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									                                  Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA                                      1
                                         2009-2010 Results

District Land Evaluation                                                 October 7, 2009
Individual       Placing   Ribbon
Molly McCulloch 9th        Purple
Abby Ueding      10th      Blue
Alysha Peterson 43rd       Red
Eric Anderson 57st         Red
Audel Salazar    58th      Red
Katie Doht       59th      White
Peter Hassebrook 81st      White
Mandy Davis      99th      White                    Team             Placing Ribbon
                                                    Abby Ueding      6th     Blue
                                                    Katie Doht               (State Alternate)
Also Participating:                                 Mandy Davis
Randy Nickel, Jennifer Huffman, Evan Malloy,        Jennifer Huffman
Loren Peterson, Alex Peterson, Leah
Christensen, Brandon Shatto, Mike Torrez,
Gabby Delettre
*278 total individuals/Top 143 Ribbons*

Dairy Cattle Selection                                                   September 30, 2009
Senior Individuals         Placing   Ribbon         Senior Team               Placing Ribbon
Ashley Bacon               17th      Blue           Eric Miller               8th     Blue
Eric Miller                18th      Blue           Loren Peterson
Loren Peterson             20th      Blue           Dalton Beck
Morgan Daberkow            33rd      Blue           Ryan Brehmer
Dalton Beck                35th      Blue
Brandon Shatto                       Red            Ashley Bacon              10th    Red
Mike Torrez                          Red            Morgan Daberkow
Brianne Bacon                        Red            Brianne Bacon
Beau Brink                           Red            Beau Brink
Ryan Brehmer                         Red
                                                    Junior Team               District Champions
                                                    Jacob Maslonka
Junior Individuals                                  Garrett King
Jacob Maslonka             2nd       Purple         Corey McCullock
Garrett King               3rd       Purple         Augusto Salazar
Corey McCullock            9th       Purple
Augusto Salazar            16th      Blue
National FFA Convention                                                      October 21-24, 2009
American FFA Degree
Brittney Doht, Megan Malloy, Karlyn Miller

Diversified Crop Production Proficiency Award
Jacob Niewohner         Bronze

Environmental and Natural Resources Career Development Event
Team: Silver (21st)
Eric Miller      Gold   1st Place National Champion
Vanessa Vetick Silver
Eric Anderson Bronze
Emily Ueding     Bronze

KayCe Hollman, Starla McMullin, Gabby Delettre, Mandy Davis, Katie Doht, Evan Malloy, Brittney
Petersen, Abby Ueding

District Leadership Skills Events                                            November 24, 2009
Job Interview                                         Parliamentary Law
Morgan Daberkow          Purple, State Qualifier      Vanessa Vetick            Blue
                                                      Morgan Daberkow
Extemporaneous Speaking                               Ashley Bacon
Eric Anderson         Purple, State Qualifier         Brianne Bacon
                                                      KayCe Hollman
Junior Parliamentary Procedure                        Emily Ueding
Mandy Davis            Blue, State Alternate
Katie Doht                                            Creed
Peter Hassebrook                                      Jacob Maslonka            Blue
Evan Malloy
Alysha Peterson                                       Natural Resources Speaking
Brittney Petersen                                     Starla McMullin        Red
Abby Ueding
                                                      Agricultural Demonstration
Public Speaking                                       Garrett King            Red
Eric Miller              Blue                         Jacob Maslonka
                                                      Augusto Salazar
Junior Public Speaking
Abby Ueding            Blue
Jennifer Huffman       Blue

                                  District Sweepstakes Trophy
                     Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA     Small School Runner Up

Assisting with LSEs:
Brenna Wakeley, Lindsay Olson, Randy Nickel, Audel Salazar, Gabby Delettre
Northeast Holiday Sales Top Sellers                                 December 2, 2009
Senior            Eric Miller
Junior            Starla McMullin
Sophomore         Evan Malloy
Freshman          Garrett King

District Livestock Evaluation                                       January 28, 2010
Senior Team       6th     Blue           Alex Peterson       4th       Purple
Eric Miller       17th    Purple         Abby Ueding         8th       Purple
Loren Peterson    25th    Blue           Mandy Davis         20th      Purple
Starla McMullin   34th    Blue           Brittney Petersen   20th      Purple
Mike Torrez               Red
                                         Junior Team      9th          Blue
                                         Katie Doht       7th          Purple
                                         Jennifer Huffman 26th         Blue
                                         Alysha Peterson               Red

Junior Team       2nd     Purple

District Proficiency Awards                                         February 10, 2010
Agricultural Education                   Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production
Emily Ueding           Gold (S)          Eric Anderson           Gold (S)
Alysha Peterson        Gold (S)
Abby Ueding            Gold              Grain Production-Entrepreneurship
                                         Eric Miller            Top Gold (S)
Agricultural Communications
Alysha Peterson       Gold (S)           Outdoor Recreation
                                         KayCe Hollman                 Top Gold (S)
Agricultural Service
Starla McMullin           Gold (S)       Poultry Production
                                         Eric Miller                   Top Gold (S)
Beef Production Entrepreneurship
Loren Peterson         Gold (S)          Specialty Crop Production
Evan Malloy            Silver            Eric Miller             Top Gold (S)

Diversified Agricultural Production      Specialty Animal Production
Eric Miller               Top Gold (S)   Loren Peterson         Top Gold (S)

Diversified Crop Production              Turf Grass Management
Entrepreneurship                         Eric Miller           Top Gold (S)
Eric Miller             Top Gold (S)     Eric Anderson         Gold (S)
Eric Anderson           Gold (S)
                                         Vegetable Production
Diversified Livestock Production         Vanessa Vetick                Top Gold (S)
Loren Peterson           Top Gold (S)
Alex Peterson            Silver

