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					Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                     08/05/2007 08:00- 18:00 operational period
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Walto        16:45 Susan Walto arrived at SEOC.
JM            7:58 Bob Ellingsworth and John Moreland reported for duty at SEOC.
                   EOC/SIM Update
                   Minneapolis EOC changing hours to 0700-1800
                   SEOC changing hours to 0600-1800

                     Inform Operations if agency will be at SEOC on Monday, August 6 - Need information by 10am.

JM            8:36 SEOC moving to a single Sit Rep per day. Sit Rep #9 is scheduled for 1300. All updates for Sit Rep needed by 1200.
                   JM sent note to SEOC Operations and Logistics with Monday's SEOC staffing plan for Mn/DOT. Desiree and John M are
JM            8:55 scheduled.
                   Sonia P. called stating that Jesse Johnson will probably call from FHWA seeking traffic information updates. Sonia suggested
                   using DEOC last updates for information. Should remind FHWA that proper contact is Sonia (cell: 651-402-1395). Sonia also
                   requested that we follow up with DEOC to request an update be sent out and verify if 1400 media briefing will be summarized
JM           10:50 and communicated.
                   Bob E. called DEOC to confirm their staffing hours today. DEOC will be staffed from 1100 - 1700 and they will be providing a
JM           10:52 synopsis of 1400 media briefing.
JM           11:13 Craig Wilkins asked if Mn/DOT had announced when debris removal would start. SEOC will follow up with DEOC.

                     Bob E. called DEOC and spoke with Kevin Walker to obtain information regarding when an update will be sent out, who is on
                     staff at the DEOC today, and if a timeline has been set to start debris removal. Kevin stated that the briefing from yesterday
BE           11:20   and today along with structure will be e-mailed to SEOC shortly along with any information on debris removal timeline.
JM           11:21   DHS, Glenn Sanders requested update on Metro Transit information for Sit Rep.
                     John M. called Metro Transit Control Center (612-349-7317) requesting an update. Control Center will have Bob Gibbons
JM           11:27   (PIO) call back wth information
                     Bob Gibbons called back with MTA update. John M. asked if MTA will be present in SEOC tomorrow. Bob will verify and call
JM           11:35   back.
                     SEOC briefing took place. Corp of Engineers has individual reporting to IC to be available to offer expertise during debris
                     removal process. Mn/DOT is working as liaison with Metro Transit to pass on information through Sit Rep regarding available
BE           11:40   free rides.
JM           11:45   John M. updated DHS, Glenn Sanders, with MTA information.
JM           11:46   Bob Gibbons called back informing SEOC that MTA will not be present in SEOC on Monday.
BE           11:49   Jesse Johnson from FHWA called, per notes refered him to Sonia's cell phone number.
JM           12:02   Informed EOC Operations that MTA will not be present in SEOC on Monday
                     Called DEOC with email question from Sonia. Question was when will long term detour route map be available. DEOC stated
JM           12:05   map would be available possibly late tonight or tomorrow.
JM           12:10   Emailed Sonia with answer to her question on long term detour map.
                     MN National Guard requested if Mn/DOT had 40' flat bed trailors to support a Navy salvage team that is flying in to Air Force
JM           12:35   Base.
                     Called DEOC and asked if Mn/DOT had resources available for MN National Guard (2 - 40' trailors). DEOC will check on this
JM           12:38   and call back.

                                                                                                                                                                  7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/05/2007 08:00- 18:00 operational period
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                   Here is the DEOC staff for Sunday, Aug. 5.

                   IC - Sue Mulvihill/Jim Kranig
                   Safety - Rita Hutton
                   Liason - Amr Jabr
                   Transcriber - John G.
                   Planning - Bev Farraher
                   IO - Kevin Walker
                   Logistics - Paul Nolan
                   Internal Communications - Todd Kramascz
                   Bridge - Mark Pribula
JM           12:47
BE           13:23 Received call from DEOC asking for verification from NTSB to reduce lane restrictions for Monday morning rush.
                   John contacted Sonia to get NTBS contact info. Contact name: FHA adminstrator for Mn Division Office: Tom Sorrell
BE           13:24                                  .
                   Contacted DEOC and Dwyane confirmed that Mn/DOT will have available two lowboy trailers to transport supplies from
                   National Guard airbase to bridge site. Expected arrival time to be either this evening or tomorrow morning. National Guard yet
                   to furnish size and weights of equipment. NG to provide material handling capabilties at the air base and Army Corps of
BE           13:27 Engineers will provide equipment at the site.
                   John talked to Glen Sanders (DHS) and received following information for NTSB contact. Glen VanEtten 310-844-5942. Ops
BE           13:33 Center 202-314-6290.
                   John contacted NTSB com center and spoke with Gary VanEtten. He stated NTSB was ok with easing of traffic restrictions but
BE           13:35 did not answer the question of who had jursidiction over the site.
JM           13:44 John contacted DEOC and informed Amr that NTSB was ok with Mn/DOT easing traffic restrictions.
                   John contacted Sonia to inform her of the NTSB conversation and to let her know that Mn/DOT does not have confirmation
                   regarding NTSB transferring site responsibilities to Mn/DOT. Sonia asked about the traffic restriction, but SEOC did not have
JM           13:49 this information. SEOC will follow up with DEOC again.
                   John contacted DEOC and asked about the change to traffic restrictions. Amr stated that at approximately 1500 hours,
                   Mn/DOT would be meeting with MN State Patrol, City of Minneapolis, and Minneapolis Police to discuss modifying the traffic
                   restrictions prior to Monday morning rush hour. Once a plan is agreed to, DEOC will send information to SEOC.
JM           13:55

                                                                                                                                                                7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/05/2007 08:00- 18:00 operational period
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                   Metro-DEOC 1410 hour Update
                   Sent info about todays staff to Bob Ellingsworth - Any Questions contact / New DEOC - INC structure being developed now for
                   rest of week.

                   Traveler info:
                   working with Mpls.on adding additional cameras in field to Mpls EOC

                   Determined meeting with contractor for 8/6 AM
                   10AM meeting dailiy w/ Jon Chiglo for managers
                   forensic contractor underway

                   Employee Safety:
                   Establishing a perm. trailer site off of 4th street.
                   working on incident site security
                   working w/Mpls on various isssues regarding (tresspassing sign, Etc)

                   Traffic Rest. :
                   Mtg @ 9:00 am on Mon to update project devlopment and
                   10 am Daily mtg w/ Mpls, FHWA, Metro and others regarding traffic issues and resolution starting 8/6

                   Long Term Traffic :
                   Revising traffic control at 3 locations to imp for 8/6 am travelers cont. placing concrete j-barrier at strategic locations

                   ASST. National Guard:
                   Resolved request for two trailers to haul equipment the Na. Guard will contact Metro when needed.

