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Name                  Sequence Notes                                                Best Practice Trainer
Week 1
Week 2
Week 3
Week 4
Week 5
Week 6

                                            Supervisor Induction Format
Programme Overview            This table records which on the job trainer is responsible for the scope, sequence and
                              equipment training phases.
On the Job Training Purpose   Explains the purpose of On the Job training and the preferred outcome we seek.
Data Entry Induction Module   Documents the scope of training modules that need to be covered through training, example
Overview                      and on the ob practice. It is a scope of foundation skills and knowledge required to perform
                              consistently and secure our system and brand.
Training Sequence             Structures the sequence of Induction so that complexity gradually increases leading to
                              successful performance in finance admin.
Accreditation                 A panel of trainers and management will seek evidence that each module is covered. The
                              training process is validated once all modules are satisfactorily demonstrated and a level of
                              mastery has been achieved.
Equipment Provision           Checklist of professional requirements and resources that need to be acquired through the
                              company’s structures.

Welcome to your on the job Supervising Training programme.

This document is an Overview of your Induction Modules and is to be used as a reference. You are required to initial
each module when you believe that you have become competent. We do not expect you to master every module,
but we do expect a level of competence in each module. Your trainer will also initial each module when he believes
you have reached a satisfactory level of competence.

Purpose of On the Job Training Scope

The purpose of Best Practice Training is to build a consistent and accurate level of confidence and skill in the delivery
of prompt, reliable service that we guarantee, the same way every time. The success of Construct Services is based
upon the foundation of excellent service provision and continuous brand management. We expect that by the end of
your Induction that you will have a fundamental understanding of the skills, knowledge and professional attitudes
required to succeed in financial support.

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                            Page 1
                                                                                                                                       Ind      BPT
1 Package 1              Understands the service codes in action relative to prompt, reliable service that we guarantee
                         consistently, the same way every time.
1   Module 1             We provide prompt service because people have high            Job is lodged within 2 mins, allocated
    Prompt Service       service expectations that their claim for damages will be     within 4 min and first hour call registers
    Provision            honored quickly. Insurance groups rate speed of service.      the initial inspection. We expect to see the
                         They expect that claims will be processed and repaired        job within 24 hours and submit our QR
                         quickly.                                                      within 48 hours. Prompt also means the
                                                                                       work is in progress for a short period.
2   Module 2             We provide reliable service. This means we can be             Works need to be carried out and
    Reliable Service     depended upon to provide a quality service including          completed by qualified and expert
    Provision            value for money the same way every time. This is a            personnel.
                         promise we make contractually and needs to be                 Reliability defines our reputation which
                         honoured. We have to deliver contractual promises.            secures our contracts with Ins Cos.
3   Module 3             We guarantee the service we provide. This means we            Our jobs are methodical, sequential and
    Service              are absolute in the execution of tight, meaningful and        accurate by definition. Careful observation
    Guarantee            purposeful contracts to repair damage. We repair to the       and clarity in process and outcome enables
                         satisfaction of the client every time.                        quality and consistency of product.
4 Package 2              Understands the key players in resolving claims for building damage and how these people
                         relate to the process.
4   Module 4             The insured has a high expectation of service because         We support insurance groups by managing
    The Insured          they have paid a premium and may have a legitimate            the insured’s liability professionally.
                         liability that requires speedy and reliable resolution.       Professional means service for a fee.
5   Module 5             The insurance group needs to resolve the claim for            The insurer competes in a competitive
    The Insurer          damage. The claim is assessed for legitimacy against          market place. They are service based and
                         policy and our observations frame the contract to             brand oriented just like us. We have macro
                         resolve the claim.                                            contacts with a range of companies that
                                                                                       need security, stability and continuity.
6   Module 6             The sub contractor needs clear and precise instruction        Methodical scope provides clear
    Sub Contractors      on exactly what works to carry out. The contract for          instruction and links the sequence of
                         works is clear and will represent his charges accurately.     works, contractors and accounts payable
                                                                                       and receivable.
7   Module 7             Oversees and manages the work flow of each job. He            Focuses upon a proven system that
    Supervisors          prepares the contract to resolve the claim for damages        enables the work flow management of
                         absolutely and reliably.                                      volumes of works in progress.
    Package 3            Best Practice in the Job Cycle – the basic unit of our group. Remember prompt, reliable service
                         we guarantee consistently, the same way every time.
    Module 8             Receive the job and first hour call using standard code       Remember we promise and people expect
    Job Cycle            and registers appointment and builds an inspection run.       a high level of service every time.
    Module 8             Dressed accurately and groomed professionally.                No sun glasses, badge, uniform, shirt
    Arrival              Appropriate and sensitive eye contact is made.                ironed and tucked. Not parked in driveway,
                         View of property shot is taken and check for Your Claim       knock is appropriate and wiping feet is
                         Form and File.                                                obvious.
    Module 9             Language is courteous, clear and confident supporting a       Culturally and ethically sensitive with due
    Job Cycle            professional connection.                                      respect to age, ethnicity, disability, gender
    Initial Inspection   Outline the process in the introduction and frame up the      and religion.
    Introduction         visit. Your manner is important.                              This is a professional visit.
    Module 10            Locate and define the damage. Scope out methodically,         Ladder use is to code.
    Job Cycle            accurately and sequentially. Take clear and meaningful        Learn the patterns of where to look for
    Initial Inspection   photos.                                                       damage.
    Resulting            Double check that the full extent of the damage has           Follow the method of note taking exactly.
    Damage               been observed and recorded.                                   Abbreviations are useful.
    Module 11            Locate the cause of damage and take meaningful photos         Prepare for the exit discussion and be very
    Job Cycle            that demonstrate evidence of the cause.                       clear of your scope of damage and cause of
    Initial Inspection   This can validate a claim so it is important to observe the   damage before beginning the exit
    Cause of             cause to justify the claim.                                   discussion.
    Damage               Note down key phrases of cause to prompt conclusion.
    Module 12            Explains clearly and carefully the resulting damage,          Weaves the important details of the
    Job Cycle            cause of damage and hands over the claim form with            inspection together.
    Initial Inspection   precise wording about excess, job number and contact          You need to be professional and confident.
    Exit                 details.                                                      People listen carefully to your summary.
    Module 13            Dictaphones to system requirements using clear                Learn how to record in 5 min files.
    Dictaphoning         pronunciation and well written notes.                         The Dictaphone will become second nature
                         Use the standard cheat sheets as a reference.                 and finally an extension of the web system.

