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Daniel von Tabouillot
Dyrehavegårdsvej 45
2800 Lyngby

+45 5155 1945

Age: 41, born 25. February 1970

1989-1996                  Master of computer engineering from DTU. Focus on computer science,
                           electronics, and mathematics. Thesis: Modeling of the CIBOR rate in
                           collaboration with Unibørs. Certificate.

2005                       SAP education courses in Netweaver, ABAP, BAPI for integration consisting in
                           WebServices, UDDI, .NET & CORBA connectors, etc. (1 & 2)

2007                       DevelopMentor SharePoint 2007 for developers

2002-                       IT-Practice/Asseco Danmark (Senior IT Architect)

                           Asseco Danmark is a development and consultancy company that does custom
                           development in-house and for their clients using a custom agile process based
                           on test driven development and Prince2. Typical development projects run
                  over one to two years and are time boxed to fire week sprints with daily scrum
                  meetings, continuous builds, and based on best practices and design patterns.
                  My role has been as a programmer and architect.

              In-house development – SharePoint 2010 based solution for bio sequence search
               engine. Custom .Net based crawler for articles indexed on SharePoint FAST. .Net
               based dynamic updated and C++ based sequence alignment on GPU cores. My
               role was as sole developer.
              Novo – Embedded development in Visual studio C++, Hudson, Greenhill device
               compiler, unittests, Arm CPU, uC/OS-II, VHDL. Life critical medical device. Part of a
               large development team.
              Volubill – Solaris cluster assistance.
              Novo – SharePoint / Flash integration. A very large SharePoint repository needed
               a graphic navigation tool. Developed in flash ActionScript in Adobe CS4 and bound
               to the browsers Kerberos authentication with javascript. Multi-dimensional
               navigation through SharePoint webservice integration. I was sole developer.
              PBS/Nets – Develop NemID national digital signature solution based on
               WebSphere, DB2, MQ, zOS, FTPS using SAML, WS-I, OCES, OIOXML, Axis2,
               Rampart WSS, Eclipse, ant, maven, svn, cruise control, hudson og junit.
               My role: Interfaces via MQ, WebServices, FTPS, to banks, CPR registret, Unwire,
               etc. Numerous proofs of concept in subsystems. Part of a large development
              Novozymes – Development of an enzyme database and search engine for all
               known public sequences based on Linux (Ubuntu), Perl (bio-perl), Catalyst,
               Mason, PostgreSql, Apache, Ajax, perl, javascript. Active Directory integration
               from Apache with semi-custom Kerberos/LDAP modules for authentication and
              Ministry of Integration – Consolidation and maintenance of IT environment based
               on WmWare ESX, .NET, BizTalk, SqlServer, Oracle Access Manager (CoreId),
               WestBridge XML firewall using C++, SAML, WS-I, OCES, OIOXML. Custom
               development of interface systems.
              Maersk (2002-2007) – projects and my responsibility
                  o Prototypes and proofs of concepts
                  o Oil&Gas – Likewise security system proof of concept.
                  o Custom CRM Key Client feedback tool based on Microsoft Office integration
                      with Access, Excel, Outlook using COM/VBA. Designed, implemented,
                      documented, and deployed.
                  o Intranet & Active Directory integration – search engine and crawler for AD
                      using LDAP & host integration using Oracle and SqlServer. Designed,
                      implemented, documented, and deployed.
                  o IBM – debugging of Maersk’s GCSS booking system due to crashed
                      production platform. C++, PL/SQL on Solaris with Oracle database.
                 o Spare parts work order system debugging and framework changes based on
                   COM+, C++, C#, services, DCOM, JDBC due to memory leaks and system
                o Development of Maersk’s Next Generation Platform 3 java framework
                   based on J2EE, Ant, Struts, JavaCC, Velocity, WTC (WebLogic to Tuxedo
                   Connector), XA Transactions. Designed, implemented, documented, and
                   stress tested.
                o Maersk IT’s internal finance system based on SqlServer, analysis server and
                   data cubes. Maintenance with error corrections and extensions.
                o COM+ Framework proof of concept based on C#, COM+, .NET Components,
                   Enterprise Services, Application Center, .NET Remoting, Security and Pet
                   Shop. Designed, implemented, documented, and stress tested.
                o Maersk Line's Custom Federated Security ( USI ) & custom plugins for
                   special systems based on Kerberos V, GSSAPI, SASL, LDAP, KDC, Active
                   Directory, SSPI, SPNEGO. Main system in java and some plugins in C++.
                   Design, implementation, documentation, stress test, and deployment.
                o Custom CRM - Development & maintenance of Single Customer View based
                   on WebSphere, Weblogic, Oracle, MQ, JMS, JDBC, transactions, EJB, struts
                   with Microsoft Office integration to Access, Excel, & Outlook using
                   COM/VBA. Developed in java with Hibernate, Xdoclet, Subversion(SVN) and
                   .NET framework & webservices. Full text searching on Oracle using fuzzy
                   search and access with Pro*C, Sql, pl/sql, oci/occi. Part of a development
                o At MaerskData/IBM (2003-2006) – development of service contract C++
                   system based on Solaris, Tuxedo, Oracle, MQ, & RougeWave. Lead
                   developer & memory leak and stability specialist. Global system with
                   backend on Solaris with Forte C++ and clients on Windows with Visual
                   Studio C++. Excel embedded in client with very large data populated via
                   COM. Part of a large development team in all phases.
                o Custom rating system based on C++, Tuxedo, Oracle. At the time it was the
                   largest Oracle installation in Europe. Part of the development team.
             TopDanmark – Maintenance of central security system based on Java, CBT,
              Apache, digital signatures, encryption, authentication, etc. and integration with
              WebSphere system coded in Visual Age for Java.

