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									                                                     ASSE Meeting Minutes

Chapter Name                                               Date /Time/Location of the Meeting

Big Sky                                                    Friday, October 29, 2010 Butte Job Service

Committee Members Present and Type of Meeting (Regular, Executive Committee, Special)

Board Meeting. Present were Darrel Storey, Marissa Salo, Tina Smollack, Cinda Seys, Marilyn Cameron, and
Dawn Schwartz (call in).

Old Business:

      It was decided that the tentative agenda would be sent out as a save the date reminder to let people know what is on the

      Marissa, in addition to what Jamey has done, will take a look at the RegOnline to see how it works and if we can use it. Tina
       will look at Merchant Account to see if it is useable and see how it needs to be connected to ProPay.

      There have been some minor changes to the vendor registration forms. Cinda will finalize them and put them on the website
       and send them out via email.

      Marilyn will need to check with Roger regarding applying for the ACE Grant.

New Business:

      Speakers/Schedules: Chris Ross will deliver both the keynote address on Leading for the Future, and do 2 break out sessions; one on
       Complacency the Silent Killer and one on Evaluate This. The second break out session will cost an additional $500.

      There was a discussion about having Kirk Petty give a break out on mines in order to attract the mining interest and since Barrick Gold
       mine will be a sponsor.

      James Gallup will present on Sprinklers and is confirmed. Josh Pulst and Bob Kruckenberg are confirmed speakers. Mike Foreman will
       present on combustible dust. Julie Hart is unavailable so it was discussed having Jim Nye present on HR issues. John Atman is tentative.

      Information on the speakers must be given to Jonathon so he can see if certain presentations qualify for CEUs.

      Still need a opening speaker – the group needs to come up with ideas/personnel to give a keynote as Daryl Hill is not likely to present at a
       smaller conference.

      The drug panel will consist of Ronnie Price, owner of Pro*Med Services, Jim Nye of Personnel Plus, and Larry Jones, Sr. Attorney for
       Liberty Northwest. All have been confirmed.

      Registrant gifts were discussed such as note books or embossed glassware. Tina proposed that the committee members have special vests
       to identify them at the conference.

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Treasurer’s Report

      There is currently $10,578 in available funds for the chapter.

Discussion of other items

      The next meeting will discuss a vendor social activity along with the conference meals, snacks, and budget.

Next Meeting Date, Time, and Location: Monday, November 8, 2010, 400 Euclid, Helena MT

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