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                  The Roots of Your

                                               Wine Cask Tas
                                                               ting Room

Steel Industry Overview: Acier Leroux / Russel Metals
Key Note Speaker: Gregg Schoppman, FMI
AISC / CISC Market Forecasts
New Meet-a-Member Sessions
IPD / BIM Case Study Workshop                                              Barrel R
Unique Supplier Interaction
SPN Annual General Meeting
Golf / Vineyards / Shopping
And much more..

  2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
                                                                 March 27 th, 28 th, 29 th
                                                                   Napa Valley, CA
2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
                                  Table of Contents:

    Introduction                                                             Page 3

    Villagio Inn & Spa Description                                           Page 4

    Villagio Inn & Spa Property Layout                                       Page 5

    Golf Outing & Shopping Tour                                              Page 6

    AGM Registration Form                                                    Page 7-8

    Redeeming Canam Points                                                   Page 9

    Event Agenda                                                             Page 10-11

    2010 Project of the Year Entry Form                                      Page 12

    Pre-Registration Sponsors                                                Page 13

     Left to right: Paul Pascoe—Aldershot, Paul Seibel—ACL Steel, Ron Bass—Victoria Steel

      2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
                                Strengthening the Roots of Your Business

March 27 th , 28 th , 29 th in Yountville, CA

Steel Plus Network, LLC is pleased to welcome all delegates and guests
to the 2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting this coming
March 27th, 28th, 29th, in the adventurous Napa Valley, California.
The Napa Valley provides a beautiful backdrop for the meeting and its
surrounding towns and villages, which are filled with places of charm
and elegance that serve to enhance the experience. SPN has decided to
take a sweeping change of direction with respect to the location and itin-
erary of the 2011 AGM to rekindle the interest of our members and to
bring them a more sophisticated and engaging networking experience.
The theme of our AGM blends well with the principle harvest of the re-
gion in that both require a focus on
“Strengthening the Roots of Your Business” to get the best yield.

We at SPN, have taken our experience of past AGMs and combined it with the feedback of our members and rolled it
into a format that boosts the quality of the experience and the value of the information presented. We have also fine tuned
the agenda to allow for more informal networking time. In support of this format, the number of formal presentations and
organized meetings has been reduced to stimulate a more interactive event than previous AGMs. Whether you are inter-
ested in hearing from industry leaders (AISC / CISC), learning from professional consultants like Gregg Schoppman, or
you simply want to mingle with fellow fabricators and mine their ideas, you are sure to find something to take home to
your business.

Playing host to the 2011 SPN AGM is the Villagio Inn & Spa, which is centered in downtown Yountville, CA. Yount-
ville boasts the highest percentage of 5 star restaurants in the nation (most within walking distance) and is located just an
hour and a half north of San Francisco. The Villagio Inn & Spa is the premier destination for anyone looking to experi-
ence this amazing region. Wine Spectator Magazine is quoted as saying that the Villagio is "The ideal pied-a-terre for
anyone intent on exploring the glories of America’s pre-eminent wine region". It is a great place for inspiration.

On the recreation side we haven’t forgotten our golfers. We have you playing at Eagle Vines Golf course - a premier golf
course - whose beauty will astound you (see pg7). For those of you who bring a guest, we have also organized a quaint
shopping trip to St. Helena, which is just a short drive (20 minutes) from the Villagio. St. Helena is home to many unique
shops and restaurants that are sure to please; along with numerous wineries in the area if shopping isn’t your bag.

                                                 This year’s destination was selected to peak the curiosity of both wine
           Important Dates:                      enthusiasts and food lovers while at the same time providing an inspira-
                                                 tional environment that is conducive to your networking and learning
   Project of the Year Submission:               experience. Knowing how important relationships are to your business,
                 2/1/10                          our goal is to provide a venue that both inspires and revitalizes that inter-
                                                 est and also provides a format that encourages the unique partnership of
         Registration Deadline:                  our members. Please join us as we prove that the sum of SPN’s Members
                2/15/10                          is greater than its parts!

             2011 SPN AGM:
                                                 Best Regards,
                                                 Steel Plus Network, LLC

         2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
                                       Villagio Inn & Spa Description:

All SPN delegates and guests will enjoy the Italian cluster-style architec-
ture, balconies and fireplaces in their suites. In addition to this each suite
will wrap you in luxury with a down comforter, oversized sunken bathtubs,
              luxurious robes in a stylish and private setting.