                   Prepared info for 8/5 2pm press conference sent to Gutnick.
JM           14:28
BE           14:35 NG JOG called and informed us that the local contact on site for dive equipment is Capt. Hooper.
                   Contacted DEOC and received name and number for after hours contact regarding transport trailers from Bev F. (Rick
BE           14:45 Opaterney at 651-775-0413.)
JM           14:46 John M. sent Sonia detailed overview of work with NTSB and DEOC regarding the easing of traffic restrictions
                   Relayed after hours trailer contact info received to DEOC to NG JOC watch officer @ 651-268-8860/8861. Defense
BE           14:48 Coordinating Officer: Colonel Chesney 210-475-2228
JM           16:58 JIC asked if we knew if a contractor had been named for 35W debris clean-up.
JM           17:00 Forwarded 35W project manager information to JIC and SEOC Operations

                                                                                                                                                           7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/05/2007 08:00- 18:00 operational period
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                   Contacted DEOC and asked for update regarding 1400 news conference at Mn/DOT. Sue Mulvihill gave update due to PIO not
                   in DEOC. Update consisted of:
                   Removal contractor is Karl Bolander & Sons; Mobilization of equipment and getting it situated will take until Tuesday or
                   Wednesday; Mn/DOT will be working with Bolander, forensic consultant, and NTSB with the removal and recovery effort;
JM           17:05 Bolander will be taking direction from NTSB; reconstruction contract will be design/build; specs are still being worked on.
                   Updated Sonia and PIOs on Mn/DOT's 1400 news conference. Info received from Sue Mulvihill on removal contractor (Karl
JM           17:14 Bolander & Sons), estimated timeline, and reconstruction project being a Design/Build.
                   Col. Myron Anderson, US Army (651-283-3977) called requesting after hours contact information. Gave him the dispatch
BE           17:30 phone number 651-582-1550
                   Lt Col. Grant Lejonvarn (773-580-1767) called to inform us that the dive equipment is scheduled to arrive at the air base at
                   approximetly 00:00 - 00:30. Gave him contact information for Rick Opaterney to arrange for transportation and operations gave
                   them a contact info for Corp of Engineers at site for removal from transport. He will be coordinating with Rick to determine
                   equipment needs and also sending us via e-mail the list of equipment with weights and measures.
BE           17:45

                                                                                                                                                               7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/04/2007 08:00- 18:00 operational period

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                   Gabe Guevara and Craig Falkum reported for duty and assumed responsibility. Tom Gottfried is also assisting. John Moreland
Falkum        8:00 came in and briefed on SEOC activities.
Falkum        8:25 Called DEOC - IC for today is Jake Jacobsen - Ops chief is Norm Ashfeld - PIO is Mary McFarlin
                   SEOC briefing by SIM - Current situation the same - 5 deaths; Red Cross moved to Augsburg College. HCMC remains the
                   source for injury and fatality info; Law Enforcement is the lead in the unified command; President Bush will be on the bridge site
                   and will leave by noon; USEPA will be doing air sampling; Thunderstorms are possible across southern MN - 40% chance of
                   rain in Metro - High will be 90 degrees F - Wind at 6-10 mph; Weather could impact diving operations; HSEM to reduce staffing
                   next week but not closing SEOC; Reminder to wear safety equipment at the bridge site; PIO would like to know what agencies
                   are doing briefings today; Mn/DOT will be working with MPCA on testing at the bridge site; State Patrol will continue with air
                   support and traffic control; Military Affairs will be working on appraisals for the City of Minneapolis; Coast Guard will have one
                   boat on scene and one boat on standby - CG will be standing down in the near future. SEOC briefings will be at 1130 hours,
Falkum        8:30 1430 hours and 1700 hours (moved up); Situation Reports will be issued at 1000 hours and 1700 hours today but only one Sit
Falkum        9:10 Tom Gottfried departs.

                   A rep from the US Corps,Shelly Shafer, stopped by to informed us that Mr. Kevin Kliethermes called them asking for references
                   on demolitions & debris removal contractors and to inquire on the status of this contract. When we told her that Kevin is with
                   the local office of the FHWA she felt comfortable to reply to Kevin's inquiries herself; Kathy called Kevin back. Also Shelly
                   inquired on who may have been the agency responsible for releasing the Video of the collapsing bridge to to CNN; the video
                   was shot from the Lock and Dam site by the Corps camera, it was released to MNJAC (part of DPS-BCA), who subsequently
Guevara       9:30 released to Mn/DOT. Someone from one of the three agencies released the video to CNN.
Falkum       11:00 John Moreland departs.

Falkum       11:15 Sonia Pitt called for an update. She is in Washington D.C. She had a copy of SITREP #7. Advised her of COE issues.
Falkum       11:30 SEOC SIM briefing update - no change
Falkum       14:15 Donna Lindberg relieves Craig Wilkins as Mn/DOT PIO. Donna is assisted by Lisa Yang
                   MPCA forwarded e-mail from USEPA saying that 2 out of 3 air samples show no trace of asbestos. The third sample was
Falkum       15:15 damaged and was inconclusive. VOC results are expected later this afternoon. Forwarded to DEOC
                   SEOC SIM briefing - Sometime tomorrow afternoon or Monday morning the NTSB will conclude its forensic on scene work and
                   will release the site jurisdiction to Mn/DOT. Coast Guard to continue study on impacts to private industry caused by loss of
Falkum       15:30 waterway mobility. Forwarded to DEOC.
Falkum       15:45 EPA air sample test results received. Forwarded to DEOC.

                                                                                                                                                                    7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/03/2007 17:00 - 24:00 operational period

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Walto        16:45 Susan Walto arrived at SEOC.
Walto        16:59 Bruce Price arrived at SEOC - received update from Cathy Clark and John Moreland. Transitioned staff.
                   SEOC change of shift brief conducted by Terry Smith, HSEM. Note from Red Cross new address moved to augsburg college
                   details to follow in sitrep. Nothing from others new to report. Steve (NFI), MPCA, related there is going to be some prelim air
                   sampling for demolition occuring tomorrow, and they just received approval to set up station at bridge site and conduct prelim
                   sampling. Last general note was to check the Mn SEOC website as new photo's and PIO data uploaded. Next SEOC briefing
PRICE        17:41 scheduled for 2030.
                   DONATION OFFER-Received email forwarded from John Moreland concerning a private vendor (Thomas Tool and Supply,
                   4901 West Broadway, Crystal, MN 55429, John Cannon, 612-221-1202) willing to supply supplies at no cost. Susan Walto
                   contacted Mr Cannon and provided the United Way donation hotline (1-800-543-7709) and related to mention when calling this
PRICE        18:12 was in reference to the "35W bridge".
                   Responded to email from Todd Kramascz requesting more information on source of Army Corp of Eng video of bridge collapse.
                   Checked with Ops Chief. The video was taken by a camera on lock and dam that is activated by motion detector. The Corps
                   send video to MnJAC who sent to SEOC. Checked with Shelly Shafer from Corps. The video was handed over to NTSB and
Walto        18:40 FBI and is no longer the possession of the Corp.
Walto        18:47 Called Todd Kramascz back to report on background of video footage.
                   Cathy Clark called to relay request from Mike Garza that Deb Ledvina be copied on any communications that go out to HSEM
Walto        18:55 Contacts or OFFICE DIRECTORS.
                   Forwarded Sit Rep #6 to OFFICE DIRECTORS, COMSTAFF, HSEM CONTACTS, ALLCOMM. Included SEOC staffing report.
Walto        19:16 JIC representative is still needed for Sunday.
PRICE        20:48 Updated SEOC Mn/DOT initial actions upon Activiation procedures document.
                   SEOC Briefing. Mpls identifying long term recovery issues. Hennepin County disaster declaration at council meeting on
                   Tuesday. PIOs trying to create true JIC with Fed, State, local PIOs closer to site at U of M. Concern about weather on Saturday-
                   -potential for severe storms. Weather service at Mpls EOC--storms means divers can't be in water and could create flows in the
Walto        20:54 water. Sit Rep #6 is wrong - closing of river is mile marker 854 to 847. Past lock and dam #1.
                   Deleted Possible SPAM email- Suspicious email received to the SEOC MnDOT email address from an unknown and unofficial
                   email address. Email was from a Clementine S. Paul ( with a ZIP file attachment. Deleted as proactive
PRICE        22:10 effort.
                   NTSB Phone number for CATHY: Glenn Sanders returned from the NTSB briefing and related that he was unable to get a
                   conact number for Cathy from his Federal contact at the meeting. Glenn added that Mn/DOT personnel did attend he believed
                   the individuals were Dan Dorgan and Tom Styrbicki from the MnDOT bridge Office, if still needed they may have the info. If
                   they do not have it, Glenn related to let him know and he would go direct with his federal contact.
PRICE        22:15
PRICE        22:28 Phone - Desiree checking on status of Monday staffing.
PRICE/             Terry Smith, advised due to slow activity to cease operations instead of waiting until 2400. shut down.
WALTO        22:50

