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									National FFA
To learn the following about the
organization: History, Today, emblem,
colors, motto, salute, responsibilities,
creed, and official dress.
FFA History

   1917- Smith Hughes National
    Vocational Education Act established
    agricultural classes in the schools.
   1928- The FFA was established in
    Kansas City, MO. ($.10)
   1965- National Farmers of America
    (African American) merges with the
    Future Farmers of America (White).
FFA History

   1969- females were allowed into the
   1988- name was changed from Future
    Farmers of America to “The National
    FFA Organization”.
FFA Today

   There are three levels the FFA is
    structured on.
    – Local
    – State
    – National
    **local is the most important
FFA Emblem
FFA Emblem

   There are five symbols that are
    representative of the history, goals,
    and future of the organization.
   1. Cross-section of the Ear of Corn-
    provides the foundation of the
    emblem. Corn is the foundation crop
    of America. It also stands for “unity”
    since corn is grown in all fifty states.
FFA Emblem

   2. Rising Sun- signifies progress and holds
    that tomorrow will bring a new day glowing.
   3. Plow- signifies labor and tillage of the
    soil. Considered the backbone of
   4. Eagle- a national symbol which serves
    as a reminder of our freedom and ability to
FFA Emblem

   5. Owl- signifies wisdom. Knowledge
    is required to be successful in the
    industry of agriculture.
   “Agricultural Education”- learning.
   “FFA”- leadership.
FFA Emblem
General Information

   FFA Official Colors:
    – National Blue
    – Corn Gold

    FFA Motto: Learning to do, Doing to learn,
      Earning to live, Living to serve.
General Information

   FFA Salute-
    – I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United
      States of America, and to the republic, for which
      it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with
      liberty and justice for all.

    FFA Creed Handout.
      The creed is to be written 5 times for a 100
      point grade.
FFA Official Dress

   Male- black shoes, black socks, black
    slacks, white button shirt, FFA Jacket,
    FFA tie.
   Female- black shoes, black skirt, white
    blouse, FFA Jacket, FFA scarf.
    – **two main differences are the slacks
      and skirt, as well as the scarf and tie.
FFA Official Dress
Program of Activities
   Each chapter is responsible for
    developing a POA, which is a plan of
    goals for the upcoming year.
Successful Qualities of an
FFA Chapter
   1. Knowledge of the FFA.
   2. Diversity of Membership.
   3. Sharing of Membership
   4. Capable officers.
   5. A challenging POA.
   6. Well planned regular chapter
Chapter Officers

   1. President- presides over the
   2. Vice President- assumes the duties
    of the chair in the absence of the
    president. Develops the POA.
   3. Secretary- prepares and posts
    agenda for each meeting. In charge
    of the minutes of a meeting.
Chapter Officers

   4. Treasurer- receives, records and
    deposits FFA funds and issues receipts.
   5. Reporter- plans public information.
    Releases news and information to the
   6. Sentinel- Assists the president in
    maintaining order.
   7. Advisor- supervises all chapter
Other Possible Officers

   1. Historian- develops and maintains
    a scrapbook.
   2. Parliamentarian- know the rules of
    parliamentary procedure. (Robert’s
    Rules of Order)
   3. Chaplain- presents the invocation
    at banquets and other functions.
Symbols for the officers

   President- Rising Sun
   Vice President- Plow
   Secretary- Ear of Corn
   Treasurer- Emblem of Washington
   Reporter- American Flag
   Sentinel- Shield of Friendship
   Advisor- Owl
Vice President
Meeting Room

   Handout of the meeting room.
   Opening Ceremony
   Closing Ceremony
Parliamentary Procedure

   Uses of the gavel.
-   One tap- (1)follows announcements of
    adjournment, (2)the completion of a
    business item, (3)a message to the
    members to be seated.
-   Two taps- Calls the meeting to order
-   Three taps- stand in unison on the
    third tap.
Alabama FFA Districts

   North- Birmingham northward
   Central- Birmingham to Montgomery
   South- everything south of
Important People in the
   National FFA Advisor- Dr. Larry Case
   State FFA Advisor- Mr. Troy Newton
   State FFA Executive Secretary/South
    District Advisor- Mr. Jacob Davis
   Central District Advisor- Mr. Phillip
   North District Advisor- Mr. Bobby
FFA Degrees

   FFA Degrees can be earned through
    different accomplishments.
   1. Greenhand- learn motto, creed &
    be a first year member. Start an SAE.
   2. Chapter-must have greenhand,
    earn $150 through SAE, show 100 hrs.
    of work.
FFA Degrees

   3. State- must have chapter degree,
    earn $1000 through SAE, work 300 hrs
    on SAE related areas.
   4. American- must have state degree,
    earn $7500 through SAE, work 2250
    hrs. on SAE related areas.

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