2000-2002            VizionFactory / Transynergy as system programmer

                  VizionFactory developed and sold a custom e-learning solution with editing
                  and execution platforms. I was sole developer on a content management
                  server and a component application server. The execution platform was spun-
                  off to Transynergy to create a mobile platform for large telecommunication
                  companies, so focus changed to load balancing, fault tolerance, and
            surveillance. The system was based on C++ and Corba and run off Windows
            server with IIS and SqlServer as main components in a grid and relied heavily
            XML, SVG, XSLT, web services, omniORB, SNMP, LDAP, etc.

1998-2000   KMD Internet department as system programmer

            Backend systems on Windows using DCOM and later Corba. The first use of
            cross domain DCOM with security with NT4, SP4 resulted in heavy
            reengineering of windows DCOM, RPC, wire protocol, marshaling, security,
            OLE2 and use of internal unpublished interfaces. UML and Rational Rose were
            used for documentation after four weeks formal training. Part of a
            development team and part of all phases.

1996-1998   Dansk Data Elektronik (DDE) – system programmer

            Development and maintenance of a realtime process control system in C/C++
            on Unix with Xwindow frontend and Oracle for extremely critical systems like
            fuel distribution in Copenhagen Airport, the Copenhagen gas production and
            distribution network, and the satellite radio chains connecting all of Greenland.
            Unix variants used were SunOS, Solaris, IRIX, AT&T system V3 & V4, SCO, HP-
            UX 10.

1994-1995   Hvidovre Hospital, department of Clinical Biochemistry – system programmer
            and research aid.

1993-1995   Teaching aid at DTU – 1 year in Digital Electronics and 1½ years in VLSI Design

1996        Continued thesis work with BasisPoint GmbH and produced an Excel plugin for
            GARCH estimation written in C++

Languages   Fluent in verbal and written English and Danish (7 years of school in England)

Interests    Time with the family, weight lifting, read and code bioinformatics/genetics &
            complexity in economics, reading quantum physics.

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