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					                                            ACC Contact List 2010-2011
School:              Name:                   Title:                     E-mail Address:                        Phone:
Canby HS             Johnson, Pat            Principal                       503-263-7201 x5303
Canby HS             Jindrich, Kelly         Counselor                       503-263-7200 x5347
Clackamas HS         Utterback, Matt         Principal                     503-353-5800
Clackamas HS         Pearson, Alexa          Asst Principal                503-353-5802
Clackamas Web        Linn, Brad              Principal                         503-659-4664
Clackamas Web        Roberts, Susan          Sr. Internship Coord.                  503-659-4664
CMC                  Sien, Brian             Principal                         503-518-5925
CMC                  Amdahl-Mason, Ameena    Math Instructor             503-518-5925
Colton HS            Crane, Tom              Principal                        503-824-2311
Colton HS            Alvord, Brett           Counselor                       503-824-2311 x234
Country Christian    Axmaker, Sheri          Principal                         503-829-5503
Country Christian    McKinley, Lori          Teachers                            503-759-3506
Country Christian    Lewandowski, Kurt       Teacher of Record                    503-594-3329
Estacada HS          Sullivan, Scott         Principal                   503-630-8515
Estacada HS          Debbie Brochis          Counselor                    503-630-8515
Estacada HS          Lyn Woodruff            Counseling secretary           503-630-8515 x2897
Gladstone HS         Evans, Stu              Principal                     503-655-2544
Gladstone HS         Mary Cay Misley         Registrar                    503-655-2544
La Salle HS          Dudley, Tom             Principal                             503-353-1432
La Salle HS          Kuffner, Andrew         Vice Principal                       503-353-1412
La Salle HS          Bartel, Georgia         Registrar                             503-353-1411
Lake Oswego HS       Plato, Bruce            Principal                       503-534-2313
Lake Oswego HS       Schubert, Cindy         Assistant Principal             503-534-2438
Lakeridge HS         Lehman, Mike            Principal                      503-534-2319
Lakeridge HS         Capilinger, Robert      Vice Principal             503-534-2258
Lakeridge HS         McBride, Shannon        Art Teacher                   503-534-7052
Meek                 Morrison, AJ            Principal                              503-916-5747
Meek                 Christina Rilatt        Principal's Secretary                  503-916-5747 x1506
Meek                 Kane, Tom               Instructor                           503-916-5747
Milwaukie HS         Pinder, Mark            Principal                       503-353-5830
Milwaukie HS         Wernsing, Jim           Career Center Coord.             503-353-5840 x35857
Milwaukie HS         Janes, Jan              Registrar                         (503) 353-5830 (3)
Molalla HS           Dalton, Randy           Principal              503-829-2355 x2655
Molalla HS           Gerlits, Therese        Dean of Students    503-829-2355 x2356
No Clack Christian   Phipps, Julie           Principal             503-655-5961
No Clack Christian   Randall, Emily          Vice Principal       503-655-5961
No Clack Christian   Fillis, Sherrie         Admin Assistant     503-655-5961
Oregon City HS       McCormack, Anitra       Asst. Principal       503-785-8742
Oregon City HS       Bunting, Arnold         Registrar               503-785-8990
Portland Adventist   Crosby, Gale            Principal                             503-255-8372
Portland Adventist   Rey, Kathleen           Registrar                                503-255-8372        Out from 10-08-10 - Mid-December
Portland Adventist   Smith, Mark             ACC Instructor                        503-255-8372 x 213
Rex Putnam HS        Walsh, Kathleen         Principal                        503-353-5860
Rex Putnam HS        Phillis, Traci          IB Program Coordinator              503-353-5870 x38619
Rex Putnam HS        Gates, Sheila           Principal's Secretary                503-353-5870 x
Sheridan HS          Rech, Dean              Principal                       503-843-2162
Sheridan HS          Holsti, Julia           CS Teacher                    503-843-2162
SSC                  Phillips, Karen         Principal                     503-353-5910 x37643
SSC                  Cach, Pam               Technical Asst-Sched.                 503-353-5910 x37633
SSC                  Statham, Chris          Asst. Principal                503-353-5910 x35921
West Linn HS         Bailey, Lou             Principal                         503-673-7800
West Linn HS         Downs, Aaron            VP                                 503-673-7804
Wilsonville HS       Leonetti, Janice        Asst. Principal                  503-673-7617
Wilsonville HS       Tucker, Lyndi                                       Secretary
                                             College & Career                 503-673-7628

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