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					     The Stanley and Lambert families             The Vigneron
    have combined to create authentic
     Australian Barossa Valley wines –
   wines that reflect one family’s proud
   heritage and another’s exciting vision
     for the future. This partnership of
    two families is focused on creating
    fruit in the bottle to be enjoyed by
           themselves and friends.

                                                  The Lambert Family was seduced to the
                                                  Barossa Valley from the USA in 2003, making
                                                  their home on a vineyard in this unique wine-       The Barossa Valley
The Winemaker                                     making region. Jim Lambert made a commit-           The Barossa was settled mainly by German
                                                  ment not just to grow grapes, but to develop        Lutheran families in search of a place to
                                                  an outstanding vineyard that would produce          practice their religion without persecution.
                                                  wine of the highest quality. The partnership        The first families started to arrive in the valley
                                                  with grower and winemaker ensures the               in 1842 and planted vineyards of Shiraz,
                                                  quality of the crop from vine to wine.              Smeillon & Grenache which flourished in the
                                                                                                      Mediterranean climate. The Barossa Valley has
                                                                                                      become one of the most famous wine regions
                                                                                                      in the world, but many wineries still make
                                                                                                      meticulously hand crafted wines, as they did
                                                  Restaurant Wine of the World                        years ago, requiring great patience and care.
                                                  The Stanley Lambert approach to winemaking
                                                  has bestowed to them the position of one of the
                                                  restaurant wines of the world. In the restaurant,
                                                  where the true wine excels, Lindsay Stanley has
                                                  delivered the perfect compliment to the chef’s
                                                  craftmanship. The Thoroughbred Cabernet
                                                  Savignon has tantalized the palates of diners in
                                                  some of the world’s best restaurants: The 360 in
                                                  Toronto; Old Ebbitt Grill in Washington, D.C.;
                                                                                                         Barossa Valley Way, Tanunda, SA, 5352
                                                  Raffles Hotel in Singapore; The Olive Branch at
                                                                                                                Phone: + 61 8 8563 3375
The Stanley Family has been making wine in        Clipsham, UK; Renaissance in Aspen, CO and
                                                                                                                   Fax: + 61 8 8563 3758
the Barossa Valley since 1973. Lindsay Stanley,   Rockpool Restaurant in Sydney. These are a few            Email:
a winemaker in the time honored tradition, has    of the global restaurant market embracing the           Web-Site:
applied many techniques, gained from years        Thoroughbred. Highly rated and applauded
of experience in creating honest wine. This       by both customers and chefs, Stanley Lambert
link with wine dates back to the 1880s when       is constantly expanding its position as a most
Lindsay’s great grandfather sold wine to          suitable accompaniment to fine food around
miners in the Barossa Goldfields.                 the world.
2002 Full-Sister Semillon            2001 Thoroughbred Cabernet                 2001 August Shiraz
Hand picked, the crushed             Small in size, the Cabernet                August Friedrich Beelitz was Lindsay Stanley’s great grandfather
grapes receive skin contact for      Sauvignon berry can produce                who sold his wine to miners in the Barossa Goldfields in the
24 hours prior to clarification      wine of great complexity.                  1880’s, and toasted the horse’s birthday on the first day of every
and fermentation. After light        Prolonged fermentation on skins            August. The honest, authentic August Shiraz is dedicated to him
French oak aging for 6 months,       and patient maturation for 30              and is the hallmark of the Barossa. For this wine we select fruit
the wine is full-flavored and        months in French and American              from mature vines, and, after fermentation, the wine spends
dry with a fresh limey complex       oak casks has produced this wine           15 months in American and French oak before release. Intense
finish. The Red Drinker’s            with solid fruit flavors, vanilla oak      with berry and liquorice aromas, the 2001 Barossa Shiraz is
White!!                              characters and a bold finish.              rich and flavorsome, a perfect partner to beef, and will age well
                                                                                for up to 10 years.

                                     2004 Pristine Chardonnay                2001 Dundee’s
2001 BlackSheep                      A distinctively fresh                                                    2001 Mustang Sally Shiraz
(Shiraz/Malbec/Merlot)               Chardonnay kept in its pristine         Dundee’s is a medium bod-
                                     form by the non-use of any oak.         ied wine with harmonious,        Mustang Sally is a soft spicy Shiraz
The Shiraz gives ripe black-         The wine displays soft pear             savory and supple flavors.       with earthy fruit characters. The palate
berry and raspberry flavors,         and melon characters with a             The Cabernet gives the wine      shows light berry flavors with sweet
the Malbec contributes strength      crisp clean finish. This wine is        a leaf and berry character       soft tannins and a gentle finish. It is
and cherry characters, and the       recommended to drink as an              which is complimented by         designed to drink now, for any occa-
Merlot, with its violet silkiness,   aperitif or as an accompani-            the soft violet flavors of the   sion, and especially with a no nonsense
softens the wine.                    ment to light dishes.                   Merlot grape.                    burger and sausage barbecue.

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