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Sept 11 AFA News


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									                                     Hurlburt AFA News
                                        AFA Unit of the Year 1999, 2003
                         AFA Large Size Chapter of the Year 2004, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2010

          AFA Mission                    Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association
To promote a dominant USAF and a                                    Sept 2011
   strong national defense, and
To honor Airmen and our AF Heri-
   tage.                              Hurlburt Chapter Sponsors Teacher for Space Camp
         To accomplish this we:
EDUCATE the public on the critical       The Hurlburt Chapter sponsored Ms Melanie Peters from Holly-Navarre Intermediate School
   need for unmatched aerospace       to attend Space Camp for Educators at Huntsville, AL. The Chapter sponsors at least one
   power and a technically superior   teacher per year to this outstanding teacher education event in order to promote STEM educa-
   workforce to ensure US national
                                      tion in the classroom. The teacher then brings this education back to share with her students in
ADVOCATE for aerospace power
                                      her classroom, her co-teachers in her school, and to other teachers in our area by participating
   and STEM education.                in our Teacher Workshops. Melanie attended the course in July of this year and is now working
SUPPORT the Total AF family and       with our other chapter teachers and members to teach at the Pensacola Teacher Workshop on
   promote aerospace education.       5 Nov. She will also be an instructor during our Hurlburt Teacher Workshop in the early part
                                      of 2012.
        Inside this issue:               Melanie wrote an article describing her experiences at Space Camp at our request, and that
                                      article begins below and continues in this issue. Portions of the article will also appear in the
Space Camp-Cont                2      November issue of the Air Force Magazine. Melanie---THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!
President’s Report             3
Election Results               3                       Space Camp Summer                            by Melanie Peters
ROTC Scholarships              4      July 8th, 2011, 11:29 EST. Hands shaking, throat closing, tears welling...I was on the edge of my
Report from Nat’l Con- 4              seat and exactly where I was supposed to be. The atmosphere was teeming with excitement as I
vention                               strained to hear the T-minus countdown over the roar of the crowd. I rode the wave of their
                                      collective cheers rising like a crescendo and fading into silent awe, fighting to keep my compo-
Report from State              4      sure but losing the battle as I shared the moment of a lifetime with hundreds of other avid space
Convention                            campers, fellow educators, and NASA enthusiasts who spilled out of the seats and into the aisles.
Upcoming Events                5      The surge of emotion made a muck of linear thought, but I recall thinking if I couldn’t be
                                      strapped in the crew compartment of STS-135 or on my feet in the bleachers at Cape Canaveral,
AFSOC OAY Awards               5      then it was a privilege and an honor to rate a reserved seat in the balcony of the Space and
Team Hurlburt Awards 5                Rocket Center’s 3D theater for the astronaut-narrated live viewing of the space shuttle’s final
                                      launch. I know where I was at the shuttle program’s grand finale. How I arrived there is a story a
Chapter Leadership             5      quarter of a century in the making …
Space Camp-Cont                6          When your mother is a teacher, the classroom is your second home. You know what kind of
                                      soda is stocked in the teacher’s lounge and the principal’s office is just another place to toss your
Community Partners             7      backpack. You hear the stories, know the tricks, and learn how to play the game. Teachers dote
Space Camp-Cont                7      on you, peers envy you, and somewhere along the way, you are institutionalized. Though I may
                                      have entertained other occupational aspirations, from paleontologist to pop star and artist to
Calendar of Events             8      astronaut, my stars were aligned for education from the beginning. I was raised in a classroom,
                                      so it isn’t a surprise I should follow in my mother’s footsteps and inherit a classroom of my own.
                                      Like most teachers, my classroom is my comfort zone; my happy place. So it was an earth-
       Air Force Association          shattering event when I realized half-way through my sixth year that I wasn’t happy—not even a
        1501 Lee Highway              little—and it became increasingly apparent as the school year drew to a close that the summer
   Arlington, VA 22209-1198           before my seventh year was crucial, that I was experiencing a substantial seven-year-itch, and if I
           1-800-727-333              didn’t do something drastic I was going to have to close the grade book for good and admit de-
    AFA Hurlburt Chapter # 398        feat. Maybe it was the economic downturn, standardized-test pressure, or professional burn-
            PO Box 9418
                                      out…whatever it was, one thing was terrifyingly certain, I’d lost my spark.
   Hurlburt Field, FL 32544-9418
             Websites:                January 28th, 1986, 11:38 EST. Let’s time travel. My first spark of inspiration... fueled by liquid
Air Force:             www.af.mil     hydrogen. Legions of students were tuned in around the country, eyes glued to those ancient,
National AFA:        www.afa.org      bloated, small-screened television sets on portable carts to watch a teacher—a teacher!— lift off
Florida AFA: www.afaflorida.org       into space. Over-achiever that I was, I had a front row seat to witness the Challenger disaster
Hurlburt AFA:                         and the world as I knew it was forever altered 73 seconds after lift-off. An image forever burned
       www.hurlburt.afaflorida.org    on my brain, a ghost that haunts my memory, and one of the reasons I became a teacher. (cont)
  Page 2                Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association — Sept 2011
Space Camp -Cont         May 13th, 2011, 13:15 EST. Time Warp! Fast forward twenty five years…I was going through the
