Some Starting Links

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Here’s an Easy Read: The Adventures of Johnny Bunko by Dan Pink < >

   ~ another… The Back of the Napkin: Solving Problems and Selling Ideas with Pictures by Dan Roam

Some Starting Links

PBL Resources:

• The Buck Institute for Education and Boise State University have created sites that teach the
philosophy of standards-focused PBL and systematic methods for planning and implementing projects in
schools. Look for the project library to collaborate and share projects!

• Edutopia Magazine (The George Lucas Educational Foundation)

• Technology & Learning Magazine provides a PBL Primer
• Global SchoolNet provides PBL examples and resources
• an interesting look at multiple intelligence and PBL

And More…

Everything Art History < > Look it up!

Hake’s Vocational Site < > Find your bliss...

        ~Visual Arts Career Info, References and Lessons < >

The Internet Public Library < >

The Internet Scout Project < > Subscribe!

What’s this I hear about TED? < >

And on the Other Side…
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A Bit Less Serious…

More than a poem a day < >

Online Journal of Literature and the Arts < >

Online Art Generators:

OpArt site < >

Create Your Own Graffiti! < > Students love this one…

Doh! < > Upload yourself!

Online File Tools:

Free templates, files and more: The Free School Directory < >

Make huge posters from any file…for free! < >

WhyART stuff…


Get a MrG Box:

And, of course, the mother-load of links: < > < >


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