                                                                                                                                                               7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                     08/03/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

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DD            7:00 Cathy Clark, John Moreland, and Desiree Doud arrive at the SEOC.
                   Mark Vogel called John asking if there were an agencies at SEOC that have aerial photographs of the bridge. We are checking
DD            7:00 into it. State Patrol believes they might be able to help. Making some calls to State Patrol Air Patrol.
                   Chief Pilot John Mock of SP suggested we call dispatch 582-1509 and ask for Brent Richter (Head of SP Accident Restruction
                   Unit) or Matt Langer (Photographer) because they've taked a lot of photograhs in the past couple of days. John Moreland will
                   call Mark Vogel with dispatch phone # and tell him who to contact. Mock offered to aiflift Mn/DOT personnel to the scene if
                   additional photos are needed. Jaime Santiego, SP Flight Coordinator (296-3170) is the person to contact if we need to
DD            7:30 schedule a flight or contact the chief pilot.
                   DEOC Briefing: 7:30 UPDATE
                   7:15 State Patrol is requesting concrete crash barriers be placed on SB 35W @ 4th St.
                   7:30 ESS is requesting signal removal on 280 @ B, ok’d after traffic peaks
                   Dewey Concrete barriers in place
                   State Patrol update somewhere between 9:30 and noon the First Lady will visit, need to help with motorcade. The Presidential
                   visit is just going to be a flyover.
                   Concrete barriers will be placed south of the bridge after crews do some patchwork, Dewey will call PCI to have concrete
                   barriers delivered this morning.
                   Old ramps in Highland Park area onto 280, traffic is stacking up, need to do something about the entrance onto Larpenteur.
                   Ralph will work with Mike Reynolds or someone from Traffic to check into this.
                   Survey markers are collapsed, monitor through the weekend
                   Phil – C.O. and Bridge crew from Forest Lake are on their way to the 243 bridge in Osceola.
                   Traffic system is operating the same as yesterday.
                   Amr said Excel de-energized power lines but they still have juice and we should treat them as "live". Incident Command said to
                   just live with the wires the way they are. Before we put in any equipment we need to let SEOC know. Make sure information is
                   Everyone working needs to be on DOT TAC 1.

                     TODAY’S STAFF FOR METRO DEOC 7 a.m to 3:30 p.m.
                     Amr Jabr - Incident Commander, Ralph Adair will taking over when Amr leaves; Dewey Jones – Ops Chief; Pete Stadler – Plan

DD            7:30
                   Bill Hiret, HSEM and Victor Kurcz, FEMA requested that we that we find out what utilties may have been adjacent to the bridge,
                   specifically sewer or water main. Also wanted to know if Federal Highway had declared and Emergency Relief Program at this
DD            7:55 point.
                   Morning briefing. Report: 4 confirmed dead by HCMC. 9 OHSA Reps on site. LE leading unified command working closely
                   wih Fire Rescue. Kim Ketterhagen representing HSEM at Mpls EOC, Bob Berg onsite at Incident Command post. Laura
                   Busch to visit bridge site today. President Busch to visit site tomorrow. Excell will re-route power from the 3 feeder lines on
                   bridge, customers will see no down time, but lines on bridge will remain "live" and dangerous. Mn/DOT Training Center is not
                   the preferred site for a staging area for debris and bridge reconstruction. Looking for a site south of the cities on the river so
                   debris can be moved by barge. Coast Guard set up safety zone and closed river between mile markers 847 and 854. Metro
                   Transit and Mn/DOT will meet today. Only one Salvation Army canteen will feed rescuers today located on the 10th Ave
                   bridge. Red Cross has served 3,000 meals and 6,000 snacks thus far. 1200 mental health contacts have been made so far.
DD            8:30 Family Resource Cener at the Holiday Inn is open from 0830 - 2200 daily.

                                                                                                                                                              7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                     08/03/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

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                   8:10 Ralph Adair is Incident Commander
                   Steve Misgen – Concern of traffic backing up onto 280 from B and Larpenteur - either City of Mpls. or Ramsey County put lane
                   barriers on 280, the trucks cannot maneuver around those, Steve is suggestion putting signals in and make the interchange
                   into a diamond interchange. They will discuss in the 9:30 meeting, if the decision is made the work would start next Saturday.
                   8:30 Reposition trailer on site
                   Quest will be installing DSL into trailer
                   Ralph IC – spoke to Cathy Clark wants to check all utilities under bridge also wants us to meet with utilities and Water
                   Resources to determine what utilities are under the bridge.
                   8:45 a.m. Permits is checking on utilities under the bridge but that will take most of the day for the results. C.O. Utilities stated
                   no utilities on or under the bridge. Metro Permits is double checking to be sure.
                   PCI CONTACT NUMBERS
                   Barry Nelson – Mn/DOT Project Manager- 651-775-1094
                   Tom Sloan - PCI 612-940-0397
                   Julie Bottolfson requests that everyone check in with Safety Administrator when they arrive on scene, make sure they all have
                   safety equipment.
                   Terry Haukom has information for the trailers for mobile detection units, they will cost more than we thought. Checking into mo
                   ACOE (Army Core of Engineers) contacted SEOC to say they can provide assistance but they need a formal request from us fir
                   Dewey – Jim Michael is concerned about the storm drains under the bridge being damaged. Dave Hagle is on his way with a cr
                   Pete – permanent barricades are being placed on Hiawatha.
                   Rita is looking into getting a sign for the Mn/DOT trailer.
                   SEOC called about 280 project, if MPCA personnel are required.
DD            9:00
                     Request for Senate Transportation Committee for confirmation on the daily average traffic count over I35 bridge. Contact
                     Krista Boyd 296-7681. Contacted Jonnette Kreideweis for information she said Gene Hicks supplied historic traffic counts
                     yesterday. Request given to Mary McFarland. She will connect with CO Communications to verify that Jonnette's office can
DD            9:19   give that information out directly and not send requests to the SEOC.
                     Diane Leuzinger called to report that Eric Ruden had been receiving pictures and videos of the bridge and wanted an NTSB
DD            9:25   contact to forward pics and videos to. Sent them to the JIC.
                     MPCA asked if MN/DOT needed a PCA Project Coordinator for 280 construction work today. John contact DEOC. They will
DD            9:30   let us know by 11:00am today whether Project Coordinator is needed.
                     John M. called Mark Vogel to inform him that he talked with Gary Hendriksen, HSEM and MPCA. Gary stated that access to
                     the site for asbetos testing of the concrete on scene will probably not be able to happen for weeks. PCA will assume in the
                     mean time that the concrete contains asbetos until testing can be completed. PCA is concentrating on air quality. John have
                     MPCA Mark's phone numbers so they could be in touch directly in the future. Mark will forward PCA information on other
DD            9:59   possible contaminants the bridge structure might contain.
                     Cathy received a call from Mark Gieseke's admin saying he would be available this weekend for work at the DEOC. His cell is
DD           10:00
DD           10:22 Updated PCA with Marks' info on bridge conaminants. PCA suggested Mark work with
DD           10:35 Called DEOC for udate on 280 request. DEOC will call back.
DD           10:44 Called Mark Vogel to share the PCA contact name and email address.
                   Susan Martinovich, Director of Nevada DOT, called to pledge whatever help we need including bridge inspections and requests
DD           10:56 for equipment. Her contact number is 775/888-7440.

