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					To:    Bulletin Editors              System explaining how it works         To learn more about vocations to
Fm:    Joe Kohn                      and it’s applications in identifying   the priesthood and consecrated
       313–237–5943                  infertility causes and helping         life   visit  our   website   at
Dt:    Jan. 25, 2012                 couples with medical concerns to   If you
Re:    Announcements available       achieve a pregnancy naturally.         feel God is calling you to the
       for parish bulletins in the   Dr. Daniel Greene, MD, OB/GYN          priesthood contact Fr. Tim
       month of December.            will speak on the effectiveness of     Birney, Director of Priestly
Pgs:   3 pages                       NFP in helping couples achieve,        Vocations at,
                                     delay, or avoid pregnancy without      313-237-5875.
                                     the use of contraception or barrier
Feb. 4-5                             methods. Dr. Bazger and Dr.                        Word of Life
                                     Greene will also both share their         “Our society, which all too
           World Day for             personal experiences as NFP            often questions the inestimable
         Consecrated Life            physicians. In addition, an NFP        value of life, every life, needs you
    This Sunday we celebrate         teaching couple will share their       [young people with disabilities]:
World Day for Consecrated Life.      experience as a user and teacher       in a decisive way you help build
We recognize and give thanks for     of NFP. And, Robert Fastiggi,          the civilization of love. What is
those who have consecrated their     PhD will present the teaching of       more, you play a leading role in
lives to God and the Church          the Catholic Church on family          that civilization. As sons and
through the vows of poverty,         planning.                              daughters of the Church, you offer
chastity, and obedience. Some join      To register go to the Web at        the Lord your lives, with all their
a religious congregation or a or for more      ups and downs, cooperating with
secular institute. Others remain     information call 313-237-7325.         him and somehow becoming ‘part
single and make profession to God                                           of the treasury of compassion so
through the local bishop and are           Mardi Gras to Benefit            greatly needed by the human
known as consecrated virgins.             Capuchin Soup Kitchen             race’ (Spe Salvi, 40).”
The consecrated life is one way        A Mardi Gras Celebration will        ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Remarks at
that men and women live out          be held on Friday, February 17, at     the San José Foundation for
their baptismal commitment as        7 p.m. by the Catholic Kolping         Disabled Youth, Madrid, August
followers of Jesus.                  Society, 24409 Jefferson, St. Clair    20, 2011
                                     Shores. There will be prizes for
                                     the best costumes, food, music,               A Family Perspective
                                     dancing, and a cash bar.                            by Bud Ozar
                                     Admission is $10 in advance or at          In today’s Gospel Jesus went
                                     the door. Proceeds will benefit the    to the “house of Andrew and
                                     Capuchin Soup Kitchen. For more        Simon” to relax but discovered
                                     information, call Mary at 586-         that “Simon’s mother-in-law was
                                     909-2027.                              very ill. Like Jesus we come home
      Fertility and Infertility                                             to relax but are confronted with
                                                                            problems. Take a tip from Andrew
   Invite your doctor, nurse, and
                                                                            and Simon who “told Jesus about
other medical personnel to attend
                                                                            it at once.”
the Fertility and Infertility
Conference on February 25, 2012
from 9 a.m. until noon at St.
Joseph Mercy Oakland, 44405             Peter said to Jesus, “Everyone
Woodward Avenue, Pontiac, MI         is looking for you” (Mark 1:37).
48341-5023.                          Are you searching for Jesus in the                -- MORE --
   Dr. Nickole Bazger, DO,           right places? Is He calling you to
OB/GYN will speak on the             live your life as a consecrated
Creighton Model Fertility Care       religious sister, brother or priest?
Feb. 11-12                                                                     person of Christ. Is God calling
                                                                               you to be Christ to others as a
                                                                               priest? If you think God is calling
       Kick-Off Mass for the                                                   you to be a priest visit our website
   40 Days for Life Lenten Vigil                                               at       or
   A Mass to kick off local 40                                                 contact Fr. Tim Birney, Director
Days for Life Lenten vigils will           “Do everything for the glory of
                                                                               of    Priestly     Vocations      at
take place at 3 p.m. on Sunday,         God” (1 Corinthians: 10:31). Your
                                                                     , or 313-237-
February 19 at the Cathedral of         vocation is your calling from God
the Most Blessed Sacrament.             given to you at your Baptism.
Detroit Auxiliary Bishop Michael        Has God called you to the
                                        vocation of the priesthood? If you                 Word of Life
Byrnes will preside. The Knights
                                        think God is calling you to be a           “The Church’s position on the
of Columbus Council #8118, who
                                        priest visit our website at            matter        of   abortion      is
are sponsoring the Mass, invite
                               or contact       unambiguous. The child in his or
the faithful of the Archdiocese of
                                        Fr. Tim Birney, Director of Priest-    her mother’s womb is a human
Detroit to join in prayer and
                                        ly Vocations at,    life which must be protected.
fasting for all of the unborn
                                        313-237-5875.                          Abortion, which is the destruction
children of the world. The
                                                                               of an innocent unborn child, is
Cathedral is at 9844 Woodward
                                                                               contrary to God’s will, for the
Ave., between Chicago Boulevard                     Word of Life
                                                                               value and dignity of human life
and the Davison.                            “God loves us. This is the great
                                                                               must be protected from conception
   For information on the liturgy,      truth of our life; it is what makes
                                                                               to natural death. The Church …
e-mail or             everything else meaningful. We
                                                                               must be committed to offering
call (313) 610-1348.                    are not the product of blind
                                                                               help and support to women and
   To learn more about 40 Days          chance or absurdity; instead our
                                                                               couples tempted to seek an
for Life vigils in your area –          life originates as part of a loving
                                                                               abortion, while remaining close to
peaceful, prayerful vigils near         plan of God.”
