An overview of our very successful ISO program including some key quality metrics

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					SMC ISO Program
An overview of our very successful ISO program including some key quality metrics. A look at our NRTL relationships.

Presentation Outline
• ISO-9001:2000
– – – – The standard History at Sierra Monitor Corporation Use at Sierra Monitor Corporation Some key metrics

• Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL)
– OSHA definition – At SMC – Panel Shop

The Standard
• International Organization for Standardization (ISO) • ISO 9001:2000 represents a standard that covers parameters that, when in place, show evidence of a quality management system. • The purpose of the ISO quality standards, albeit very abstract, is to provide a means to document, implement, and illustrate/demonstrate a quality assurance program.

History – ISO at SMC





SMC Quality Policy
• Your Highest Expectation Is Ours

– Our philosophy of top-tobottom quality management is embedded throughout the company. – Management Commitment

The SMC Way
• Why are we registered?
– Our QMS system was closely aligned with ISO 9001. Registration was a logical next step. – It encourages process improvement by the nature of ISO, which results in improved quality. – Customers request it, competitors are registered, and many markets require it. – It enhances business-to-business relationships, as ISO 9001 registered corporations have a level of competency on which to rely.

The SMC Way
• Our overview of Important Quality Management System principles:
– Management Commitment – The concept that our organization is a series of processes – Continuous improvement and monitoring – Documentation/Recordkeeping/Objective Evidence – Customer Focused

How we Measure up.
• Management Review: Semiannual review of key metrics
– – – – – – – – Delivery Cycle MSO Key Customers Customer Comments Repeat Customers FST Support Incidents Corrective Action Nonconforming Product

• Annual self-audit of the entire organization
– Employees are trained in the audit process – Assigned to teams – Verify process compliance by organization

Material Service Orders (MSO)

Material Service Orders (MSO)
• • • • • Warranty returns as a % of eligible shipments = .7% 38,000 items shipped in last 2 years 285 warranty MSO items 105 warranty MSO items performed to specification Warranty cost as a percentage of Sales = .18%

Delivery Cycle
• • • • Book and Ship We ship in days not weeks! Internal standard: we’re tough on ourselves We track annual performance verifying improved performance

Customer Comment Process
Management Overview

Sales CustomerRep. Comment Customer Input problems that would

System is used to address not otherwise be resolved by Customer Comment the QMS. Feedback
Operations Quality Manager


Regional Manager Web

Customer Service

Incoming / In process Inspection
• We inspect at:
– – – – – Receiving (All Raw Material) Post Assembly 100% Test 100% Calibration 100% Configuration

• Failures = Non-Conforming Product (NCP)
– Extensive database of all types of failures and failure points – Hands off to product improvement – Ties to MSO database

– The Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program, • Part of OSHA’s Directorate of Science, Technology, and Medicine. • The Program recognizes private sector organizations as NRTLs, and recognition signifies that an organization has met the necessary qualifications specified in the regulations for the Program. • The NRTL determines that specific equipment and materials ("products") meet consensus-based standards of safety to provide the assurance, required by OSHA, that these products are safe for use in the U.S. workplace. – For purposes of meeting the NRTL product-approval requirements in OSHA standards, e.g., those under Subpart S of 29 CFR Part 1910, OSHA only accepts equipment or products approved by one of the NRTLs

Organizations Currently Recognized By OSHA as NRTLs:
• • • • • • • • • • • • • • Applied Research Laboratories, Inc. (ARL) Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
(also known as CSA International)

Communication Certification Laboratory, Inc. (CCL) Curtis-Straus LLC (CSL) Electrical Reliability Services, Inc. (ERS)
(also known as eti Conformity Services and formerly Electro-Test, Inc. (ETI))

Entela, Inc. (ENT)
(also known as FM Approvals and formerly Factory Mutual Research Corporation)

• FM Global Technologies LLC (FM)
Intertek Testing Services NA, Inc. (ITSNA)
(formerly ETL)

MET Laboratories, Inc. (MET) NSF International (NSF) National Technical Systems, Inc. (NTS) SGS U.S. Testing Company, Inc. (SGSUS)
(formerly UST-CA)

Southwest Research Institute (SWRI) TUV America, Inc. (TUVAM) TUV Product Services GmbH (TUVPSG)

• TUV Rheinland of North America, Inc. (TUV) • Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL)
• Wyle Laboratories, Inc. (WL)

– UL – – – – – 2450 2490 2495 FS-X20 FS-X40


– – – – – – – – –

Panel Shop 2435 20X/200X 5000 5000 IT Products (-02, -28) 5100-05 3100 3200

– FM Approvals

NRTL Panel Shop
• Approved by TUV to UL508A standard • Panels are approved for installation anywhere in the US and Canada. • Panels are made up of recognized, (approved) components. • Safety tested, Safety rated

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