                                                                                                                                                                     7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/03/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

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DD           11:25
                   Briefing Update: Confirmed deaths at 5. Staffing plan with names, and numbers due by 1:00 today. SEOC hours of operation
                   8:00 - 6:00 for Saturday and Sunday. No other updates were offered at this time. HSEM meeting with FHWA to ensure
DD           11:30 appropriate funds & tasks being directed in right direction.
                   Request from Bob Lind of the Minneapolis Mayor's Office. There will be a Community Planning at Augsburg College on
                   Tuesday, August 7th at 8:30am to discuss re-routing of traffic and its effects on local business. Need the name of the Mn/DOT
                   representative who will answer questions, discuss re-routing plan/issues and traffic flow information by 1:00pm today so the
                   Mayor can announce the information at his press conference. Bob's info is 612/673-5068 or
DD           11:40 Request was forwarded to Kevin Walker at the DEOC for follow-up.
                   Update from Kevin Walker.
                   Injury thought to be in his ribs.                                 where the other bridge/maintanence employees present but not
DD           11:43 injured.
                   Call from Kevin Walker to John. Val Svensson will be the lead on the 280 Project. Her contact info is 651/234-7603 (w) and
                   651/755-5730. There are 3 potential projects being considered: 1) 35W/36 Interchange will add additional ramp lanes; 2) Lane
DD           11:45 modifications with ramp reconfigurations at 280/94 interchange; 3) Larpenter Ave.
DD           11:50 Susan called returning Cathy's call. She's at home.
                   Metro Transit (Steve Laird) left SEOC . Contact info is as follows: Metro Transit 612/349-7317 or Steve McLaird 612/385-8970
DD           11:55 or ask for Christy Bailley or Bill Andersn at main #.
DD           12:00 Call received asking if contracts will be let to remove the debris from incident site. Call forwarded to JIC.
                   Myrene Biernat from MAC Airport Development, called to offer 3 airport hangers at the main terminal for storage of
                   debris/bridge pieces. Each hanger is 320 ft 150 ft. To use these facilities contact Nigel Finney, Executive Director of MAC
DD           12:15 Airport Development at 612770-1247. Myrene can be be contacted at 612/840-1818.
DD           12:35 Joanne Overguaaw called to get an update on any Mn/DOT employees that were present during the collapse.
                   SIM, Dave Berisford, informed Mn/DOT SEOC in response to Deb Ledvina's note, to notify Unify Command and ask to speak
JM            1423 with site safety contact person to coordinate safety responsibilities.
JM            1426 Cathy Clark followed up with …….
                   Brian Kamnikar, Environmenal Services reports that Mn/DOT has hired a Environmental Consultant to field screen soil samples
                   during the 280 construction projects and separate and store any contaminated soil for storage and then eventual disposal
                   and/or treatment. If we have questions Brian's phone is 651/366-3617 or
DD            2:30
                   John M. received call from Dale Klossner (Mn/DOT) on communications to Mn/DOT trailor on incident site. DSL and phone
                   service was setup to trailor by Qwest this morning. Trailor will reside at current location for only 4-7 days. New location being
                   determined due to interference with loading dock of near by business. Qwest billing information is being sent to John M for
                   processing. FYI.. IT personnel that have badge access for on-site needs are Dale Klossner and Bruce Vranish.
JM            1432

                                                                                                                                                                 7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/03/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

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                   EOC Update:
                   Staffing of EOC is an agency decision. If agencies make decision to have representation within EOC, they must provide Point
                   of Contact to Operations. Contact name and numbers are for 24x7 contact needs.

                   PIOs will be staffing the EOC from 0600 - 2300.

                   Reminder that the project is reaching the dollars and cents phase and need to calculate overtime costs by each agency exists.
                   Will allow for reimbursement if project is declared as a disaster by President.

JM           1440 PIOs are requesting information of bridge collapse survivors for meeting with President tomorrow.
                  John M relayed information on injured Mn/DOT staff person,                     , to PIOs for follow up on request of President to meet
JM           1455 with survivors of bridge collapse.
                  Travis staffer for the Minneapolis City Council called to ask if the official route and road closings for the presidential visit had
                  been announced yet. Travis was informed that those routes are never published or made public information. If he had
DD           3:38 additional questions he should work through the Minneapolis PD.
                  It was recommended after conferring with SEOC personnel that Mike Garza or Deb Ledvina contact the onsite Safety Officer to
                  discuss the safety issues and concerns discussed at this mornings meeting with DOLI. John Fruetal, Mpls Fire is the CP
DD           3:45 contact and can be reached at 612/751-3818.
                  Glenn Adams, Channel 7 - ABC News in San Francisco called for confirmation that we hired Exponent/Failure Analysis (a SF
                  local company) to consult on the investigation of te I35W Bridge failure. Referred to Mary McFarland for response. His # is
DD           4:15 415/954-7321.

