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					             WELCOME TO ISSUE 2!
Welcome to the second issue of the Mario Party
Legacy     (formerly      Super    Mario   Party   Site)
Newsletter. We know it‟s been a year since our
last issue, but we hope that from now on we can
provide a more regular bulletin to bring the latest
in all site/forum and Mario Party developments.

Enjoy this latest issue!

                               ~H-J Kaabii, Chief Editor

~H-J Kaabii, Sushi Boy et al
The Great Change: SMPS becomes MPL                         Party, Video Games, General, Irrelevance and
                                                           Forum/Site. Forum Games was temporarily closed
On July 26, 2010, Administrator SuperZambezi               due to over-activity (it‟s open again now).
announced a change to the site and forum, from
“The Super Mario Party Site (Forum)” to “Mario             The new initiative called Video Game Lodge was
Party Legacy (Forum)”. While there is a name and           introduced in April 2010 in the Video Games
theme change, the core mission of the network              category, and is designed to showcase a different
remains the same: to be “The Place for All Things          game or series every month. It has been very
Mario Party”. SuperZambezi also introduced two             successful, with a multitude of series presented
new ventures, the Forum Portal (a hub to visit             and fervently discussed, from Kingdom Hearts to
forums affiliated with MPL) and Flaming Controller         The Legend of Zelda.
(a general games site). As of December 2010,
Flaming Controller is no longer part of the MPL            The Anime board was added to General, and Role
Network, instead being a subsidiary of Ultima              Playing was added to Irrelevance.
Weapons, another forum.
                                                           Activities and Other Initiatives
Forum Layout Changes
                                                           Conquering Kingdoms was the Summer 2010
A new theme color, Pink, was created in                    Activity at SMPSF/MPL. This was co-ordinated by
November, to satisfy the requests of the past half-        initially SuperZambezi with Admins H-J Kaabii and
year. More themes will be planned in the future;           Vipsoccermaster in a supportive role, but
perhaps a few member-focused ones too…?                    eventually came to be managed almost by H-J
                                                           himself, and provided a break from the “typical”
The board categories were reorganised into Mario           events like signature contests and the like. The

                                                                                               …cont'd on p.4
   PAGE 2                                                                           MPL Newsletter 2

 ~Sushi Boy

Welcome to Sushi Boy‟s Interviews! Filling in H-J‟s
role from last issue, this is the section of the
newsletter where I‟ll interview some of the well-
                                                               Yoshi1‟s current avatar – Christmas Yoshi.
known members on the MPL Forums!
                                                       but do you remember how you exactly found
Now, let's get started! Today, I‟ll be interviewing
                                                       this forum?
Yoshi1, a long time user on the MPL Forums. In
fact he has been here since the beginning of MPL,      Yoshi1: I definitely do. (I told this about 5 times
in the days when it was SMPSF I! Now, over to          so here we go again!      ) I was creating a movie
Yoshi1...                                              on Windows Movie Maker for MP9 and I was
                                                       looking for some GIF's. I typed “Mario Party
Sushi: How does it feel to be considered a “long-      Animations” on Google and this site came up. It
time” user? A veteran, as such?                        had nothing on there that I was looking for but I
                                                       checked out some of the information. I really
Yoshi1: To be considered as a “long-time” user
                                                       liked the site and I tried to look for a place
sort of feels special. I joined during the middle of
                                                       where I could be an online member. There was
September in 2008 and if I‟m correct, the site and
                                                       a link saying “Join the Forum” and I clicked it
forum was created at the start of 2008. So I
                                                       and brought me here. I didn‟t know what a
haven‟t been here as long as other members, so I
                                                       forum was back then but I realised it was an
don‟t feel as special (but I still do) as other
                                                       online member sort of thing (what I called a
members should.
                                                       forum     ). I thought “Yes!” and I joined as
Sushi: OK, my biggest question is, how did you         „Yoshi1‟. There's another story about the name
find this place? I see you joined way back in 2008,    though…
                                                                                                 …cont'd on p.3
    MPL Newsletter 2                                                                                    PAGE 3