                                                                                            Personalized attention with
                                                                                           assertive hospitality and ser-
                                                                                           vice are the standards at the
                                                                                              Villagio Inn & Spa. Their
                                                                                           team of professionals is ex-
                                                                                              perienced in customizing
                                                                                             and coordinating agendas
                                                                                           that may range from private
                                                                                            and exclusive executive re-
                                                                                           treats up to full-scale, multi-
                                                                                            tiered conclaves and auxil-
                                                                                                      iary events.

Architecturally engaging, Spa Villagio's soothing fountains, cascading waterfalls and serene reflecting pools lead to
Napa Valley fieldstone and hewn wood interior spaces. Spa guests are enveloped in an atmosphere of quietude and
                       creature comfort from the moment of entry into the central reception atrium.
 Equal to this level of luxury are Spa Villagio's varied treatment offerings that integrate Mediterranean influences with
essential elements indigenous to Napa Valley. A professional staff trained in the art of wellness and personalized ser-
  vices create the special touch which remains the hallmark of the Four Diamond award-winning Villagio Inn & Spa.
2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
            Villagio Inn & Spa Property Layout:

                                                 2011 SPN Activities
                                                        Annual Golf Outing:
In past years, SPN has set the bar high when it comes to our annual golf outing. This year will be no
different! Just a short 20 minute drive down California’s highway 29 will take us to Eagle Vines Golf
Club & Vineyard, designed by World Golf Hall of Famer, Johnny Miller. Once there, we will enjoy a
buffet style lunch at the course restaurant and shotgun start to this 18 hole adventure.

                                         Eagle Vines Vineyards and Golf Club is the premiere Napa Val-
                                         ley golf course situated in the foothills with vineyard views in
                                         every direction. This course was founded on the belief that na-
                                         ture and golf were meant to co-exist in magnificent harmony;
                                         Eagle Vines has made a profound commitment to protecting
                                         the extraordinary natural environment of the beautiful Napa Left to right: Sylvain Boucher-Peddinghuas,
                                                                                                          Michel Begin-Proco, Éric Bélanger-Linde,
                                                                                                                  Eric Lacombe-Acier Cartier

                                         Be prepared to experience the perfect blend of a first-rate facility highlighted by a challenging golf
                                         course tucked into the beautiful landscape of the Napa Valley.

                                         Of course all of this is just a setup for your opportunity to network with other members and supplier
                                         partners. So be sure to take a few practice swings between now and then so you can put your best foot

                                                     St. Helena Shopping Tour:

Why should the boys have all the fun this year?
During Tuesday afternoon’s golf outing, we’ve
prepared a fun and leisurely trip to one of Napa’s
best kept secrets, the city of St. Helena. Just 15
minutes from the Villagio, the beautiful surround-
ings of St. Helena will provide you with the quin-
tessential wine country experience.

Starting with a luxurious lunch at one of St. He-
lena’s elegant restaurants you’ll immediately be swept away in the moment. Then, we’ll enjoy a stroll through the historic downtown, brows-
ing the galleries, specialty shops, and one-of-a-kind boutiques. Whether you are looking for jewelry, clothing, gifts, specialty food products,
or art you’ll find it here!

Lastly, we’ll make a pit stop at one of the many wineries in the area and enjoy a private cellar tour before heading back to reality. Don’t
worry though, we’ll get you back in time to freshen up before the boys return!

While you’re in Napa, there is no doubt that this will be a trip that you’ll remember for years to come, so be sure to sign up when you register!

                     2011 SPN Registration Information
                                          Attendee Registration Form:
                   Please complete this form and return to Sonia Vachon via email or fax:
                                                     Fax: (450) 934-6433
Attention SPN
Shareholders:                                          Or you can Register Online at
Please note that you pre-
paid part of your first reg-
istration fee. Please indi-           Business Name:
cate which registrant you             Address:
would like to apply this to
                                      City, State:                        Zip Code:
in the table below.
                                      Telephone:                          Fax:
                                      Main Contact E-mail Address:

                  Do you intend on using your Canam points to pay for your accommodations?
                                                                                                   Yes              No
                                 (See page 5 of this brochure for more details)

                                                       Pre-paid     General       Spouse                                 Shopping
      Attendee Names                   Arrival Depart                                               Golf        Clubs
                                                      Registration Registration Registration                               Tour
 (One person per line, please)          Date    Date                                               ($145)       ($25)
                                                         (Y/N)       ($600)       ($375)                                   ($45)

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                                     $            $                Y/N          L/R          Y/N

                                                       $ Subtotals
                                                                     $            $            $            $            $
                           (All amounts are in U.S. Dollars):
                                                                                  Total Amount To Be
          *Total Rooms Required for reservation purposes
                                                         #                       Invoiced by SPN (Not $
                    ($265 per room + Taxes & Bell Fees):
                                                                                     including Room):

  Credit Card Information for Hotel Reservation (All information is confidential).
        Company Name:

        Name of Credit Card Holder:
        Credit Card Number :

        Credit Card Name : American Express MasterCard        Visa                Expiration Date: _______________

                                    Redeeming Canam Points
                                           Canam Rewards Your Loyalty:

Steel Plus members attending the 2011 SPN Annual General Meeting in Yountville, CA can have their airfare and hotel ac-
commodations paid for by using their Canam Points.