Equine Science Placement
Jennifer Huffman       Silver
District Career Development Events                                   March 3, 2010
Livestock Management District Champion       Floriculture            4th    Blue
Eric Anderson                                Abby Ueding             9th    Blue
Eric Miller                                  Katie Henneman          10th   Blue
Loren Peterson                               KayCe Hollman           14th   Blue
Vanessa Vetick                               Leah Christensen        16th   Red
Starla McMullin
Jennifer Huffman                             Welding                6th     Blue
                                             Dalton Beck        GMAW 6th    Blue
Farm Management          District Champion   Loren Peterson     SMAW 6th    Blue
Eric Miller              1st      Purple     Alex Peterson      O/A 7th     Red
Eric Anderson            2nd      Purple
Vanessa Vetick           3rd      Purple     Agriscience #1          5th    Blue
Emily Ueding             7th      Blue       Jacob Maslonka          4th    Purple
                                             Garrett King            16th   Blue
Nursery and Landscape    2nd    Blue         Brenna Wakeley          31st   Blue
Beau Brink               3rd    Purple       Lindsay Olson           43rd   Red
Ryan Brehmer             5th    Blue
Leah Christensen         10th   Blue         Food Science            5th    Blue
KayCe Hollman            11th   Red          Brianne Bacon           6th    Purple
                                             Mandy Davis             14th   Purple
Meat ID and Evaluation   3rd    Blue         Alysha Peterson         18th   Blue
Alysha Peterson          11th   Blue         Audel Salazar           23rd   Blue
Jennifer Huffman         12th   Blue         Ashley Bacon            34th   Red
Mandy Davis              14th   Blue         Morgan Daberkow         37th   Red
Katie Doht               15th   Blue         Molly McCulloch         40th   Red
Brittney Peterson        18th   Blue
State FFA Convention                                              April 7-9, 2010
State FFA Degree Recipients
Eric Anderson           Ashley Bacon       Brianne Bacon          Dalton Beck
Morgan Daberkow         KayCe Hollman      Eric Miller            Loren Peterson
Emily Ueding            Vanessa Vetick

State Star Finalist in Production
Eric Anderson

State Star Finalist in Agribusiness
Eric Miller

Farm Management           State Champion      Livestock Management    White
Eric Miller               Purple (1st)        Swine—Blue              Poultry—Red
Emily Ueding              Purple (4th)        Horse—White             Beef—White
Vanessa Vetick            Blue                Dairy—Red               Sheep—Red
Eric Anderson             Red                 Eric Anderson
                                              Eric Miller
Extemporaneous Speaking                       Loren Peterson
Eric Anderson         Gold (5th)              Vanessa Vetick
                                              Starla McMullin
Natural Resources         Blue                Jennifer Huffman
Ashley Bacon              Purple (10th)
Brianne Bacon             Red                 Agricultural Communications      White
Dalton Beck               Red                 Brenna Wakeley Press             White
Morgan Daberkow           White               Alysha Peterson Broadcast        White
                                              Abby Ueding     News
Agriscience               Red                 Katie Doht      Graphics
Corey McCullock           Purple (11th)
Jacob Maslonka            Red                 Junior Livestock Selection
Garrett King              Red                 Brittney Petersen        Red
Lindsay Olson                                 Abby Ueding              White
                                              Alex Peterson
Senior Livestock Selection Red                Katie Doht
Eric Miller              Blue
Loren Peterson           Red                  Welding
Starla McMullin          Red                  Mike Torrez     SMAW Blue
Mike Torrez                                   Beau Brink      GMAW
                                              Alex Peterson   O/A
Food Science              Red
Emily Ueding              Blue                Nursery and Landscape
Molly McCulloch           Blue                Leah Christensen
Mandy Davis                                   KayCe Hollman
Audel Salazar                                 Beau Brink
                                              Ryan Brehmer
Meat ID and Evaluation    White
Evan Malloy               Red
Mandy Davis               White
Jennifer Huffman          White
Alex Peterson

Job Interview
Morgan Daberkow           Bronze
State Proficiency Awards

Eric Miller       Poultry Production                                  Gold, State Finalist, 1st in the state
Eric Anderson     Diversified Crop Production-Entrepreneurship        Gold, State Finalist, 2nd in the state
Eric Miller       Turf Grass Management                               Gold, State Finalist, 2nd in the state
Eric Miller       Specialty Crop Production                           Gold, State Finalist, 3rd in the state
Loren Peterson    Diversified Livestock Production-Entrepreneurship   Gold, State Finalist, 3rd in the state
Alysha Peterson   Agricultural Communications                         Gold, State Finalist, 3rd in the state

Eric Anderson     Fiber and/or Oil Crop Production                    Gold, 4th in the state
Eric Miller       Diversified Crop Production-Entrepreneurship        Gold, 4th in the state
Eric Miller       Grain Production                                    Gold, 4th in the state
Vanessa Vetick    Vegetable Production                                Gold, 4th in the state
KayCe Hollman     Outdoor Recreation                                  Gold, 5th in the state
Alysha Peterson   Agricultural Education                              Gold, 5th in the state

Eric Miller       Diversified Agricultural Production                 Gold

Eric Anderson     Turf Grass Management                               Silver
Loren Peterson    Beef Production-Entrepreneurship                    Silver
Loren Peterson    Specialty Animal Production                         Silver
Emily Ueding      Agricultural Education                              Silver

Starla McMullin Agricultural Services                                 Bronze

College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources Scholarship
Eric Miller

Governor’s Agricultural Excellence Award/NIFA
Lyons-Decatur Northeast FFA Chapter

State Committee Members/Delegate
Molly McCulloch, Audel Salazar/Ryan Brehmer, Corey McCullock

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