~Sushi Boy

Sushi: Yoshi1… Hmm. How did you come up with                Mario. It wouldn‟t be the same though. But it‟s hard
that name, and is this the first place you used it?         to think of an answer though since he‟s one of the
                                                            most popular characters (not to mention one of the
Yoshi1:    I chose the name „Yoshi1‟ because I liked
                                                            only four to have been in every major Mario Party,
Yoshi, and I put the 1 there because being plain
                                                            including Advance…      ) and thinking they‟ll kick
Yoshi wouldn‟t be unique. I‟ve used the name before:
                                                            him out is hard to believe.
I registered on a site called PictureTrail a while ago,
and commented on some MP8 pictures some other               Sushi: Haha, alright.  I heard you use to work on
members had uploaded. However I abandoned that              some sprite comics. Are you still continuing them?
site a few months after I registered there…                 And do you have a specific series? (Y‟know, ones
                                                            that actually have a title and all.)
Sushi: On May 10th this year, some big changes were
made to the forum. How did you feel when you found          Yoshi1: I will be continuing them as soon as I have
out you got replaced, and what did you think of the         time to get back my sprites and start making some
new staff?                                                  more. I only have 1 main series which is called
                                                            “Mario and Luigi: Superstar Comic”. At the present
Yoshi1: I thought the choice new staff was pretty
                                                            time, there are 7 comics. You can find them in the
good; it seemed the right people were chosen. When
                                                            Artwork section. Once I find the sprites I will
I saw that I was replaced, I felt a bit sad but thought
                                                            definitely continue them.     I‟ve also had 2 mini-
“It was going to happen and I was becoming inactive
                                                            series that have had 1 comic each. Both of them
anyway”. I got over it anyway in about 3 minutes so
                                                            were in last year‟s Newsletter: Sonic and Tails, and
I'm happy where I am.
                                                            Mario vs. Bowser.
Sushi: How about recent events, like the recent
                                                            Sushi: Cool, cool...    Now, about the BIG change on
revival of the Newsletter, Aegis „leaving‟, MLYW
                                                            July 26th this year, when SMPSF became MPL. What is
promoted to Admin, etc?
                                                            your opinion on that change?
Yoshi1: Firstly the newsletter revival. I think it's good
                                                            Yoshi1: My opinion on the change…… hmm. I really
to have the newsletter come back again but hopefully
                                                            liked the logo and layout the most. It has a good
not die… again. Aegis leaving is sad but people come
                                                            appearance with the red and black colours. The
and go. I thought he helped the forum out very well
                                                            forum needed a change in my opinion, but it looks
so it's bad to see him go. MLYW becoming Admin on
                                                            good anyway.
the other hand I think is very good. I think he‟ll do
very well so congrats to him.                               Sushi: Well then, I think we‟re out of time! This
                                                            interview is over! Thanks a lot for being my
Sushi: Where and when did your interest for Mario
                                                            interviewee Yoshi1! Did you enjoy the interview?
Party start? For example, which game got you to like
the series?                                                 Yoshi1: I did enjoy the interview! I would like the
                                                            thank Sushi Boy for making the interview possible
Yoshi1: Errrrm…… I was rather young (about 4 or 5
years old) when I started playing, but I do remember
the game. It was either Mario Party or Mario Party 2.
Sort of both, I guess. I always loved being Mario and
                                                            Who knows who I‟ll be interviewing next time
then I became interested (which I don‟t know how or
                                                            (perhaps H-J will tell me or something    )!
when) in the Mario series and I got a Gamecube.
                                                            Anyway, thanks for reading guys, and have fun
Sushi: This next question is sort of strange: what          reading the rest of the Newsletter! See ya~
would you do if Yoshi got cut out of Mario Party?

Yoshi1: I would cry my eyes out!!!!!!  Just kidding.
                                                                                       Staryu… I mean, Sushi Boy
   I would still buy the game and play as Luigi or
   PAGE 4                                                                          MPL Newsletter 2

~H-J Kaabii, Sushi Boy et al

frequent delays in updating were met with a general      May 09, 2010
disapproval, but CK (as it is known to some) was         Sushi Boy            Mod of Mario Party Board
lauded for its ingenuity in turn based RPGing, and       Ryoux0             Mod of Video Games Board
may have contributed to the created of the Role          AegisReflector     Global Moderator
Playing board.                                           Yoshi1, Kingboo demoted for various reasons.