                                                                                                                                                           7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/02/2007 17:00 - 24:00 operational period

Entered By   Time: Activity:                                                                                                                            Comments:
PRICE        17:00 Susan Walto and Bruce Price arrived and conducted change of shift outbrief with Cathy and John.
PRICE        17:01 Forwarded info to Brian Kamnikar on MPCA contact for 280 Earth work(contaminated soil). Check Sent Messages.
                   Dale Klossner called for Bridge Office stating that Bridge engineers are requesting Internet connectivity to a trailor that has just
PRICE        17:08 been delivered to " 1201 East River Parkway"" (pending address verification from Dale Klossner),
PRICE        17:23 Gene Lorentz asked if staff needed at WatersEdge, and asked about TCAP approval update.
                   Officer Richard Jackson, MPD request structural engineer to assess structure near extracation of body from car. Creaking noises
S. Walto     18:00 are being heard by responders.
S. Walto     18:05 Called DEOC to request structural engineer. They will call back.
PRICE        18:10 SEOC brief by activities.
S. Walto     18:10 DEOC responded that Mark Pribula is on scene and will check on request.
PRICE        18:21 Qwest update for onsite arrival tomorrow-
S. Walto     18:25 Reported to DEOC shift plan (times only) for SEOC which are based on Mpls EOC and Unified Command.
                   Capt ??? From MPD repeated request for structural engineer. Informed her that the request had been received and Mark Pribula
S. Walto     18:30 was on site. She would call back if he had not responded yet.
                   Power over Bridge Teleconference: Approached by Gary Lokken, HSEM, who related that they are immediately coordinating a
                   conference call of interested/involved agencies of the power lines associated with the bridge. The following agencies/persons
                   attended- Bill Chamdler (hennepin County; Sara Dietrich(city of Minneapolis); Doug Yeager (Excel Energy, Corporate Security);
                   Mark Mueller (Excell Energy); Norm Ashfield, Amr Jabor, Jim Weiler (Mn/DOT safety and bridge); Edward Garvey (Mn Dept of
                   Commerce) and Chief John FRIEDEL (EOC/UC).

                   Situation: Over head power lines that remain suspended above the bridge and in a proactive effort by Excel Energy have "De-
                   energized" the lines.
                   Mission: Discuss status and options to further minimize safety risks to workers.
                   Execution: after discussing several options Chief Friedel, concurred remaining with current proactive measures in place andnot
                   escalating or shutting down/grounding lines. ALl workers need to remain vigiliant in exercising extreme caution as if cable were
                   still "hot". The POC for Excel Energy has been identified as Excel Corporate Security should any issues or requests develop.
                   CONTACT NUMBERS (Excel Energy Security Opns Ctr)- 612-330-7842.
PRICE        18:31
S. Walto     18:44 Sent media information to JIC forwarded by Amr to SEOC Mn/DOT Ops desk.
S. Walto     19:15 Sent SEOC Staffing Plan to SEOC Staff to confirm if they can work assigned shifts.
                   John Moreland called to notify us that the Mn/DOT external website is down. Mn/DOT IT staff are working on why and will update
S. Walto     19:58 us.
                   External Mn/DOT website is back up and running. Question about if the governor is having an event in which he will refer to the
S. Walto     20:44 MnDOT website. Checked with the PIO group who did not know about it.
                   SEOC update brief: (Mike Schwab) conducted update and covered parking in ramp and staffing hours. After 2200 hrs, the gates
                   will be lifted and thoseparked in the garage can just drive out. This was as a result of workers last night stuck inside and not able
                   to drive out with no attendents on staff to work the gates. Staffing hours were identified for the weekend (sat/Sun) as 0800-1800,
                   at present time. Updated status from Bob Burg, HSEM rep on site at bridge recovery. Several cars were removed from the
                   water today, however, just a handfull were able to be identified underwater that will be able to be removed. Other cars have
                   been identified but due to location and tangle in debris are unable to be removed in conventional methods and other methods
PRICE        20:45 and times wil be TBD.

                                                                                                                                                                    7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
                   08/02/2007 17:00 - 24:00 operational period

Entered By   Time: Activity:                                                                                                                 Comments:
                   Qwest Update to Paul Rowcamp, MnDOTbridge on site person. On behalf of off going shift John Moreland, contacted Paul and
                   related that Qwest personnel will be onsite tomorrow morning to assist with communication efforts/isues. One issue may be
PRICE        20:59 access to site and badging.
S. Walto     21:00 Gene Lorentz left SEOC.
PRICE              Checked in with SEOC. No status or operational changes at this time. Mn/DOT reducing operations until 0700 IAW SEOC.
WALTO        23:59

                                                                                                                                                         7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
             7:00   John Moreland and Cathy Clark arrived at SEOC. Transition of shift occurred.

                    Metro DEOC Command Structure changed at 04:00 and is in effect until 16:00:

                    Incident Command: Jim Kranig
                    Information Officer: Kevin Walker and Ralph Adair asst.
                    Safety Officer: Rita Hutton, Randy Kudzia (haz mat)
                    Liaison Officer: Bob Vasek
                    Operations Section: Dewayne Jones
                    Planning Section: Pete Stadler and Brad Estochen asst
                    Logistics Section: Mike Schadegg, Tom Deurr and Mike Bauer asst
                    Finance/Admin Section: Jane Marah

                    4:30 AM Briefing

                    Planning: In a recovery mode, priorities are site security, safety of workers, addressing loss of Mn/DOT fiber which is 800Mhz
                    backbone, Traffic Detours/management; looking at ways to add a NB lane on TH 280 at ramp to 35W. It is one lane presently.

                    Operations: Providing Fuel on site and have two supervisors on each end coordinating Mn/DOT ops. Arden Hills TCAP site is
                    being proposed as repository for debris. Field staff change at 5:00am. Potential staging areas for cars, etc. are Maryland and
                    Maplewood Truck Stations as well as 35W. Working on law enforcement staffing of 35W closure at Stinson due to motorists
                    going around barricades. Bridge unstable so no Mn/DOT staff are on structure. 7:00am structural eval with Dan Dorgan and Mar

                    Public Info: JIC is primary source. At 5:30 am RTMC meeting room will be open to media for information on traffic management o

                    RTMC: Staffing up similar to a snowstorm

                    Bridge Eval: Dan Dorgan is planning on hiring a consultant to assist. Only bridge of this specific type in MN. Only one other is sim

                    Bridge Specific Media Questions: Nancy Daubenberger is working on them.

                    Admin: Charge ID has been established. Governors Office has initiated a request for assistance including advanced/startup fundi

                                                                                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Metro Transit requesting following:
                    -Temporary shoulders both directions on 694 (between 35W and 94) & 280 both directions
                    - What is status of Stinson exit (Stinson at 35)?

                    At 6:30 am were advised that a contingent from NTSB was on site. Mark Rosenberg? and two others. City of Mpls. Police
                    escorted them.

                    7:09 Transp. Secretary Mary Peters scheduled to be on site btween 7:30 and 8:00
                    Update from Mn/DOT DEOC (Bob Vasek)
                    Unable to accommodate Transit requests to open NB35W at 3rd street & 35W to 94 due to investigation needs per Law
                    Challenges with vehicles going around barricades, local streets

                    35W at Stinson single lane, modifying to two lanes SB35W at 280
                    Still working to get 2 lanes of traffic from NB280 at 35W

                    Reviewing closures and determining where jersey barriers can be used rather than barricades which will free up staff

                    Suspended work on PCI contract (contractor performing work on bridge deck when event happened)

                    Working on identifying sources for heavy debris removal

                    Mn/DOT employee that rode bridge down is hospitalized, no condition to report. More info as available.

                    6 media inquiries, have Lock and Dam video but do not plan on releasing publicly

             8:00   Questions around tracking costs regarding event and on going needs..
                    Initial reports from FEMA/FHWA are that costs related to debris removal and some overtime are covered, but search and rescue
             8:05   is not.
                    Jonette Kreidweiss called with question from Gordon Shinander, Metro Emergency Management Board, looking for GIS
                    formatting question.
             8:24   Message forwarded to Dan Ross for follow up.
             8:28   Metro Transit requesting Rail map from MnDOT for Operations work

                                                                                                                                  7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    EOC Briefing:
                    Agency staffing plans needed for next 48 hours (operational periods 0700 - 1700, 1700 - 2400)

                    Document everything! (time, people, expenses)

                    At end of day, copy of docs turned in to EOC.

