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                                                                                                       Blood glucose meters

Blood glucose meters

Overview                                     usually	converted	to	a	voltage	by	a	
                                             transimpedance	amplifier	(TIA)	for	
Blood	glucose	meters	and	other	
                                             measurement	with	an	analog-to-
home	medical	devices	today	are	
                                             digital	converter	(ADC).	The	full-scale	
small,	portable,	and	easy	to	use.	The	
                                             current	measurement	of	the	test	strip	
mark	of	a	good	meter	is	one	that	the	
                                             is	in	the	range	of	10µA	to	50µA	with	a	
patient	will	use	regularly	and	that	
                                             resolution	of	less	than	10nA.	Ambient	
returns	accurate	and	precise	results.	
                                             temperature	needs	to	be	measured	
Over	the	past	few	years	the	trend	
                                             because	the	test	strips	are	tempera-
with	blood	glucose	meters	has	been	
                                             ture	dependent.		
to	maximize	patient	comfort	and	
convenience	by	reducing	the	volume	
of	the	blood	sample	required.	The	
blood	sample	size	is	now	small	
enough	that	alternate-site	testing	is	
possible.	This	eliminates	the	need	to	
obtain	blood	from	the	fingers	and	
greatly	reduces	the	pain	associated	
                                                                                          Optical-reflectometry blood glucose meter
with	daily	testing.	Accurate	and	
precise	results	have	been	increased	
by	using	better	test	strips,	electronics,	                                                Test-strip calibration
and	advanced	measurement	algo-                                                            The	test	strips	usually	need	to	be	
rithms.	Other	conveniences	include	                                                       calibrated	to	the	meter	to	account	for	
speedy	results,	edge	fill	strips,	and	                                                    manufacturing	variations	in	the	test	
illuminated	test	strip	ports,	to	name	                                                    strips.	Calibration	is	done	by	entering	
just	a	few.                                                                               a	code	manually	or	by	inserting	a	
                                                                                          memory	device	from	the	package	
Meter types                                                                               of	test	strips.	An	EPROM	or	EEPROM	
                                                                                          memory	device	enables	additional	
There	are	continuous	and	discrete	
                                                                                          information	to	be	transferred,	which	
(single-test)	meters	on	the	market	
                                                                                          is	a	significant	advantage	over	
today,	and	implantable	and	non-              Electrochemical blood glucose meter          manually	entering	a	code.	A	1-Wire®	
invasive	meters	are	in	development.	
                                                                                          memory	device	provides	an	addi-
Continuous	meters	are	by	prescrip-           Optical-reflectometry	test	strips	           tional	benefit,	because	the	unique	
tion	only	and	use	a	subcutaneous	            use	color	to	determine	the	glucose	          serial	identification	number	in	each	
electrochemical	sensor	to	measure	at	        concentration	in	the	blood.	Typically,	a	    1-Wire	device	ensures	that	the	proper	
a	programmed	interval.	Single-test	          calibrated	current	passes	through	two	       test	strip	is	used.
meters	use	electrochemical	or	optical	       light-emitting	diodes	(LEDs)	that	alter-
reflectometry	to	measure	the	glucose	        nately	flash	onto	the	colored	test	strip.	   Some	meters	use	test	strips	that	
level	in	units	of	mg/dL	or	mmol/L.	          A	photodiode	senses	the	reflected-           do	not	require	any	coding	by	the	
                                             light	intensity,	which	is	dependent	         user.	This	"self-calibration”	can	be	
The	majority	of	blood	glucose	meters	        on	the	color	of	the	test	strip,	which,	      accomplished	three	ways:	with	tight	
are	electrochemical.	Electrochemical	        in	turn,	is	dependent	on	the	amount	         manufacturing	controls,	built-in	cali-
test	strips	have	electrodes	where	a	         of	glucose	in	the	blood.	The	photo-          bration	on	each	test	strip,	or	built-in	
precise	bias	voltage	is	applied	with	        diode	current	is	usually	converted	to	       calibration	on	a	pack	of	test	strips	
a	digital-to-analog	converter	(DAC),	        a	voltage	by	a	TIA	for	measurement	          loaded	into	the	meter.	A	pack	of	test	
and	a	current	proportional	to	the	           with	an	ADC.	The	full-scale	current	         strips	inside	the	meter	also	facilitates	
glucose	in	the	blood	is	measured	as	a	       from	the	photodiode	ranges	from	1µA	         testing	because	these	often	small	
result	of	the	electrochemical	reaction	      to	5µA	with	a	resolution	of	less	than	       strips	do	not	need	to	be	handled	and	
on	the	test	strip.	There	can	be	one	         5nA.	Ambient	temperature	is	required	        inserted	by	the	user.
or	more	channels,	and	the	current	is	        for	this	method.	                                                                                                             3
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

     Glucose meter solutions                                     current	for	an	optical-reflectometry	                         measurement	can	be	accomplished	
                                                                 test	strip.	Sometimes	a	comparator	is	                        with	stand-alone	temperature-sensor	
     Accuracy and precision                                      employed	with	electrochemical	test	                           ICs,	or	with	a	remote	thermistor	or	PN	
     Both	optical-reflectometry	and	elec-                        strips	to	detect	when	blood	has	been	                         junction	together	with	an	ADC.	Using	
     trochemical	meters	need	to	resolve	                         applied	to	the	test	strip.	This	saves	                        a	thermistor	in	a	half-bridge	configu-
     currents	in	the	single-digit	nano-amp	                      power	while	waiting	for	blood	to	be	                          ration	driven	by	the	same	reference	
     range.	To	meet	the	error	budget	for	                        applied	to	the	test	strip,	and	ensures	                       as	the	ADC	provides	more	accurate	
     a	meter,	components	must	have	                              that	the	reaction	site	is	fully	saturated	                    results	because	this	design	eliminates	
     extremely	low	leakage	and	drift	over	                       with	blood.	The	ADC	requirements	                             any	voltage-reference	errors.	Remote	
     supply	voltage,	temperature,	and	time	                      vary	depending	on	the	type	of	meter,	                         or	internal	PN	junctions	can	be	
     once	the	meter	has	been	calibrated	                         but	most	require	≥	14-bit	resolution	                         measured	with	highly	precise	inte-
     during	manufacture.	An	operational	                         and	low	noise	for	repeatable	results.	                        grated	analog	front-ends	(AFEs).		
     amplifier’s	key	specifications	are	                         Sometimes	12-bit	resolution	is	used	
     ultra-low	input	bias	current	(<	1nA),	                      when	there	is	a	programmable	gain	                            Electrochemical test-strip
     high	linearity,	and	stability	when	                         stage	before	the	ADC	to	extend	the	                           configurations
     connected	to	a	capacitive	electro-                          dynamic	range.		
                                                                                                                               Most	test	strips	are	proprietary	and	
     chemical	test	strip.	The	operational	                                                                                     vary	by	meter	manufacturer.	The	
     amplifier	is	typically	configured	as	                       Temperature measurement
                                                                                                                               variations	include	the	reagent	formu-
     a	TIA	for	both	types	of	meters.	A	                          Ideally,	the	temperature	of	the	                              lation,	the	number	of	electrodes,	
     voltage	reference’s	key	specifications	                     blood	on	the	test	strip	should	be	                            the	number	of	channels,	and	biasing	
     include	a	temperature	coefficient	                          measured,	but	usually	the	ambient	                            method	of	the	reagent.	The	simplest	
     less	than	50ppm/°C,	low	drift	over	                         temperature	near	the	test	strip	is	                           configuration	is	a	self-biased	test	
     time,	and	good	line	and	load	regula-                        measured.	Temperature	measure-                                strip	(Figure 1)	which	has	two	elec-
     tion.	A	10-	or	12-bit	DAC	is	used	to	                       ment	accuracy	varies	by	test-strip	                           trodes	with	current	measured	at	the	
     set	the	bias	voltage	for	an	electro-                        type	and	chemistry,	but	is	typically	                         working	electrode	and	the	common	
     chemical	test	strip	and	to	set	the	LED	                     in	the	±1°C	to	±2°C	range.	This	                              electrode	grounded.	There	can	be	

                             DISPLAY                                                       LED                                         MIC AMP
                                                            LED, EL                                                                                             MICROPHONE
                                                          BACKLIGHT                                             CODEC
                                                                                                                                       AUDIO AMP
                                           INTEGRATED AFE
                                                                                                                     DATA                                        ESD
                                                        VOLTAGE                                                    STORAGE                                      LINE
                                     DAC               REFERENCE                                                                                                PROT
                    ESD                                                                                              DATA

                   LINE                    OPAMP              ADC                                                 INTERFACE              RS-232, IrDA(s), RF, USB

                                                          TEMP                                                     BATTERY

                                           COMP          SENSOR                           MCU

                                                        VOLTAGE                                                                                   +
                                   SWITCH/MUX           MONITOR                                                       FUEL
                                   I/O EXPANDERS           RTC
                                                                                                                    POWER                         −
                                                                     ESD                                                                                          SOLUTION
                                                                    PROT             CALIBRATION

                                                                           SENSOR CALIBRATION MEMORY

        Functional block diagram of a blood glucose meter. For a list of Maxim's recommended glucose-meter solutions, please go to:

4	                                                                                                                                              Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                                                    Home medical
                                                                                                                            Blood glucose meters

multiple	channels	on	a	single	test	         both	the	segment	or	dot-matrix	                                moving	into	the	meters,	a	movement	
strip;	the	additional	channels	are	         LCDs.	Backlighting	can	be	added	by	                            driven,	in	part,	by	the	Continua	
used	for	a	reference	measurement,	          using	one	or	two	white	LEDs	(WLEDs)	                           Health	Alliance	and	the	push	to	con-
initial	blood	detection,	or	to	ensure	      or	an	electroluminescent	source.                               veniently	upload	patient	data	to	
that	the	blood	has	saturated	the	                                                                          your	health-care	provider.
reaction	site.                              Data interface
                                            The	ability	to	upload	test	results	to	                         Audio
An	alternate	configuration	actively	
drives	both	electrodes	and	measures	        a	computer	has	existed	for	many	                               Audible	indicators	range	from	simple	
at	the	common	electrode.		                  years,	but	utilization	of	this	data	                           buzzers	to	more	advanced	talking	
                                            interface	has	been	low.	Initially	to	                          meters	for	the	vision	impaired.	A	
Another	more	advanced	design	is	            keep	the	cost	of	the	meter	down,	the	                          simple	buzzer	can	be	driven	by	one	
a	counter	configuration	(Figure 2).	        incremental	cost	for	this	functional-                          or	two	microcontroller	port	pins	
Here	there	are	three	electrodes	with	       ity	was	designed	into	a	proprietary	                           with	pulse-width	modulation	(PWM)	
current	measured	at	the	working	            cable.	Today	meters	are	moving	                                capability.	More	advanced	voice	
electrode	and	a	force-sense	circuit	        from	proprietary	data	interfaces	to	                           indicators	and	even	voice	recording	
drives	the	common	and	reference	            industry-standard	interfaces	such	                             for	test	result	notes	can	be	achieved	
electrodes.	There	is	an	important	          as	USB	and	Bluetooth®.	The	added	                              by	adding	an	audio	codec	along	with	
advantage	to	this	configuration:	the	       cost	of	these	open	interfaces	is	now	                          speaker	and	microphone	amplifiers.
bias	voltage	at	the	reaction	site	on	
the	test	strip	is	set	and	maintained	
more	accurately	throughout	the	                                                                                 CS
measurement.	The	disadvantage	of	
this	design	is	its	additional	complexity	                                                                          RS
and	the	larger	headroom	required	
to	allow	the	force-sense	amplifier	to	                                                IS
swing	negative	to	maintain	the	bias	
voltage	during	current	flow.                                                                                   −
                                                                                                                                   VOUT = VB + IS × RS