paces, suffocating in stagnation, counting the days to summer vacation, when in walked Glenn. Glenn Rutland, a close friend,
mentor, and finalist in the Teachers in Space Program, walked in and announced the Hurlburt Chapter of the Air Force Associa-
tion wanted to sponsor a teacher at Space Camp for Educators in Huntsville, Alabama, and I should definitely e-mail them and let
them know I wanted it. Here’s the thing about Glenn. She knows me better than I know myself. She knows I want things before I
know I want them and she isn’t the type to take no for an answer. She breezes out as quickly as she breezes in and I’m left in
stunned silence, challenged to pick up the momentum and keep the ball rolling—all the way to Alabama.
July 7th, 2011, 5:15 EST. I’m in heaven…I mean Huntsville. I’m on top of the world. The parting image of my loving family in
my rearview mirror is five hours old as a new image steals my attention. As I take Exit 15 off I-565 the U.S. Space and Rocket
Center rocket park looms into view. The address is One Tranquility Base. How cool is that? It’s just a short jaunt to the Univer-
sity of Alabama, Huntsville, where I’ll be checking in at the Charger Village residence hall for camp. I can barely contain my ex-
citement as I haul my luggage up to the resident desk. They know who I am…they’ve been waiting for me. I was sure I would be
one of the first to check in until I was informed all of my fellow educator campers had checked in the night before. Due to an
arrival date e-mail glitch, I was almost eight hours late to my first day of Educator Space Camp. At first, the information didn’t
register. Then, as I shakily climbed into the first car of my own personal emotional roller coaster, I wondered what absurd curve
ball fate was attempting to throw me.
    There was no time to wallow in self-pity or even to secure my bag in my suite…my first mission was to join my crew at din-
ner in the dining hall, ready or not. The first hour was a whirlwind and I felt like Alice, fallen down the rabbit hole. In retrospect,
I imagine I was experiencing what new students feel when they enter an already established classroom after the school-year has
commenced. After a quick introduction, I sat down with my tray in the midst of strangers who knew each other. I’d missed out
on breakfast, a team-building activity, lunch, and lunar sample certification, but thankfully in time for shuttle orientation and mis-
sion training. I was a live wire without appetite, too occupied studying faces, listening to their animated conversations, and strug-
gling to find my bearings, to touch my food. I was greeted skeptically by most as “Mystery Girl.” After all, I had crashed the Space
Camp party a day late; the concept was inconceivable.
July 7th, 2011, 20:00 EST. I found myself in the simulator for Atlantis Mission training, safely ensconced with my crew within a
crew. I wasn’t sitting at the table in the dining hall for ten minutes before
we were mobile to shuttle orientation and mission training. I hit the
ground running, juggling my very own bright blue flightsuit, camper badge,
and tote stuffed with materials. Given my state of emotional upheaval,
the camp staff tossed me a bone, giving me my first choice in mission
positions—on the orbiter, mission specialist 2, in the thick of the action
but enjoying minimal responsibility. I shared the mission specialist moni-
ker with a kindred spirit, a rock-climbing middle school science teacher
from Arkansas, who liked to monkey around almost as much as I did.
Our mission in the mission, it seemed, was to keep the mood light in the
orbiter as the Commander and Pilot sweated over checklists. Our crew
within a crew remained tight for the duration of camp—bonded, we did, inside the Atlantis orbiter.
July 8th, 2011, 7:30 EST. I am, officially, one happy camper. Our bus arrived at Challenger Village at University of Alabama,
Huntsville, bright and early to transport us to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for breakfast. In just a few short hours, the crew
of STS-135 would take off from Cape Canaveral in the spectacular shuttle program finale. We sat down to breakfast in the dining
hall as a complete crew, having bonded over an impromptu post-training meet and greet, accompanied by the Pathfinder shuttle
on display outside and the STS-135 shuttle crew readying for lift-off per NASA channel broadcast on multiple monitors.
                                      Space Camp for Educators is fast-paced so as soon as breakfast concluded we were on a bus
                                      for a visit to HudsonAlpha, Institute of Biotechnology. I am ashamed to admit I’d never heard
                                      of the institute before but I can guarantee you I will never forget it. Entering the institute, the
                                      first thing we all noticed is the atrium, an open, airy space that could be considered the heart
                                      of the building. HudsonAlpha aims to inspire Alabama youth to careers in science and my
                                      question is: Who wouldn’t want to work here?
                                          After successfully extracting DNA from fruit, we said our goodbyes and hustled back to
                                      the One Tranquility Base for the LIVE Atlantis launch in the 3D theater, narrated by astro-
                                      naut Don Thomas. It was a “where were you when…” moment for every person present. I
                                      was still riding a wave of euphoria when I was told I would not be eating with my crew but
                                      would eat instead with Don Thomas at the VIP luncheon. It was an honor to meet him face
                                      to face and sit at his table, but I was more impressed with a starry-eyed camper who sat
                                      across from the two of us, a young lady who exuded confidence, interest, and potential. In a
                                      gesture of encouragement, I asked her for her autograph, which, blushing, she humbly
                                      scrawled in my notebook. Someday in the future, when she’s on a Mars Mission, I can say I
                                      knew her when she was a fresh-faced pre-teen bombarding Don Thomas with questions
                                      about the International Space Station. That girl is going places, I thought, she has the spark.
                                      Who did that girl remind me of?                                (Continued on pg 6)
        Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association Sept 2011                                         Page 3

