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									           Learning from

           Jack Ganssle
Ganssle         1     MAPLD 2005/S110
 The Tacoma Narrows Bridge

          The Tacoma Narrows Bridge
          4 months after opening, Nov 7, 1940
Ganssle                 2        MAPLD 2005/S110
              Forgotten Failures
Dryburgh Abbey Bridge, Scotland, 1818
                                 Montrose Bridge, Scotland 1838
 Menai Strait Bridge, Wales, 1839
                               Basse-Chaine Bridge, 1850
Roche-Bernard Bridge, France, 1852
                              Wheeling Suspension Bridge, 1854
 Niagara-Lewiston Bridge, 1864
                                  Niagara-Clifton Bridge, 1889
     Deer Isle Bridge, 1939
                                 Bronx-Whitestone, 1939
   Ganssle                        3        MAPLD 2005/S110
              George Golden Bronx-      Tacoma
             Washington Gate Whitestone Narrows

Completed     1935      1937      1939          1940
Span          3500 ft   4200 ft   2300 ft       2800 ft
Cost          $59.5m    $35m      $19.7m        $6.4m

   Ganssle                 4        MAPLD 2005/S110

• Cheaper is often more expensive
• Management decisions do not repeal the
  laws of physics
• Not learning from the past means repeating
  the past – endlessly
• Codes are a powerful way to insure projects
  are done correctly

Ganssle              5      MAPLD 2005/S110
                  Lessons learned:
                  • Schedules can’t rule
                  • Never sacrifice testing
                  • Tired people make mistakes

                  • Error handlers save systems

Ganssle       6         MAPLD 2005/S110
                 Lessons Learned:
                 • Tired people make
                 • Use the VCS
                 • Test everything!
                 • Engineers rock!

                 • We must learn from

Ganssle    7     MAPLD 2005/S110
Mars Polar Lander/Deep Space 2

                    Lessons learned:
                   •Tired people make
                   • Test everything!

                   • Test like you fly;
                     fly what you test

Ganssle      8    MAPLD 2005/S110
                   Lessons learned:
                   • There’s no such
                     thing as a glitch –
                     believe your tests!

                   • Error handlers save

Ganssle       9   MAPLD 2005/S110
          Mars Exploration Rover
Lessons learned:
• Test like you fly; fly
   what you test

• Poor error handler

• We must learn from

Ganssle                    10   MAPLD 2005/S110
          Titan IVb Centaur
                       Lessons Learned:
                       • Test like you fly;
                         fly what you test
                       • Use the VCS

Ganssle           11            MAPLD 2005/S110
                     Ariane 5

Lessons Learned:
• Improve error handling
• Assume software can fail
• Test everything!
• Be careful with ported code
  Ganssle                   12   MAPLD 2005/S110
                    Lessons Learned:
                    • Do reviews…
                      before shipping!

                    • Test like you fly;
                      fly what you test

Ganssle      13          MAPLD 2005/S110
          Therac 25
                Lessons Learned:
                • Use tested
                • Use accepted
                • Use peer reviews

Ganssle    14         MAPLD 2005/S110
  Radiation Deaths in Panama
           • May ‘01: Over 20 dead patients
           • Possible to enter data in such a way
             to confuse machine; unit prints a
             safe treatment plan but overexposes.

             Lessons Learned:
             • Test carefully
             • Better Requirements
             • Use a defined process & peer

Ganssle          15             MAPLD 2005/S110
                   Lessons Learned:
                   • Test everything!

                   • Flash is not a
                     schedule enhancer

Ganssle       16        MAPLD 2005/S110
          Near Meltdown
                     Lessons Learned:
                     • Test everything!
                     • Improve error

Ganssle         17              MAPLD 2005/S110
               Lessons Learned:
               • Be careful with ported code
               • Blame the engineers

 Uwatec dive
 (1995)                      The Challenger

Ganssle        18            MAPLD 2005/S110
          A Hot Day

                   Lessons Learned:
                   • Test everything!

Ganssle       19          MAPLD 2005/S110
               Lessons Learned:
               • Choose your IP carefully

Ganssle   20             MAPLD 2005/S110
              Forgotten Failures
2000 – Ford Explorer recall
                                  2000 - Ford Explorer recall
 2004 - Grand Prix leap-year glitch
                               1992 – Crash of only F-22 prototype
2003 – BMW traps Thai politician
                              2003 – BMW recalls 15000 745is
 747, 767, A340 avionics lockups
                                   2003 – Slammer worm attacks nuke
     1991 – Patriot missile failure
                                  1974 – Loss of a job for 7 years
   Ganssle                        21              MAPLD 2005/S110
          Our Criminal Behavior
    No Peer Reviews
          Implicated in the Chinook helicopter, Multidata
          Radiotherapy device, Therac 25.

  Average uninspected code contains 50-100 bugs
  per 1000 LOC. Inspections find most of these.

Ganssle                    22             MAPLD 2005/S110
          Our Criminal Behavior
    Inadequate testing
          Implicated in the Clementine, NEAR, Mars
          Polar Lander, Pathfinder, Mars Expedition
          Rover, Titan IVb, Ariane, Sea Launch, Chinook,
          Therac 25, Multidata, pacemakers, Los Alamos
          incident, huge digital thermometer.
    Ignoring or cheating the VCS
           Implicated in the NEAR, Pathfinder, Titan IVb,
           EFF, and FAA incidents.

Ganssle                    23             MAPLD 2005/S110
          Our Criminal Behavior
    Lousy error handlers
          Implicated in the Ariane, Los Alamos incident,
          Clementine, Yorktown, Mars Expedition Rover,
          and many others
   This means adopting a culture of anticipating
   and planning for failures!

   And for FPGA users it means adopting a
   philosophy that things do fail!
Ganssle                    24             MAPLD 2005/S110
               Our Criminal Behavior
The use of dangerous tools!

•   C (worst)    500 bugs/KLOC
•   C (average)  167-26
•   ADA (worst) 50
•   ADA (average) 25
•   SPARK (average) 4

     Ganssle             25      MAPLD 2005/S110
The Boss’s Criminal Behavior


  Schedules can’t rule:





                                       0   0.2   0.4   0.6    0.8   1   1.2

  Corollary: Tired people make mistakes
          Implicated in the Clementine, NEAR, Mars
          Polar Lander and many others

Ganssle                     26                               MAPLD 2005/S110
 The Boss’s Criminal Behavior
Be wary of financial shortcuts!
           Implicated in the Takoma Narrows Bridge,
           Ariane, MGM fire, and many others

Reuse is not a panacea
    Implicated in the Ariane, Uwatec and many
Reuse is extremely difficult.
          See “Confessions of a Used Program Salesman”
          by Will Tracz
Ganssle                      27            MAPLD 2005/S110
             Are we criminals?

           Or are we still in the dark ages?

          But there’s a lot we do know, so
            we’re negligent – and will be
            culpable – if we don’t consistently
            use best practices.

Ganssle                    28           MAPLD 2005/S110

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