Integrated AFE                                       TWO-ELECTRODE
                                                       TEST STRIP
Maxim’s	precision	AFEs	integrate	all	                                      CE
                                                                                                               DAC          REF
the	functionality	discussed	in	the	
previous	sections,	and	are	designed	
for	the	specifications	and	perfor-
                                                     Figure 1. Electrochemical test strip in a self-biased configuration.
mance	required	in	blood	glucose	
meters.	The	AFEs	are	also	suitable	for	
similar	applications	such	as	coagula-
tion	and	cholesterol	meters.		                                                                                 CS

Display and backlighting                                                                                       RS

Most	blood	glucose	meters	use	a	
simple	liquid-crystal	display	(LCD)	
with	about	100	segments	that	can	be	                                                                       −
                                                                                                                                  VOUT = VB + VM + IS × RS
driven	with	an	LCD	driver	integrated	                                                                      +

in	the	microcontroller.	Some	meters	
                                                                                           VB + VM
feature	a	more	complicated	dot-
                                                                                                           DAC          REF
matrix	LCD	which	usually	requires	                         THREE-

using	a	module	with	the	glass,	bias	                     ELECTRODE
                                                         TEST STRIP

voltages,	and	drivers	assembled	                                          CE                          VM
together.	The	dot-matrix	display	also	                                                       −
requires	additional	memory	to	store	                                                         +             DAC
the	messages	to	be	displayed.	There	
are	also	color	displays	that	require	
additional	and	higher	voltages	than	                 Figure 2. Electrochemical test strip in a counter configuration.	                                                                                                                                      5
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

     Power and battery management               voltages.	A	more	advanced	power-            Functional scalability
     Meters	with	simple	displays	can	run	       management	scheme	may	be	                   Once	the	core	meter	design	is	
     directly	off	of	a	single	lithium	coin	     required	at	this	point.	Rechargeable	       complete	using	a	precision,	integrated	
     cell	or	two	alkaline	AAA	primary	          batteries	such	as	single-cell	lithium	      AFE,	the	goal	is	not	to	redesign	that	
     batteries.	To	maximize	battery		           ion	(Li+)	can	be	used	by	adding	a	          portion	of	the	meter	when	another	
     life,	this	meter	requires	electronics	     battery	charger	and	fuel-gauge	             feature	is	needed	later.	Instead,	
     capable	of	running	from	3.6V	down	         circuitry.	Charging	with	USB	is	            standard	parts	with	a	singular	
     to	2.2V	for	the	lithium	coin	cell	or	      certainly	a	convenient	option	for	the	      function	targeted	for	portable	
     1.8V	for	the	alkaline	AAAs.	If	the	elec-   user,	if	USB	is	available	in	the	meter.		   medical	devices	can	be	used	to	add	a	
     tronics	require	a	higher	or	regulated	     If	the	battery	is	removable,	then	          feature	with	minimal	disruption.	That	
     supply	voltage,	then	a	step-up	            authentication	may	be	required	for	         minimal	disruption	translates	into	
     switching	regulator	can	be	used.	          safety	and	aftermarket	control.	            lower	risk,	easier	FDA	approvals,	and	
     Powering	down	the	switching	                                                           faster	time	to	market.	It	also	means	
     regulator	during	sleep	mode	and	           Electrostatic discharge                     that	more	meters	will	be	available	
     running	directly	off	the	batteries	        All	meters	must	pass	61000-4-2	             with	the	features	that	patients	want	
     extends	battery	life,	as	long	as	the	      electrostatic	discharge	(ESD)	require-      and	need.	Blood	glucose	testing	will	
     sleep	circuitry	can	run	from	the	lower	    ments.	Using	electronics	with	built-in	     be	more	frequent	with	the	predict-
     battery	voltages.	Adding	a	backlit	or	     ESD	protection	or	adding	ESD	line	          able	result	of	increased	compliance		
     a	more	advanced	display	will	require	      protectors	to	exposed	traces	can	           to	acceptable	glucose	levels	and	
     higher	and	sometimes	additional	           help	meet	this	requirement.	                better	individual	health.


6	                                                                                                     Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                  Home medical
                                                                                                     Blood glucose meters

Integrated AFEs provide accurate and precise glucose measurements while
extending battery life
MAX1358/MAX1359, MAX11359*                                                          Benefits

The	MAX1358/MAX1359	and	MAX11359	are	low-power,	precision		                         • Accurate and precise test results
integrated	AFEs	for	blood	glucose	meters	and	other	portable	medical	                  –	 16-bit,	10sps	to	500sps,	Σ-Δ	ADC
devices.	The	ICs	are	based	on	a	16-bit,	sigma-delta	ADC	and	system-                   –	 15ppm/°C	(typ)	bandgap	reference
support	functionality	for	a	microcontroller-based	system.	These	
                                                                                      –	 ±400pA	(max)	input	bias	currents
devices	integrate	an	ADC,	DACs,	operational	amplifiers,	a	comparator,	
a	selectable	reference,	temperature	sensors,	analog	switches,	a	                    • Highly configurable AFE for most
32kHz	oscillator,	a	real-time	clock	(RTC)	with	alarm,	a	high-frequency-               electrochemical sensors
locked	loop	(FLL)	clock,	four	user-programmable	I/Os,	an	interrupt	                   –	 Programmable	elements	such	as	10-bit	
generator,	and	1.8V	and	2.7V	voltage	monitors	in	a	single	chip.	                         force-sense	DACs,	operational	amplifiers,	
                                                                                         voltage	reference,	and	dual	SPDT	analog	
                                                                                    • Longer battery life
                                                                                      –	 Run	directly	off	battery	down	to	1.8V
                                                                                      –	 1.7mA	(max)	run	mode	with	everything	
                                                                                         turned	on	
                                                                                      –	 4.4µA	(typ)	sleep	mode	with	RTC	and	
                                                                                         voltage	monitor	on
                                                                                      –	 Turn	microprocessor	completely	off	
                                                                                         during	sleep	mode
                                                                                    • Integration lowers system cost
                                                                                      –	 Local/remote	temperature	sensors
                                                                                      –	 32kHz	oscillator;	RTC;	5MHz	FLL	clock	
                                                                                         drives	microcontroller
                                                                                      –	 +3.3V	charge-pump	power	supply	for	
                                                                                         display,	interface,	etc.

                                                     (Block diagram on next page)

* Future product—contact factory for availability.	                                                                                                             7
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

     Integrated AFEs provide accurate and precise glucose measurements while
     extending battery life (continued)

                              VCP           µC                                                                     LCD GLASS


                   LCDBIAS                       SEG<23:0>

                                                             RX_WAKEUP                                                                               SERIAL-PORT INTERFACE


                                                   BUZ_HI                                                                 PIEZO
                                                   BUZ_LO                                                                 ALARM

                                                     MOSI                                           SI                             VCC
                                                     MISO                                           SO
                                                      SCK                                           SCK
                                                      CS1                                           CS                             GND


                                                      TXD                                           DIN

                                                                                                    DOUT                          UPIO1                          RX_WAKEUP
                                                                                                             PWM                                                               LCDBIAS
                                                                          CS2                                                             STRIP INSERTED
                                                      CS2                                           CS                            UPIO4
                                    INPUT           RESET                                           RESET                         OUTA
                              UP                                                                                                                                               TEST
                                    INPUT           INPUT                                           INT                            SWA                                         STRIP
                                                                HIGH-FREQUENCY MICRO CLOCK
                             DOWN                    X2IN                                           CLK                            FBA
                                                                    32kHz MICRO CLOCK
                                                    32KIN                                           CLK32K
                                                                                                    DVDD           DACA
                                                      VDD                                                                         OUTB
                                                                                  2 AAA OR
                                                                                  1 LITHIUM
                                                                                  COIN CELL
                                                      VSS                                           AGND     ADC

                                                                                                                   DACB           SNO1
                                                                                                    32KIN                         SNC1


                                                                                                    32KOUT                         IN1+
                                                                                                              LINEAR               REF

                                                                                                             CHARGE-              SNO2
                                                                                       VSS                    PUMP
                                                                                                    CF-                           SCM2
                                                                                                    CPOUT                         SNC2

                                                                                              VSS                                  AIN1                                  VSS
                                                                                                                                                   REMOTE TEMPERATURE-
                                                                                                                                                   MEASUREMENT DIODE


                 MAX1358 in an electrochemical glucose meter application.