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                                                  Page 2
                       Take your time and think of the process.                    One day at a time.
   Module 14           We expect a quality product to be sent. It is critical to   Back up your skills by looking through the
   Editing,            edit carefully and make sure that all quotes and reports    green book examples and study perfect job
   generating and      are at standard. Work through a process of editing,         examples.
   sending             generating and sending and stick to the process.
   Module 15           Estimate factoring in materials, labour and plant.          You can improve your estimation by
   Estimating          Consider job complexity, time needed, location and          reading a wide range of current jobs to
                       materials. Understand the margins.                          understand the market. Learn how to
                                                                                   include material and labour content.
   Module 15           Work through your messages methodically. We manage          Look for and understand the patterns of
   Message Board       large volumes of works in progress through the message      messages. Each message has a purpose in
   management          board.                                                      securing the consistent provision of
   Module 16           Activate a go ahead through sending work orders. It is      Learn how to use the job duration
   Job Board           important to understand the sequence of works and           estimate, start date and estimated job
                       how to send important information to the contractors.       completion date.

   Module 17           Scrutinize accounts payable. Consider the value of the      Check and analyze the job cost margins on
   Accounts            invoice against the works carried out. Understand the       every job and understand the final
   payable,            flashing indicators and margins that need to be made on     percentage. Make judgments about profit
   Receivable and      every invoice.                                              and loss. Consider value for money and
   Job Cost                                                                        margin security on every job.
   Package 4           Understanding acceptable invoices….only the standard can be accepted….
   Module 18           Looking at invoice examples that are complete and           Scanning acceptable and unacceptable
   Tax Invoices        accurate and invoices that are unacceptable by tax law.     copies of invoices and distinguishing the
   Module 19           Looking at invoice examples that are complete and           Scanning acceptable and unacceptable
   Invoices we         accurate and that are acceptable to insurance               copies of invoices and distinguishing
   send                companies.                                                  between the two in terms of collecting
                                                                                   payment. For example missing policy
   Module 20           Looking at invoice examples that are complete and           Scanning acceptable and unacceptable
   Invoices for Jobs   accurate and that are acceptable to us.                     copies of invoices and distinguishing
                                                                                   between the two in terms of processing for
   Package 5           Accounts Receivable: The Excess Process…..the job can’t start until the excess is
   Module 21           Understand where the excess is registered and how to        Understand how to register excess
   Excess              validate an applicable excess.                              payment and receipt monies.
   Module 22           Understanding the excess letter cycle.
   Excess Cycle
   Module 23           Understanding the methods of paying excesses
   Package 6           Accounts Receivable: Banking
   Module 24           Understand how to process monies received into the          Monies are received via Cash, Cheque,
   Banking in the      Web and the controls in place.                              Credit Card and Direct Deposit.
   Module 25           Understand how to prepare the physical banking              Banking the money into the bank account
   Banking monies                                                                  and the controls to reconcile these
                                                                                   amounts with the entries in the web.
   Module 26           Understand how to process the monies into the
   Banking in the      accounting system and the controls to reconcile the
   accounting          amounts with the web and bank statements
   Module 27           Understand how to process credit card requests for
   Credit Card         payment.
   Package 7           Accounts Receivable: Processing Invoices