                                                  President’s Report
    Hurlburt Chapter Members, this is my final article as your Chapter President. As of 1 October, I turn over the reins of the
chapter to the capable hands of Fred Gross. I have served as your President for four years, and before that, as your Vice Presi-
dent for two years. It is time! I didn’t really set specific goals for our Chapter during my term. I simply wanted to continue the
excellent work we had done in the past, and expand upon that if possible. I believe we have been successful in that regard. We
have expanded our JROTC scholarship efforts from one school to three, and added scholarships for the University of West Flor-
ida AF ROTC unit. We have been able to provide at least one teacher per year a scholarship to Space Camp, and we have con-
tinued our Outstanding Hurlburt Teacher Workshops. After assuming responsibility for all AFA members in the Pensacola area,
we also began working to support the AF members at NAS Pensacola and Whiting Field. Under the capable guidance of John
Jogerst, our Aerospace Education VP, and with the support of our unmatched teacher members, we are now expanding to in-
clude a Pensacola Teacher Workshop based at the National Flight Academy aboard NAS Pensacola supported by the NFA and
the 479th Flight Training Group. The Hurlburt Teacher Workshop continues to win both State and National Exceptional Service
Awards as the Best Single Program in AFA, and the addition of the Pensacola Workshop should solidify that for the near future.
Thanks to Yogi and our teacher members for their outstanding efforts in producing these educational seminars for the teachers.
We also have continued our support to the Visions of Exploration Program, the Regional Science Fair, and many other school
related events from Okaloosa to Escambia County.
   Our support to the AF family continues through our Military Recognition Programs and sponsorship of prizes for Team Hurl-
burt and the 505 CCW Quarterly and Annual Awards programs, the AFSOC OAY program, Pitsenbarger Awards to our CCAF
graduates, Team Pensacola Annual Awards, the Commando Drill Meet for JROTC units, donations to the Family Readiness Cen-
ter, and support of various other events at both Hurlburt and NAS Pensacola.
   In various Awards Categories, Hurlburt continues to lead the State and the nation. 2010 marked the 16th year in a row that
Hurlburt was selected as Large Chapter of the Year for Florida. 2011 marked our first year as an Extra Large Chapter, and also
our first Extra Large Chapter of the Year Award. The Chapter also earned Large Chapter of the Year Awards at National in
2008 and 2010, and has earned multiple National Exceptional Service awards in various categories, including two this year.
   I encourage each of you to get involved with your Chapter. In spite of the fact we now have some 730 members, we are still
unable to fill our Executive Vice President position, and still have vacancies in several other board positions. We don’t need you
to volunteer to do everything, we just need you to volunteer to do one thing--in an area of interest to you. Every little bit helps,
and extra volunteers certainly take the pressure off the elected and appointed officers. Please get behind Fred and your new
slate of officers and help them maintain the outstanding reputation of the Hurlburt Chapter. We have done a lot with the help
of a relatively small percentage (4-5%) of our members. Think what we could do if we just doubled that participation level!!
   For those of you who have taken an active role in your Chapter over the past 6 years or so, I thank you. Your help made us
successful. I will remain involved in local and state AFA activities (I was elected Secretary for the Florida State/Region in July and
assume that post on 1 Oct), so you will still see me around. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOU DO!! Dann