8	                                                                                                                                                                             Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                                            Home medical
                                                                                                                               Blood glucose meters

Highly integrated AFE for AC-excitation systems delivers accurate results
in a smaller meter
MAX1329                                                                                                       Benefits

The	MAX1329	is	a	low-power,	precision	integrated	AFE	for	blood	                                               • Optimized to simplify design for optical-
glucose	meters	and	other	portable	medical	devices.	It	is	optimized	                                             reflectometry and electrochemical
for	optical-reflectometry	and	electrochemical	applications	using	AC	                                            AC-excitation meters
excitation.	The	MAX1329	integrates	a	12-bit	SAR	ADC,	12-bit	DACs,	                                              –	 12-bit	SAR	ADC	with	many	DSP	features	
operational	amplifiers,	voltage	references,	a	temperature	sensor,	and	                                             to	off-load	the	microcontroller
analog	switches.	The	on-chip	programmable	gain	amplifier	(PGA)	                                                 –	 12-bit	force-sense	DACs	with	automated	
extends	the	ADC’s	dynamic	range	up	to	15	bits.	In	DSP	mode	the	ADC	                                                waveform	generation
provides	up	to	16	bits	of	resolution	at	1ksps.	The	MAX1329	operates	
                                                                                                                –	 Independent	programmable	voltage		
from	a	1.8V	to	3.6V	digital	power	supply.	Under	normal	operation,	
                                                                                                                   references	for	ADC	and	DACs
an	internal	charge	pump	boosts	the	supply	voltage	for	the	analog	
circuitry	when	the	supply	is	<	2.7V.                                                                          • Accurate and precise test results
                                                                                                                –	 SAR	ADC	with	up	to	15-bit	dynamic	
                                                                                                                   range	and	up	to	16-bit	resolution
           REFDAC                                                                                               –	 10ppm/°C	(typ)	bandgap	reference
                                                                                                                –	 ±1nA	(max)	input	bias	current	over		
                                                  OUTA                                                             -40°C	to	+85°C
                                           DSWA                                                               • Longer battery life
                                                                                                                –	 Runs	off	a	battery	down	to	1.8V	(2.7V		
                                                                                 VBAT                              without	enabling	charge	pump)
                                                                           LED                                  –	 7.5mA	(max)	run	mode	with	everything	
                                                                                                                   on	except	charge	pump	
                                                  SCM1                                Q1
                                                                                                                –	 1µA	(typ)	sleep	mode	with	voltage	
                                                                                                                   monitor	on
                                                                                                              • Integration lowers system cost
                                                                                                                –	 Local/remote	temperature	sensors
                     MAX1329                                                                LED                 –	 3.6864MHz	internal	clock	with	input/	
                                                                                                                   output	to/from	microcontroller
                                   SPDT2                                                            Q2          –	 3V/4V/5V	internal	power	supply	for	
                                                  SNO2                                                             display,	backlighting,	interface,	etc.

                                                                   IF            RF

                   AV = 0.5, 0.82, 1         REFADC       1.25V

            2.5V                             REFADJ
                                             REFDAC       2.50V
                    AV = 0.5, 0.82, 1

MAX1329 as an analog interface to an optical-reflectometry glucose meter.	                                                                                                                                    9
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

      Mixed-signal microcontroller with LCD interface achieves near 1MIPS/MHz performance
      to extend battery life
      MAXQ2010                                                                                           Benefits

      The	MAXQ2010	is	a	low-power,	16-bit	microcontroller	that	incorporates	                             • Low power and efficient 16-bit MAXQ®
      a	high-performance,	12-bit,	multichannel	ADC	and	an	LCD	interface.	                                  RISC core increases battery life
      High	performance,	low	power,	and	mixed-signal	integration	make	                                      –	 1mA	(typ)	at	1MHz	flash	operation		
      the	MAXQ2010	ideal	for	portable	medical	devices.	The	MAXQ2010	                                          at	2.7V
      has	64KB	of	flash	memory,	2KB	of	RAM,	three	16-bit	timers,	and	                                      –	 Low-power	modes,	370nA	(typ)	in		
      two	universal	USARTs.	For	the	best	low-power	performance,	the	                                          stop	mode
      MAXQ2010	provides	both	a	low-power	sleep	mode	with	the	ability		
                                                                                                           –	 33	instructions,	most	single	cycle
      to	selectively	disable	peripherals	and	multiple	power-saving	
      operating	modes.                                                                                   • Flexibility and scalability reduces
                                                                                                           design time
                                                                                                           –	 Customer-requested	memory	size	and	
                                                                                                              LCD	segments
                                                                                                           –	 Many	peripherals	(including	timers,	
                                                                                                              serial	interfaces,	RTC,	WDT,	HMAC)
                                                                                                         • Fast wake up from sleep and stop
                                                                                                           modes makes meter more responsive

                                                                                                             100-PIN LQFP 14x14mm

                     AIN6                                                                                                    1.5V
                                                                                                    1.25V BANDGAP                   AVREF
                     AIN5                              REF
                     AIN4        DUAL
                                  8:1           12-BIT SAR ADC
                     AIN3                                                               2-WIRE (I2C)                                P6.7/INT22/TB2A/SDA
                     AIN2                                                                INTERFACE                                  P6.6/INT21/TB2B/SCL
                     AIN1                                                                 UART[1]                                   P6.5/INT20/TB1A/TX1
                     AIN0                                                                                        PORT6 &            P6.4/INT19/TB1B/RX1
                                                                                         TIMERB[2]              INTERRUPT           P6.3/INT18/TDO
                     RST           POWER-ON                  WATCHDOG                    TIMERB[1]
                                     RESET                     TIMER
                    AVDD                                                                   JTAG                                     P6.0/INT15/TCK
                    AGND                                         16-BIT
                                                                                      3-/4-WIRE (SPI™)                              P5.6/INT14/MISO
                                   BROWNOUT                    MAXQ20
                    DVDD                                                                 INTERFACE                                  P5.5/INT13/SCLK
                                    MONITOR                    RISC CPU
                    DVDD             (DVDD)                                                                                         P5.4/INT12/MOSI
                                                                                          UART[0]                PORT5 &
                    DVDD                                                                                        INTERRUPT           P5.3/INT11/SSEL
                                    SUPPLY                                                                                          P5.2/INT10/SQW
                   DGND             VOLTAGE                  32kW (64kB)                   SQW
                                    MONITOR                                                                                         P5.1/INT9/TB0A/TX0
                   DGND                                        FLASH
                                     (DVDD)                                   BUS        TIMERB[0]                                  P5.0/INT8/TB0B/RX0
                                                                                                                    PORT4           P4.[7:0]/SEG[39:32]
                                    1.8V CORE                  1kW (2kB)
                  REGOUT             LDO REG                                               160-                     PORT3           P3.[7:0]/SEG[31:24]
                  REGOUT                                                                 SEGMENT                    PORT2           P2.[7:0]/SEG[23:16]
                                                               2kW (4kB)                   LCD
                                                                 ROM                                                PORT1           P1.[7:0]/SEG[15:8]
                                                                                         40 x 4-BIT
                                              16 x 16 HW MAC                             DISPLAY                 PORT0 &
                                                                                           RAM                  INTERRUPT
                                              RTC & ALARMS                                                                          COM[3:1]/SEG[40:42]
                                                                                        BIAS, MUX,                                  COM[0]
                    32KIN                                                                & FRAME                                    VLCD
                  32KOUT                   CLOCK GENERATOR                              GENERATION                                  VLCD1
                                          32kHz & RC OSC, FLL,
                    HFXIN                                                                                                           VLCD2
                                                HFX OSC
                  HFXOUT                                                                                                            VADJ

                            MAXQ2010 functional block diagram.

10	                                                                                                                                 Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                             Home medical
                                                                                                                 Blood glucose meters

Micropower 1.6V voltage reference operates from a 1.8V supply and increases
measurement precision
MAX6018A/MAX6018B                                                                               Benefits

The	MAX6018	is	a	precision,	low-voltage,	low-dropout,	micropower	                               • Accurate and precise test results
voltage	reference	in	a	SOT23	package.	This	three-terminal	reference	                              –	 ±0.2%	(max)	initial	accuracy
operates	with	an	input	voltage	from	(VOUT	+	200mV)	to	5.5V,	and	is	                               –	 50ppm/°C	(max)	low	temperature	drift	
available	with	output	voltage	options	of	1.2V,	1.6V,	1.8V,	and	2.048V.	
                                                                                                  –	 700µV/mA	(max)	load	regulation		
The	MAX6018	consumes	less	than	5µA	(max)	of	supply	current	and	
                                                                                                     (1mA	source)
can	source	and	sink	up	to	1mA	of	load	current.	The	device	has	initial	
accuracies	of	0.2%	(A	grade)	and	0.4%	(B	grade)	and	temperature	                                  –	 250µV/V	(max)	line	regulation		
drift	of	50ppm/°C	(max).	The	low-dropout	voltage	and	the	ultra-low	                                  ([VOUT	+	200mV]	to	5.5V)
supply	current	make	this	device	ideal	for	two-cell	alkaline,	end-of-life,	                      • Eliminates regulated power supply by
battery-monitoring	systems.                                                                       running directly off of batteries without
                                                                                                  sacrificing ADC dynamic range
                                                                                                • Longer battery life
                                                                                                  –	 5µA	(max)	ultra-low	supply	current
                                                                                                  –	 1.6V	output	from	1.8V	input	
                                                                                                • Small meter design with ultra-small,
                                                                                                  3-pin SOT23 package


                                                                    IN              OUT

                                                               MAX6018                   1µF, MAX*



                                                 Typical operating circuit for the MAX6018.	                                                                                                                     11
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

      200kHz, 4µA, rail-to-rail I/O op amps with shutdown easily interface to sensors and
      minimize measurement errors
      MAX9910–MAX9913                                                                                     Benefits

      The	MAX9910/MAX9911	(single)	and	MAX9912/MAX9913	(dual)	op	                                         • Fewer sensor-measurement errors
      amps	feature	a	maximized	ratio	of	gain	bandwidth	(GBW)	to	supply	                                     –	 Ultra-low	1pA	input	bias	current
      current	and	are	ideal	for	battery-powered	applications	such	as	                                       –	 Rail-to-rail	input	and	output	voltage	
      portable	instrumentation	and	portable	medical	equipment.	These	                                          ranges
      CMOS	op	amps	feature	an	ultra-low	input-bias	current	of	1pA,	rail-
                                                                                                            –	 Low	±200µV	input	offset	voltage
      to-rail	inputs	and	outputs,	a	low	4µA	supply	current,	and	a	1.8V	to	
      5.5V	single-supply	range.	For	additional	power	conservation,	the	                                   • High-output impedance during
      MAX9911/MAX9913	have	a	low-power	shutdown	mode	that	reduces	                                          shutdown allows blood to saturate
      supply	current	to	1nA	and	puts	the	amplifiers’	outputs	in	a	high-                                     reagent
      impedance	state.	These	devices	are	unity-gain	stable	with	a	200kHz	                                 • Power conservation and extended
      GBW	product.	                                                                                         battery life
                                                                                                            –	 Ultra-low	4µA	supply	current	and	
                                                                                                               200kHz	GBW
                                                                                                            –	 1.8V	to	5.5V	operation
                                                                                                            –	 1pA	shutdown	current
                                                                                                          • Pin-compatible 1MHz GBW versions
                                                                                                            provide upgrade path

                                                                                           1.8V TO 5.5V


                                                      INA-                                       OUTB                     VOUT

                                                      INA+                                        INB-

                                                      VSS                                         INB+
                                                                                                           VMID + VBIAS

                                                 ON                                                        ON
                                                      SHDNA           MAX9913                   SHDNB
                                           OFF                                                                  OFF

                                                                         CE           WE

                                    MAX9913 in a three-electrode, electrochemical glucose meter application.

