guidelines-candy-qfd-exercise by gegeshandong


									                                                                                                                                                                                           Design a Candy Bar

                                           chocolate------------------------ nuts ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                                              Recipe-------------------------------------------------------
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             design --------------------------------------------
                                           dark     milk        mint        peanuts                              almonds caramel toffee               fudge       nougat vanilla mint                  marshmallow     butterscotchcoconut fruit fillingcookie dough            sodium bar               pieces waifers cups                mixed randomly layered wrapped around core
                                           (German)                         whole     pieces peanut butter

What I like in order of preference

chewy                                 9
gooey                                 8
crunchy                               8
fill mouth with flavor                7
long lasting                          7
pick me upper                         6
fill my hunger at end of day          6
something you can get a grip on       5

What I will live with

calories, but not too many            3
market price                          2

What I do not Like
hard to open packaging               -3
soft                                 -3
hard                                 -4
flaky                                -4
too sweet                            -5
bitter                               -5
tart                                 -5
gritty                               -9
messy                                -9

                                  Use Occasion - eating a candy bar while driving home from work
                                  Values delivered - I have worked hard all day and this is my private reward to myself. I really want to enjoy eating the candy bar; it makes me feel like a kid again.

                                  Constraints : maximum one type of chocolate, if any
                                           : if peanuts, either whole or pieces
                                           :select a design

                                  Competition: roughly which of the ten competitors is this new design most similar, and how is it different

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