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FCS Final Project


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									       FCS Final Project 2011: The Cooking Option
Any student(s) wishing to prepare food for the final project must first gain the
approval of Mr. Farrell. Students are permitted to work with a partner for this
assignment, and must choose from one of five different categories of food to be
prepared. These categories include:

      Vegan or Vegetarian Main Dish
      Organic Meal, Appetizer, or Dessert
      A healthier version of a traditional dish (e.g. baked chicken cutlets vs. fried
       chicken cutlets; reduced fat cheese cake; vegetable lasagna prepared with
       whole wheat lasagna). This can also be modeled after the Eat This Not That
       series or you can use a recipe from the book The Sneaky Chef. I can provide
       recipes to be prepared from both books/series.
      Meal or snack designed to fuel an athlete for optimum performance in
       competition/practice or as a post-activity recovery meal
      Any meal or snack that is specifically designed to help manage a disease,
       allergy, or intolerance (gluten-free, lactose-free, low sodium, sugar-free,

The due dates for the food items are Friday, June 10th and Tuesday, June 14th for
Red-Day students and Monday, June 13th and Wednesday, June 15th for White-Day
students. Food items are to be handed in on the day of your choosing, before
homeroom, with reheating/serving instructions.

In addition to the food item, there is to be a brief explanation of why you chose
your specific recipe and the health benefits of it, as well. Additionally, there are
to be five pictures submitted with the food and written explanation. One picture is
to show the ingredients and packaging prior to the food preparation process, one is
to show the finished product, and the other three are to be of different stages of
the preparation process. The student(s) preparing the food must appear in each of
the pictures. If the student is not in the picture, no credit is given for the

                              Grading Rubric to Follow

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