Under Activities Central, Clubs were initiated in        May 31, 2010
November, at the suggestion of regular member            ttwashere            Forum Adviser
Berrylarry200. The current vision is to have both        This is a new category that grants its member
Social Clubs, where members can freely chat about        viewership of staff boards and the ability to
a particular subject as defined by the club they join,   dispense advice. However they have no staff
and Competitive Clubs, which participate in semi-        power apart from editing the forum news banner.
regular contests and accumulate points through the
year. So far, only Social Clubs exist, but we hope to    Jun 02, 2010
have Competitive Clubs as well when the time suits.      Ryoux0            Global Moderator
                                                         Sushi Boy         Global Moderator
The elusive Trading Card Game development was            Marioguy was demoted (inactivity).
moved from the now defunct Mario Bros. Forum to          All other board Mods were removed as part of
SMPSF early in 2010, and the team of MLYW and H-J        staff pruning decision by Admin body.
Kaabii are hard at work to decide on design and
gameplay. Expect to hear more in the next issue.         Jul 04, 2010
                                                         AegisReflector      Admin
Also in Activities Central, Sushi Boy has successfully   Vipsoccermaster resigned as Admin and became
run the popular “Mario Party Interactive”, now into      Forum Adviser (abandoned eariler by ttwashere).
its third season. Applying the fun of Mario Party
into the forum, this has spawned a number of             Jul 27, 2010
spinoffs; also multiple boards now feature in each       cookieboy17          Global Moderator
season (Season 3, entitled Power of Love, features
two boards from MP1 and one board from MP3).             Oct 15, 2010
                                                         MLYW                 Admin
Staff Changes                                            AegisReflector resigned as Admin due to personal
Since last issue, the staff list has undergone a
multitude of revisions. The following changes were       Nov 01, 2010
made to staff:                                           Sushi Boy           Mod of Mario Party Board
                                                         Sushi Boy was “demoted” to Mod due to a
Apr 10, 2010                                             complaint from a member, and a series of
Berrylarry200            Mod of Mario Party Board       unfortunate circumstances at the time.
Yoshi1                   Mod of General/Future MP
AegisReflector     Mod of Video Games Board             Nov 22, 2010
Ether              Mod of General Board                 Sushi Boy            Global Moderator
MLYW               Global Moderator                     Sushi Boy was reinstated after a staff review into
Marioguy           Global Moderator                     the events of Nov 01, 2010.
Real Hammer Bro was demoted (inactivity).
      MPL Newsletter 2                                                                                                               PAGE 5


Mario Party 2...where do I start? This is my second favorite Mario       to prevent losing too much coins, unlike losing random coin
Party game next to Mario Party 3. After the success of Mario Party       amounts in the original. The boards themselves were 6 well
1, Hudson expanded on it to make Mario Party 2 and came up with          created and highly unique boards that used gimmicks such as a
some great new ideas. Many people think that the original Mario          train, space patrol, day-to-night transitions (yes, there was a
Party had the biggest impact on the series as a whole, but I believe     day-to-night concept before Mario Party 6), and more.
Mario Party 2 had the biggest impact due to the new additions and
                                                                         Like its predecessor, this game had a small storyline of defeating
fixtures, from how the boards operate, to new mini-game, and
                                                                         Bowser by winning all the boards (but then again Mario Party
more; as a result, this game was more than successful.
                                                                         never was heavy on plotline). At the end of every game the winner
Mario Party 2 added a major staple to the Mario Party series,            starred in a cut-scene defeating Bowser and his evil plans. Many
items. After the original barely built on the idea with random           mini-game modes returned from the original, like Mini Game
space items such as the dreaded Mushroom Space, now you could            Stadium, as well as a variation of Mini-Game Island called Mini
go to the item shop (there were usually 2 per board) and buy             Game Coaster – however, having to pay for the mini-games
whatever items Koopa had available for purchase. Those items             before playing them outside of the boards remained.
ranged from Mushrooms that add extra dice, to a Magic Lamp that
                                                                         Overall, Mario Party 2 did a great job balancing between keeping
takes you directly to the Star. Speaking of Koopa and new features
                                                                         main elements from the original and making changes for the
added to the boards, another inclusion was the Koopa Bank. Here
                                                                         better that helped the series in the long run. Mario Party 1 may
you had to pay 5 coins as you passed the Bank Space (usually 2
                                                                         have been the original but Mario Party 2 was the game that really
per board), but if you landed on the Bank Space you got all of the
                                                                         got the series rolling, and built the foundations for great games
coins in the bank.
                                                                         in the future of the series and in general.
Mario Party 2 got some new mini-games from the original, but a
                                                                         The game is not easy to find now since it is over 10 years old for
lot of the games were remakes of ones from the original. One
                                                                         the Nintendo 64, but Mario Party 2 was announced for the Wii‟s
thing they did do was remove any rotating-the-control-stick
                                                                         Virtual Console in 2011 for North America, and is already out in
games after they caused blisters to players‟ hands.
The boards were far different from the original. Along with new
board additions like the Koopa Bank and the Item Shop, Boo got a
slight tweak where you had to repeatedly press the A button to try       N.B. “Mario Party” referred to as “Mario Party 1” where needed.

