Beat Bob by lanyuehua


									                                                 Beat Bob

                                           By Kirsten Croll ‘11

In mid September the Upper Perkiomen High School students piled into the gymnasium during what
would normally be their fourth mod. They were in store for an intense two hours.
         The school set up three teams. The girls team consisting of Maddy Coffey, Leah High, Brooke
Oliver, Stacey Auckland, Alaina Rae Landis, Kalyn Kates, Rachel Steinman, and Hannah Edwards. The
Boys team had Michael Paul, Casey Perlstein, Justin Minder, JD Ricapito, Jack Strouse, Austin Stitt, and
Dan Rodenberger. There was also a teacher’s team, Mr. Andy Sokol, Mr. Matthew Nomland, Ms. Alicia
Cortese, Mrs. Susan Flack, Mr. Christopher Bieler, Mr. Christopher Lonergon, and Mr. Michael Tirjan
made up that team.
         These teams then were used to compete in a volleyball game against Bob Holmes. Holmes is a
one man volleyball team who plays against larger teams. Holmes has won over 16,400 games and lost
less than 400 games. Holmes can add another 3 wins to his list just from our school alone. He
slaughtered the three teams we placed before him, although there were not any hard feelings after the
         Holmes comes to schools and plays volleyball not to show off his skills but to talk to the
students. He wants students to know that they can do whatever they want if they put their minds to it.
He said it took him years to be able to beat a group of six other people. He also talks about drug and
alcohol use is high schools. He encourages students not to get pulled into evils that they possess. The
last thing Holmes does and his goal is to save one person in the audience. He tells how suicide is not the
only way out and even when it does not feel like it someone cares, even if that one person is Holmes.
         The students loved the assembly and Holmes defiantly made it fun and interactive. It was a
great message and a worthwhile experience that would be great appreciated in years to come.

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