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					Possible formula for a successful
Video Conference Class

      Jeong Ah (Charla) SONG
      Language Other Than English (LOTE)
      Teacher in Korean Language
      Bathurst Public School
      Ph:02 6331 3923
      Fax: 02 6332 2305
 Background (why set up VC)
 Benefits from VC
 Effective elements in running VC
 VC topics
 Contents in VC
 Students and the teacher preparation
 Lesson Plan
 Reflection
Background of setting up the VC

  Overcome demographic disadvantage
  Motivate students in learning Korean
  Build relationship with native students
  Expose students to authentic learning
   environment ->make language learning
   more practical
  Give ownership in their language learning
Effective elements in running VC

  Technical requirements: connected classroom
  Good communication with the sister school
  Regular VC throughout the year
  Timetable setting up (things to be considered)
        Daylight savings
        Summer break in Korea
        School break in Australia
        Unexpected problems

         2009                  2010                  2011
   Introducing          All about me,        About our
    ourselves             my school and
   Sharing                                     country
                          my day
    information of                             Fairy tales and
    our local area       My secret
   What I do after       recipe                quiz
    school               Survey result        Teaching
   What if I am on      Introducing our       language
    TV….                  local business
   What we do on                               (Australian
    Christmas                                   English & Korean
    season or How                               expressions)
    do we celebrate
    Christmas                                  Global warming
          Contents in VC

       Prior to VC                  During VC
 Themes given to the         Greetings in Korean
  students                    Organising sequence
 Individual preparation      Presentation
 Teacher’s input ->          Q&A
  Student’s editing           Comments
                              Minimise interruption
     Student preparation

 Topic
 Research (school and home)
 Power points
 Posters
 Presentation
 BPS student work
 BJP students work
        Teacher preparation

   Selecting topics
   Making timetable
   Sending timetable to the sister school
   Announcing timetable in the school
   Solving issues
   Checking equipment
   Collecting students’ work
   Running VC
   Reflection
                Lesson plan
Term 3                                                                 Date: 15-17 Sep 2010
Week 9
Language: Korean
Indicative time: 3x 1hr, 4x 50mins, 4x 40mins, and 1x 30mins
1.UL.1: recognises and responds to words, phrases and simple
sentences in spoken Korean
2.MBC.2: identifies connections between culture and language use
in Korean-speaking communities
Teaching and Learning Activities:                                      Resources:
Various dishes and recipe books displayed on the table                - Portable microphone
Briefly talk about SLC chart and VC manners                           - SLC chart
Greetings to Korean students                                          - Various dishes and recipe
BJP presentation
Q & A
BPS presentation: Introducing yourself in Korean
Q & A
Students identify the connections between the recipes
In conclusion of the lesson, students share their thoughts on their
favourite recipe
Vote for the most interesting recipe
To be evaluated following the lesson

   See the reflection on the MS word file

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