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					                                       Earning with Google Adsense

                Earning with Google Adsense
If you haven't heard of adsense ( yet, your missing out on an awesome
program that can make you rich.People are making upwards to $10k/day or more, but as you
know those are top earners. how much am I earning? About $100/day a day! Not bad right? is it
hard? Hell no! Let's get started. Follow this tutorial and you can easily earn $3k a month, but it'll
take a bit of work. You will need some website skills such as ftping and chmoding files to your
server,etc.. You do need some computer skills to follow this tutorial. NO SUPPORT IS GIVEN

1.) Get RSSGM ( It’s Free. Sorry, but since I’m not that author of this
program, I don’t provide support for this script. There will be a tutorial at the end of this tutorial
that will teach you how to install it

2.) Get a decent web hosting services, I use HG
(, it’s only $10/month for unlimited domains.

3.) Get cheap .info domains at… If you email support with 50+ domains, you
get each domain for only $1.29! It doesn't matter what extension domains you get, it's just that
.info domains are cheaper. You should probably buy about 10 domains first if you are new just to
test results.

4.) Create five blogger blogs per domain. What are blogger blogs? head over to
and make 5 manually or you can purchase this tool that will automate the process at to easily create blogs .

5.) Post links (links from the RSSGM sites you make) to your blogger blog to get them indexed. I
post around 10 links to each blog and then ping them afterwards to get them indexed. You have to
keep doing this manually for about a week and about twice a day to get them indexed. To ping
your blogs, you can head over to and enter your blog information to get
spiders to come visit your website. A better route would be to purchase the package at, it comes with a blog and ping software that you can just hit start and
It'll automatically blog and ping your blogs. I know Blogging and pinging is confusing at first, so
let me explain...

Once you post links on ( is the best because it's owned by google, so
don't be tempted to go for other type of blogs even if they sound easier) and ping them it'll get
your website indexed. Pinging is notifying the search engines to come to your website and index
your websites. That's as easy as I can explain it, if you need more help try to google the answer for
"Blog and Ping" topics. DO NOT BE LAZY AND DO YOUR RESEARCH.

6.) That's it. Now you just wait till your RSSGM sites get indexed. RSSGM creates thousands of
pages, so once you get them in search engines you will see a lot of money.

As promised, here's a tutorial on how to install RSSGM:

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                                 Earning with Google Adsense

                        How to Install RSSGM V1.35

Here is the instruction that comes with the script:

Remember that I don’t provide support (It’s not my script) for this, so please email
the author of the script and ask for help. It’s a free script though, so don’t expect too
much support for it or any for that matter. If you want support for a content
generator, you might want to go and purchase one. I just wanted to help you a little
in succeeding, but I’m not going to be your personal coach. Alternatively, there is a
forum here: with a section with RSSGM. Currently, they are
approving members one by one, so it might take awhile before you get in.

If you haven’t downloaded RSSGM yet, go here:

Or (direct link)

Note: If you do not know how to upload files to your ftp server, chmod your files,
and edit php files, you should quit now and go read some tutorials on them or just
forget about content generators all together.

Imporant: Do not install this script on an existing domain, it will overwrite some of
your files. Install this on a completely new domain.

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                                 Earning with Google Adsense

Alright let’s get started.

   1.)   Unzip all the contents of onto your desktop so you can
         upload them to your ftp later.

   2.)   There is a file called config.php, find it and open it with wordpad or your
         choice of php editor.

   3.)   Look at the above picture. Remove “Your Site Name” with the name of
         your site. Replace “mymainkeyword” with the main keyword, if your site
         was about cellphone, you should enter cellphone. Replace “pub-
         8720587178527143” with your adsense pub id. Don’t know how to find
         your pub id? Look at the screen shot below circled in red.

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                              Earning with Google Adsense

      As for the chitika pub, I don’t have an account (didn’t get approved). So
what I did was open up the file called “chitika.php” and edited it so it would look
like the screen shot below, save and exit when done:

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                                     Earning with Google Adsense

       Alright, time for peakclick. Honestly, I’m not sure if it’s worth signing up for
peakclick. In the last 3 months, I only made $30. You have to get approved by admin
first before even getting paid, how annoying is that? Look at this:

“In order to receive your first payment, you have to contact us and explain in detail the source
of your traffic. Once we receive and approve this explanation, you will be able to receive
payments. Rest assured that all the clicks you send while your account is pending approval are
being counted accurately. The clicks are displayed in your stats console.

We require all affiliates to go through this process. You will only go through this process once.
We established this verification system to prevent fraud and cheating. The fewer cheaters in our
system, the better bids we get from our advertisers. This process protects your income by
maintaining the stability and credibility of our program.”

Anyways, I’m not sure if they are going to even pay me or not. It looks like a hard
and long process just to get paid. But it doesn’t matter, because they let your scrape
their information for free. If you want, go to and sign up for an
account. After you sign up, you will want to find your aff. ID#. Click on “Feed Details”
to the left when you login. Look in the red areas:

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                                Earning with Google Adsense

Change the aff. Id from 851 to your id. Leave the sub aff. Alone. Save this
config.php file when you are done.

  4.)    Find the “Keyword” Folder and open up.

       There should be a filed called Keywords.txt, erase everything in it and insert
your own keywords. Let’s say your site was about cell phones. Yours should look like
something like this:

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                                 Earning with Google Adsense

        My list is usually around 1000 keywords long (if you are looking for a painless
way to build your list, you might want to check out
). The script uses this keyword file to create a number of pages according to how
many keywords you got. Let’s say you have 1000 keywords in keywords.txt, RSSGM
will create 1000 pages. Alright, save when your done.

   5.)   Alright, it’s time to upload the files to your server. Open up the folder
         rssgm-1.35, there’s a folder called rssgm. Upload the whole folder called
         rssgm including all the files within it onto your server. Chmod the files and
         folder (all the files and folder include public_html) to 777 or 755 according to
         your server, if you don’t know which one, try both and see which one work.
         If you are using HostGator , it’s chmod 777. If you don’t know how to chmod
         your files, try googling your answer for help. All ftp programs are different,
         so each one is done differently.

   6.)   Run the file generator.php. If your site URL was,
         you should run this URL:

         It should look like this when you run it:

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                             Earning with Google Adsense

      If you run into any errors, it’s usually a CHMOD problem. So   change it!

7.)   Alright, it’s time to add more articles. Go to

                                       Page 8
                              Earning with Google Adsense

 It should look something like above. It’s pretty simple to follow, just enter the
keywords you want your articles to be based on and other information and click
“Do it”. It will create articles base on those keywords for your website.

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                                 Earning with Google Adsense

     That’s it, easy right? If it was too hard, you might want to go and learn how to
  edit html/php and learn more about building websites.

  Imporant: I am not the author of this script, so I do not provide any support for
  this script! I was pretty nice enough to make this tutorial with pictures, so please
  take some time to learn how to edit html/php and upload/chmod files.

  Remember, these are the two TOOLS that you MUST get in order to be earning a
  lot of money with adsense: - Creates blogger blogs fast and comes with a
  blog and ping software to get your website indexed. - Grabs keywords while you sleep. Perfect for

  Of course you can do them manually, but you will save time. Time is money which
  you cannot waste. Follow this e-book with a dedication to succeed and you will be
  earning money in no time. Like I've said before, DO NOT BE LAZY.

You may give out this e-book to your friend, give it away as a bonus, or give it away to
                      build your list BUT MUST NOT BE SOLD.

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