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									WHITSANDS NEWSLETTER 2                                        nd   term 2010/2011

 o SCHOOL CALENDAR: To make up for the one week lost as a result of uncertainties
   arising from Voters’ Registration, we adjusted the academic calendar by moving the
   2nd term examination dates forward by one week. The new calendar has been given
   out to students and is posted on the school website. The result of this adjustment is
   that examinations end on Friday, April 8, the last day of the term. Report cards will
   be handed out to students on the Friday of the first week of next term (April 29).

 o MAJOR SCHOOL ACTIVITIES: Amidst intense academic work, our students put up a
   very impressive cultural drama based on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart, for
   public viewing at the auditorium of the Pan African University. We also had the
   annual Inter-House Athletics Competitions which attracted 10 secondary schools for
   the Invitation Relay. Finally, we organized a very well attended “Parents’ Forum”. We
   noticed some improvement in the academic work of quite a few students after the
   forum. A good number of parents had advisory meetings with their sons’ advisors.

 o ADMISSION: Over three hundred candidates from about eighty primary schools in
   Lagos, sat for the Whitesands School entrance examination for admission into JS 1.
   We have interviewed the parents of all the successful candidates. We shall have
   three classes of JS 1, a maximum of 105 students.

 o STUDENTS’ DISCIPLINE: Although most of our students strive to live up to the high
   standard of moral and social conduct expected of them, a few have fallen short of
   this requirement. There were some instances of improper behaviour especially in the
   school buses. Besides sanctioning defaulting students, we have reminded all that the
   school bus is an extension of the school. Fighting, hitting fellow students, buying
   things on the way, extorting money, food or any other item from fellow students,
   excessive restlessness and noise making, are not allowed and will no longer be
   condoned by the school. A student who is ill-treated by another student is obliged to
   report to the school authorities. Parents should kindly encourage their children to
   report appropriately.

 o SCHOOL RULES – REMINDER: In addition to the above, we wish to stress that
   students should be encouraged, helped and supported to observe the following
   school rules: do not bring irrelevant materials such as telephones and suchlike
   gadgets, to school; do not bring money to school; students must not buy or sell food
   or other items in school; hair should be kept neat and close-cropped. We encourage
   parents to use this vacation to upgrade/mend the uniform of their sons. We want
   our students to be neatly and correctly dressed at all times: school badges, correct
   school shoes, PHE uniform, etc. And kindly ensure that uniform items are labelled.
o CONSTRUCTIONS: The construction of the multi-purpose court is almost completed.
  The court will be used for basketball, volleyball, handball and tennis. It will also serve
  as a venue for our graduation ceremony and other major school events. Secondly,
  we are at the point of awarding the contract for the construction of the phase IV of
  the school building which will be an extension of the Senior School block. We hope
  that it will be completed before September 2012.

o WORLD YOUTH DAY: Thirteen student have signed up for the World Youth Day
  coming up Madrid, Spain, in August. They will be accompanied by three members of

o SCHOOL FEES: All fees for each term should be paid before students resume for the
  term. Debtors will no longer be allowed to stay in school as from the second week of
  the term. Whenever payment is made directly to the bank, the Teller, in the name of
  your son as Payee, should be sent to the school so that a receipt can be issued.

o INSPIRED TO LOVE: We enclose a DVD of a short documentary on St. Josemaría
  Escrivá for your viewing. We hope that it will enable you understand better and
  appreciate the life and teachings of the man who inspired the foundation of
  Whitesands School and hundreds of similar parent-promoted educational
  institutions all over the world.

o EASTER: We wish you and your family a happy Easter and look forward to a fruitful
  third term.

                                                                           6th April, 2011.


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