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									             Institute of Education – HEADLINES – 19th March, 2009

* Formative e-Assessment: theory, practice, patterns. Reports that the INSTITUTE are presenting
findings from the JISC-funded project ‘Scoping a Vision of Formative E-Assessment’ on Tuesday, April
28 and mentions DYLAN WILLIAM and DIANA LAURILARD as keynote speakers.
* Girls do better without boys, study finds. Quotes ALICE SULLIVAN’s comments on research
evidence that girls do better in single-sex environments.
* Girls are better off at single-sex schools. Mentions ALICE SULLIVAN’s research evidence on single-
sex environments. DailyIndia. http://www.dailyindia.com/show/302816.php
* Girls are better off at single-sex schools. SindhToday. http://www.sindhtoday.net/world/75978.htm
* Universities call for a rise in student fees. Quotes a web-site link to the INSITUTUE in the section of
Related Stakeholders. http://www.epolitix.com/latestnews/article-detail/newsarticle/universities-call-
* Brain Gain. Mentions research evidence from the EPPE which has shown that specialist early years
teachers not only offer children the best opportunities for social and intellectual learning, but also
help other staff to work more effectively. 17 Mar 2009. EducationGuardian p 4
* Girls do better without boys – study. Quotes ALICE SULLIVAN’s comments on research evidence
that girls do better in single-sex environments. http://60a.org.cn/?p=53585

Tuition Fee
* Student fees should double to £6,500 a year, say university chiefs. Evening Standard p 12
* Ministers delay awkward decision on increasing tuition fees. Guardian p 12
* Plea for hike in tuition fees condemned. Independent p 9
* Price of excellence. Evening Standard p 14
* Earning tuition fees. Times p 23
A* grades
* Universities split over elite A grades. Telegraph p 2
* London’s top tier to demand A* grade
* University challenge. Financial Times p 12
* How to work round the problems of university tie-ups. Times p 59
* £2,800 a year, the graduate premium. Daily Mail p 25
* Set our universities free- or watch them decline. Times p 23
* So how will we fund our universities? Independent p 27

Child poverty
* Ten years ago today Labour promised to eradicate child poverty in the UK. So why are one in three
children still living below the breadline? G2 Guardian pp 1-7
* Third of child case reviews are inadequate say inspectors. Evening Standard p 2
* Protect the child-and the funding. SocietyGuardian p 4
Child abuse
* One third of investigations into child abuse inadequate. Telegraph p 14
* Serious child abuse inquiries ‘inadequate’. Independent p 12
* Children need tough love not self-love. Daily Mail p 15
* Child death failings. Times p 4
* The last BBC radio show for children. Daily Mail p
* Children’s radio shows dropped by BBC. Telegraph p 13
* Addiction is a sickness, and so is criminalising your child. SocietyGuardian p 6
* Schoolboy rugby player catches children escaping from blast. Telegraph p 14
* Gangs are luring seven-year-olds. Telegraph p 2

* Girls at single-sex state schools do better without boys. Times p 22
* Girls do better without boys, study finds. Guardian p 1
* English is a second language for 1 in 7 pupils. Daily Mail p 1,2
* Big-spending prom banned by school. Telegraph p 2
* Pupils’ language test. Times p 4
* Police called to pupil protest. Telegraph p 2
Law Report
* School exclusion hearings not protected like trials. Times p 63

* The fear of young people damages us all. Telegraph p 22
* Recession fuels gap year boom. Daily Mail p 49
* How to…inspire the next generation. Times p 59
* Generation Sexting. Daily Mail p 29, 30
* Last night of the prom. Daily Mail p 25

* 46,000 families lose homes as crisis deepens. Express p 4
* MPs rebel over making single parents work. Evening Standard p 4
* I can defuse your teenage timebomb. Evening Standard p 37
* How to defuse your teenage timebomb. Evening Standard p 38
* Right to life parents in vigil at baby’s bedside. Telegraph p 8
* Parents’ plea to find a new heart for girl. Express p 16

* Job shortages force Chinese graduates back to hinterland. (China) Financial Times p 8
* Killers’ parents express shock at school tragedy. (Germany) Guardian p 12
* Boy, 12, stole uncle’s car to drive to school. (France) Evening Standard p 28

* Youth won’t be conned by academics any more. Guardian p 30
* Oxbridge snobbery? No, this is a step to fairness. Guardian p 30
* Learning poetry by heart. Times p 23
* Children brought up to be ignorant. Independent p 28
* We should praise teacher who exposed class chaos. Express p 36
* Every child matters. Daily Mail p 56

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