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									                      Chapter 15: The Adventures of Odysseus

1. Which two gods were the Greeks' greatest Allies?

2. Why were the Greeks later punished by these gods?

3. What power did Apollo give to Cassandra?

4. Why did Apollo turn against her? What was Cassandra's fate?

5. What happened to Agamemnon, Menelaus, and Ajax after they left Troy?

6. Ajax would have survived, if he did not possess which characteristic?

7. How long did Odysseus wander, before he saw his home?

8. Who is Penelope?

9. What task did she want to complete before she would marry any of the suitors?

10. Why was the task never completed?

11. Why did Athena favor Odysseus?

12. Which god had no sympathy for Odysseus?

13. Who is Telemachus? What is his personality like?

14. What did Athena disguise herself as?

15. What did she instruct Telemachus to do?

16. Which two men most likely knew something about Odysseus' fate?

17. Whose form did Athena take the second time she appeared to Telemachus?

18. Which god were Nestor and his sons offering a sacrifice to?

19. Why did Menelaus have to hold down Proteus?

20. What did he and his men hide under?

21. Which nymph kept Odysseus?

22. Of what were Hermes's sandals made?
23. What could his wand do?

24. Why did Calypso not want to free Odysseus?

25. What did she make for Odysseus?

26. Who spots Odysseus on the sea?

27. Why did Odysseus not want to die in the storm?

28. Who helps Odysseus in the storm? What does she tell Odysseus to do?

29. Who calmed the waves?

30. To whom did the country (where Odysseus washes ashore) belong?

31. What was their way of life?

32. Who finds Odysseus in the trees?

33. What did she set out to do?

34. How did she (and her servants) complete their work?

35. What does she do for Odysseus?

36. Why can't she take him to her father herself?
Odysseus' Tale at Court of the Phaeacians

37. Ten days after leaving Troy, why did Odysseus have to tie down some of his men?

38. Why is Posiedon angry with Odysseus?

39. What did King Aeolus give Odysseus? What is in it?

40. Why does he give it to him? What does his crew do to it? What happens as a result?

41. Who destroys the whole fleet except for Odysseus' ship?

42. Who lives on Aeaea?

43. What happened to Odysseus' remaining crew?

44. How does Odysseus avoid their fate?

45. Who tells Odysseus how to save himself?

46. What eventually happens to the crew?

47. How is Odysseus told to get to the entrance to Hades?

48. Who is he supposed to consult?

49. What is Odysseus supposed to do to make him come?

50. To whose island is Odysseus to go next?

51. Who lives there and why are they harmful?

52. To avoid these people, what does Odysseus order the crew to do to themselves and


53. At the Island of the Sun, what are Odysseus and his crew not to do?

54. What does the crew do and what happens to them?

55. What did the King of the Phaeacians and the chiefs give Odysseus before he leaves the

56. Where does Odysseus wake up?

57. Who is disguised as a shepherd?

58. What does Athena disguise Odysseus as?

59. Where does Telemachus go before going back to his house?

60. Who does he find there?

61. What does Odysseus tell Telemachus to hide?

62. Who is Argos and what does he do after he recognizes Odysseus?

63. What does Odysseus tell Penelope when she calls for him?

64. What two challenges does Penelope give the suitors?

65. Who completes the challenges?

66. After the fight, who does Odysseus spare?

67. How does Odysseus finally prove himself to Penelope?

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