~Vipsoccermaster, Kingboo
The Mystery of SuperZambezi‟s Activity                                   So, with the late start to Lent 2011 (Mar 9th – Apr 24th), what will this

Sometimes it‟s the head Administrator‟s activity on a forum that can     mean for denizens of MPL? While we hope SZ will make the most of

leave the greatest impression on the overall activity each year. Let‟s   this extended period of available, no-one knows if this could result

investigate SuperZambezi‟s (SZ‟s) activity since the very beginning      in interesting problems or other unforseen events… (Of course, H-J

in 2008… (SZ takes Advent and Lent off as a religious observance)        and MLYW will steer the ship in SZ‟s absence, so all hope isn‟t lost…)

2008: Lent (Feb 6th – Mar 23rd) was very early in the year. It threw
many active users off when SZ took off then without notifying
anyone. After decent activity mid-year, SZ wasn‟t too active towards     Other interesting Forum Stats – from 100 to 1000
the end of 2008, perhaps due to the fiasco of Spam School and the        100: The 100th member, DobkaNdaboM, registered on Apr 01, 2009.
crises of late 2008 that caused SMPSF to be repaired and restarted.
                                                                         200: The 200th member, Small Dark King Boo, registered on Jun 23,
2009: Lent (Feb 25th – Apr 12th) was in the middle of possible times     2009.
for the Lent season. Not too many problems since SZ‟s departure
                                                                         300: The 300th member, snurdyintuita, registered on Jul 14, 2009.
was expected this time. SZ was very active mid-year, in which he
                                                                         400: The 400th member, Will, registered on Jan 03, 2010.
hosted Glacier Summer, and posted more. He had to leave for
Advent but that was unfortunately timed with the server move and         500: The 500th member, Daveroxe, registered on Apr 07, 2010.
Bandwidth issues (Luckily, Joey was there to fix most things up).        600: The 600th member, bradybunch12, registered on May 21, 2010.
2010: Lent (Feb 17th – Apr 4th) was similar to 2009‟s situation time-    700: The 700th member, Rocket39, registered on Aug 08, 2010.
wise, but more problems arose, mainly member-related issues. SZ‟s
                                                                         800: The 800th member, airmax37y, registered on Dec 06, 2010.
activity was strong in Spring/Summer. However, in about a week
                                                                         900: The 900th post in “The Anything Thread” is here.
before the Autumnal Equinox, SZ disappeared without a trace and
did not come back until two days before he had to leave for Advent.      1000: The 1000th post in “Count to 3999!” is here.
  PAGE 6                                                                                                         MPL Newsletter 2

                                                                     Graphics 9/10
                                                                     The game uses some pretty simplistic sprites, which give a pretty
                                                                     nice feel for the game. However the best graphics of the game can be
                                                                     seen during battle. During battle, the background is usually a
                                                                     psychedelic animation behind the enemy. PSI abilities are given
                                                                     unique animations which usually involve flashing colors or similar
Earthbound is an RPG for the Super Nintendo Entertainment
                                                                     effects. It's all really nice to look at.
System made by Nintendo. What separates this game from
typical RPGs? Let's continue on.
                                                                     Soundtrack 9/10
                                                                     Earthbound has quite a unique soundtrack. The game has a broad
Story 9/10
                                                                     amount of musical styles of them ranging from Jazz to Psychedelic.
Unlike typical JRPGs, this game takes place in an American
                                                                     In the overworld you are more likely to hear some great Jazzy tunes
setting. Instead of magical creatures, you have crazy aliens or
                                                                     which really fit the game's setting. During battle, you are most likely
even crazy hippies! The game mostly takes place in the
                                                                     to hear some distorted psychedelic music which fits the whole
country, Eagleland, which resembles the United States. The
                                                                     fighting against alien story. The soundtrack of the game really boosts
main character, who you may give any name but I will refer to
                                                                     your experience in the game, and brings some memorable tunes.
his default name, Ness, is visited by an alien from the future
who gives him a warning that the world will be taken over by
                                                                     Difficulty (Based on fairness) 8/10
an evil alien, Giygas, who is the central antagonist. Ness was
                                                                     The game's difficult can vary between different people. For most it's
born with the gifted ability to use PSI, a powerful physic ability
                                                                     either really easy or very difficult. For most people who have an idea
that serves as the game's “magic”. Across his journey he meets
                                                                     of how to play RPGs will find this game to be very easy. For those
with 3 other chosen children who join him in his journey. On
                                                                     who tend to get lost, or get lazy to fight battles, they will find this
his journey Ness fights formidable and quirky characters from
                                                                     game to be real tough at parts. The game was sold with a Player's
Deadly Krakens to Insane Cultists! The game's story contains a
                                                                     guide so the game was obviously meant to be played with a guide, as
lot of humor and references to American pop culture. Towards
                                                                     there may be lots of instances where you might get lost. Like I have
the very end, the story begins to gain a much darker tone, and
                                                                     mentioned, it's either a piece of cake or a pain.
this leads to a great ending.

