition to circuit-breakers which
 Suitable as incoming-feeder, distribution, outgoing-feeder switch   comply with IEC standard 60947-2, there
  and tie breaker in electrical installations                         are also models with UL 489 and UL
                                                                      1066 approval. All models feature the
 To switch and protect motors, capacitors, generators,               same design, the same handling, and
  transformers, busbars and cables                                    the same mechanical accessories.
                                                                      And the result: unique planning
 Suitable for use as EMERGENCY OFF switch                            reliability and a host of application
  in combination with an EMERGENCY OFF                                possibilities worldwide.
  mechanism ( DIN VDE 0113, IEC 60204-1)

SENTRON Switch- Disconnectors

Our wide product range of SENTRON switch-
disconnectors and their versatile accessories ensure
reliable disconnection and switching under load, plus
proven, top-performance protection against overload
and short circuits. With or without fuse: SENTRON
switch-disconnectors are easy to use and retrofit.
 Proven technology a million times over –
  continuously developed to suit requirements that
  arise in practice
 Be on the safe side with every application – from
  line protection to personal safety
 Easy, practical and time-saving handling
 Uncomplicated integration into general solution
  concepts for low-voltage power distribution

 BETA Low- Voltage Circuit Protection

BETA protecting
Miniature circuit-breakers
 For the protection of indoor plants, for industrial applications and as a main
  switch for the disconnection or safety isolation of systems.
 According to the relevant IEC standards, devices hold a worldwide
  approval for power systems up to 250/440 V AC.
 For special applications and for plant construction, miniature circuit-
  breakers may be equipped with add-on components, like auxiliary current
  switches, fault signal switches, shunt releases, undervoltage releases and
  RCD modules.
Residual-current-operated protective devices
 RCCBs of type A (pulse-current sensitive) are normally used in Germany;
  type AC (AC-current sensitive) in South European countries, for example.
 SIQUENCE, type B, AC/DC-sensitive RCCBs also detect smooth DC fault
  currents besides fault current types A - smooth DC currents as they would
  occur in networks with frequency converters for drives.
 Super-resistant RCCB, preventing accidental disconnections by short-time
  delayed tripping of the RCCB. Short-time pulsating discharge currents
  often occur, when capacitors are switched in.

BETA Low-Voltage Circuit Protection

BETA protecting
Low-voltage fuse systems
 NEOZED, DIAZED and LV HRC fuse systems
  are mainly used in distribution systems and for plant construction.
  NEOZED and DIAZED fuse systems can be handled by technically
  unexperienced or uninstructed persons, they are also approved for
  household installations. LV HRC fuses are an important part of the
  switchgear in utilities companies.
 In South Western Europe, cylindrical fuses are also used in such
 SITOR semiconductor protection fuses protect power semiconductor
  devices against the effects of short circuits, because their super-quick
  tripping characteristics respond much faster than conventional LV HRC
  fuses. Special design types provide for customized installation.
Lightning current and overvoltage protection
 Lightning current arresters are categorized according to lightning
  protection zones (LPZ). They are used for device and system protection
  against over voltages and high surge currents caused by direct or
  indirect strikes of lightning.

BETA Low-Voltage Circuit Protection

BETA switching - switches
ON/OFF switches are used for switching lighting,
  motors, and other electrical equipment. ON/OFF
  switches with current ratings of 32 A to 125 A can be
  applied as switch-disconnectors in compliance with
  IEC/EN 60947-3.
Remote-control switches, switching relays and Insta
  contactors are standard equipment in electrical
  installations, they are preferably used in residential
  buildings. They are particularly suited for switching
  heating and lighting systems as well as motors.
Mechanical and digital timers, timers for stairwell
  lighting and timing relays are used for timing
  electrical functions in buildings and facilities, being
  the basis for energy saving.

 DELTA Switches and Outlets

Overview of the product range

       DELTA line* -          DELTA vita* - a          DELTA style - the      DELTA miro glass* -
       the switch range to    host of variations       design series that     clear switch
       express your style     for setting              combines               design with frames
       by ultra-modern        individual color         elegance with          made of glass
       forms                  accents                  modern look

      DELTA miro Holz* -     DELTA miro Color* -        DELTA profil* - the     DELTA natur* -
      sets design accents    makes exclusive            switch range that       the switch range
      with real wood         design a standard          communicates            that couples a
                                                        harmony in shape        sleek design with
                                                        and color               fine woods

                     * suitable for Siemens GAMMA instabus ®

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