12	                                                                                                                              Maxim	Medical Solutions
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                                                                                                               Blood glucose meters

Simplify meter design with reverse-battery protection, and extend battery life by
connecting battery to load in shutdown
MAX1832–MAX1835                                                                            Benefits

The	MAX1832–MAX1835	are	high-efficiency	step-up	converters	                                • Integrated reverse-battery protection
with	complete	reverse-battery	protection	that	protects	the	device	                           simplifies mechanical/electrical design
and	the	load	when	the	battery	is	reversed.	A	built-in	synchronous	                         • Longer battery life
rectifier	allows	for	over	90%	efficiency	and	reduces	size	and	cost	by	
                                                                                             –	 <	1µA	shutdown	supply	current	
eliminating	the	need	for	an	external	Schottky	diode.	These	step-up	
converters	operate	from	a	1.5V	to	5.5V	input	voltage	range	and	deliver	                      –	 BATT	connected	to	OUT	in	shutdown	for	
up	to	150mA	of	load	current.	They	are	available	with	a	fixed	3.0V/3.3V	                         backup	power	
output	voltage	or	adjustable	output	from	2V	to	5.5V.	In	shutdown,		                          –	 Up	to	90%	efficiency	and	4µA	quiescent	
the	battery	input	is	connected	to	the	voltage	output,	thereby	                                  current
allowing	the	input	battery	to	be	used	as	a	backup	or	RTC	supply.                           • Family of pin-compatible power
                                                                                             supplies simplifies design changes
                                                                                             –	 Fixed	3.3V/3.0V	or	adjustable	output	
                                                                                           • Flexibility to work with a single lithium
                                                                                             coin cell or two alkaline batteries
                                                                                             –	 1.5V	to	5.5V	input	voltage	range
                                                                                             –	 Accurate	active-low	SHDN	threshold	for	
                                                                                                low-battery	cutoff

                                      +1.5V TO +3.3V

                                            10µF        10µH              BATT
                                                                  LX               OUT                +3.3V
                                                R4                                                10µF
                                            220kΩ                        MAX1833
                                                                         MAX1835          100kΩ

                                                                  SHDN                            POWER-ON
                                                           C1                                     RESET
                                                R3         10nF

                                     Typical operating circuit for the MAX1833/MAX1835.	                                                                                                                 13
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

      1Kb-protected 1-Wire EEPROM with SHA-1 engine calibrates test strip
      securely and reliably
      DS28E01-100                                                                                     Benefits

      The	DS28E01-100	combines	1024	bits	of	EEPROM	with	challenge-	                                   • Prevents test-strip cloning
      and-response	authentication	security	implemented	with	the	ISO/	                                   –	 On-chip	512-bit	SHA-1	engine
      IEC	10118-3	Secure	Hash	Algorithm	(SHA-1).	The	1024-bit	EEPROM	                                   –	 Unique,	factory-lasered	and	tested	
      array	is	configured	as	four	pages	of	256	bits	with	a	64-bit	scratch-                                 64-bit	registration	number	assures	
      pad	to	perform	write	operations.	All	memory	pages	can	be	write	                                      absolute	traceability	because	no	two	
      protected,	and	one	page	can	be	put	in	EPROM-emulation	mode,	                                         parts	are	alike
      where	bits	can	only	be	changed	from	a	1	to	a	0	state.	Each	DS28E01-
      100	has	its	own	guaranteed,	unique	64-bit	ROM	registration	number	                              • Robust and reliable operation
      that	is	factory	lasered	into	the	chip.	The	DS28E01-100	communicates	                              –	 Single-contact	1-Wire	interface
      over	the	single-contact	1-Wire	bus.	The	communication	follows	the	                                –	 Switchpoint	hysteresis	and	filtering	
      standard	1-Wire	protocol	with	the	registration	number	acting	as	the	                                 optimize	performance	in	the	presence	
      node	address	in	the	case	of	a	multidevice	1-Wire	network.                                            of	noise
                                                                                                        –	 High-ESD	protection
                                                                                                      • Turnkey solution available






                                              Typical operating circuit for the DS28E01-100.

14	                                                                                                                      Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                              Home medical
                                                                                                                     Blood glucose meters

USB-powered Li+ charger safely charges directly from USB port and eliminates the
need for an AC-DC adapter
MAX1811                                                                                        Benefits

The	MAX1811	is	a	single-cell	Li+	battery	charger	that	can	be	powered	                          • Flexible and convenient use of a single
directly	from	a	USB	port*	or	from	an	external	supply	up	to	6.5V.	The	                            USB connector for data interface and
MAX1811	has	a	0.5%	overall	battery-regulation	voltage	accuracy	                                  battery charging
to	allow	maximum	utilization	of	the	battery	capacity.	The	charger	                               –	 Charges	single-cell	Li+	batteries	directly	
uses	an	internal	FET	to	deliver	up	to	500mA	charging	current	to	the	                                from	USB	port
battery.	The	device	can	be	configured	for	either	a	4.1V	or	4.2V	battery	
                                                                                               • Safe and easy charging
by	using	the	SELV	input.	The	SELI	input	sets	the	charge	current	to	
either	100mA	or	500mA.	An	open-drain	output	(active-low	CHG)	                                    –	 Automatic	IC	thermal	regulation
indicates	charge	status.	The	MAX1811	has	preconditioning	that	soft	                              –	 Preconditions	near-depleted	cells	
starts	a	near-dead	battery	cell	before	charging.	Other	safety	features	                        • Low-cost solution
include	continuous	monitoring	of	voltage	and	current,	and	initial	
                                                                                                 –	 Minimal	external	components
checking	for	fault	conditions	before	charging.

                                                                                                      TO LOAD
                                         4.35V TO 6.5V    IN                                           SINGLE
                                          4.1V            SELV

                                                                                                             TO IN
                                                   ON            MAX1811                        LED
                                          OFF             EN
                                                 500mA                         CHG
                                         100mA            SELI                 GND                    LOGIC OUT

                                        Typical operating circuit of the MAX1811 charging from a USB port.

*Protected by U.S. Patent #6,507,172.	                                                                                                                         15
Home medical
Blood glucose meters

      Compact fuel gauges reliably determine remaining battery capacity

      MAX17043                                                                                              Benefits

      The	MAX17043	is	an	ultra-compact,	low-cost,	1-cell,	host-side	fuel-                                   • Flexible, works with removable and
      gauge	system	for	Li+	batteries	in	handheld	and	portable	equipment.	                                     nonremovable batteries
      A	sophisticated	Li+	battery-modeling	scheme	called	ModelGauge	is	                                       –	 Host-side	or	battery-side	fuel	gauging
      used	to	track	the	battery’s	relative	state-of-charge/discharge	profile.	
                                                                                                            • Reliable low-battery indicator for
      Unlike	traditional	fuel	gauges,	the	ModelGauge	algorithm	eliminates	
      the	need	for	battery	relearn	cycles	and	an	external	current-sense	
      resistor.	Temperature	compensation	is	possible	in	the	application	                                      –	 Accurate	relative	capacity	(RSOC)	
      with	minimal	interaction	between	a	microcontroller	and	the	device.	                                        calculated	from	ModelGauge	algorithm
      A	quick-start	mode	provides	a	good	initial	estimate	of	the	battery’s	                                   –	 No	sense	resistor	required
      state	of	charge	(SOC).	This	feature	allows	the	IC	to	be	located	on	the	                                 –	 No	offset	accumulation	on	measurement
      system	side,	thus	reducing	the	cost	and	supply-chain	constraints	on	                                    –	 No	full-to-empty	battery	relearning	
      the	battery.                                                                                               necessary
                                                                                                            • Simple and reliable interface to
                                                                                                              –	 External	alarm/interrupt	for	low-battery	
                                                                                                              –	 2-wire	interface

                                                                                                  150Ω     4.7kΩ
                                                                           CELL             VDD                           µP
                                                                                         ALRT                         INTERRUPT

                                              Li+                          QSTRT
                                          PROTECTION         1µF
                                            CIRCUIT                        CTG              SDA                       I2C BUS
                                                                           GND              SCL                       MASTER

                                       Simplified operating circuit for single-cell Li+ battery using the MAX17043.

16	                                                                                                                               Maxim	Medical Solutions
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                                                                                                                            Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions

           Part                            Description                                 Features                                              Benefits

 1-Wire® products

 1-Wire memory
 DS2502                      1-Wire 1024-bit OTP EPROM            Single-dedicated-contact operation, programmable      Minimal contact requirement to add nonvolatile
                                                                  data protection, ±8kV HBM ESD protection              memory for ID, calibration, or authentication;
                                                                                                                        simplifies design
 DS28E01-100/                1-Wire 1024-bit EEPROM with          Single-dedicated-contact operation, SHA-1 secure      Ensure consumables are OEM with crypto-strong
 DS28E02*                    SHA-1 authentication                 authentication and data protection, 1.8V operation    SHA-1 authentication; increase performance and
                                                                  (DS28E02), ±8kV HBM/±15kV IEC ESD protection          reliability
 DS2431                      1-Wire 1024-bit EEPROM               Single-dedicated-contact operation, programmable      High ESD performance typically eliminates the need
                                                                  data protection, ±8kV HBM/±15kV IEC ESD               to add protection to sensors, thus saving cost and
                                                                  protection                                            space

 1-Wire masters
 DS2460                      SHA-1 coprocessor with EEPROM        Hardware-accelerated SHA-1 computation engine,       Simplifies host system implementation of SHA-1
                                                                  secure memory to store three 64-bit master secrets authenticated sensors and probes
                                                                  for use with authenticating 1-Wire SHA-1 slaves, I2C
 DS2480B                     Single-channel 1-Wire master with    UART/RS-232 to 1-Wire protocol bridging, supports     Generates 1-Wire waveforms from UART/RS-232
                             UART/RS-232 interface                standard and overdrive 1-Wire speeds, low-            command/communication, greatly simplifying host
                                                                  impedance strong pullup on 1-Wire I/O                 software development
 DS2482-100                  Single-channel 1-Wire master with    I2C to 1-Wire protocol bridging, supports standard Generates 1-Wire waveforms from I2C interface,
                             I2C interface                        and overdrive 1-Wire speeds, low-impedance strong greatly simplifying host software development
                                                                  pullup on 1-Wire I/O