                                                                               those who have had this tragic
local abortion clinics – visit          ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Prayer Vigil
                                                                               experience and helping them to                  with Young People at Cuatro
                                                                               grow in respect for life. She
                                        Vientos Airport, August 20, 2011
   Living Stations of the Cross                                                acknowledges the courage of
      Return to the Cathedral                                                  governments that have legislated
                                               A Family Perspective
   This Lenten season, the Living                                              against the culture of death – of
                                                     by Bud Ozar
Stations return to the Cathedral                                               which abortion is a dramatic
                                           Family life is about decisions.
of the Most Blessed Sacrament in                                               expression – in favour of the
                                        The leper in today’s Gospel knew
Detroit for 36 performances                                                    culture of life.”
                                        this when he said to Jesus, “If you
running March 16 – April 1, 2012.                                              ~ Pope Benedict XVI, Apostolic
                                        will, you can make me clean.”
More than 11,000 people attended                                               Exhortation Africae Munus (70),
                                        Jesus knew this when he said, “I
the 2011 performances. Group                                                   November 19, 2011
                                        do will it.”        Love is not an
rates available on select dates &       emotion. It is a decision to be with
times. Weekday matinee shows                                                          A Family Perspective
                                        and for another person in “good
are ideal for school field trips and                                                       by Bud Ozar
                                        times and bad,” even when we
other ministry groups.                                                             The friends in today’s Gospel
                                        don’t feel like it.
   “When people are brought to                                                 climbed onto the roof, took it
the foot of the cross to experience                                            apart and lowered the “paralyzed
Jesus’ final hours in this way, it                                             man.” If friends would do this,
                                        Feb. 18-19                             how much more should we expect
becomes a personal and profound
encounter with our Savior.”                                                    of family? Everyone is “paralyzed”
   Purchase tickets by calling                                                 in some way. In families we are
(800)    585-3737      or    visiting                                          called to carry one another and to The Cath-                                              make up for each other’s
edral is at 9844 Woodward Ave.,                                                deficiencies.
between Chicago Boulevard and
the Davison.                               “But that you may know that
                                        the Son of God has authority to
                                        forgive sins on earth” (Mark 2:10).
                                        Jesus has given the healing power                 -- MORE --
                                        to forgive sins to the priest, who
                                        acts, in persona Christa, in the
Feb. 25-26                                      A Family Perspective
                                                     by Bud Ozar
                                            Jesus went into the desert to
                                         put his life in perspective. This
                                         Lent, take a fresh look at a
                                         difficult relationship in your life.
                                         Concentrate on the positive
                                         things that person does, not just
   “For Christ also suffered for         the negatives. Try to understand
sins once, the righteous for the         why their behaviors ‘bug’ you.
unrighteous, that he might lead          Can you honestly share your
you to God” (1 Peter 3:18). Is God       feelings with them without
calling you to the priesthood, to        attacking them? Make Lent a
enter into His suffering, and by         time to mend and forgive!
doing so bring others to God? If
you think God is calling you to be a     Making a Report of Sexual Abuse
priest visit           To inform the Archdiocese of
or contact Fr. Tim Birney,               Detroit regarding the sexual
Director of Priestly Vocations by        abuse of minors by priests,
e-mailing or          deacons, and other Church
calling 313-237-5875.                    personnel and/or to speak to the
                                         Victim Assistance Coordinator,
             Word of Life                contact 866–343–8055. A caller
    “Serious threats loom over           will be requested to provide his or
human life in Africa. … Malaria,         her name and telephone number.
as well as tuberculosis and AIDS,        All calls regarding complaints of
decimate the African peoples and         sexual abuse will be returned in a
gravely compromise their socio-          timely manner. This toll–free
economic life. The problem of            telephone number has been
AIDS, in particular, clearly calls       established as part of an effort by
for a medical and pharmaceutical         the Detroit archdiocese to protect
response. This is not enough,            children, young people, and other
however: the problem goes                vulnerable people in our schools,
deeper. Above all, it is an ethical      parishes, and ministries. This line
problem. The change of behaviour         is for reporting suspected sexual
that it requires – for example,          misconduct or child abuse within
sexual abstinence, rejection of          archdiocesan institutions and
sexual promiscuity, fidelity within      ministries only. Persons with
marriage – ultimately involves           complaints not involving clergy or
the      question       of    integral   church personnel should refer to
development, which demands a             the archdiocesan web site at
global approach and a global   
response from the Church. For if         for contact information for civil
it is to be effective, the prevention    authorities.
of AIDS must be based on a sex
education that is itself grounded                        ###
in an anthropology anchored in
the natural law and enlightened
by the word of God and the
                                         Note to Bulletin Editors: If you
Church’s teaching.”
                                         would like to receive these
~ Pope Benedict XVI, Apostolic           monthly announcements via
Exhortation Africae Munus (72),          email, contact the Archdiocese
November 19, 2011                        Public Relations Office at
                                or call 313–

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