AdSense For Beginners

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					      AdSense For Beginners

How to get AdSense account to take
 advantage of the free site services

       Prepared by :
         Agus Setiawan
         February, 2012
                     Adsense For Beginners

    Utilizing the services of free sites to get the AdSense account

              Preparation guide for AdSense Account

A short tutorial to you who is still trying to get the AdSense account

Motivation for those of you who often fail to get the AdSense account

                           Happy Reading

Who does not know Google AdSense, Google advertising programs that provide
income of not less for the AdSense Publisher.

Google AdSense provides an opportunity for anyone to join. No wonder that
everyday thousands of application into the Google AdSense team. All applications
will be examined and reviewed.

Many site owners have approved the application by the Google AdSense team, but
not few others whose applications are rejected to reasons undisclosed.

Tutorial in my documents is simple way for you can do to get the AdSense account
by utilizing the services of reliable free sites, among others : , and

The third of free site services has been widely used as a way to get the AdSense
account with easy.
AdSense is a program through media internet advertising partnership hosted by
Google. Through AdSense advertising programs, website or blog that has been
registered and approved, may install advertising unit was formed and the material
has been determined by Google. Owners of the website or blog will get profit
sharing for each ad clicked by visitors, know as pay per click system.

In addition to providing ads to the pay per click system, Google AdSense provides
ads, AdSense for Search and Referrals. Owners of the website or blog will get
revenue for every search conducted visitors through the search box, which continues
to click the ads that are included in the search results. Referrals Ads, site owners
will receive an income after clicking on the ad, continues with specific action by
visitor that has been agreed between Google and the Advertisers.

Although it provides great benefits, Google AdSense set strict rules to protect the
interest of all involved parties, including Advertisers who are harmed by the actions
commendable undertaken by the owner of the website or blog, members of the
AdSense programs.
         Free site services to create AdSense account

You can take advantage of free site services to create a blog or website, save
documents or upload video’s. A lot o the internet for free services you can use.
However, I only recommend 3 types of free services that can utilized to create
AdSense account.

   1. Free services to create a website or blog.

   If you want to have a website or personal blog to write down everything you
   know and want to share, either in writing or drawing. Without having a
   headache thinking about setting the HTML code, then I recommend to you to

   2. Free services site for Video sharing.

   You also can use a free service for upload video and can share with others, of the
   many services for free video storage, I recommend to use the

   3. Free services site for documents sharing.

   You have a hobby of writing and making a business presentation or want to save
   the documents?, you can use this services for free and also can share with others.
   I recommend to you to use

   I recommended all of these services because there you can used for free, also you
   can use to create AdSense account, surely there will be some requirements must
   meet and be binding.

Congratulations to those of you who have managed to get the AdSense account.
Although the use of free service site, all sites are trusted his integrity. They will
help you to negotiate indirectly to get account.

During the review, you will be expected to continuously publish articles,
documents or new video’s as a way to convince Google AdSense Team, that you
are seriously to be a AdSense Publisher.

You do not need to care about how much revenue sharing from every click on
ads, because you main goal is getting AdSense account which can use for your
own website or blog with hosting and domain name are paying.

May be useful and successful.

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