   Module 28           Understand how to process the different types of            Understand the controls in place to agree
   Invoice entry       invoices from the Web into the accounting system            the daily data entry and the GST
                       including the end of day reconciliation.                    treatment.
   Module 29           Understand the End of Month reconciliation process and
   EOM                 controls

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                                     Page 3
   Package 8           Accounts Receivable: Outstandings
   Module 30           Review and understanding the outstandings policy.
   Policy review
   Module 31           Complete the end of month outstanding process.                Printing off and distributing the invoices for
   EOM Process                                                                       the states.
   Module 32           Perform the reconciliation between the web and the            Perform the reconciliation and understand
   Monthly             accounting system of monies owed.                             how to investigate differences.
   Module 33           Process and enter refund cheques in the web and the           From time to time we need to refund
   Refunds             accounting system.                                            monies paid to us because of overpayment
                                                                                     of a cancelled job.
   Module 34           Understand how to make adjustments in the web and
   Additional          Debit / Credit Journals in the accounting system
   Module 35           Perform and run the ‘Unallocated Credits’ report.             Understand the importance of this control
   Unallocated                                                                       report and reviewing it on a weekly basis.
   Module 36           Undertake calls to insurance companies and loss               Ensure file notes are reviewed and added
   Collection Calls    adjusters to collect monies.                                  to.
   Package 9           Accounts Payable: Overview
   Module 37           Understand the types of costs and GST treatment for the
   Types if invoices   various types of invoices the business receives: Job
                       Costs, Overheads, Capital
   Module 37           Review Subcontractor Information Pack
   Sub Contractors
   Module 38           Understand how invoices get sent into the business and        Invoices are mailed, sent via fax to various
   Invoice receipt     how they are stored and flow through the system.              offices, sent via e-mail.
   Module 39           Understand the chart of accounts and the coding
                       philosophy used.
   Package 10          Accounts Payable: Job Costs
   Module 40 Life      Understand the life cycle of an invoice in the web and
   cycle invoices      the ‘status’ of invoice.
   Module 41 The       Review the invoice screen and understand the
   invoice screen      information it presents to the user
   Module 42           Enter job costs into the web for approval, noting the split   Invoices can be entered via an APIN
   Entering of         of costs between Labor / Materials / Hire and ensuring        number, Job number or Job Address
   invoices            the accuracy of GST.
   Module 43.          Understand when it is appropriate to approve costs on
   Approval of         behalf of supervisors and how to document that
   invoices            approval.
   Module 44.          Perform an upload of invoices into the accounting             Upload invoices into the account system
   Upload of           system. This includes processing rejected invoices.           noting the controls in the web and the
   invoices                                                                          accounting system.
   Module 45 Audit     Perform an audit of invoices waiting to be approved.
   of pending
   Package 11          Accounts Payable: Business Costs
   Module 46           Understand the approval and information required to
                       process business costs.
   Module 47           Enter invoices into the accounting system.
   Package 12          Accounts Payable: Pay Run
   Module 48           Perform a weekly pay run.
   Module 49           Write-out cheques for payment.
   Module 50           Perform an end of month pay run.
   Module 51           Perform a review of invoices to be paid
   Package 13          Accounts Payable: Payments in Advance
   Module 52           Understand why we need to make payments in advance
   Overview            from time to time and the risks and controls.
   Module 53 State     Enter cheques issued by the state offices into the
   cheques             accounting system
   Module 54           Enter and process other payments into the accounting
   Other payments      system and the risks and controls.
   Module 55           Enter and process other payments into the accounting
   Credit Card         system and the risks and controls.

