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                                                     PEKANA Medications Overview                                                                            PEKANA Medications Overview
                   Homeopathic-Spagyric Drainage, Regulation, and Regeneration Remedies                                     Homeopathic-Spagyric Drainage, Regulation, and Regeneration Remedies

     Eyes and Ears                                                      Specialty Remedies                          General Detoxification/Excretion                           Lungs and Respiration
       GLAUTARAKT spag oral drops —                                      CitriPlus citric acid drops — metabolic    PEKANA DRAINAGE KIT — combines 50                           apo-PULM spag expectorant — primary
       glaucoma, cataracts, vision reduction                             energy deficiency; reactivation of Krebs   ml bottles of:                                              lung remedy, respiratory infections with
       OTIDOLO spag ear drops — ear                                      cycle in mitochondrial fatigue             apo-HEPAT spag drops (liver)                                mucus and phlegm; devitalized lung qi
       infections and inflammation                                       FormiPlus formic acid drops —              ITIRES spag drops (lymphatic)                               and lung yin depletion
                                                                         stubborn toxic blockages of the            RENELIX spag drops (kidney)                                 BRONCHI-PERTU spag drops — asthma,
                                                                         connective tissue matrix                   in a single box                                             whooping cough, irritated lungs due to
     Female Conditions
                                                                         LacticPlus Lactic Acid oral drops —        TOXEX spag oral drops — strong                              smog or toxic exposure
       KLIFEM spag oral drops — hormone                                                                             systemic excretion of xenobiotics,
                                                                         metabolic energy deficiency, acid-base                                                                 apo-TUSS spag oral drops — coughs
       dysregulation, climacteric symptoms, hot                                                                     infection-derived toxins and heavy metals
                                                                         balance, promotes a healthy terrain,                                                                   and bronchitis
       flashes, perimenopausal disorders
                                                                         exercise intolerance                       OPSONAT spag oral drops —
       UPELVA spag oral drops — regulates                                                                           inflammation of serous and mucous                          Heart and Circulation
                                                                         FERRODONA spag oral drops — anemia
       menstrual process, painful menstruation,                                                                     membranes, enhances provocation of
                                                                         and iron deficiency, iron metabolism
       pelvic floor blood stagnation                                                                                excretion of other remedies                                 CARDINORMA spag oral drops — heart
                                                                                                                                                                                weakness, supports heart function, tone
                                                                         PLEVENT spag oral drops — fat              MUCAN spag oral drops — cleanses
     Radiation Exposure/EMFs                                                                                                                                                    and rhythm
                                                                         metabolism disorders, weight loss          extracellular matrix and body fluids of
                                                                                                                    microbial toxins; gut terrain regulation                    co-HYPERT spag oral drops —
       RADINEX spag oral drops — Defends                                 programs, high blood lipids, increased
                                                                                                                                                                                hypertension; helps resolve metabolic
       against the debilitating effects of                               fluid viscosity of blood and lymph
                                                                                                                    Nervous System/Mental &                                     regulatory blockades at the root of
       environmental radiation or “electro-                              OSS-regen spag oral drops —
                                                                                                                     Physical Exhaustion                                        hypertension
       stress.” Promotes the excretion of                                prevention and treatment of osteoporosis
       accumulated biologically incompatible                                                                                                                                    coro-CALM spag oral drops — cardiac
                                                                         and degenerative bone disease,             PEKANA STRESS BUSTER KIT – combines
       electro-magnetic frequencies from the                                                                                                                                    sedative, tachycardia, disturbance of heart
                                                                         protection of bone marrow                  bottles of:
       connective tissue matrix, including those                                                                                                                                rhythm, irritability of heart shen, helpful
       caused by exposure to cell phones,                                THUJA oral drops – Minimizes adverse       PSY-stabil 50 ml spag drops                                 in intractable insomnia
       computers, power lines and other sources.                         acute and chronic vaccination stress       DALEKTRO N 50 ml spag drops
                                                                                                                    NEU-regen 250 ml spag drops                                 CANGUST spag oral drops — upper
                                                                                                                    in a single box                                             body circulation, heart blood stagnation,
     Hereditary Conditions                                                                                                                                                      prevention of coronary disease; tonifies
                                                                                                                    NEU-regen spag oral drops —                                 stomach qi
       HABIFAC spag oral drops — recurrent                                                                          restorative tonic for mental, emotional
       acute and chronic illnesses due to genetic                                                                   and physical exhaustion, adrenal                            CLAUPAREST spag oral drops — lower
       or constitutional influences, resolution of                                                                  exhaustion                                                  body circulation, arterial and venous
       miasms                                                                                                                                                                   circulatory disorders, blood stagnation,
                                                                                                                    PSY-stabil spag oral drops — nervous                        stasis below the umbilicus
                                                                                                                    irritability, anxiety, stress; fragmentation
     Insomnia                                                                                                       of the psyche
       SOMCUPIN spag oral drops —                                                                                   DALEKTRO N drops — homeopathic
       insomnia, anxiety, sleep disorders, central                                                                  mineral and electrolyte regulator, poor
       nervous system drainage                                                                                      mineral absorption
                                                                                                                    VISCUM spag oral drops — nervous
                                                                                                                    system drainage & regulation, solar plexus

