The cause and effect essay explains why something happened

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					The cause and effect essay explains why something happened. This type of essay
focuses on the relationships between events with the consequences. The tone of this
type of essay should be more serious and the presentation should be factual and
believable. Sources should state facts and evidence supporting the thesis. Cause and
effect essays are often assigned in a Composition class. The thesis should focus on the
importance, relevance, or value of the consequences of the event. The cause must lead
to the effect. The introduction of a cause and effect essay should explain what the
significance of the cause and effect relationship. The conclusion should show the reason
for the cause and effect essay supporting the thesis.

A good way to find a cause and effect essay topic is by using a novel. You can first
create a narrative essay out of the novel like an Othello essay and then identify the key
events that are highlighted in the story. You can then create some cause and effect
identification why the events in the story happened. A cause and effect essay topic may
also be found in the historical events that happened in the world or in a specific nation.
You can first highlight the main cause of World War II and then deliver the effects as to
how destructed the world was after years of conflict.

If you cannot simply think of any cause and effect essay topics to utilize, please read
the following list:

   1. What are the effects of television on study habits?
   2. Why are kids sometimes grounded by parents, and what are the effects?
   3. What are the signs of teenage depression? How can teenage depression be
      prevented or treated?
   4. What are the effects of the computer on the quality of your writing?
   5. Is the media a reflection of society’s ills or does it cause society’s ills?
   6. What effect has the automobile had on the American society?
   7. How can one individual have an effect on the environment?
   8. What are the causes and effects of the sea pollution?
   9. What were the historical causes for Renaissance? What is its impact on culture?

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