To qualify for this option, the total amount of your travel expenses cannot exceed your total Canam Points.

To apply for reimbursement using your Canam Points, please send the following documents (prior to the event) to the atten-
tion of Helene Jacques at Canam: and Sonia Vachon at SPN:

        Date of departure & return + Departing airport
        Date of arrival and departure at the Villagio Inn & Spa

*Please note that you must apply prior to the event to eligible for reimbursement. No invoices or bills
that have been paid directly by the member will be refunded.

When submitting your request, please mention that it is for the 2011 SPN AGM. Canam will then reserve your trip with their
agency by using your Canam Points.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at:


Regular mail:
   Steel Plus Network, Inc.
   142-1800 Blvd Corbusier Street
   Laval, QC
   H7S 2K1

Phone: (450) 934-6360
Fax: (450) 934-6433
                                                                    Left to right: Sott Parker-Parker Fabrication, Bill & Libby
                                                                   Macuch-Macuch Steel, Paris & Ray Kazemi-Structure Breton

                                                             Left to right: Dennis Doherty-Doherty Steel,
     Left to right: Sally Lauck-Community Steel,                    Robert Beauchamp-Data Draft
     Sylvain Boucher-Peddinghaus, Steve Farrow
      -Peddinghaus, Vincent Lo-Excelcon Steel,
             Jeff Lauck-Community Steel

                   2011 SPN AGM Schedule of Events
                                             Sunday March 27th:
10:00am - 3:00pm     Welcome Registration

2:00pm – 5:00pm      Yountville Walking Expedition                                     Gregg Schoppman, principal at FMI, is a
6:00pm – 7:30pm      The Praxair Wine & Cheese Tasting                                 leading management consultant for the con-
                                                                                       struction industry. Gregg has had many
7:30pm               Opening Dinner                                                    years of construction industry experience
                                                                                       and is well versed in the challenges that our
                                                                                       fabricators face. He will not only change the
                                                                                       way you see your business, but also provide
                                             Monday March 28th:                        you with tools that could shape your success
                                                                                       for years to come!
6:30am - 8:00am      General Breakfast
                                                                                       For his NCS audio interview, Google:
8:30am - 9:00am      Leroux / Russel Metals Industry Overview                          “Gregg Schoppman: Productivity to Profit-
9:00am - 10:00am     AISC / CISC Market Forecast
10:00am - 11:30am    After the Storm—Thinking Past the Downturn:
                     Gregg Schoppman—FMI

11:30am-1:00pm       Design Data Lunch Break

1:00pm - 1:45pm      IPD / BIM Case Study:
                     Gregg Schoppman will present an actual SPN member project that used BIM / IPD as a
                     case study.
2:00pm - 3:00pm      Best Practices Session:
                     Breakout sessions for members to learn ways that they can improve productivity in their
                     business by learning from each other.

3:00pm-5:30pm        Afternoon Break

5:30pm - 6:00pm      Napa Bus Tour to dinner
6:00pm - 7:30pm      The Sherwin Williams Wine Bar Social
7:30pm – 12:00am     The Canam Gala Banquet / Dance & SPN Award Presentations

                    Left to right: Vasilica Barliga-Technyx, Bob Winchester-SPN, David Lesway-Praxair,
                     Jay Shubrook-Sherwin Williams, W. Doni Riddle-Sherwin Williams, Sonia Vachon-
                         SPN, Bruce Basden-Basden Steel / SPN Chairman, Kathy Guilfoyle-Magnus

                      2011 SPN AGM Schedule of Events
                                              Tuesday March 29th:
7:00am - 8:30am           General Breakfast
8:30am - 11:00am          SPN Annual General Meeting:
                                   SPN Business Outlook
                                   Regional Program Strategy Breakouts
11:30pm - 5:30pm          2 Activity Options:
                                   Golf Outing at Eagle Vines Vineyard & Golf Club
                                   Ladies Day Out Shopping Tour in St. Helena
6:30pm-7:30pm             Praxair Cocktail Hour
7:30pm-8:30pm             Appetizers & Golf Awards presentation
                          Dinner on your own...

