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Excess of Protein' And 'Organ Damage'.txt by daisy_ronni


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Excess of Protein' And 'Organ Damage'

An Indian diet is carbohydrate based and tends to be high-carb, high fat and low protein. Whereas
a western diet tends to be high protein, high fat and low fibre with excessive consumption of meat
based junk foods such as burgers and pizzas. This has led to a whole literature printed in U.S. on
"benefits of vegetarianism" and "harmful effects of excess protein".

More than 90-95% of Indian diets do not even meet RDA of protein, let alone the increased
requirements of an exercising individual. Consumption of 'excess protein' is therefore not easily
possible and is a ridiculous term to be heard in the protein-deficient Indian population. If any
protein does remain unused due to lack of intense training, it will definitely get stored as body fat.
But optimal(or even higher)protein consumption in an otherwise healthy person CANNOT cause
any organ damage.

Of course, since liver is centre for protein metabolism and kidney a means to flush out nitrogenous
waste, if a person has a pre-existing kidney or liver condition, total protein in the diet has to be

The fear of 'excess protein' and 'organ damage' is nothing but a product of fear in west, hyped up
by both media(both Indian and Western) and compounded by actual cases of organ damage from
steroid use.

Organ damage never occurs by consuming protein but it occurs by consuming "anabolic steroids".
Nothing damages liver more than alcohol and nothing ruins lung capacity more than smoking, yet
there's nobody screaming "organ damage".

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