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					                        KCFC August 12, 2010 Business Meeting

The meeting was called to order at 8:06 pm by President Phil Gross with the following
6 members present: Phil Gross, Mary Gross, Bill Sanders, Diane Sanders, Lyn Wellington, Dave Camp. Former
member Michelle Anderson was also present. Guest – Jason Ganzolas.

Secretary’s Report was prepared by Phil Gross
The minutes for the July 1, 2010 meeting were distributed. Bill Sanders moved to accept the
minutes as distributed. The motion was then seconded by Don Rosenberger and passed.

Treasurer’s Report given by Phil Gross substituting for Heather Antes
Beginning Balance:           $ 747.58
Deposits:                    $    0.00
Checks:                      $    0.00
Ending Balance:              $ 747.58 (Including $100 petty cash)
Diane Sanders made a motion to accept the Treasurer’s Report, Don Rosenberger seconded,
motion carried.
Office Reports
President – Phil Gross – None
Vice President – Nancy McClelland – None
Secretary – VACANT
Treasurer – Heather Antes – None
Records Officer – None
Public Relations – Heather Antes – None
Web Master – Heather Antes – None
Team Captains – Gary Antes – None
Team Captain – Patty Camp – None
Historian – Mary Ann Gross – We need to go over the old records. None
Safety officer & Training – VACANT
Voting Delegate – Don Rosenberger - I have something to present during Old Business.
Council Director – Phil Gross – The Nationals have come and gone.

Standing Committees
      SCUBA Olympics – Dave & Patty Camp, Phil Gross, Gary & Heather Antes, Diane
      Sanders and Nancy McClelland. Nothing to Report
      KCFC Fish Fry – Gary & Heather Antes, Phil & Mary Ann Gross, Dave & Patty Camp,
      Mike Van Haele and Nancy McClelland.
      Photo Competition – Diane Sanders, Dave & Patty Camp, Phil & Mary Ann Gross, Gary
      and Heather Antes and Nancy McClelland. Nothing to Report.

Old Business
Fun Dive on Beaver Lake July 17-18
Members Present included: Dave Camp, Patty Camp, Bill Sanders, Diane Sanders, Phil Gross, Mary
Ann Gross, Gary Antes and Heather Antes.
We had a good time and it was hot. Dave wants to go back for a week next time. Diane suggests
we use the 1st campground instead of the 2nd campground, where we stayed this year.

Fundraisers – Woodcutting at the Sanders Farm
We need to wait until the crops are taken out.
                    KCFC August 12, 2010 Business Meeting

July Fun Meeting at the Restaurant in Bass Pro
Those attending included: Dave Camp, Patty Camp, Bill Sanders, Diane Sanders, Phil Gross,
Mary Ann Gross, Bill Forsyth, Nancy McClelland and Lyn Wellington.

August Fun Meeting at Cool Crest (Hwy 40) on 8/21 at 6PM
Anyone wanting to eat after 18 holes is welcome to join us for dinner. (Secretary’s Note:
Attending were Phil & Mary Ann Gross, Gary & Heater Antes and Nancy McClelland.)

Stockton Cleanup Dive at Stockton on September 11, 2010
Meet on the shelter house on the North end of the Stockton Dam at 8 AM. Bring your SCUBA
gear or gloves for picking up litter. If you forget your gloves don’t worry, the COE will supply
gloves and trash bags. Several of us are going to make this a weekend trip.

September Fun Meeting
There is a date change on this event. The new date is Sunday 9/19/10. The Sanders have
volunteered to host a KCFC picnic on their Farm. Bill says to bring your fishing pole. He has
pictures of the fish that weight 5 pounds. The club will furnish the coolers and make
arrangements with the Sanders for meats. Come when ever you want and we will eat at about 4
BREAK FOR 50/50 - Dave Camp won $4.50.

Sam Rutherford, owner of Skin-N-Scuba visited with the group. Sam Said he appreciated the
club being a part of Skin-N-Scuba and if there was anything they could do to help the club to let
them know. He also requested that we spread the word that the shop will match any web site
price for equipment.

Comments about the Nationals – Don Rosenberger was not happy with the way the Nationals
were run. The help offered over the past year was declined but then at the last minute was
wanted. There were issues with how the Banquet was handled as well.

New Business

Kansas City Frogman Club Year End Awards Banquet
Mary Ann suggested we hold the Banquet at a member’s home.

Bill Sanders commented that Don Watkins was now on Oxygen full time. Bony Mohap is also
in very poor shape.
October Fun Meeting
With two business meetings and the Year End Banquet there was no interest in also having a Fun

2010 Dive Schedule:
September 4-6, 2010 Bubblemasters dive at Pontiac
September 11, 2010 – Cleanup Dive at Stockton Lake
                    KCFC August 12, 2010 Business Meeting
Dave Camp moved we adjourn.

Respectfully Submitted,
Phil Gross, acting secretary

         The next business meeting will be Sept 2, 2010
  The next event will be the Picnic at the Sanders Farm Sep 19th

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