                    Internal resources - Logistics should be contacted
                    External resources - Operations should be contacted

                    EOC briefing schedule: 0830, 1130, 1430, 1730, 2030, 2330

                    Situational reports published: #3 at 1000 & #4 at 1900

                    City of Minneapolis now under a Unified Command, located at Red Cross Headquarters 1201 West River Parkway

                                                                                                                          7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Mn/DOT DEOC (Bob Vasek)

                    Operations: Dispatched staff to man barricades where motorists are moving them. Mobilizing triton water filled and concrete
                    barrier to secure site and provide positive traffic control. Added one lane at 35W SB at Cleveland. Temporarily moved some
                    barrier on the N side to accomodate press access.
                    Video is working again and will have a 9:00 meeting to analyze how to improve traffic flow. Improved traffic control on 35W SB to
                    have 1 lane to Stinson and two lanes to SB 280. 10:30 Conf. Call with city of Mpls and traffic ops(Misgen). SEOC inquiries:
                    Metro Transit inquiries regarding allowing transit to go around closures and specifically NB 35W at 3rd; position is they cannot go
                    through them due to ongoing investigation and no way to control following vehicles. This is an FBI/NTSB decision. FHWA is
                    looking for any info on motorists/delays: Not at this time. Will be collecting data and analyze later. Traffic is moving well
                    considering the impact and we will continue to monitor and adjust.

                    Metro Transit (Steve McLaird, SEOC) inquiries regarding shoulder usage on 694 from 35W to 94 and 280 are being looked at but

                    Safety: Reported that NTSB was not on site yet but had aslo heard via State Patrol that a small contingent was at 6:30am. Two p

                    Public Info: 6 inquires so far. One interview with Tim Harlow, Star Trib. Carol Molnau Memo to employees
                    Video of collapse is circulating in media was from Lock and Dam and not from Mn/DOT. We will not be releasing it. One Mn/DOT

                    Incident Command: Suspending work on the deck rehab/PCI project in this area for at least two days. No access will be allowed to

                    Terry Zoller: Calling contractors to line up heavy equipment for debris.

             8:56   Liaison: 7:45 Took call from Bob Klatterbuck, USDOT Pipeline Safety regarding any haz. mat. issues due to Wash. DC inquiries.
                    Sonia Pitt called with update for Cathy regarding a briefing that is being prepared for Deputy Administrator of FHWA. Should be
             9:15   ready in next 30 minutes.
                    Metro Transit requested assistance with changing timing of traffic lights on Central Ave (Trunk Hwy 65)

             9:23   Forwarded request to Bob Vasek.
                    Bob Vasek responded that Steve Mizgen will work with city of Minneapolis to adjust traffic light timing to assist with delays on
             9:27   Trunk Highway 65
                    HSEM asking about Mn/DOT traffic route map, and if the version they have can be released in situation report.

             9:31   Cathy Clark asked Kevin Gutneckt to follow up on this and report back to HSEM.

                                                                                                                                     7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Barb Forsland called asking if release of bridge inspection records is ok since they are public records. She was asked to follow
                    up with Attorney General
             9:33   office: Don Meading or Jeff Bilsik on this issue.

                    Request Update:
                    Army Corps of Engineers requesting why Mn/DOT is requesting use of a barge. What is the mission?
                    Sent to Bob Vasek and asked him to look into and follow up with Bruce Boldin, 651-290-5310

                    Glenn Sanders from HSEM asked if Federal agencies were cooridnating their schedule with state officials and agencies

                    National Guard asking if Mn/DOT wants TCAP facility operational. Request will be coming from Law Enforcement.

                    Metro Transit requesting that one of the 4th Street ramps on 94E be turned into a bus only lane. Request pending..

             945    PCA asked if there is Asbestos within the bridge structure. Question pending..
                    Glenn Sanders requested information on whether bridge was state owned or federally owned. Followed up with Dan Dorgan,
             1005   bridge is state owned.
                    Bob Ellingsworth called informing SEOC he is available to assist with staffing. Bob's cell phone is 651-442-6089

                    Bob also noted the ability to track resources however needed to ensure financing issues can be taken care of in upcoming
             1020   weeks..

                    Bob Vasek called with update:
                    District Engineer communications being addressed by Bob Winter.

                    Minneapolis traffic signal timing still being worked on.

                    Hennepin County Sherrif knew about barge request last night. Barge was one with crane on it supposedly. There is no
                    confirmation that MnDOT was requesting the barge. Probably a communications snafu. Bob has not followed up with Bruce
                    Boldin (Army Corps of Engineers) yet.

                    TCAP facility is potential, but formal request has not been made yet. Map of facility has been forwarded to Bob Vasek and

             1042   94 and 4th street ramp request from Metro Transit is still being worked on.

                                                                                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Adam Cataldo with Bloomberg News called asking for Mn/DOT representative to talk to. Cathy Clark forwarded to Kevin
             1050   Gutneckt.
                    Relayed contact information of MN National Guard to Paul Nolan of Mn/DOT: Dave Hammernick, MN National Guard, 651-634-
                    5229 & 651-775-5017
             1100   Site visit to be scheduled.
                    MPCA has requested the Mn/DOT be thinking about whether or not there is asbestos in the collapsed I-35W bridge structure.
                    Cathy Clark spoke with Dan Dorgan who asked me to contact Gary Petersen, Kevin Western, & Mark Spafford to begin
             1101   researching this issue. Waiting for information with regards to this request.
                    Received email from Sonia Pitt asking:
                    What is the status of the bridge adjacent to the collapsed bridge? Is it in use? Is it local traffic only? Is it part of the detour?

                    How many lanes is the detour, 280?
                    Dan Ferezan from FHWA was requesting this info of Sonia.

                    Followed up with Bob Vasek, and confirmed the following: confirmation of the bridge being closed needs to be made to the city of
                    Minneapolis; other questions are also Minneapolis questions. 280 detour is utilizing 2 lanes in each direction up until 35W ramp.

                    Cathy Clark followed up with Kim Ketterhagen (HSEM - city of Minneapolis). Answers pending..

                    Mehrtash Mehran called from AeroMetric Inc. (aerial photography contractor for Mn/DOT) requesting assistance with obtaining
                    approval to fly over sight and capture photographs of site for future needs. Contacts at Aero Metric Inc.: Marvin Miller and Miles
             1118   Strane (ph: 763-420-9606 and cell: 612-581-8771) Contractor used to be known as Markhund.

                                                                                                                                      7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

                    Mn/DOT DEOC Update from Bob Vasek

                    Operations: Closing Broadway and CR B at 280 with triton/conc. barrier. PCI suspended until at least Monday. PCI wanted to
                    get their diamond grinder but was declined. Preplanning occuring to possilbly allow closure of 3rd st. to reopen. FBI/NTSB
                    concurrence is being pursued. May know later today. Planning for next field shift; need staff for traffic control at least through the
                    PM peak. 35Wat CR I report of a box with wires was investigated. It was a stress sensor and also report of something falling off
                    36 at Rice.

