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					      DINING OUT
                                    Tastes of Lincolnshire, sponsors of Lincolnshire Life’s Taste of Excellence

      The Laughing Buddha
      When asked if I could review The Laughing Buddha, I knew this would be
      a totally new and different dining experience for myself and my companion.
      The restaurant is actually a “buffet style,” where they offer an ‘all you can eat’
      menu, a challenge in itself!!!
      Words: Michelle Gage

             s we stepped into the warm restaurant out of the        Our waiter then explained that when we were ready,

      A      cold wind, we were greeted in the entrance with a
             gold Laughing Buddha statue… in China he is
      known as the loving and friendly one. The Buddha is
                                                                   we could just go up to the buffet bar and help ourselves.
                                                                   This made a refreshing change from sitting eating bread
                                                                   rolls whilst you wonder how long your first course will
      based on an eccentric Chinese monk who lived over            take. The restaurant at this time was busy and
      1,000 years ago and according to legend if one rubs his      obviously a popular choice for diners. As we picked up
      great pot-belly he brings forth wealth, good luck and        a warm plate each and started to wander round the
      prosperity. He is also referred to as the patron saint of    buffet bar, we both were amazed by at how big it was
      restaurateurs, as when one over-eats or over-drinks,         and with such a wide variety of choice. There was
      friends jokingly attribute it to the Laughing Buddha’s       cuisine from Malaysia, China, Japan and Indonesia.
      influence. Well, needing all of those, whilst my             There was also another buffet bar where the chef is on
      companion thought I had gone mad, I rubbed the belly         hand to prepare fresh Sushi for diners.
      and am now awaiting my wealth and good luck.                   Each dish is clearly labeled to what they are, so to
         Our waiter led us to our table, which were all            begin with myself and my companion both opted for the
      individual booths, offering a feel of privacy for the        all-time favourite Aromatic Crispy Duck and pancakes
      diners. The décor was warming and subtle lighting            with hoi sin sauce and finely sliced spring onions and
      created a very relaxed ambience. We were asked if we         cucumber. We also sampled the chicken sesame toast,
      would like a pre-dinner cocktail and the special that        vegetable spring rolls and crispy seaweed. The waiters
      evening recommended to us was the “Coco Angel”. This         are on hand at all times to clear your empty plates
      was a mixture of cognac, chocolate liqueur, kahlua,          ready for you to return to the buffet again, and serve
      coconut milk and cream and tasted delicious.                 your choice of drinks. I found them all to be very

106   LINCOLNSHIRE LIFE • December 2008
                                                                THE PENNY FARTHING
professional, pleasant and friendly and always smiling.         4 Station Road, Timberland, Lincolnshire LN4 3SA
   Whilst we sipped a glass of an Australian white
chardonnay wine, we were both eager to visit the buffet       B&B 4* AA Approved
again and sample even more of the dishes on offer. The        • Seven new large
buffet itself is exceptional with a variety of cuisine and      en-suite rooms

I opted for the beef with mushrooms, Singapore rice           • £50 single - £60 double
noodles, Szechuan chicken, and shredded crispy beef.
                                                              • 32” digital TV’s
My companion selected the stir fried king prawns in
Peking sauce, egg fried rice in butter and sesame,            • Free internet

chicken teriyaki, Malaysian chicken wings, beef with          • Real chefs cooking real food
ginger and spring onion and if that wasn’t enough he          • Good cask ales
topped it off with a Malaysian beef skewer and                Sara and Robert                                01526 378359
convinced me to try the chicken version. All the dishes       welcome you                          

were delightful, and prepared and cooked to an
excellent standard and are all traditional recipes.           THE GEORGE HOTEL, LEADENHAM,
                                                              LINCOLNSHIRE LN5 0PN
   After a third visit to the buffet to sample even more      Telephone: 01400 272251 Fax: 01400 272091
dishes, we both commented on how we were enjoying             Where can you get the choice of over 1,000 different
                                                              drinks (including over 600 different whiskies); the best
this style of dining as it gives you the opportunity to       steaks in the UK; a restaurant where quality, variety
sample so many different types of oriental cuisine that       and value for money are the main items; a welcome
                                                              when you arrive and a farewell when you leave? Only
we probably wouldn’t have ordered in a traditional style      at The George at Leadenham. Country & Western
restaurant.                                                   every Friday in The Stable Bar 8.00 till 12.00.

   For dessert for those who can manage it, there again
                                                              THE BLUE BELL INN,
is a buffet style chocolate fountain, with all different      1 MAIN ROAD, BELCHFORD
types of fresh fruit, cakes and ice cream. Whilst             Tel: 01507 533602 A warm welcome awaits you
contemplating what to have, the manager of The                at The Blue Bell Inn, Belchford, situated on the
                                                              Viking Way between Horncastle and Louth. Here
Laughing Buddha, Tim Pan explained that we were to            you will find a selection of cask ales, fine wines and
                                                              a varied menu of fresh local food cooked to your
be treated to a new dessert to The Laughing Buddha            liking. Food served Tue-Sat 11.30am-2pm and
that they normally only offer on “Flaming Buddha              6.30pm-9pm, Sun 12 noon-3pm. Winner of Taste

                                                                 Simply the best...
                                                              of Excellence 2004 George Adams Best Pub Food.
Night” (Tuesday and Wednesday evenings). This is a
speciality flambé dessert and our waiter wheeled over
his trolley to our table and asked me to choose a
selection of the fresh fruits on offer. I chose
strawberries, melon, banana, kiwi and pineapple, which
he then placed into a hot pan and flamed in brandy.
Before serving he then sprinkled the dish with brown
sugar and golden syrup. I have to say I have never
tasted fruit prepared in this way, and was a lovely
refreshing dessert.
   Overall our experience to The Laughing Budhha was
wonderful, and one I would highly recommend readers to
try. With imaginative and delicious food that is superbly
presented and all you could possibly eat for the amazing
price of £10.95 per person, in these hard “credit
crunch” times it is exceptionally good value for money.

 The Laughing Buddha
 40 Silver Street, Lincoln. LN2 1EW
 Telephone 01522 548361

 Lunchtime 12 noon – 6pm £5.95 per head
 Evenings 6pm – 10pm £10.95 per head

 Tuesday and Wednesdays 6pm – 10pm £9.90 per head

                                                               Out soon - don’t miss it
 (buffet, plus speciality flambé dessert and a cafetiere of
 fresh coffee).

 Christmas and New Years party bookings now being taken.

                                                                                                             December 2008 • LINCOLNSHIRE LIFE    107

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