                           AFA HURLBURT CHAPTER 398 ELECTION RESULTS
  Congratulations are in order! Not only to our newly elected and appointed officers, but also to the membership. This
was the first year the Chapter conducted it’s election via e-mail. In the past, and also this year, we began by announcing the
elections in our June newsletter and then reminding folks to vote via email. However, when the ballot went out in June, we
were still hoping for a VP candidate (which never materialized) and left a caveat that the ballot could be revised. As it turned
out, we also needed to have the membership vote on three constitutional changes which were not mentioned in June. There-
fore, everyone was requested to vote via e-mail in response to a new ballot that was e-mailed out in August. The congratula-
tions come from the fact that we received 39 responses from our membership. That amount easily doubles (or triples) previous
numbers of ballots received in the past few elections. Of course, that still only accounts for 5% of our membership overall (and
about 7% of our valid e-mail addressees.) Thanks for taking the time to reply to my e-mail and vote.

Fred Gross was elected as Chapter President and will serve a 2 year term.
There was no candidate for Vice President and only one write in vote for the position.
Danny Webb was re-elected as Treasurer for another year.
Ned Calvert was re-elected as Secretary for another year.


#1. The Fiscal Year of the Chapter was changed to 1 January to 31 December to align it with AFA State and National dates.
#2. The quorum requirements for general membership meetings was changed to a minimum of 10 members, including 3 elected officers.
#3 The quorum requirements for Chapter Executive Council meetings was changed to a minimum of 5 member, including 3 elected officers.
     Page 4             Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association — Sept 2011

                                                                             ROTC Scholarships
                                                                 Dann Mattiza traveled to the Pensacola campus of the Univer-
                                                              sity of West Florida on Thursday, 15 September to present two
                                                              $500 scholarships to AF ROTC Cadets. The scholarships went
                                                              to Third year Cadets Steven Callerio and Jhanelle Haag. The
                                                              presentations were made during a Leadership Laboratory ses-
                                                              sion in front of all the UWF cadets assigned to Detachment 014.
                                                              Each received a $500 check, a certificate, and a Chapter Coin.
                                                                 Many of the Cadets at UWF are members of the Hurlburt
                                                              Chapter, and all members of the Arnold Air Society are AFA
                                                              members. These cadets have assisted the Chapter at several
                                                              events and the Color Guard has presented the Colors at our
                                                              evening functions over the years.
                                                              THANKS Det. 014.

                            Report from the National Convention
Four Hurlburt Chapter members, Jim Connors-Florida Region President, Max Friedauer-National Director, Dann Mattiza-
Chapter President, and David Schantz attended the AFA National Convention held at the Gaylord National Hotel, National
Harbor, Maryland from 17-21 September. Other Chapter members--Tommy Hull and Tim Minish--were on hand for the
Technology Exposition which began on 19 Sept. Elections were held during this event and Sandy Schlitt was re-elected Chair-
man of the Board for another year, along with Justin Faiferlick-Vice Chairman for Field Operations, George Muellner-Vice
Chairman for Aerospace Education, and Len Vernamonti-Treasurer. Mr Ed Garland was elected Secretary to replace the
outgoing Joan Sell. Mr Donald Michaels of Lawrenceville, GA was elected as the National Director of the East Region and Mr
Rick Hartle of Layton, UT and Donald Taylor of San Antonio, TX were elected as Directors-At-Large. Each will serve a three
year term. In related news, Max Friedauer, Hurlburt Chapter member and current National Director at Large, has also con-
cluded his three year tour as of 1 Oct. Thanks for everything Max!
   During the Awards portion of the event, the Hurlburt Chapter was recognized for Aerospace Education Achieve-
ment, Community Partner Achievement, and Sustained New Member Recruitment. We were also presented
Unit Exceptional Service Awards for Best Single Program and Overall Programming. Florida was recognized as
the Outstanding State Organization. Chapter members Megan Tucker and Gary Cornell were named winners and Dann
Mattiza received an Exceptional Service Award. Florida units took four of six Unit Exceptional Service Awards, the Ar-
thur Storz Membership Award, one of the five Jack Gross Awards, and the Extra Large Chapter of the Year Award. During
the Opening Ceremonies of the Symposium portion on Monday morning, the crew of Wood 27, 9th SOS, Eglin AFB, received
the BGen Ross G. Hoyt Award as the Best Air Refueling Crew, the Dragon Spear Operational Test Team from 18th Flight
Test Sq., Hurlburt, received the Lt Gen Howard Leaf Award for Best Test Team, and Lt Gen (Ret) Donny Wurster, former
AFSOC Commander, received a Citation of Honor. Congratulations all the Florida AFA Chapters! Well Done!

