Hydrogen electrolysis by dfhdhdhdhjr


									      Hydrogen electrolysis
                 • Hydrogen electrolysis
                   is the process of
                   running an electrical
                   current through water
                   (H2O) and separating
                   the hydrogen from the
                 • Process is the
                   REVERSE of what
(-)        (+)     occurs in a fuel cell
                                              e-              e-
             e-                                       9v
                         e-             O2                         H2

    H2            Fuel           O2                Electrolysis
                  Cell                                 Cell
                                H 2O
     Anode                    Cathode        Anode           Cathode

Fuel cell: Hydrogen and                 Electrolysis cell: Hydrogen
oxygen gases flow into the              and oxygen gases produced
cell producing water and                when electricity flows
electricity.                            through an electrolyte
                                        containing water.
     Electrochemical reactions
• Cathode – hydrogen reduced
  – 4H2O + 4e-  2H2 + 4OH-
• Anode – hydrogen oxidized
  – 2H2O  O2 + 4H+ + 4e-
• Overall reactions
  – 2H2O  O2 + 2H2
  – 4OH- + 4H+  4H2O
• Overall reaction requires electrical energy added
              Today’s Lab
• Investigate bench top scale hydrolysis to
  produce Hydrogen Fuel

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