 Analog front-ends (AFEs)
 MAX1329                     12-/16-bit data-acquisition system   1.8V to 3.6V digital supply; internal charge pump     Integrated solution and precision measurement
                             with ADC, DACs, DPIOs, APIOs,        for analog circuits (2.7V to 5.5V); 12-bit SAR ADC;   simplify design for optical reflectometry and
                             reference, voltage monitors, and     dual, 12-bit force-sense DAC; integrated voltage      electrochemical AC-excitation meters
                             temp sensor                          references, op amps, analog switches, temp sensor,
                                                                  interrupts, and voltage monitors
 MAX1358/MAX1359,            16-bit data-acquisition systems with 1.8V to 3.6V supply; multichannel, 16-bit sigma-      Highly configurable AFEs provide accurate results
 MAX11359*                   ADC, DACs, UPIOs, RTC, voltage       delta ADC; 10-bit force-sense DACs; integrated op     and are compatible with most electrochemical test
                             monitors, and temp sensor            amps, analog switches, voltage reference, RTC with    strips
                                                                  alarm, temp sensor, maskable interrupts, and dual
                                                                  V DD monitors
 MAX1407–MAX1409,            Low-power, 16-bit multichannel       1.15mA during operation; 2.5µA in sleep mode;         Very low operating current delivers over 1500 tests
 MAX1414                     data-acquisition systems with        18ppm/°C (typ) reference; 2.4576MHz PLL clock         and greater than one year of battery life from a
                             internal reference, 10-bit force-    output; integrated RTC and alarm, dual voltage        single coin-cell battery
                             sense DACs, and RTC                  monitors, comparator, interrupts, and wake-up


 Current-sense amplifiers
 MAX9634                     1µA, precision current-sense amp     28V (max) common-mode voltage, 250µV (max)        Very low supply current reduces battery drain; tiny
                                                                  VOS, 1µA (max) quiescent current, small UCSP™ and package reduces solution size
                                                                  SOT23 packages
 MAX9918–MAX9920             Bidirectional current-sense amps     -40°C to +125°C temperature range, precision          High precision and shutdown allow small sense
                             with wide -20V to +75V common-       400µV (max) VOS, ±0.45% gain error, shutdown          resistors, which reduce power loss and BOM cost;
                             mode voltage                         mode                                                  wide input range eliminates protection devices

                                                                                                                                            (Continued on next page)

*Future product—contact factory for availability.	                                                                                                                                                     49
Home medical
Recommended solutions

      Recommended solutions (continued)

                 Part                            Description                                    Features                                              Benefits

       Current-sense amplifiers (continued)
       MAX9928F/                   Bidirectional current-sense amps       Precision 400µV (max) VOS, ±1% gain error, sign       Sign output enables full use of ADC range;
       MAX9929F                    with wide 0 to 28V common-mode         output, current output, 1mm x 1.5mm UCSP              precision and small package reduce size and cost
                                   voltage                                                                                      of solution

       Instrumentation amplifiers
       MAX4194–MAX4197             Micropower, three-op-amp               450µV (max) VOS, 93µA quiescent current,              Shutdown function and low-current operation save
                                   instrumentation amps                   adjustable and fixed (1, 10, 100V/V) gain versions,   power, thus extending battery runtime
                                                                          shutdown mode
       MAX4208/MAX4209             Ultra-low offset/drift, precision      20µV (max) input VOS with “zero drift,” 1pA input-    Near-ground sensing simplifies design, while zero-
                                   instrumentation amps with REF          bias current, 1.4µA shutdown current, fixed and       drift offset preserves accuracy
                                   buffer                                 programmable gain versions available

       Operational amplifiers
       MAX4464, MAX4470– Single/dual/quad, 1.8V/750nA,                    1.8V to 5.5V supply, 750nA/ch quiescent current,      Low voltage, ultra-low current, and rail-to-rail
       MAX4472, MAX4474 SC70, rail-to-rail op amps                        rail-to-rail outputs, ground-sensing inputs           outputs extend battery life
       MAX4475–MAX4478             Precision, low-distortion, 4.5nV/√Hz 750µV (max) VOS, 10MHz op amps, 4.5nV/√Hz               Improve measurement accuracy when used for gain,
                                   op amps                              noise, CMOS inputs, SOT23                               filtering, or driving ADC inputs
       MAX9617–MAX9620             High-efficiency, 1.5MHz op amps        10µV (max) VOS with “zero drift,” 0.42µV P-P noise,   Improve measurement accuracy and reduce
                                   with rail-to-rail inputs and outputs   59µA quiescent current, tiny 8-pin SC70               calibration requirements
       MAX9910–MAX9913             Low-power, high-bandwidth, single/ 4µA quiescent current, 1pA IBIAS, 200kHz GBW, 1.8V        4µA quiescent current extends battery life
                                   dual, rail-to-rail I/O op amps with to 5.5V supply, MOS inputs, 1mV (max) VOS, SC70
                                   shutdown                            package, independent shutdowns (dual)
       MAX9914–MAX9917             Low-power, high-bandwidth, single/ 20µA quiescent current, 1pA IBIAS, 1MHz GBW, 1.8V         20µA quiescent current extends battery life
                                   dual, rail-to-rail I/O op amps with to 5.5V supply, MOS inputs, 1mV (max) VOS, SC70
                                   shutdown                            package, independent shutdowns (dual)

       MAX9060–MAX9064             Ultra-low-power single comparators     50nA/400nA comparators with and without internal      1mm2 package saves space, while 400nA current
                                                                          0.2V reference in space-saving UCSP                   saves power
       MAX9065                     Ultra-small, low-power window          1.0V to 5.5V supply, 1µA (max) quiescent current,     Monitoring Li+ battery voltage improves reliability
                                   comparator in UCSP/SOT23               preset 3V and 4.2V thresholds                         in portable applications

       Analog switches and multiplexers

       Analog switches
       MAX4575–MAX4577             ±15kV ESD-protected, low-voltage,      IEC 1000-4-2 compliant, 0.5nA (max) leakage, 2V       Integrated ESD protection and low leakage improve
                                   dual SPST, CMOS analog switches        to 12V supply                                         analog sensor measurement accuracy
       MAX4624/MAX4625             1Ω, low-voltage, single-supply,        1Ω (5V) and 2Ω (3V) max RON, 1.8V to 5.5V supply,     Small package enables compact design
                                   SPDT, CMOS analog switches             SOT23
       MAX4751–MAX4753             0.9Ω, low-voltage, single-supply,      0.9Ω (3V) and 2.5Ω (1.8V) max RON, 1.6V to 5.5V       Wide operating range down to 1.6V simplifies
                                   quad SPST, CMOS analog switches        supply, 1µA quiescent current                         design and extends battery life
       MAX4754–MAX4756* 0.85Ω, low-voltage, single-supply,                2mm x 2mm UCSP, 1.8V to 5.5V supply                   High integration and small package shrink design
                        quad SPDT, analog switches in

       Analog multiplexers
       MAX4558–MAX4560             ±15kV ESD-protected, low-voltage, Single 8:1 or dual 4:1 muxes, IEC 1000-4-2                 Integrated ESD protection simplifies design and
                                   CMOS analog multiplexers/switches compliant, 1.0nA (max) leakage, single 2V to 12V           saves cost

                                                                                                                                                     (Continued on next page)
      *Future product—contact factory for availability.

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                                                                                                                           Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions (continued)

         Part                        Description                                     Features                                                 Benefits

Analog multiplexers (continued)
MAX4638/MAX4639         6Ω, low-voltage, analog multiplexers Single 8:1 or dual 4:1 muxes, single 1.8V to 5.5V         Guaranteed specs deliver more-reliable
                                                             supply, -80dB crosstalk, -60dB off-isolation              measurements, providing higher customer
MAX4734                 0.8Ω, low-voltage, 4:1 analog          0.8Ω (3V) and 2Ω (1.8V) max RON, single 1.6V to         Guaranteed specs deliver more-reliable
                        multiplexer in TQFN                    3.6V supply, 3mm x 3mm TQFN                             measurements, providing higher customer
MAX4781–MAX4783         0.7Ω, high-speed, low-voltage,    Excellent on/off performance up to 10MHz, 8:1                Wide operating range allows use in many
                        CMOS analog switches/multiplexers configuration, 1.6V to 3.6V supply                           applications, increasing design reuse

Audio solutions

Audio codecs
MAX9851/MAX9853         Stereo audio codecs with               1.7V to 3.3V digital supply, 2.6V to 3.3V analog        Flexible solutions simplify audio design
                        microphone, DirectDrive ®              supply, 26mW playback power
                        headphone amps, speaker amps, or
                        line outputs
MAX9856                 Low-power audio codec with             1.71V to 3.6V supply, 30mW DirectDrive headphone        Complete audio-path solution improves audio
                        DirectDrive headphone amps             amp, 9mW playback power consumption, low noise,         quality and extends battery life; small footprint
                                                               clickless/popless operation, 36mm2 footprint            saves PCB space
MAX9860                 16-bit, mono, audio voice codec        1.7V to 1.9V supply, 1.7V to 3.6V digital I/O supply,   Complete audio-path solution improves audio
                                                               30mW BTL headphone amp, dual low-noise                  quality; extra-small footprint enables smaller
                                                               microphone inputs, clickless/popless operation,         designs
                                                               16mm2 footprint
MAX9867                 Ultra-low-power stereo audio codec     1.65V to 1.95V supply, 1.65V to 3.6V digital I/O        Complete audio-path solution improves audio
                                                               supply, 6.7mW playback power consumption,               quality and provides longest battery life; super-
                                                               auxiliary battery-measurement ADC, < 6mm 2              small footprint enables smallest designs

Audio DAC
MAX9850                 Stereo audio DAC with DirectDrive      Integrated volume control, 1.8V to 3.6V supply,         DirectDrive architecture eliminates DC-blocking
                        headphone amp                          clickless/popless operation                             capacitors, saving board space

Microphone preamplifiers
MAX4060–MAX4062         Differential microphone                2.4V to 5.5V supply, adjustable or fixed-gain           Shutdown and low supply voltage extend battery life
                        preamplifiers with internal bias and   options, low input noise, 300nA shutdown, 0.04%
                        complete shutdown                      THD+N, TQFN
MAX9810                 Electret condenser-microphone          2.3V to 5.5V supply, 82dB PSRR, three gain options, Tiny package shrinks design size
                        cartridge preamplifier                 1mm x 1mm UCSP
MAX9812/MAX9813         Tiny, low-cost, single-/dual-input,    230µA quiescent current, 20dB gain, 0.015%              Built-in bias and small package reduce solution
                        fixed-gain microphone amps with        THD+N, 100nA shutdown, SC70 and SOT23                   size; low noise and low distortion improve listening
                        integrated bias                                                                                experience