                                                                     Replay Value 8/10
                                                                     Earthbound is really a game you play for the experience. It's quirky
                                                                     humor, colorful graphics, and great soundtrack will make you want
                                                                     to experience it several times. There might be a few sections which
                                                                     you might not have enjoyed playing but it's still a great game to play
                                                                     over again and again.

Gameplay 8/10
The gameplay of Earthbound is similar to the Dragon Quest
series. The game's items are western based such as baseball
                                                                     Overall Score 8.5
bats, hamburger, or yo-yos, but some items can be far out,
such as an item that transforms you into a dragon! You control
your characters in the overworld being able to examine objects
and talk to people. In the overworld, almost anything can turn       - Great humor
out to be an enemy; you can fight New Age Retro Hippies,             - Unique soundtrack
Insane Cultists, Abstract Art, and much more. The game's main        - Wonderful story
battle system is a typical turn based battle where you have a
                                                                     - Different from typical RPG setting
menu of commands and the enemy onscreen. You can Bash
(standard physical attack), use PSI (“magical” attacks), use
Goods (items), Defend, or Run Away. You are also given the           Cons
ability to Auto-Fight, which makes the game fight for you – but      - Typical RPG gameplay
I don't recommend using this. Each of the 4 characters has           - May be too difficult for some players
their own set of abilities that they may learn. For example,
                                                                     - Easy to get lost
Paula can use offensive PSI, while Jeff can use machines or
bottle rockets but cannot use PSI. After you are done deciding
your moves the battle commences and the SPEED of your                I would recommend this game to
characters determine the order. EXP is awarded after the end of      people looking for a great RPG
a battle which may raise you up to new levels where you grow         experience.
stronger and may learn stronger PSI abilities. The game's
weakest point, in my opinion, but it's not a problem.
    MPL Newsletter 2                                                                               PAGE 7

                No 1: It’s-a me, ______ ____!!!

Rules: unscramble the words on the left (each is related
to Mario or Mario Party). Then use and unscramble the
 letters in the pale blue boxes to find the solution (red      No 1: A typical wordfinder puzzle. Can you
               boxes) to the title. Have fun!                     find all twelve forum-related words?

                                                                                             …can you

                                                            …a record of Kingboo’s current comic-
                                                            making routine, using a recent anecdote.
                                                            Features untimely comments from VIP,
                                                            an H–J with possible grammar issues, and
                                                            an overly fervent Kingboo. Enjoy.  ~H–J
Contributing Writers:                          CLOSING STATEMENTS
H-J Kaabii
                                   Apologies first of all for the 12 month delay
Sushi Boy                          between issues. A multitude of factors resulted in
cookieboy17                        the Newsletter project stalling. Hopefully after this
MLYW                               issue, a monthly release can be achieved.

                                   Thanks go to the great team of writers and artists,
                                   without whom this edition wouldn‟t even get to
                                   press; to Vipsoccermaster for his timely reminders
Contributing Artists:              to get the Newsletter up and running; and to
MLYW                               Sushi Boy for assisting a lot with content for this
                                   edition. Perhaps a special mention should also go
                                   to Kingboo and cookieboy17 for putting up with
                                   my bouts of punctuality raging, and eventually
Party Page Contributors:           getting their articles/artwork in.
                                   As usual, for enquiries, suggestions or comments,
                                   feel free to email the Chief Editor of the
                                   Newsletter, H-J Kaabii, at
H-J Kaabii
                                   The Mario Party Legacy community is always
Chief Editor:                      welcoming new members, so if you‟d like to join,
H-J Kaabii                         follow this link:

                                   Thanks again for reading the newsletter, and we‟ll
                                   see you again soon!

                                   ~H-J Kaabii, Chief Editor

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