                    RTMC: Reviewing current ramp closures with Patrol (SEOC) to possibly open up more ramps. Nick Thompson and Chris Roy
                    are working on business coordination in the 35W/280 area. Plan for temporary cameras on TH 280 by this afternoon. TH 252
                    being looked at as an alternate route. Arterial Operations is working with the city of Mpls on TH 65 delays.

                    Public Info: Updated Tim Harlow, Star Trib.

                    IC: Offer of assistance from a commercial diving company forwarded to Doreen Davis, Metro volunteer coord.,

                    Safety: Request for 30 hardhats being pursued with field supply. NTSB is currently looking at the south end. 10:00 meeting with

             1124   Liaison: John Moreland SEOC They will be having SEOC briefings every 3 hours with 11:30 being the next one City of Mpls ha
                    Mark Wikelius, Mn/DOT, called stating Steve Wormack (Sprint/Nextel) called offering whatever resources and assistance
                    needed. 612-363-3452

                    Brad Estochen followed up with JIC and received authorization via Operations and Kim Ketterhagen (612-673-3981).
                    Coordination with ATC Minneapolis is needed to finalize approval and schedule. This process is the normal process contractor
             1140   uses. Information was relayed to Mn/DOT and AeroMetric.
                    Request to DEOC regarding traffic impact of NOT canceling Twins game Friday evening. DEOC will discuss and give
             1153   recommendations to SEOC. No concerns from other functional areas (security, ems, etc.)
                    Maggie Diebel (Health) informed us that Nancy Carlson has trained CISM staff on site and are available if needed. Cathy Clark
             1215   informed Maggie that Mn/DOT has CISM staff also, but will relay info to DEOC and Delorah Curry.
                    Brad Estochen followed up with DEOC on traffic question regarding Twins game. Response came back that there are no traffic
             1220   concerns currently.
                    Mark Vogel called regarding asbestos concerns with bridge's concrete. Mark can send out contractor to check asbestos levels.
             1221   More info from Cathy…..

                                                                                                                                      7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
             1222   Mark from Metro Transit called asking for Christy. Metro Transit now has their own phone line..
                    KARE11, Rick Kupchella called from Mn/DOT Library wanting password to access Pontis Bridge reports. Placed Rick on hold
             1236   and obtained Kevin Gutneckt to handle request.
             1245   Liz Rigg from the Bridge Newspaper, called looking for recent reports that were filed pertaining to the bridge.
                    Call directly into SEOC from a contractor DH Griffin Wrecking (4700 Hilltop Road, Greensborough, NC corporate phone: 336-
                    855-7030). They offered their services for removal/demo of the bridge. Stated they had experience with Ground Zero removal.
                    POC for company is David Griffin Jr. (336-382-5200 or 336-510-4005). Can was initiated from John Booth (336-362-4370).
             1252   Desiree called asking for update and information on staffing plan. She will call back later to obtain another update.
                    Another call directly into SEOC from contractor, Tim Seagraves, North American Dismantling Corporation. Brad Estochen talked
             1255   to contractor.
                    Call directly into SEOC from a contractor North American Dismantling Corporation (380 Lake Nepessing Road, Lapeer MI 48446
                    phone 810-664-2888). They offered their services for removal/demo of the bridge. Stated that had experience and expertise in
                    this area and have speciality equipment to meet most needs that would arise. POC for company is Tim Seagraves (use
             1300   corporate phone number, Alternate contact is owner Rick Marcicki.
                    Logistics and PIO informed SEOC that communication going out informing businesses and contractors where to call if they
             1325   provide clean up efforts and/or services. Contact numbers are 211 within MN and 1-800-543-7709 if outside MN.
                    Pete Jenkins from Mn/DOT called requesting assistance in coordinating access for Metro Survey staff to paint targets on either
             1328   side of bridge. Coordination will have to happen at incident site since the area is secured.

                                                                                                                                7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Mn/DOT DEOC (Bob Vasek)

                    RTMC: Need criteria for long term closure locations to assist in planning for changes. Patrol will check with the law enforcement
                    via the SEOC. There will be no changes to closures pending response from Patrol. We do not anticipate getting criteria by
                    1:00PM today so will hold on any changes until tomorrow.

                    Operations: The issue of the box with wires on I35W bridge at CR I was resolved, it was a stress guage. Can convert the NB
                    280 ramp to 35W to two lanes but it will require some work. A contract is the best method. Would have to close the ramp to do it
                    and it could be done over a weekend. Will be discussing options to implement. Triton barrier is being provided by Anoka and
                    Golden Valley Truck Stations.

                    Business Coord: Building a temporary access for PACAL for trucks with millings. Also pursueing signage for businesses like
                    PACAL and Boyer Ford which have direct access impacts.
                    Liaison: Per 10:00 am inquiry from SEOC: On the barge that is staged in St. Anthony. Mn/DOT had not requested it but the
                    Henn. Co. Sheriffs office was aware it was there and they may be interested once we move into a debris removal mode. It is a CO

                    Usage of the TCAP facility for debris/investigation. Need to provide a formal request from Metro to the SEOC to initiate approval.

                    Metro transit request to reopen a 94 EB ramp to bus only traffic. It was converted to general usage along with another general usa

                    Questions regarding whether the bridge contained asbestos and ownership of the bridge (state or federal)were referred to the Brid

                    Question regarding message control by Districts was addressed by Bob Winter

                    Inquiry from Dan Ferezan, FHWA Transportation Security, on 10th St. Bridge condition was referred to the Minneapolis Unified Co

                    Inquiry from Brad Estochen, SEOC, Twins want to know if they should hold their game tomorrow. No issues at the SEOC does Me

                    Public Info: Press conf. near Stone Arch bridge at 2:00 PM. Inspection Reports and Cause is the topic.

                    Safety: Jeanne Hanson and Bernie Arsneneau are handling tort claims preparations. NTSB south side evaluations are done and
                    Mike Ritchie notified SOEC that on call HazMat specialist is Jim Fox: office-651-366-4348,

                                                                                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period
                    Mark Vogel called requesting information on where asbestos contractor should access river to initiate testing. EOC Operations
             1425   suggested that Mark work directly with Kim Ketterhagen, 612-673-3981
                    EOC briefing:
                    Little change from earlier Situation Report

                    Recovered vehicles intact and loaded them on a flat bed and taken from scene

                    FEMA - Public Assistance representative

                    Next briefing - 1730
             1430   Next Situation Report - 1900
                    Brian Kamnikar (Environmental Services) 651-366-3617, cell: 612-296-9394 requested information on who should be notified
                    about the contractor he has lined up for testing contaminated soil that is known to be in the 280 vicinity. MPCA will assign a
                    project manager when Mn/DOT has a definite point person and the project is green lighted.

             1500   This info was conveyed to Bob Vasek and will be forwarded to Nick Thompson who is preparing contracts for 280 work.
                    Michelle Clarizio from Lt. Gov/Commissioner staff was directed by Lt. Governor to leave SEOC on her voicemail. Cathy Clark
                    spoke with Michelle and suggested that they are leaving general staff voicemail messages the same, and on Lt. Governor they
             1520   will putting one of the SEOC phone numbers.
                    Mark Vogel called requesting assistance on obtaining approval for same issue from 1425 time mark. John ran request through
                    EOC Operations and was directed to have Mark work with Kim Ketterhagen. This was not the correct direction. MPCA assisted
                    and identified Bob Berg as the person to be contacted regarding approval for site access. Bob stated that access was denied
                    from on site Incident Commander.

