What is individual health insurance?

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					What is individual health insurance?
There are many online insurance companies that help consumers find affordable individual and family health insurance quotes for free. Whether you want information on personal health insurance for the self-employed or any other information you are sure to find them online. Individual or family health insurance in California is also known as personal health insurance or private health insurance. Family health insurance means you purchase one policy for you, your spouse and children. You would purchase this type of policy if your employer does not provide insurance benefits to its employees. You can also purchase family medical insurance if you are self-employed, unemployed or a student. Individual and family health insurance plans can be purchased for newborns to senior citizens. When a person turns 65, they become eligible for Medicare and Medicare supplemental insurance and forfeit individual insurance policy. The rules and regulations for individual insurance vary from state to state and from one insurance company to another. There are many private health insurance companies that may turn down your coverage because of pre-existing conditions or approve your medical insurance coverage but exclude the benefits associated with pre-existing condition. This is what is referred to as exclusionary rider. There are some states that do not permit insurance companies to place exclusionary riders on individual health insurance policies. This may be considered a good thing, but the rate of declined applications is much higher in this case because, if the personal medical insurance company is not able to exclude benefits for pre-existing conditions, they will choose not to offer you coverage. One major example is California health insurance. Premium amount for individual health plans are based on various factors. Some factors include zip code, age and health status and lifestyle habits. If you notice, smokers generally pay more for personal health insurance than non-smokers. Persons charge such people higher premium because insurance company views them as higher risk. If a private insurance company increases your rate, it has to increase the rates of all existing plan members covered under the same family health insurance plan. If you have an HMO plan, your policy will have maximum annual and maximum lifetime benefit. Under individual and family health insurance product category, there are different types of insurance plans like indemnity plans, health maintenance organization (HMO) plans, preferred provider organization (PPO) plans, point of service (POS) plans and health savings account (HSA) plans. Each plan differs in two aspects: cost and choice. The more freedom you want in choosing your own doctor and hospital, the more expensive the plan will be. While selecting the health plan for your family, compare health insurance quotes for each health plan type and shop carefully because coverage and costs vary from company to company and between various plan types.

Description: There are many online insurance companies that help consumers find affordable individual and family health insurance quotes for free.