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									                 15. School and education

 1. In the Czech Republic are state schools, private and church schools.

 2. Pre-school education that’s mean nursery schools and kindergarten for children from the age
    of 1 to 3 years.

 3. Primary education-from the age of 6 to 15. In the basic school children learn Czech language
    and literature, foreign language, Maths, Chemistry, Biology, History, Geography, gym, Music
    and Art. It is compulsory years

 4. Secondary education -boys and girls over the age 15 attend Grammar school. At secondary
    school they learn economics, typing, accounting, computers and continue in languages,
    math, history etc. Students finish their studies with the school-leaving examination.

 5. Tertiary education. refers to universities and Technical Universities. Undergraduates can
    study a variety of subjects such as economics, architecture, journalism, foreign languages,
    medicine, science, music, art, drama, engineering or computer.

 6. School system in Great Britain In Britain, 93% of pupils go to state schools. Children under
    the age of 5 go to kindergarten. School is compulsory for children between the ages of 5 to

 7. Primary schools are for ages between 5 - 11 and

 8. Secondary schools are for ages over 11. The General Certificate of Secondary Education - A
    level is the basic qualification to enter university. There are more than 40 universities in
    Great Britain.

 9. School system in the USA In the USA there is not a national system of education. Each of the
    50 states has its own laws (vlastní pravidla) regulating education.

 10. Children begin school at the age of 5 or 6 and continue until the age of 18.

 11. Primary or grade school is from the 1 st to 6th grades.
    12. Then students attend middle school (also called junior high school) for three years. The goal
        (cíl) of secondary school is to get a high school diploma.

Staff room = zborovna

Head teacher = ředitel

Deputy head = zástupce

School report = vysvědčení

Term = pololetí

Exam =zkouška

Curriculum = osnovy

Burn midnight oil = učit se do noci

Slippers = přezůvky

Reading period =zkouškové období

Oral exam = ustní zkoušení

Backboard =tabule

Chalk =křída

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