Headphone amplifiers
MAX4409–MAX4411         80mW, DirectDrive stereo               1.8V to 3.6V supply, fixed or external gain options,    Elimination of output capacitors improves low-
                        headphone amps with shutdown           common-mode sensing option                              frequency audio response
MAX9720                 50mW, DirectDrive stereo               Auto mono/stereo detection, shutdown, fixed-gain        Integrated features save space and simplify design
                        headphone amp with SmartSense™         options, 0.003% THD+N, 1.8V to 3.6V supply
                        and shutdown

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Recommended solutions

      Recommended solutions (continued)

                 Part                            Description                                    Features                                               Benefits

       Headphone amplifiers (continued)
       MAX9723                     Stereo DirectDrive headphone amp 1.8V to 3.6V supply, 62mW DirectDrive headphone             Elimination of output capacitors improves low-
                                   with bass boost, volume control, and amp, 32-level volume control, 0.006% THD+N,             frequency audio response
                                   I²C interface                        shutdown, UCSP and TQFN
       MAX9724                     60mW, fixed-gain, DirectDrive,        Click-and-pop suppression, 0.003% THD+N, short-        DirectDrive architecture eliminates the need for
                                   stereo headphone amp with low RF      circuit and thermal protections, < 100nA shutdown,     DC-blocking capacitors, saving board space and
                                   susceptibility and shutdown           UCSP and TDFN                                          cost
       MAX9820                     DirectDrive headphone amp with        95mW output power, high RF noise immunity,             High RF immunity simplifies design
                                   external gain                         clickless/popless operation, 3mm x 3mm TDFN

       Speaker amplifiers
       MAX9700                     Mono, 1.2W, Class D audio amp         Up to 94% efficiency, filterless operation, 1.5mm x    High efficiency extends battery life; small package
                                                                         2mm UCSP                                               minimizes solution size
       MAX9705                     2.3W, ultra-low-EMI, filterless,      Class D gives better efficiency, yet delivers 0.02%    Small, efficient solution to drive headphones/
                                   Class D audio amp                     THD+N                                                  speakers
       MAX9718/MAX9719             Low-cost, mono/stereo, 1.4W,          Class AB with superior THD+N down to 0.002%            Simple, high-fidelity solution reduces cost
                                   differential audio power amps
       MAX98000*                   I2S, mono, Class D amp with           Low EMI; 5-band parametric EQ; automatic level         High-efficiency Class D extends battery life
                                   FLEXSOUND™ advanced audio             control; speaker-excursion, power, and distortion
                                   processing                            limiters

       Battery management

       Battery chargers
       MAX1736                     Single-cell Li+ battery charger for   Single-cell Li+, pulse topology, 4.7V to 22V input,    Smallest solution; minimal external components
                                   current-limited supply                stand-alone or MCU controlled, 9mm2 SOT23              saves board space and cost
       MAX1811                     USB-powered Li+ charger               Single-cell Li+; linear topology; charges from USB     Simplest solution when USB is available
                                                                         port; 4.35V to 6.5V input
       MAX8606                     Dual-input (USB/AC adapter), linear   Selectable current limits, overvoltage protection,     Enables charging from USB or AC adapter
                                   Li+ battery charger with integrated   USB or AC adapter input
                                   50mΩ battery switch in TDFN
       MAX8900A/                   1.2A switch-mode Li+ chargers         Single-cell Li+, switching topology, 3.4V to 6.3V or   Safest solution, less heat, highly reliable
       MAX8900B                    with ±22V input rating and JEITA-     8.7V input, 3.25MHz, small external inductor
                                   compliant battery temperature
       MAX1551/MAX1555             Dual-input (USB/AC adapter),          Linear topology; automatic switchover when AC          Simplify design
                                   single-cell Li+ battery chargers in   adapter is plugged in; power-present and charge-
                                   SOT23                                 status indicators

       Fuel gauges
       DS2745                      Low-cost, I2C battery monitor         Single-cell Li+; precision voltage, current, and       Precision measurements increase runtime between
                                                                         temperature monitor; works with MCU                    charges
       DS2756                      High-accuracy battery fuel gauge      Precision voltage, current, and temperature monitor;   Programmable suspend mode extends battery
                                   with programmable suspend mode        96 bytes of EEPROM                                     runtime per charge
       DS2780                      Stand-alone, 1-Wire fuel-gauge IC     Single-cell Li+; FuelPack™ algorithm with precision    Stand-alone solution simplifies software
                                                                         voltage, current, and temperature monitor; 1-Wire      development
                                                                         multidrop interface; EEPROM storage

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      *Future product—contact factory for availability.

52	                                                                                                                                             Maxim	Medical Solutions
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                                                                                                                            Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions (continued)

           Part                            Description                                   Features                                             Benefits

 Fuel gauges (continued)
 DS2782                      Stand-alone fuel-gauge IC             Single-cell Li+; FuelPack algorithm with precision   Stand-alone solution simplifies software
                                                                   voltage, current, and temperature monitor; I2C       development
                                                                   interface; EEPROM storage
 MAX17043*                   Low-cost, I2C fuel-gauge IC           ModelGauge™ algorithm, 2mm x 3mm footprint,          Allows system μC to remain in sleep mode for
                                                                   low-battery alert, no sense resistor                 longer, thus saving power

 Data converters

 Analog-to-digital converters (ADCs)
 MAX1162                     16-bit, 200ksps SAR ADC with serial 10-pin µMAX® package, 10µA in shutdown                 Small package saves space, while low-power
                             interface                                                                                  operation reduces battery drain
 MAX1226–MAX1231             12-bit, 12-channel, 300ksps SAR       Internal reference, internal temperature sensor,     Small package saves space for compact designs
                             ADCs with serial interface            5mm x 5mm 28-TQFN
 MAX1391–MAX1396             8-/10-/12-bit SAR ADCs with serial    1.5V to 3.6V supply, 305µW at 100ksps, 3.1µW at      Supply voltage range eliminates regulated power
                             interface                             1ksps, 3mm x 3mm TDFN                                supply; low power consumption extends battery life
 MAX1415/MAX1416             16-bit, 500sps sigma-delta ADCs       16-bit, 2-channel ADCs with PGA gains between 1      Low-power operation extends battery life
                             with serial interface                 and 128; low power (1mW, max); 2µA in shutdown
 MAX11600–                   8-bit, 12-channel, 188ksps SAR        Internal reference                                   Flexible interface reduces design time and saves
 MAX11605                    ADCs with serial interface                                                                 space

 Digital-to-analog converters (DACs)
 MAX5510–MAX5515             Ultra-low-power, single/dual 8-bit    1.8V to 5.5V operation, 4µA/ch (max), internal or  Complete electrochemical sensor solutions simplify
                             DACs                                  external voltage reference, 30ppm/°C (max) tempco, design, increase accuracy, and extend battery life
                                                                   voltage or force-sense outputs
 MAX5520–MAX5525             Ultra-low-power, single/dual 10-bit   1.8V to 5.5V operation, 4µA/ch (max), internal or  Complete electrochemical sensor solutions simplify
                             DACs                                  external voltage reference, 30ppm/°C (max) tempco, design, increase accuracy, and extend battery life
                                                                   voltage or force-sense outputs
 MAX5530–MAX5535             Ultra-low-power, single/dual 12-bit   1.8V to 5.5V operation, 4µA/ch (max), internal or  Complete electrochemical sensor solutions simplify
                             DACs                                  external voltage reference, 30ppm/°C (max) tempco, design, increase accuracy, and extend battery life
                                                                   voltage or force-sense outputs

 Digital potentiometers
 MAX5160/MAX5161             Low-power digital potentiometers in   32 tap positions, 2.7V to 5.5V supply                Enable digital calibration at low power to save
                             SOT23/µMAX                                                                                 battery life


 LED backlight drivers
 MAX1574                     180mA, 1x/2x, white LED charge        3 LEDs (max), up to 60mA/LED, 5% to 100%             Integrated dimming saves space
                             pump in 3mm x 3mm TDFN                dimming via single wire, 100nA in shutdown, soft-
                                                                   start limits inrush current
 MAX1848                     White LED step-up converter in        2.6V to 5.5V supply, switching topology, constant-   Uniform brightness provides better viewing
                             SOT23                                 current regulation, analog- or logic-controlled      experience in low-light conditions
                                                                   intensity, soft-start
 MAX1916                     Low-dropout, constant-current,        3 LEDs (max), up to 60mA/LED, linear topology,       Tiny, low-cost, high-efficiency solution saves board
                             triple white LED bias supply          50nA in shutdown, SOT23                              space and extends battery life

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*Future product—contact factory for availability.	                                                                                                                                                      53
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Recommended solutions

      Recommended solutions (continued)

                  Part                        Description                                       Features                                                Benefits

      LED backlight drivers (continued)
      MAX1984–MAX1986            Ultra-efficient white LED drivers        1 to 8 LEDs; selectively enable LEDs; switching         Open-LED detection increases reliability
                                                                          topology; open-LED detection
      MAX8630                    125mA, 1x/1.5x charge pump for 5         Up to 93% efficiency; charge-pump topology; PWM         Integrated derating function protects LEDs from
                                 white LEDs in 3mm x 3mm TDFN             dimming; factory-trimmed, full-scale LED current        overheating, thus increasing reliability

      LED display drivers
      MAX6950/MAX6951            Serially interfaced, 2.7V to 5.5V, 5-    Slew-rate-limited driver ICs include blinking control   Lower system cost by using simpler MCU and
                                 and 8-digit LED display drivers          and PWM dimming with low EMI in a small 16-pin          offloading display control
      MAX6952                    4-wire-interfaced, 2.7V to 5.5V,         Slew-rate-limited driver IC for alphanumeric displays Lowers system cost by using simpler MCU and
                                 4-digit, 5 x 7 matrix LED display        includes blinking control and PWM dimming with        offloading display control
                                 driver                                   low EMI
      MAX6954                    4-wire-interfaced, 2.7V to 5.5V LED      Slew-rate-limited driver IC includes blinking control, Compact, low-EMI solution for medium-sized
                                 display driver with I/O expander and     PWM dimming, and keyscan                               displays and switch arrays shortens design time
                                 keyscan                                                                                         and approvals
      MAX6978                    8-port LED driver with fault             8 constant-current LED outputs; up to 55mA per          Meets self-test requirements for displays in medical
                                 detection and watchdog                   output; ±3% matching; serial interface; reports         devices, speeding design approval
                                                                          open-circuit LED faults
      MAX6979                    16-port LED driver with fault            16 constant-current LED outputs; up to 55mA per         Meets self-test requirements for displays in medical
                                 detection and watchdog                   output; ±3% matching; serial interface; reports         devices, speeding design approval
                                                                          open-circuit LED faults

