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					                              1859 Independence Jail & Marshall’s Home

                                         Saturday, July 17, 2010

Location: 217 North Main Street, Independence, Missouri 64050
Site Owner: Jackson County Historical Society

Investigation start time: 1700 hours (Saturday, July 17th)

Investigation end time: 0100 hours (Sunday, July 18th)

                                   Weather/atmospheric conditions

Day Time: Clear and sunny

Wind: SW 6 mph

UV Index: 2 Low

Outside Temp: 92 F

Feels Like: 104 F

Visibility: 10.0 miles

Night Time: Clear and humid

Humidity: 62%

Current Moon Phase: Waxing Gibbows__________

Solar X-Rays: Normal

Geometric Field: Quiet

Dewpoint: 77 F

Pressure: 29.68 Falling

Team 1
Robin Killion
Shannon Jumet
Mike Kupsch
Wayne Rector (guest)

Team 2
Forrest Peterson
Carl Anderton
Kyle Pretzl
Ralph Monaco (client with the Jackson County Historical Society)

Equipment used:

       CCTV System (DVR, monitor & 4 stationary IR cams)
       KII & EMF meters
       IR Thermometer
       Digital cameras
       Mini DV’s with IR Illuminators and HI 8 Camcorder
       Digital Voice Recorders (1 with each team and 4 stationary with each IR cam)

Purported Paranormal Claims:

Visitors to the site, along with staff, have reported hearing the sounds of boots walking around, cold
spots, voices and a general uneasy feeling in the area of the jail cells. It is also reported that a small
Christmas tree placed in the former cell of Frank James was thrown out of the cell. As we did not have a
small Christmas tree available, we could not attempt to debunk or see if this claim would manifest.

Debunked claims:

From the stationary voice recorders, HPI determined that sound carries very well through the jail
complex, especially with an access way leading from the 2nd floor down to the 1st via the upstairs jail
cells to the lower cells.

Back in the Museum portion of the complex, the EMF is fairly high (2.0 to 10.0 mG). High EMF’s can
cause paranoia, headaches, nausea, rashes in various individuals if exposed long enough. HPI did not
conduct the investigation in this portion of the complex and used it for Center Command.

As the structure is composed of limestone, this rock material is subject to fluctuations in temperatures
depending on location of the limestone room; limestone rooms downstairs will be cooler than the
limestone rooms upstairs, and the limestone will retain that temperature.
                                                1st Floor


Team 2 began their investigation at 7:30 pm. Forrest Peterson and Carl Anderton played period music
while Kyle Pretzl, Kelly Regan and Ralph Monaco engaged in playing cards on the floor of the parlor. All
used first person conversation discussing historical events taking place in the house. Wayne Rector used
the Hi 8 camcorder to document their investigation.

At 7:48 pm, a form stepped in front of the IR cam placed in the corner of the parlor. Upon further
examination of the video footage, HPI determined that this was Wayne Rector’s shoulder that came into

From 12:15am until 1:00 am, Ralph, Shannon Jumet, Forrest, Mike and Kyle conducted first person
conversation in one last attempt to stir up any paranormal activity; KII meters never flickered at all.
Discussion focused on the James Brothers and some of the key individual of Independence associated
with the Jail and Jackson County history in general. HPI officially ended the investigation at 1:00 am.

Cam 1 & stationary recorder: see Parlor clip for video. No EVP’s caught on stationary voice recorder

Photographic Evidence: None

Baseline readings:

         EMF: 1.0 mG
         Temp: 79.5 F

EVP’s: None


Temp Changes: None

Sheriff’s Office:

Cam 2 & stationary recorder: No evidence

Baseline Readings:

         EMF: 1.0 mG
         Temp: 80 F

Photographic Evidence: None

EVP’s: None

Temp Changes: None

Jail Cell Hallway& Cells:

Team 2 played period music several times in the Jail Hallway and various cells to try and get activity
started with no success. Kyle went from cell to cell offering up period correct comfort items to the
“inmates” as Mike Kupsch checked for EMF spikes and recorded the investigation with the Mini DV.
Forrest played on the violin numerous times throughout the investigation, but again, no spikes or
changes in EMF or temperature. Robin and Shannon spent time in Frank James’s cell investigating and
obtained no results.

The Teams did provoke in the cells; first talking about how horrible it was to have put the women in the
cells regardless of their Southern sympathies. We called out to those women whose names were on the
list provided by our historic research consultant, Silvana R. Siddali, PhD. The Teams also provoked using
the names of inmates and condemned prisoners; no responses obtained.

Cam 4 & stationary recorder: No evidence

Baseline Readings:

       EMF: 1.0 mG
       Temp: 78 F

Photographic Evidence: None

EVP’s: None


Temp Changes: None

                                         2nd Floor Investigation

Upstairs Bedrooms:

Team 1 initiated the investigation at 7:00 pm, beginning upstairs in Henry Bugler’s bedroom. The Team
had the Mini DV’s covering the digital voice recorder and KII meter place on the bed, and started with
and EVP Session, focusing on Jailer Henry Bugler and his family. A KII Meter Session followed with no
hits at all.

After about 15 minutes, the Team moved on to the room of John Bugler, Henry’s son who was shot in
the arm during the incident that took his father’s life in the home. We had located the stationary IR
Cam and digital recorder in this room. Although not activity recorded on video, there were some very
strange occurrences with the audio. At approximately 40 minutes after the recorder was turned on, you
hear the quality of the recording change. Where the sound was very clear and you could hear HPI
members downstairs prepping, it changes to muffled quality as if being covered, and you hear what
sounds like boots walking around. At this point, nobody was upstairs at all.

Team 2 investigated the upstairs jail cells, again playing period music and conducting first person
conversation discussing events that took place inside the Jail and home. As it was thought that “Bloody”
Bill Anderson’s younger sister, Molly Anderson, was kept in one of these cells, the Team tried to
establish contact with her but did not receive a response.

Cam 3 & stationary recorder: (John Bugler’s Bedroom)

Baseline Readings:

       EMF: 1.0 mG
       Temp: 89.5 F

Photographic Evidence: None

EVP’s: None


Temp Changes: None

Additional Notes: None


None of the HPI Team observed or experienced any of the related claims of paranormal activity reported
by various visitors and staff to the 1859 Independence Jail and Marshall’s Home. HPI extensively
reviewed all 6 plus hours of audio and video with no detection of any unexplainable visual anomalies or
EVP’s. There were no fluctuations in EMF or temperature readings from the baselines.

Based on the lack of evidential material gathered to support any paranormal activity, it is the opinion of
HPI that the 1859 Independence Jail and Marshall’s Home does not contain any paranormal activity.

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