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					First Presbyterian Church of York

Deacon Meeting Minutes

October 5, 20l0 7:00pm — Christine Thomas Hall

Call to Order/Opened in Prayer The meeting was called to order by Kerry Smith at 7;00pm

Deacons in Attendance: See Sign in Sheet

Opening Devotion: Shared by Judy Sonnenburg to all of the deacons. The theme of the devotion was
"Comfort above the storm". With all of the hustle and bustle and stress in life, we must find peace of mind in the
sky above us. We must strive to rise above the storm.

Treasure Report:

Report given by Jeff Lehn — report given by Jeff discussed revenue of$l48.79 and a $600 grant made giving us a
new balance of$l984.44. Account balance is $500 less than reported. Treasurer’s report was approved.

Pastor’s Concerns: Given to us by Rev. Allison J. Beaulieu. Barbie Sullivan’s funeral and reception were discussed
and the fact that the Sullivan family has appreciated all the church as done for them. A special thanks for the
meals prepared. A memorial service for Betsy Knaub’s father has been planned.

Met ln Zones:

Each zone met to discussion any items. Southeast zone has decided to send Christmas cards to each member of
the zone — did not share at meeting, but perhaps other zones will also want to do.

New Deacon Items: It was discussed to give our new deacons special visitation folks — this was tabled during
the meeting. In addition, it was noted that the last 2 weekends in October as well as the first two weekends in
November — New Deacon Training will take place.

Letters of Concern: Sandy Sykes put together a proposal for an easier approach for the Letters of Concern duties
— specifically focusing on those Deacons that cannot get to the church Monday — Friday — this proposal will be
shared with the church office in order to get approval.(TABLED) Thank you to Sandy for her efforts in putting
this process in place. It was discussed that our church should look at ways to utilize technology to complete
these types of tasks

Discussion Items: Officers for 2010

Kerry Smith announced that we should all consider in prayer being willing to be nominated for Chair and Vice
Chair, Treasurer and Recording Secretary. These positions will need to be filled for 20] 1.

Deacon Session Representative:
Barb Jacoby reported the following from the Session Meeting:

l. A Mission Study will be completed — Asking our church "Where we will be l0 years from now"?

2. Donation to the York County Council of churches — $5,000

3. Donation to the House of Hope - $5,000

4. Discussion regarding Camp Donegal and that it is struggling

5. Looking to create a Hospitality Committee

6. Discussion for the goals for the youth of our church

7. Sarah Yanda — formed a subcommittee — asking for coat donations to be distributed at our annual
Thanksgiving meal. Also several tables will be set up during the Halloween parade.

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