      Touch-screen controllers
      MAX11800–                  Low-power, ultra-small, 4-wire           12-bit SAR ADC, 1.7V to 3.6V supply, direct and         Tiny wafer-level package enables small designs;
      MAX11803                   resistive touch-screen controllers       autonomous modes, 1.6mm x 2.1mm WLP                     integration reduces cost
                                 with I²C/SPI™ interface
      MAX11811                   4-wire touch-screen controller with      12-bit ADC, I2C interface, proximity driver, automatic Autonomous mode reduces processor burden;
                                 integrated haptic motor driver           power-down, direct and autonomous modes                automatic power-down extends battery life
      MAX1233/MAX1234            ±15kV ESD-protected, 4-wire touch- 12-bit SAR ADC, SPI interface, keypad controller,             Combine touch-screen and keypad controller, which
                                 screen controllers include DAC and low power                                                     simplifies design and saves board space; low power
                                 keypad controller                                                                                extends battery life


      Current limiters
      MAX4995                    50mA to 600mA adjustable current         Adjustable current limit, up to +125°C operation        Adjustability allows precision current limits, thus
                                 limiter                                                                                          enabling smaller power-supply solutions
      MAX14523                   250mA to 1.5A adjustable current         Adjustable current limit, up to +125°C operation        Adjustability allows precision current limits, thus
                                 limiter                                                                                          enabling smaller power-supply solutions

      I/O expanders
      MAX7310                    2-wire-interfaced, 8-bit I/O port        Bus timeout, 2.0V to 5.5V supply                        Lockup-free operation increases reliability; low
                                 expander with reset                                                                              supply voltage simplifies design
      MAX7315                    8-port I/O expander with LED             2.0V to 3.6V supply, 50mA output drive, global and      Ability to drive heavier loads makes designs more
                                 intensity control, interrupt, and hot-   individual PWM intensity control with blinking          robust
                                 insertion protection

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                                                                                                                           Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions (continued)

         Part                           Description                                    Features                                              Benefits

I/O expanders (continued)
MAX7318                    2-wire-interfaced, 16-bit, I/O port   Bus timeout, 2.0V to 5.5V supply                      Lockup-free operation improves reliability; lower
                           expander with interrupt and hot-                                                            supply voltage simplifies design
                           insertion protection
MAX7323                    I2C port expander with four push-     1.71V to 5.5V supply, I2C interface, 20mA sink,       Low-voltage operation and I/O flexibility make
                           pull outputs and four open-drain      10mA source                                           design easier
MAX7328–MAX7329            I2C port expanders with eight I/O     2.5V to 5.5V supply; address up to 16 devices with    Expand port pins without having to switch to a more
                           ports                                 100kHz I2C interface; 10µA quiescent current          costly microcontroller

Logic-level translators
MAX13030E                  6-channel, high-speed logic-level     100Mbps (max) data rate, bidirectional, ±15kV HBM     ESD protection with low capacitance enables high
                           translator                            ESD protection on I/O VCC lines, 2mm x 2mm UCSP       data rates
MAX13101E                  16-channel logic-level translator     20Mbps (max) data rate, bidirectional, ±15kV HBM      Integrates level translation with ESD protection in a
                                                                 ESD protection on I/O VCC lines, 3mm x 3mm WLP        space-saving package

USB transceivers
MAX3349E                   Full-speed USB transceiver with       Full-/low-speed USB, ±15kV ESD protection on          Increases reliability and reduces size by functionally
                           UART multiplexer                      D+/D- lines                                           sharing a USB connector
MAX3453E–                  ±15kV ESD-protected USB               Full-/low-speed USB, ±15kV ESD protection on          Increase reliability by protecting high-data-rate
MAX3456E                   transceivers                          D+/D- lines, 1.65V to 3.6V logic supply               interfaces
MAX13481E–                 ±15kV ESD-protected USB               Full-speed USB, ±15kV ESD protection on D+/D-         Compatible with low-voltage ASICs and ASSPs,
MAX13483E                  transceivers with external/internal   lines, 1.6V to 3.6V logic supply                      thus eliminating the need to add an interface chip
                           pullup resistors

IrDASM product
MAX3120                    Low-profile, 3V, 120µA, IrDA          IrDA 1.2 compatible, 115.2kbps (max), 120µA (typ)     Infrared transceiver allows for optimal placement of
                           infrared transceiver                  supply current, 10nA (typ) shutdown current           optical components

RS-232 drivers/receivers
MAX3221E/                  ±15kV ESD-protected RS-232            1/1, 2/2, and 3/5 driver/receiver options             AutoShutdown™ extends battery life
MAX3223E/                  transceivers
MAX3224E–                  ±15kV ESD-protected, 1µA,             1/1, 2/2, and 3/5 driver/receiver options; UCSP       Increased reliability; small solution size can be
MAX3227E,                  1Mbps RS-232 transceivers with        option; 2.35V, 2.5V, or 3.0V to 5.5V supply options   located on main board or in cable
MAX3244E/                  AutoShutdown Plus™

ESD/line protection
MAX3202E–                  Low-capacitance,                      5pF input capacitance, 1nA input-leakage current,     Easily comply with IEC 61000-4-2 ESD protection
MAX3204E,                  2-/3-/4-/6-channel, ±15kV ESD         1nA supply current, tiny footprint
MAX3206E                   protection arrays
MAX3205E/                  Low-capacitance, 2-/4-/6-channel,     2pF input capacitance, integrated transient-voltage   Increase reliability by protecting high-data-rate
MAX3207E/                  ±15kV ESD protection arrays with      suppressor                                            interfaces
MAX3208E                   TVS
MAX9940                    Signal-line overvoltage protector     Small SC70, low supply current, ±4kV IEC Contact      Protects low-voltage circuitry from high-voltage
                                                                 protection                                            faults, thus improving reliability

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Recommended solutions

      Recommended solutions (continued)

               Part                         Description                                      Features                                             Benefits

      ESD/line protection (continued)
      MAX13202E/               Low-capacitance,                       6pF input capacitance, 1nA input-leakage current,     Increase reliability by protecting high-data-rate
      MAX13204E/               2-/4-/6-/8-channel, ±30kV ESD          ±30kV ESD protection                                  interfaces
      MAX13206E/               protection arrays

      Keyboard scanners
      MAX7347–MAX7349          2-wire-interfaced, low-EMI key-        Monitor up to 24, 40, or 64 keys; low-voltage design; Independent key controllers free up microcontroller
                               switch controllers                     key debounce                                          I/O and reduce software complexity
      MAX7359                  2-wire-interfaced, low-EMI key-        Monitors up to 64 keys, low-voltage design, key       Independent key controller frees up microcontroller
                               switch controller/GPO                  debounce, key-release detection                       I/O and reduces software complexity

      Switch debouncers
      MAX6816–MAX6818          Single, dual, and octal switch         ±15kV ESD protection                                  Improve reliability; ease of use simplifies design
      MAX16054                 Pushbutton on/off controller           ±15kV ESD protection                                  Improves reliability; small size saves space

      MAXQ610                  Low-power, 16-bit microcontroller      1.7V to 3.6V supply, up to 32 GPIOs, IR module, ring Low operating voltage for longer battery life
                               with IR module                         oscillator, wakeup timer, 200nA stop-mode current
      MAXQ612/MAXQ622          Low-power, 16-bit microcontrollers     1.7V to 3.6V supply, 128KB flash, USB 2.0             Extended battery life and easier data transfer from
                               with IR module and optional USB        transceiver, IR module, up to 52 GPIOs                portable device
      MAXQ2000                 Low-power, 16-bit LCD                  20MHz operation, 64KB flash, hardware multiplier,     High integration saves board space; low-power
                               microcontroller                        132-segment LCD controller, 32-bit RTC, 700nA         architecture extends battery life
                                                                      stop-mode current
      MAXQ2010                 Low-power, 16-bit mixed-signal         8-channel, 12-bit SAR ADC; 64KB flash; supply         Powerful, integrated microcontroller saves space in
                               LCD microcontroller                    voltage monitor; hardware multiplier; 160-segment     battery-powered applications
                                                                      LCD controller; 370nA stop-mode current
      MAXQ8913                 16-bit mixed-signal microcontroller    7-channel, 12-bit SAR ADC; 64KB flash; two 10-bit     Single chip integrates multiple functions to
                                                                      DACs; two 8-bit DACs; four op amps; temp sensor;      minimize solution size
                                                                      two current sinks

      Power management

      Switching regulators
      MAX1722–MAX1724          1.5µA IQ, step-up DC-DC converters 0.91V startup, 150mA output current, 90%                  0.91V startup enables single-cell operation, saving
                               in thin 5-SOT23                    efficiency, internal EMI suppression, 100nA in            space, weight, and cost
      MAX1832–MAX1835          High-efficiency step-up converters     4µA quiescent current, 1.5V startup, 150mA output     Simplify electromechanical design with integrated
                               with reverse-battery protection        current, 90% efficiency, < 100nA in shutdown,         reverse-battery protection; turn off power supply
                                                                      battery connected to OUT in shutdown                  when not in use to save power
      MAX1947                  Boost regulator for single alkaline-   Low 0.7V input, internal synchronous switches,        Harvests more energy from alkaline cells to extend
                               battery input                          2MHz switching, 94% efficiency, True Shutdown™,       battery life; high switching frequency reduces
                                                                      reset flag                                            external component size
      MAX8569                  200mA step-up converter in 6-pin       1.5V startup, 200mA output current, 95% efficiency,   Turns off power supply when not in use to save
                               SOT23 and TDFN                         < 100nA in shutdown, battery connected to OUT in      power; increases efficiency by running directly off
                                                                      shutdown                                              of batteries
      MAX8625                  High-efficiency, seamless-transition, 2.5V to 5.5V supply, glitch-free buck-boost            Wide input range maximizes battery life from
                               step-up/down DC-DC converter          transitions, 92% efficiency, PWM or skip modes,        single-cell Li+
                                                                     output overload protection

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                                                                                                                     Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions (continued)

         Part                      Description                                   Features                                              Benefits

