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					            Creative Retirement Niagara – moving from the present to the vision
Component          Existing 2008                          Bridging 2009 – New Horizons           Expanding (as funding available)       Vision
                   Information Niagara                    Information Niagara                    Refine Website                         Senior Portal
Communication      -has database                              -   create interface with                                                     -   entry portal of all senior
Infrastructure     - not organized to be user friendly
                   for seniors                                -
                                                                  existing database
                                                                  engage seniors/entities
                                                                                                 Greater involvement of other
                                                                                                 organizations in content and
                                                                                                                                                related information

                   - extensive database for                       in creation of user            format of Seniors portal section           -    involvement and
                   traditional volunteer match                    friendly portal of senior                                                      commitment from senior
                                                                  related services               Add components as resources                     entities to be part of
                   Seniors Organizations – own                -   Link to existing services      allow – e.g. transportation                     portal
                   websites, networks, independent                in community                   supports, housing options, etc.
                                                              -   Refine database to                                                        -    expansion of portal
                   Marketing to seniors –                         address gaps                   Expanded marketing of portal as                 topics to include other
                   independent by organization                                                   entry – e.g. real estate agents,                services (e.g.
                                                          Marketing of information               Corporation retirement packages,                commercial,
                   Some Niagara portals                        -   getting information to        out of region marketing of Niagara              governmental, etc.)
                                                                   community about seniors       as destination for senior retirement
                                                                   portal                                                                   -    partnership support both
                                                               -   Launch event                                                                  in terms of involvement
                                                               -   Marketing materials                                                           and funding
                                                               -   Links to seniors
                                                                   organizations to assist                                              Extensive Marketing materials
                                                                   profile of portal                                                          - like 211/911 for seniors
                   55+ Pelham library pilot –             Intro to Creative Retirement           Continuing of one day sessions         Full Blown U3A model
Senior Focused     Trillium funded -successful model      Concept (Transitions)
Learning                                                                                         Weekend retreats – marketed to             -    Defined site for
                   Local senior centres – some            One day sessions – focus on            both local and non-local audiences              programs
Programs           excellent programming, variable        components of quality retirement                                                  -    Extensive program
                   - reasonably priced – topic/activity   and linking to resources in            Network of quality program                      offerings for diverse
                   based (e.g. gardening, bridge)         community that provide quality         providers – professional entity                 interests
                                                          service for components                                                            -    Involvement of many
                   Senior clubs/entities –                                                       Core staff support – manage                     seniors within program
                   extensive, marketed via                Signature learning series – E.g.       logistics of program – could be part            – as facilitators and
                   newpaper, networks,                    Fully Alive – Transition from work     time                                            learners
                   Reasonably priced                      - built around component themes                                                   -    Affordable
                                                          for quality retirement (e.g. health)   Expansion of Signature                     -    Supporting existing
                   Continuing Ed programming –            – similar to corporate program         programs                                        programs in senior
                   exists but tends to be expensive –                                                                                            organizations
                   connected to Con Ed budget             Curriculum modules for entities        Refine curriculum modules for              -    Core staff support to
                   requirements                           and corporations                       corporations                                    manage program
                                                              -   30/60 min. overview of                                                         logistics
                   No/few programs related to                     quality retirement needs       Corporate learning programs –              -    Signature programs
                   holistic needed of retirees – some             and into to senior portal –    fee for service – refinement pilot         -    Extensive marketing
                   pre-retirement corporate                       info about services for                                                        materials
                   programs                                       next phase                     Volunteer Module                           -    Extensive website
                                                              -   3 hr workshops                                                                 information
                                                              -   Volunteer awareness            Expanded Creative Retirement
                                                              -   Corporate learning             Program – 6/12 general sessions
                                                                  program pilot                  as precursor to expanded program
                   Have 8-10 skilled,                    Informal governance structure –    Early Leadership entity for           Board of Directors for Creative
Leadership         accomplished retirees involved        chair and part time staff          Creative Retirement Niagara –         Retirement Niagara
Entity             in regular discussions about          support – focus meetings,          not official Board of Directors but
                   Creative Retirement Programming       agendas, follow-up, etc.           has governance                        Staff support for Board of
                   – have continued for over 6                                              roles/purpose/guidelines              Directors
                   months past end of learning           Continued involvement in
                   program                               formal mentoring relationship      Refinement of mentoring               Separate initiatives designed
                                                         with Leadership Niagara            initiatives                           to involve retirees with specific
                   Involvement in providing                                                                                       interests
                   mentorship support of                 Expansion of leadership team       Expansion to other initiatives as          -   angel investor
                   Leadership Niagara Candidates         to fill gaps                       interest resources permit                  -   linked to Creative
                                                                                                                                           Retirement Niagara
                   Exploring other mentorship            Continued exploration of
                   initiatives such as angel investor    mentoring related initiatives                                            Hosting Senior Network event
                                                                                                                                  on an annual basis – e.g. focus
                                                         Discussion about Creative                                                group – could be a TOPS type of
                                                         Retirement Niagara – planning                                            conversation
                                                         for events, learning programs,
                                                         participation as presenters,
                   No official network                   Start conversation with senior     Continued involvement in senior       Full blown Senior Network -
Creation of                                              entities/organizations             portal                                supported by staff
Seniors            Informal connections – links to
                   governmental entities (e.g. region)   Involvement in development of      Emergence of leadership – who         Steering Committee – from
Network                                                  senior portal – e.g. format        is positioned for impact              representatives of the sector
                   Extensive resources and
                   activities – lots going on            Provide information for portal –   Partnership development to            Annual report card for the
                                                         links on site                      support portal maintenance and        senior sector – priority initiatives
                                                                                            profile                               – action items – responsibilities –
                                                         Profile portal to members                                                reporting
                                                                                            Marketing existence of senior
                                                         Involvement in community           network and portal
                                                         awareness day – profile services
                   No existing entity                    Creation of senior focused         Extensive marketing materials         Extensive branding of website
Creation of One-                                         website                            outlining Seniors Network and         and Creative Retirement
stop entry         Lots of information and
                   resources – not organized
                                                             -   Market and branding of
                                                                                            Creative Retirement
                                                                                                                                  Learning program as the point
                                                                                                                                  of entry for those transitioning
portal for the                                               -   Launch of site                                                   from work.
                    Growing senior population in                                            Curriculum materials used
newly retired      Niagara – both newcomers and          Branding of Creative               extensively in corporations
                   retires                               Retirement Niagara
                                                                                            Marketing materials for
                                                         Creation of print materials        Newly retired and newcomers to
                                                         outlining senior website           Niagara

                                                         Development of curriculum          Partners to market portal – e.g.
                                                         modules to heighten awareness      real estate, corporations, retirees
                                                         of needs of retirees/website and   associations.
                                                         creative retirement learning

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