                        Report from the Florida State Convention
   This year’s Florida State AFA Convention was held in Ocala, Florida on July 8-9 and was hosted by the Red Tail Chapter #
136 headed by Chapter President Mike Emig. Hurlburt members and guests attending included Jim and Diane Connors, Dann
and Jean Mattiza, Max Friedauer, Carole and Ray Turczynski, and Clay McCutchan and his mother. Thanks to all of you for
making the trip. State Level Awards won by Hurlburt chapter members were published in our last Newsletter and will not be
repeated. Thanks to all the award winners.
   During the business portion of the meeting, members voted to hold the next state meeting in conjunction with the State
AFJROTC Drill Meet in March of 2012. The Drill Meet will be hosted by the University of South Florida in Tampa. Members
also approved the next State Convention site of Fort Walton Beach. The Convention will be hosted by the Eglin Chapter and
Hurlburt will assist with the event. The members also passed a State AFA Constitutional Amendment to change the Fiscal
Year to 1 Jan - 31 Dec to align the AFA State fiscal year with AFA National’s. (You will recall that Hurlburt changed its Fiscal
Year as well.) All this was tied to our 501(c)(3) status and IRS rulings.
   AFA members also elected new officers during this meeting. Your new State/Region President is Mike Emig from Chapter
# 136. Vice President is Ran Merriam from the Gold Coast Chapter # 351, Ernie Webster of the Falcon Chapter # 399 was
re-elected as Treasurer and Dann Mattiza of Hurlburt Chapter # 398 was elected Secretary. All new officers assume their
duties on 1 October 2011. Thanks to Jim Connors for his two years of service as our State/Region President. Florida has
won the National AFA Award as best State Organization for the past two years under his expert tutelage.
       Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association Sept 2011                             Page 5

                     UPCOMING EVENTS to watch for: Signups will be out soon.
                    Chapter/Community Partner Awards Dinner--21 Oct-1800 Soundside;
                              Unsung Heroes Luncheon--17 Nov--Soundside

   AFSOC Hosts Annual Outstanding Airmen of Year Awards Dinner
The Air Force Special Operations Command held its annual Outstanding Airmen of the Year Awards dinner on 21 July at the
Hurlburt Soundside Club. Lt Gen Eric Fiel, AFSOC Commander, hosted the event that was attended by over 300 AFSOC
members, friends, and guests. General Fiel also served as the Guest Speaker for the event. Hurlburt Chapter President Dann
Mattiza attended the event and presented AAFES Gift Cards and Chapter Coins to the winners. AFSOC honorees were:
                              Airman of the Year: SrA Daniel T. Skidmore, 21 STS, Pope AFB
                                 NCO of the Year: TSgt Ismael Villegas, 21 STS, Pope AFB
                             SNCO of the Year: MSgt Herman Lett, Jr. 1 SOLRS, Hurlburt Field
                        First Sergeant of the Year: MSgt LaToya K. Edwards, 320 STS, Kadena AB
                                CGO of the Year: Capt Justin M. Conelli, 21 STS, Pope AFB
                         Enlisted IMA of the Year: TSgt Anna L. Encalada, 1 SOW, Hurlburt Field
                         Officer IMA of the Year: Maj Archer M Yates, Jr., 1 SOSS, Hurlburt Field
                       Cat 1 Civilian of the Year: Mr Christopher Ramsey, 1SOCES, Hurlburt Field
                      Cat II Civilian of the Year: Mr Antonio H. Herrera, AFSOC/A7, Hurlburt Field
                        Cat III Civilian of the Year: Ms Kara R. Caselman, 27 SOLRS, Cannon AFB
                                     Congratulations to the AFSOC OAY winners!