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                                           Page 4
   Package 14         Accounts Payable: Sub-contractors and creditors Maintenance
   Module 56          Add a subcontractor to the web.                            Note the controls and ABN checks we
   Module 57          Add a subcontractor to the accounting system               Note the type of creditor classifications
   Module 58          Update payment terms for a subcontractor and the
                      changes required after a subcontractor is inducted.
   Package 14         Accounts Payable: Creditor Queries
   Module 59          Understanding the type of queries and process to           Knowing when to refer the query to your
   Queries            resolve queries.                                           line management.
   Module 60          Perform a query using JIWA and a web database query
   Package 15         Accountants Payable: Controls
   Module 61          Review creditor statements and take necessary action.
   Module 62          Review process to audit invoices waiting to be approved.
   Module 63          Review process to review invoices to be paid in the
                      accounting system.
   Module 64          Run and review the ‘Unallocated Creditors’ report in the
                      accounting system.
   Module 65          Run and Review the ‘CR/GL Reconciliation Report’ in the
                      accounting system.
   Package 9          Service at Point of Delivery
   Module 31          The importance of understanding service at point of        The value of service through efficiency and
   Service Delivery   delivery.                                                  effectiveness.
                                                                                 Efficiency is about doing things quickly with
                                                                                 attention to detail.
                                                                                 Effectiveness is about making good
                                                                                 decisions and communicating well within
                                                                                 your role zone.
   Package 10         Professional Development and Performance Management
                      Professional Development is about learning more about      Performance Management is about
                      your role and our company. We have clear parameters        analyzing your performance against key
                      and service codes that secure our performance and          performance indicators. It is about goals,
                      reputation.                                                tasks, strategies and analsis of your
                      Excellence within your role is important to company        importance. You work with your line
                      performance.                                               manager to continuously improve. We all
                                                                                 do the same programme of Performance
   Package 11         Financial Management of Jobs Overview
   Cost Control       Finance Personnel need to know the basics in job cost
                      control using he Eclipse system as this understanding
                      can support supervisors.
   Package 12         Business Relationships
   Business           All business actions and conversations build business      Learning the importance of service codes
   Relationships      relationships that are linked to our effectiveness,        and our professional manner.
                      efficiency and reputation.
   Package 13         Low Level Financial Queries
                      Finance personnel interact with low level financial
                      queries and provide information quickly and effectively.
   Package 14         Accreditation

                      On the job Accreditation – during on the Job Induction you will learn through observing others with professional
                      skills, knowledge and attitudes. Your trainer will sign off on your scope coverage and demonstration of competence
                      for each module. This is an important form that you must keep as it represents to us when you did your induction and
                      who you did it wit and any further areas that we need to keep working on to secure people in their roles in line with
                      company needs.

                      On Line accreditation - will occur when you interact with our On Line facility and answer survey and test items
                      designed to help you with your familiarity and guide our company in professional development provision. We basically
                      record who you are, when you were inducted and what your responses to Induction were. This helps us to tailor PD to
                      suit your needs and ensure the company responds to personnel requirements.

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                                        Page 5
Conclusion –

Induction is a foundation of our commercial stability and security.

We ensure that Inductees are introduced to our company in a consistent and methodical process that covers the
length, breadth and depth of our organization. We replicate our system diligently which requires attention to detail,
teamwork and leadership.

Induction is also integral to professional development and performance management in the longer term.

Construct Induction…a framework for repair building excellence……..

Construct Services Finance Personnel Induction...a framework for building excellence.......                    Page 6

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