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					                                       TE KURA O TAHAAROA

                                 SCHOOL CLEANER – Job Description

Your will be required to undertake the following duties:

Hours of work: Monday – Thursday 3.5hrs per day
               Friday - 4hrs
Holidays:      Monday – Friday 17.5hrs per week (2 weeks)

Areas to clean: Classroom block/Administration block/Library/ Special Needs/Toilet areas
                (Old Girl and Swimming Pool area not included)

 Sweep and vacuum classrooms, resource rooms, offices and corridor areas
 Dust all bench tops, shelving and ledges
 Mop all linoleum floor areas
 Replace bin liners
 Clean hand basins, sinks and recesses, ensure all taps are off
 Scrub, clean and disinfect all toilets and pans. Wash down and disinfect toilet bays, urinal and
    toilet floor surfaces
 Remove all mats
 Replace spent toilet rolls
 Remove rubbish from bins, and replace bin liners. Place full liners outside gate for rubbish
    pickup on Tuesday and Friday mornings

Weekly: - Fridays – in addition to above
 Clean interior glass surfaces
 Dust all sills, ledges, shelves, skirting board, fixtures
 Mop and machine buff all floor areas
 Sweep porches, decks and immediate concrete areas
 Clean and disinfect rubbish bins
 Complete a cleaning material inventory: report to Property officer if requiring more.

     Complete all daily cleaning practises
     Clean all interior and exterior window surfaces
     Wipe down all light fittings and dust all high level (above arm height) ledges and fittings; -
       appropriate tools and materials will be supplied: eg, extendable cleaning broom
     Strip and re-lay new polish on all lino areas. (All furniture must be removed from the lino
       prior to stripping – classroom teachers’ responsibility)

Should duties be added or removed from this job description, negotiations will occur between both
parties concerned.

I understand and accept the conditions of this job description

Signed:____________________________________ (Cleaner)             Date: ____________________

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