Web-Based Database Applications
 This course is an in-depth study of creating dynamic Web applications using a database and advanced topics in
 Web programming. Web user interface design, along client/server side script form validation and server-side
 script database access, will be presented. This course requires the completion of a functioning Web-based
 application using a database.
 Credits: 4
 Prerequisite: EM328; CS246 or CS363 or CS362
 Availability: Colorado Springs, Denver, Denver North, Pueblo, Sioux Falls, Virtual Campus
 Mobile Web Design
 This course explores designing for mobile web devices. Students explore the wide range of uses for mobile
 web. Topics may include: designing for a variety of mobile devices such as the iPhone, android mobile devices
 and windows mobile devices, and the impact of local and global demographics on the design of web pages for
 mobile devices.     Actual mobile computing technologies covered in this may vary based on campus offerings
 and advances in mobile computing technologies.
 Credits: 4
 Prerequisite: EM326
 Availability: Virtual Campus
 Special Topics in Emerging Media
 This course addresses issues of current interest in Emerging Media. Course content will vary as determined by
 student interest and evolution of the discipline.
 Credits: 1-6
 Prerequisite: None
 Availability: Check with individual campus for availability of this course
 Business Strategies for Social Media
 This course examines the impact of social media on people, business processes, culture and Web 2.0 technology.
 It uses an interdisciplinary approach to examine how computer science, social psychology, business and
 management integrate to create collaborative business solutions. Students use a problem-based learning
 approach to explore the risks and benefits of social media for business use.
 Credits: 5
 Prerequisite: None
 Availability: Colorado Springs, Denver, Sioux Falls
 Strategic Use of Virtual Worlds
 Virtual worlds feature vibrant online communities with benefits for business, education, research, entertainment
 as well as individual and social use. This course examines the terminology, skills, culture and strategies that
 promote expertise and successful business in virtual worlds. Students use a hands-on approach to develop virtual
 world skills, explore virtual business solutions, investigate the risks and benefits of social networks and identify
 strategies for enhancing business communication.
 Credits: 5
 Prerequisite: None
 Availability: Colorado Springs, Denver, Sioux Falls

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