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					                    Corinthian Hill Property Owner Association
                            Board of Directors Meeting
                             Saturday, May 20, 2006

Pen Wimbush, President, called the meeting to order at 9:57 AM. Those Board Members
in attendance were John Juhasz, Pen Wimbush, Otto Vydra, Judy Hunt, and Angela
Schultess. Also in attendance were Neale Miller and Ned Brandt of Americana Resort
Properties. Jim Sullivan, Corinthian Hill homeowner, was also in attendance.

Quorum: Quorum declared.

John moved to approve the minutes of the last meeting and Otto seconded. All approved.

Financial and Management Report:
John Juhasz approved and Judy Hunt seconded 2006-7 budget. Meeting expenses were
budgeted too high and Americana will revise. CHPOA Annual Dues will remain at
$125/yr- Motion approved by John, seconded by Pen (to cover dumpster fence repair and
possible pool boiler replacement).

ACC Report:
Joleen Meyer and Bob Lee will be resigning at the Annual Meeting. Need to find
replacements and also schedule walk through of the neighborhood.

474 Ensign Drive: Jim Sullivan spoke to height variance, garage door height, and
setback variance for the building of a new duplex on his property. John Juhasz motioned
and Otto Vydra seconded approval of setback variance. John stipulated and the Board
concurred that the Sullivan’s must install a hedge on top of retaining wall for safety
reasons (also a town requirement). The Board denied the height variance. The Board
approved the plans as the approved by the town on May 15th and so marked.

Finley landscaping- Approved. Deposit to be returned.

233B Ensign Drive- Send letter asking for trailer to be removed and crate moved.

Centennial Walkways- Pen motioned and John seconded approval of walkway color.

Dillon Bay faux cedar shakes- Pen motioned and Judy seconded approval.

Old Business:
      1. Neale to order ‘no outlet’ sign for Dillon Bay, Centennial, and Private Drive
      2. Place a note about donating to the ‘Plant Fund’ in the CHPOA Newsletter.

New Business:
     1. Dumpster Door- Approved replacing door for $1500. Contract with
         Independent Builders.
       2. Board voted to contract with Howie Beck for lawn maintenance for summer
       3. Corinthian Hill/Centennial trash ratio: Voted to change to a 75/25 payment
          schedule from current 60/40 ratio since more Corinthian Hill owners are using
          dumpster. This relates to all dumpster contracts and repairs.
       4. Otto Vydra spoke to possibility in future of Centennial garages. Many
          obstacles to overcome on this issue and the Centennial Board decided to place
          the issue on hold for now. Issues to overcome: Parking overflow, legal issues,
          electrical, and Corinthian Hill homeowners
       5. Recreational Vehicle- Jim Sullivan requested allowing recreational vehicles to
          park for 7 days instead of 3 days. This would require a new vote of the entire
          Assn. The Board voted not to pursue this.

Next Meeting: August 19, 2006 at 10:00am in the Clubhouse.

Motion to adjourn by John, and Pen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 10:40am.

Respectfully submitted by:          __________________________________
                                    Neale Miller

Approved by:                        _________________________________
                                    Pen Wimbush, President

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