                                            Supplier of the Year Award; Left to right:
                                             Guy Cyr-SPN, Sonia Vachon-SPN, David
                                                    Lesway-Praxair (Winner)

   U.S. Fabricator of the Year Award;                                                       Project of the Year Award; Left to
    Left to right: Bruce Basden-Basden                                                     right: Matt Chapman-SPN, Pieter Cru-
   Steel / SPN Chairman, Bill Macuch-                                                        son-Dutch Industries (Receiving for
          Macuch Steel (Winner)                                                             Empire Corporation–Winner), Sonia

                                         Canadian Fabricator of the Year Award; Left
                                         to right: Ray Kazemi-Structure Breton (Winner),
                                           Bruce Basden-Basden Steel / SPN Chairman

                                     2010 SPN Project of The Year
                                           Project of the Year Details and Criteria
As we fast approach the date of this year’s SPN AGM, we want to take the                                             2009
opportunity to invite all members to submit their entry for the
                                                                                                         North American Project of the Year
2010 “Project of the Year”.
                                                                                                             Empire Iron Works
This year, we’re once again going to be highlighting the top 2 semi-finalists from mem-                       Art Museum of Alberta
bers’ submissions for each of the United States and Canadian members. The two final-
ists entries will be invited to the stage at the Gala Dinner to present the details of their
project to the conference.

This year we’ve asked a few (3) ―friends‖ of the Network to assist us by participating as
an impartial ―jury‖ for the competition. These folks come from some of the largest engi-
neering and construction companies in North America. We’ll supply them with the infor-
mation and criteria (detailed below) that they will need to award the 2010 SPN North
American ―Project of the Year‖.

You’ll still send all of your submission materials to our office and we’ll be responsible
for arranging the jury meetings.

      ***As a special bonus, the winner of this year’s award will be featured in an ad in Modern Steel Construction***
                                                 Please note: All entries must be submitted by Feb. 15, 2011.

                                                                         Good luck everyone!

                                       Project of the Year Submission Guidelines:
 The Project of the Year Award of Steel Plus Network is an annual recognition to the teams in the United States and Canada, who created
 steel structures of outstanding complexity and dimension in 2010.

 If you have a project that deserves recognition, we encourage you to submit your proposal no later than February 15th, 2011.

General Guidelines:                                                                 Selection Criteria:
   1. Complete the Application Form                                                         Tonnage (5 points)
   2. Write a letter describing the project’s particularities, challenges, and              Square feet (5 points)
       achievements, and stating why the project deserves the award.                        Use of SPN technologies (5 points)
   3. Send high-quality project photos in which juries can see key aspects                  Quality of the photo (10 points)
       of the construction site.                                                            Networking (5 points)
                                                                                            Complexity (5 points)
                                                                                            Use of SPN Suppliers (15 points)

Project Name/
Nom du projet :

City / Ville :

Sub Category / Sous-catégorie :

Bridge/Pont                          Highway/Autoroute                  Institutional/Institutionnelle
Industrial/Industrielle              Commercial/Commerciale

  Be part of the showcase of submissions for Canada and U.S. at our award celebration to be held during the Gala Dinner in Yountville, CA.

                                                              Good luck to everyone!

    2011 SPN AGM Schedule of Events
A Special Thanks to Our Pre-Registration Supplier Sponsors!

             Acier Leroux / Russel Metals

                        Amcan / Jumax

                         Canam Group

                  Controlled Automation

                           Design Data




                      Sherwin Williams
               Your 2011 AGM Planning Team:
        Bob Winchester
        Regional Manager U.S.
                                                                  Our Montreal
        Kansas City, MO                                            office has                                moved!
        816-623-3271 Phone
        816-623-3333 Fax                     The new address as of Dec. 15th, 2010 is:
                                                  142-1800 boul. Le Corbusier
                                                      Laval, QC H7S 2K1
        Matt Chapman                                Telephone: 450-934-6360
        Regional Manager Canada                        Fax: 450-934-6433
        Edmonton, AB                        *Remittance address for US checks remains                        unchanged at:
        780-430-7799 Phone                   P.O Box 11683, Fort Wayne, IN 46859
        780-665-7168 Fax

        Sonia Vachon
        Director of Commercial Agreements
        Montreal, QC
        450-934-6360 Phone
        450-934-6433 Fax

2011 Steel Plus Network Annual General Meeting
                            March 27 th, 28 th, 29 th
                              Napa Valley, CA


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