                    1540 EOC Incident Commander became involved and determined that a Safety plan was not completed and approved yet.
                    Probably will not be ready til tomorrow morning.

             1530   1555 Message relayed to Mark Vogel. Mark will call in to SEOC on Friday morning to verify status.

                                                                                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date   08/02/2007 07:00 - 17:00 operational period

                    Mn/DOT 2pm DEOC briefing: (from Cathy Clark)

                    SEOC additions: still working on issues related to gaining from the incident command post for Mark Vogel, Office Environmental
                    Services, Bill Tepley, STS Consulants, Mark Jensen, Retrofit, to acccess for abestos sampling on the concrete structure.

                    Due to on-scene safety concerns, abestos sampling efforts will NOT be allowed to proceed until a safety plan, created by the
                    safety officer function of unified command is completed and accepted. At this time, it appears unlikely that this effort will be
                    completed today. SEOC Operations will notify MnDOT and MPCA when the disaster site has been rendered safe and an
                    acceptable safety plan is approved.

                    More information will be shared as it becomes available. The next SEOC situation report is scheduled to be issued at 1930 hrs.

                    EOC - Minnesota Department of Transportation


                    John Moreland, Brad Estochen, and Cathy Clark are current representating Mn/DOT in the SEOC.

                    Mehrtash Mehran called asking if everything was ready for contractors to perform Aerial photography. See 1118..

                    Repeated directions for access to incident site needs to be cooridnated with on site personnel & once ATC gives ok, access to air
             1618   space can be considered approved.
                    EOC Incident Commander update

                    Not a lot of significant change from early in the day

                    Very few updates given by agencies

             1630   Salvation Army moving trucks to Holiday Inn to feed all responders
             1638   Gene Hicks calling with media request pertaining to information availability. Forwarded Gene to JIC.
             1657   Forwarded info to Mark Vogel from MPCA pertaining to asbestos under 35W bridge. Check Sent Messages.

                                                                                                                                     7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date
             8:26    Sent note to HSEM Contacts and Commissioner's Staff letting them know SEOC activated
             8:30    Mike Ritchie - HAZMAT at scene - unable to id tanker at scene under bridge
             8:30    Governor called of Mn/DOT Media Event
             8:40    Contact Gerald Libbey of FHWA with detour update
                     Metro will inspect all critical bridges in the Metro area and as a precautionary measure all District Engineers have decided to do
             8:55    the same.
             9:00    Info that DE have decided to inspect all bridges statewide. Trying to track who made the decision.
                     Gene Lorentz arrives as DEOC Liaison. 35 North bound shut down at 94 and 35 South bound shut down at 280 and rerouted to
             9:11    280. Tomorrow all lights on 280 will remain green to keep traffic flowing.
             9:11    Mike Rithie reports tanker car does not have hazmat materials. RR hopper car parallel to track is unknown.
             9:20    Susan provided update to Sonia
                     Kris Eide gave sit rep. All cars on bridge free of people. Coast Guard on the way. No confirmed dead. NW corner of the
                     collapsed bridge is where the state MAC is (35 and 2nd Street). Light sets arriving. Natl Guard helicopter on scene. State Patrol
             9:24    coord all LE activities outside of Minneapolis
                     Further update from John Brolly of TSA clarified again that Mpls Hazmat are working with BSNF to find out what is being stored in
             9:44    the Hopper Cars near bridge. Found out that it is Poly vinyl
                     Kim K. reports that he received a report from his MNJAC contact that it was reported to him that a Mpls PD Sgt overheard two
                     construction workers saying that the bridge has been swaying over the past 3 days. Will track down name of Sgt.
             9:59    Cathy Clark and John Moreland were notified that they should report to SEOC at 7:00am 8/2/07.
                     John Brolly TSA reported that there are 3 cars with poly vinyl. 2 were totally crushed. 3rd was partially crushed by end of bridge.
                     Pellets spilling out of all 3 cars. All confined and not spilling in water. No hazard unless fire. It would be equivalent to burning
                     plastic so lots of smoke. BNSF has done all federally required notifications to the proper government agencies.
                     Mpls IC requests that Mn/DOT send structural engineers at 0800 hours to meet with Mpls Fire IC on the 3rd Ave bridge in a red
                     IC van. Will travel to bridge to assess the remaining structure. They are in a recovery mode rescue phase is over. Rocco Forte
             11:04   (Mpls Emergency Manager) is the contact. His office 612/673-3177
                     Amr called to report they identified detour route but State Patrol has concerns with route and Mn/DOT is now negotiating with
             11:34   them.
                     IC on scene has requested that a Mn/DOT structural engineer report immediately to the command post to assess 3 feeder lines
             12:08   and safety of structure so divers can enter water and begin recovery of bodies/cars.
                     Back briefed TSA, John Brolly that the information pertaining to the three railcars has been updated by SEOC Hazmat POC
                     Hendrickson (onsite at 10th St CP) to include the following: One rail car had the Poly Vinyl pellets and two rail cars had an
                     alcohol based material identified as"Styrene Allyl Copolymor" with a reading of 96.90% and is known to be highly explosive given
             12:15   an initition source.

                                                                                                                                      7/29/2009 10:20 AM
Mn/DOT SEOC Activity Log
35W Bridge Collapse Incident
Entered By   Date
             12:15   Dan Dorgan has concerns about sending out the engineering team in the dark, would prefer to wait until morning.
                     IC onsite is agreeable to structural engineering team not arriving on site until 0700 hours on 8/2/07. Team will include Mn/DOT
             12:25   employees Paul Rowekamp, Mark Pribula, and Paul Kivisto.
             2:50    Contacted by John, SEOC who related that a media request had been received to speak to a Mn/DOT representative.
                     Susan contacted Judy Melander at the Mn/DOT DEOC with a media request. Judy was provided the media persons data (Beth
             2:56    Rotatori) from America Morning at 212-275-7784 or 212-275-7850, and will contact direct.
             4:28    Judy Melander called to report Mary McFarland will report to SEOC at 6:00am on 8/2/07.
             5:08    Sonia M Pitt called for report. Asked that Cathy/John call her when transition is complete.
             5:08    DEOC called. Bob Vasek is new DEOC Liaison Officer.
             5:27    Mary McFarland called to clarify where to report for SEOC/JIC.
             5:39    Gene Lorentz departed the SEOC.
             6:15    Mary McFarland arrived at SEOC.
             6:37    John Moreland and Gabe Guevara available to work over weekend.
             7:00    John Moreland and Cathy Clark arrived at SEOC. Transition of shift occurred.

                                                                                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM
SEOC MnDOT Contact Sheet
Hurricane Katrina Evacuee Relocation
Emergency Operations Center
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EOC Activity Log
SAMPLE - Spring Flooding 2007
Monday, March 26, 2007

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        7:30 EOC activated by IC.
        8:00 Susan Walto arrived at EOC.               Susan W.

                                                                   7/29/2009 10:20 AM

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