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                                                     PEKANA Medications Overview                                                                             PEKANA Medications Overview
                   Homeopathic-Spagyric Drainage, Regulation, and Regeneration Remedies                                       Homeopathic-Spagyric Drainage, Regulation, and Regeneration Remedies

     Liver/Gallbladder                                                  Digestive Tract – Pancreas                   Adrenals                                                   Skin Conditions
       apo-HEPAT spag oral drops — liver &                               SPECI-CHOL spag oral drops —                SUPREN spag oral drops – Regulates                          DERCUT spag oral drops & topical
       gallbladder drainage and regulation of                            pancreatic regulation and drainage,         proper adrenal function. Adrenals in the                    ointment — skin rashes, psoriasis, acne,
       detoxification pathways when liver phase                          pancreatic irritation from mycotoxins       resistance phase of the general adaptive                    eczema, contact dermatitis
       1 enzymes are downregulated due to                                GLUCORECT spag oral drops — blood           syndrome                                                    KELAN spag topical ointment — scars
       dietary or genetic factors                                        sugar dysregulation tending towards                                                                     and keloids
       MUNDIPUR spag oral drops — mild                                   hyperglycemia, insulin resistance           Spleen
                                                                                                                                                                                 DEMYC topical spag drops — skin and
       systemic excretion of metabolic waste                                                                                                                                     nail fungus, athletes foot
                                                                                                                     AILGENO spag. oral drops — spleen
       products including uric acid, drainage                           Kidneys and Bladder                          detoxification, chronic fatigue,
       where connective tissue inflammation is
       present, mild cholagogue, harmonizes                              RENELIX spag oral drops — kidney            autoimmunity, suppressed hematopoesis,                     Colds/Sinusitis/Infections
                                                                         drainage and regulation, age-related        intractable gut dysbiosis, all secondary to
       biliary secretions                                                                                                                                                        SEPTONSIL spag oral drops — tonsillitis,
                                                                         decline of renal function                   chemical and/or viral load altering the
                                                                                                                     terrain of the spleen                                       upper respiratory tract infections, dental
     Digestive Tract – Gut Dysbiosis                                     AKUTUR spag oral drops — acute                                                                          infections; encumbrance of the cervical,
                                                                         urinary tract infections, cystitis; helps   Pain and Inflammation;                                      submandibular and occipital lymphatics
       apo-STOM spag oral drops — improves                               detoxify the pelvic floor
       function of stomach & intestinal tract,                                                                        Tendonitis                                                 apo-INFEKT spag oral drops — cleanses
       regulates hyperacidity; anti-inflammatory                         apo-OEDEM spag oral drops — edema                                                                       the terrain of microbial waste following
       effect in the gut; harmonizes functions of                        (circulatory, hepatic, renal, lymphatic),   INFLAMYAR spag oral drops, topical                          infections; post-infection fatigue and
       combined remedies                                                 fluid stasis                                ointment and oral pellets — helps heal                      depression due to uncoupling of
                                                                                                                     traumatic sport injuries, such as sprains,                  mitochondrial enzymes
       HELMIN spag oral drops — Gut terrain                                                                          bruises and ligament strain. Treats
       dysregulation with dysbiosis; minor
                                                                        Lymphatic System                                                                                         RICURA spag oral drops — rhinitis and
                                                                                                                     rheumatic, arthritic and inflammatory                       sinusitis, directs actions of other remedies
       intestinal parasitic infections                                   ITIRES spag oral drops — lymphatic          conditions to bring fast relief                             to the head
       apo-ENTERIT spag oral drops – Colitis,                            inflammation, stagnation & drainage,        ZELLULISAN spag topical ointment —
       abdominal cramps, portal vein stagnation                          resolves issues at lymph nodes                                                                          FEPYR spag. oral drops – Fever, and
                                                                                                                     tendonitis, connective tissue                               viral infections. Helps relieve general pain
       and inflammation of the intestinal tract                                                                      detoxification; chronic polarity
       caused by infections and food poisoning                          Prostate                                                                                                 and chills.
                                                                                                                     segmentation; carrier for transdermal
       JUVE-CAL spag oral drops —                                        PROSCENAT spag oral drops — prostate        application of remedies
       regenerative gut tonic, leaky gut
                                                                         infections acute or latent, painful         apo-DOLOR spag oral drops — joint
       syndrome, helps restore the mental,                               urination, pelvic floor drainage and        and muscle pain, especially after recent                    PROALLER spag oral drops — allergies,
       emotional and physical wellbeing of                               regulation                                  trauma; post surgical pain                                  food or airborne; exposure to airborne
       adults and children                                                                                                                                                       irritants on an occasional basis
                                                                                                                     apo-RHEUM spag oral drops — soft
                                                                        Thyroid                                      tissue rheumatism, arthritis; chronic
     Digestive Tract – Constipation                                                                                  musculoskeletal aches and pains due to
      and Diarrhea                                                       apo-STRUM spag. oral drops — thyroid        metabolic factors rather than toxicity
                                                                         regulation and detoxification
       DEFAETON spag oral drops —
       constipation, sluggish bowels
       OKOUBAKA spag oral drops —
       diarrhea; acute food poisoning, helps in
       resolving chronic gut infections

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