Linear regulators
MAX6469–MAX6484       300mA LDO linear regulators with      114mV dropout at 300mA, preset 1.5V to 3.3V in   Integrated reset saves cost and space by eliminating
                      internal microprocessor-reset circuit 100mV steps, 82µA supply current, 100nA shutdown need for a separate voltage supervisor
MAX8860               300mA LDO linear regulator in        60µV RMS output noise, 105mV dropout at 200mA,       Reverse-battery protection simplifies design; small
                      µMAX®                                120µA quiescent current, reverse-battery protection, input and output capacitors save board space
                                                           small 2.2µF I/O capacitor
MAX8902A/             Low-noise, 500mA LDO linear          16µV RMS; 100mV (max) dropout at 500mA; ±1.5%         Low noise and high accuracy enable optimal
MAX8902B              regulators in a 2mm x 2mm TDFN       accuracy over load, line, and temperature; shutdown   performance from sensitive analog circuits
                                                           mode; soft-start

Power-management IC (PMIC)
MAX1565               Five-output power-supply IC          Five switching regulators at 1MHz; 1µA in shutdown; Complete power-management solution in one IC
                                                           supplies for motor, main, core, and LCD from supply saves board space
                                                           down to 0.7V

Voltage references
MAX6006–MAX6009       Precision shunt voltage references   1µA operating current, ±0.2% accuracy, wide           Ultra-low operating current saves battery life
                      in SOT23                             operating range (1µA to 2mA)
MAX6018               Precision, micropower, low-dropout, 1.263V to 2.048V VOUT, ±0.2% to ±0.4% accuracy,        Low operating current extends battery life
                      series voltage reference in SOT23   1.8V supply, 5µA quiescent current
MAX6023               Precision, low-power, low-dropout    1.25V to 5V VOUT, ±0.2% initial accuracy, 30ppm/°C Small package fits in space-constrained designs
                      voltage reference in UCSP            tempco, 1mm x 1.5mm x 0.3mm package
MAX6029               Ultra-low-power, precision series    5.25μA quiescent current, 30ppm/°C tempco, no         Ultra-low operating current saves power; stability
                      voltage reference                    external capacitors needed                            over temperature increases reliability
MAX6034               Precision, micropower, series        2.048V to 4.096V VOUT, ±0.2% accuracy, 30ppm/°C       Small SC70 package eases layout and saves board
                      voltage reference in small SC70      tempco, 90µA quiescent current                        space

Voltage supervisors
MAX6381–MAX6390       Single/dual, low-power µP reset      Multiple thresholds and timeout options; only a few   Versatility eases design reuse; small package saves
                      circuits in SC70/µDFN                external components                                   space in small systems
MAX6443–MAX6452       Single/dual µP reset circuits with   Two manual-reset inputs with extended setup period Avoid nuisance resets; eliminate the need for a
                      manual-reset inputs                  (6.72s), precision voltage monitoring down to 0.63V pinhole in the equipment case
MAX16056–             Ultra-low-power supervisory ICs      125nA supply current, capacitor-adjustable timing     Save power and battery life; adjustable timeouts
MAX16059              with watchdog timer                                                                        allow one IC to be used across multiple applications
MAX16060–             Quad-/hex-/octal-voltage µP          Fixed and adjustable thresholds and timeouts,         Breadth of features and options provides flexibility
MAX16062              supervisors                          margin-enable and tolerance-select inputs,            to meet many design needs, increasing design
                                                           watchdog timer                                        reuse
MAX16072–             µP supervisory circuits in chip-scale 1mm x 1mm UCSP, 0.7µA supply current                 Small package saves space, while low-power
MAX16074              package                                                                                    operation extends battery life

RF solutions

ISM transceivers
MAX2830               2.4GHz to 2.5GHz RF transceiver      2.4GHz to 2.5GHz ISM band operation; IEEE �           Saves space by eliminating the need for an external
                      with power amplifier                 802.11g/b compatible; complete RF transceiver, PA,    SAW filter
                                                           and crystal oscillator
MAX7030               Low-cost, 315MHz, 345MHz, and        2.1V to 3.6V or 4.5V to 5.5V supply, no programming Factory programmed for faster and simpler product
                      433.92MHz ASK/OOK transceiver        required, low current (< 6.7mA Rx, < 12.5mA Tx),    design; low-voltage operation and low current for
                      with fractional-N PLL                5mm x 5mm TQFN                                      long battery life

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Home medical
Recommended solutions

      Recommended solutions (continued)

               Part                          Description                                      Features                                               Benefits

      ISM transceivers (continued)
      MAX7031                   Low-cost, 308MHz, 315MHz, and           2.1V to 3.6V or 4.5V to 5.5V supply, no programming Factory programmed for faster and simpler product
                                433.92MHz FSK transceiver with          required, low current (< 6.7mA Rx, < 12.5mA Tx),    design; 5mm x 5mm package enables small form
                                fractional-N PLL                        5mm x 5mm TQFN                                      factor
      MAX7032                   Low-cost, crystal-based,                2.1V to 3.6V or 4.5V to 5.5V supply, no programming Factory programmed for faster and simpler product
                                programmable ASK/FSK/OOK                required, low current (< 6.7mA Rx, < 12.5mA Tx),    design; low-voltage operation and low current for
                                transceiver with fractional-N PLL       5mm x 5mm TQFN                                      long battery life

      ISM transmitters
      MAX2900–MAX2904           200mW single-chip transmitter ICs Compliant with FCC CFR 47 Part 15.247 for the                High level of integration minimizes the number of
                                for 868MHz and 915MHz ISM bands 902MHz to 928MHz ISM band and/or ETSI EN330-                   external components, thus saving board space and
                                                                  220 for the European 868MHz ISM band                         simplifying design
      MAX1472                   Low-power, 300MHz to 450MHz,            Wide frequency range, low-current operation            Crystal stability increases performance, while low
                                crystal-based ASK transmitter           (5.3mA, operating), 3mm x 3mm package                  power consumption increases battery life
      MAX1479                   Low-power, 300MHz to 450MHz,            Wide frequency range, low-current operation (6.7mA Crystal stability increases performance, while low
                                crystal-based ASK/FSK transmitter       in ASK mode, 10.5mA in FSK mode)                   power consumption increases battery life
      MAX7057                   300MHz to 450MHz, crystal-based         Wide frequency range, programmable synthesizer,        High efficiency in the 300MHz to 450MHz band
                                ASK/FSK transmitter                     antenna-matching network                               reduces transmit time, saving power and extending
                                                                                                                               battery life

      ISM receivers
      MAX1471                   Programmable, 300MHz to 450MHz          High sensitivity, built-in image rejection, and        High sensitivity simplifies design while keeping
                                ASK/FSK receiver                        separate ASK/FSK data paths in a 5mm x 5mm             power low
      MAX1473                   300MHz to 450MHz ASK receiver           High sensitivity, AGC, and built-in image rejection in Built-in image rejection provides a more-reliable
                                with AGC                                a 5mm x 5mm package                                    wireless link
      MAX7042                   300MHz to 450MHz FSK receiver           Best FSK sensitivity and built-in image rejection in a FSK sensitivity improves wireless reception; saves
                                                                        5mm x 5mm package                                      board space

      Real-time clocks (RTCs)
      DS1337                    I2C RTC with time-of-day alarm and      Single 1.8V to 5.5V supply, 1.3V timekeeping           Single supply reduces pin count where small
                                trickle charger                         voltage, two time-of-day alarms, leap-year             packages and simple routing are the primary
                                                                        compensation, 32kHz square-wave output,                concerns
                                                                        integrated-crystal option
      DS1341                    Low-current, I2C RTC for high-ESR       Compatible with crystal ESR up to 100kΩ; low           Ability to drive high-ESR crystals allows use of any
                                crystals                                timekeeping current of 250nA (typ)                     commercially available crystal including smallest
                                                                                                                               surface-mount form factors, thus reducing cost and
                                                                                                                               board space
      DS1372                    I2C, 32-bit binary counter clock with   Unique 64-bit serial number and a programmable         Serial number provides a method of identifying
                                64-bit ID                               alarm                                                  systems without adding an extra component or
                                                                                                                               programming step, thus reducing board size and
                                                                                                                               simplifying design
      DS1388                    I2C RTC/supervisor with trickle         High level of integration (RTC, supervisor, watchdog   High level of integration saves board space and cost
                                charger and 512 bytes of EEPROM         timer), 512 bytes of EEPROM, backup supply
                                                                        voltage, trickle-charge capability
      DS1390–DS1394             Low-voltage, SPI/3-wire RTCs with       Separate SQW and INT outputs, trickle-charge           Automatic backup power switching ensures reliable
                                trickle charger                         capability, UL® recognized, time-of-day alarm,         timekeeping when main power fails
                                                                        automatic backup power switching

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58	                                                                                                                                           Maxim	Medical Solutions
                                                                                                                                                 Home medical
                                                                                                                       Recommended solutions

Recommended solutions (continued)

          Part                        Description                                    Features                                            Benefits


Temperature sensors
DS18B20                   ±0.5°C accurate, 1-Wire digital      ±0.5°C accuracy, 1-Wire interface, unique 64-bit    Simplifies interface when deploying multiple
                          temperature sensor                   serial number                                       distributed precision sensors
DS600                     ±0.5°C accurate analog-output        Industry’s most accurate analog temperature sensor: Improves system temperature-monitoring accuracy
                          temperature sensor                   ±0.5°C accuracy from -20°C to +100°C                and is easy to design with
DS75LV                    Low-voltage, ±2.0°C accurate digital ±2°C accuracy from -25°C to +100°C, 1.7V to 3.7V    Industry-standard pinout facilitates migration from
                          thermometer and thermostat           operation, industry-standard pinout and registers   LM75 to lower supply voltage
DS7505                    Low-voltage, ±0.5°C accurate digital ±0.5°C accuracy from 0°C to +70°C, 1.7V to 3.7V     Industry-standard pinout allows easy accuracy
                          thermometer and thermostat           operation, industry-standard pinout and registers   upgrade and supply voltage reduction from LM75
MAX6612                   Small, low-power analog              19.5mV/°C slope, ±3°C accuracy from 0°C to          Small, low-power solution saves board space and
                          temperature sensor                   +70°C, SC70, 35µA (max) quiescent current           extends battery life

Hall-effect sensor interface
MAX9921                   Dual, 2-wire Hall-effect sensor      Withstands 60V voltage transients and ±15kV ESD     Integrated ESD and diagnostics increase product
                          interface with diagnostics           spikes; built-in diagnostics; controlled ramp for   reliability while saving space
                                                               Hall-effect sensor power	                                                                                                                                                59

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