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					   Open Derby - Front Course 8:00 am start        Open Limited Gun Dog - to follow OGD callbacks
          Angela Vicari & Julie Nelson                  Starting on Saturday - Back Course
1A Stapleton                  Rayne                      Teresa Gimbut & Denny Sullivan
1B Zena                       Zoey                1A Spurgeon                    Rigby
2A Chenowith                  Sis                 1B B. Gingrich                 Sage
2B B. Gingrich                Carmen              2A Dalby                       Rock
3A Peterson                   Dorothy             2B Beckly                      Kinze
3B Weber                      Juno                3A Albin                       JR
4A Fizdale                    Claude              3B B. Gingrich                 Archiee
4B Struthers                  Angus               4A Wegler                      Penny
5A Chenowith                  Guy                 4B Spurgeon                    Ruger
5B Newton                     Huck                5A Hatfield                    Potter
6A Gimbut                     Rosie               5B Stapleton                   Bogart
6B B. Gingrich                Tess                6A Wegler                      Kayla
7A Sullivan                   Abby                6B Johnson                     Abby
7B Bye                                            7A B. Gingrich                 Jake
  Open Gun Dog - Back Course 7:30 am start        7B Albin                       Maggie
            Joe Vicari & Mike Booker                          Amatuer Walking Derby
1A Stapleton                  Ava                            Joe Vicari & Angela Vicari
1B B. Gingrich                Mead                1A Busch                       Carmen
2A Wegler                     Kye                 1B Stapleton                   Rayne
2V Beckley                    Kinze               2A J. Gingrich                 Tess
3A B. Gingrich                Archiee             2B Peterson                    Dorothy
3B Albin                      Maggie              3A Zena                        Zoey
4A Dalby                      River               3B Weber                       Juno
4B Barger                     Spirit              4A Haines                      Rooster
5A Wegler                     Kayla               4B Fizdale                     Claude
5B B. Gingrich                Jake                5A J. Gingrich                 Brody
6A Johnson                    Abby                5B Newton                      Huck
6B Stapleton                  Bogart              6A Chadwell                    Mia
7A Spurgeon                   Izzy                6B Chenowith                   Susie
7B Schmidt                    Zoey                7A Struthers                   Angus
8A B. Gingrich                Gabi                7B Sullivan                    Abby
8B Hatfield                   Potter              8A Gimbut                      Rosie
  Open Puppy - to follow OD on Front Courns       8B BYE
          Julie Nelson & Angela Vicari                           Amatuer Gun Dog
1A Vitkausas                  Piper                         Frank Vicari & Julie Nelson
1B Albin                      Izzy                1A Albin                       JR
2A Haines                     Rooster             1B Hatfield                    Potter
2B Chadwell                   Mia                 2A Wegler                      Kayla
3A Stapleton                  Rayne               2B Chadwell                    Pele
3B Chenowith                  Guy                 3A Kliefoth                    Mead
4A Peterson                   Dorothy             3B Beckly                      Kinze
4B Zena                       Zoey                4A Albin                       Maggie
5A Busch                      Spike               4B Schmidt                     Zoey
5B Fizdale                    Claude              5A Wegler                      Penny
6A Chenowith                  Sis                 5B Haines                      Gracie
6B B. Gingrich                Chicquitaa          6A Stapleton                   Ava
                                                  6N Barger                      Spirit
   **We Will be running two courses in            7A Chadwell                    Tiki
   order to accomidate the entries.               7B J. Gingrich                 Jake
   **We will start OGD at 7:30 AM on Saturday.    8A Wegler                      Kye
   **Schedule conflict priorities will be given   8B Peterson                    Pinky
   to the Back Course.                            9A Morsch                      Hemi
   **We will be starting OLGD on Saturday -       9B Stapleton                   Bogart
   getting thru as many braces as possible and    10A Dalby                      River
   finishing up on Sunday starting at 7:00AM.     10B Spurgeon                   Izzy
                                                  11A Carr                       Duece
                                                  11B Johnson                    Abby

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