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									                  Corporate Office: 70, Sector 32, Gurgaon – 122001, India

Press Release: For Immediate Circulation

             C&C Constructions announces Q1 results

          Net sales rises to Rs 254 crore; Order book at Rs. 5440 crore

New Delhi/Gurgaon, November 12th, 2011- C&C Constructions Ltd., the country’s leading
infrastructure project development company, announced its Q1 results pertaining to financial
year 2012 at the meeting of its board of directors.

Performance Highlights                                             Q1FY12

Sales                                                              Rs. 254 crore

EBITDA                                                             Rs. 53.5 crore

PAT                                                                Rs. 6.4 crore

Order Book as on 30th September, 2011                              Rs. 5440 crore

Financial Highlights

       Total Income stood at Rs.253.9 Cr from Rs 252.2 Cr

       EBITDA grew by 12.6% to Rs. 53.5 Cr from Rs. 47.5 Cr

       EBITDA margins for FY11 stood at 21.1%

       PAT stood at Rs. 6.4 Cr and margins at 2.5%

   Close to 52% of the C&C Constructions’ order book presently comprises road projects,
   followed by transmission, urban infrastructure, railways and water & sewerage. During
   the quarter transmission and urban infrastructure saw an increase in contribution to the
   order book at 23% and 17% respectively. Efforts are underway targeting newer projects
   in segments including sewerage, power transmission and railways.

   Commenting on the Company’s performance for Q1FY12, Mr. G.S. Johar,
   Chairman, C&C Constructions Ltd., said:

   “In the face of a trying macro economic scenario we have been able to maintain revenue
   and post a 21% EBITDA margin.

   Despite a tough quarter where margins across the industry have been under pressure, our
   performance has been supported by our higher value projects, efficiencies in operation
   and efficient technology employed. Our order book as on September 30, 2011 stood at
   Rs.5,440 crore.

   NHAI has unfortunately been very slow in awarding new projects and the ones awarded
   have been with stiff competition at extremely low pricing.

   Our endeavor in the coming months would be to consolidate operations and focus on
   executing our existing projects and selectively bid for newer projects. We are committed
   to enhancing values for shareholders by increase operating efficiencies, reducing debt
   coupled with undertaking complex construction projects which command higher

About C & C Constructions Limited

Incorporated in 1996, C & C Constructions Limited is an infrastructure project development
company that provides engineering, procurement and construction services for infrastructure
projects. Their project expertise lies primarily in transportation engineering projects
including roads and bridges. In 2007, after successfully establishing a strong brand name
and developing an area of core competency, C & C Constructions diversified its operations
across two value added business divisions namely Building and water sanitation & sewerage
to stay in line with the rise in demand for intricate value added projects.

The Company has also maintained a strategy of landing projects in places like Afghanistan,
Bihar and other places where the operating conditions are challenging in order to be able to
capture the higher margins offered in operating in such areas. C & C Constructions has
found a good degree of success with this strategy and plans to scout for emerging
opportunities in off beat geographies going forward.

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