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									Estates and Facilities Department of the University of Bradford – In partnership with ICT

Telnet Communications – Procedure
to Follow

Issue               Date          Comments

1st Draft           24/5/2010     Distributed to relevant persons

2nd Draft

                                  Distributed to all E & F staff to

Document Review Date
                             Telnet Communications Procedure

(Please note: Telnet Communications was previously named TDIE).

As the controller of premises, the University of Bradford has a statutory and social duty to
ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the health and safety at work of all its
employees, and further, to take steps to ensure that the activities undertaken by the
University do not endanger others who may be affected thereby.

The University’s statement of policy on health and safety recognises these duties, and
states also that specific arrangements will be made to cater for special hazards, either of a
permanent nature, or which may arise from time to time. In view of the many and varied
activities carried on by contractors on University premises, it is thought appropriate that a
procedure is in place to all the University to comply with its legal obligations by supplying a
contractor with relevant information to allow the contractor to put relevant health and safety
practices and controls in place to prevent incidents. It is also a duty of the University to
accept that the controls identified by the contractors’ are suitable and sufficient to prevent
injury or ill health.

The observance of this procedure however, does not in any way relieve the Contractor of
his legal or contractual obligations. All Contractors and their employees should be
conversant with the safety rules of the department or area in which they are working and
the Contractor’s Representative has the responsibility for ensuring that this is so.

Purpose of the Procedure
This procedure has been prepared to help ICT and Telnet Communications and their
employees to work safely, and to prevent accidents and injuries to them and to University
personnel. The procedure also aims to assist ICT in complying with the Health and Safety
at Work Act, the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations.
Telnet Communications Procedure
                          Telnet Communications Procedure

Textual representation of procedure
    1. Start / job received.
    2. Provide Telnet Communications with information of known hazards e.g. Asbestos,
        Chemical etc (responsibility: ICT Services).
    3. Asbestos information – Telnet Communications to consult BH! Online Asbestos
        Register (responsibility: Telnet Communications).
    4. Telnet Communications to identify possible Asbestos on cable routed through the
        Asbestos Register and walkthroughs of the route (responsibility: Telnet
    5. Once identified, Telnet Communications to request further information from
        Estates and Facilities Asbestos Assistant. E.g. Additional Sampling and advice
        (responsibility: Estates and Facilities).
    6. Telnet Communications to produce a Health and Safety File (plan of works) for
        every significant job. This File should include safe methods of work that address
        identified hazards. E.g. Working at Heights, Chemicals, Exposure, Asbestos, etc.
        Consult Estates and Facilities Health and Safety Officer if guidance is required
        (responsibility: Telnet Communications).
    7. ICT to Authorise Works – ICT to complete ‘ICT Management of Contractors’ Form.
        Confirm that the relevant information is present and suitable before signing off
        (responsibility: ICT Services).
    8. ICT to confirm that a Site Induction has been carried out by Telnet
        Communications and obtain the signature from the relevant Telnet
        Communications supervisor (Question 8 on the ‘ICT Management of Contractors’
        Form) (responsibility: ICT Services).
    9. ICT to Authorise Start of Works, ICT contact to sign Question 9 on the ‘ICT
        Management of Contractors’ Form (responsibility: ICT Services).
    10. Telnet Communications to commence works as per ‘Telnet Communications –
        Code of Practice’ (responsibility: Telnet Communications).
    11. Carry out on site monitoring as agreed on the ‘ICT Management of Contractors’
        Form (responsibility: ICT Services).
    12. After Works Complete – Sign off works, complete the ‘ICT Management of
        Contractors’ Form. Retain a copy with Telnet Communications Health and Safety
        File, send copy to B. Ellis Estates and Facilities (responsibility: ICT Services).
    13. End.

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