                        Team Hurlburt Quarterly Award Winners
Team Hurlburt gathered to recognize its Quarterly Award Winners at a Breakfast on Tuesday, 9 August at the Soundside.
The 1st Special Operations Wing hosted the event to honor nominees and winners for the Second Quarter of 2011. The Hurl-
burt Chapter donated AAFES gift cards to the winners in the military categories. Winners were:

  Airman of the Quarter: SrA Christopher Johnson                       NCO of the Quarter: TSgt Brandon Bruner
  SNCO of the Quarter: SMSgt Toddy J. Boyle                               CGO of the Quarter: Capt Brian Steorts
  FGO of the Quarter: Maj Laura Bunyan                    Honor Guardsman of the Quarter: SrA Gene W. Richardson

                                  Congratulations to all the nominees and winners!

         Chapter 398 Leadership 2011-2012                             Chapter 398 VPs/Committee Chairs
 PRESIDENT:                        Fred Gross, 651-7912           VP - Community Partners:          Max Friedauer
 VICE PRESIDENT:                                                      - Community Partners          Susan Ault
 SECRETARY:                        Ned Calvert , 884-1849         VP - Communications:              Mark Chapman
 TREASURER:                        Danny Webb, 884-6985              Webmaster:                     Mark Chapman
                                                                     Newsletter:                    Sue Nelson
           AEROSPACE EDUCATION COMMITTEE                          VP - Government Relations:        Darryl Thornton
    VP for Aerospace Education:            John Jogerst           VP - Leadership Development:      Jim Connors
    Aviation Ambassador Chair (Hurlburt): Sandy Palmer            VP - Membership:                  Dann Mattiza
    Aviation Ambassador Chair (Pensacola): Casey Oliver           Golf Tournament POC:              Fred Gross
    Visions of Exploration POC:            Glenn Rutland          VP - Veterans’ Affairs:           Frank Dailey
    Science Fair POC:                      David Loar             VP - Awards:                      Todd Bolger
                                                                  VP - Military Recognition:        Vacant
            PRESIDENT’S ADVISORY COUNCIL                          VP - Military Affairs-Pensacola   Mike Swinehart
            Dann Mattiza -- Past Chapter President                Honor Guard Liaison:              TSgt Kristopher Kend-
        Jim Connors — Past State & Chapter President              all
  Max Friedauer — Past Nat’l Director, State & Chapter Pres.      Civil Air Patrol Liaison:         Gary Cornell
  Ray Turczynski — Past Nat’l Director, State & Chapter Pres.
   Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association — Sept 2011                                      Page 6

Space Camp - Continued     July 9th, 2011, 13:30 EST. Panic. Utter, complete and total panic. After a morning rocketry work-
shop and Discovery mission training, we were trying to pace ourselves. It was day three and was rumored to be the most
challenging day of the entire camp. We would be pushed to our mental and physical limits. I sat with my group in NASA’s
thermal protection engineering design challenge, literally shaking in my boots, suddenly grateful I hadn’t eaten very much at
lunch. The materials for the challenge included a sheet of foil, a sheet of aluminum mesh, a screw, and two bolts. Our task?
Design a heat shield that will last longer than 8 seconds. It was a daunting task and I was scared to death. There were other
members of the crew more qualified than I…what did I know about engineering and heat shields? I was in acute disequilibrium
but managed to pull through, with the help of my team. In retrospect, I can imagine this is what students feel when they are
forced to rely on a group for assistance while exploring new concepts. I consider that little heat shield to be my crowning
Space Camp achievement but re-discovering the value of teamwork was the reward.
   After being pushed to our mental limits in the engineering challenge, we were immediately bussed over to the Aviation
Challenge section of camp for the physical challenges of the day: The Dunker/Lifter and Zip-line. The pool was a definite cool-
zone. Rocketry, engineering, aqua-human knot and aviation challenge…oh my! There wasn’t time worked into the schedule
for a trip back to the dorms to take a shower and get freshened up. What I can only assume is a lesson in endurance, our only
option was to change into damp clothing and climb back into our flight suits for a quick dinner at the dining hall before our last
shuttle mission. This time around I manned the mission control desk as the CATO (Communication and Tracking), providing
mission commentary to supplement and explain air-to-ground transmissions and flight control operations to news media and
the public. In spite of the grueling mental/ physical activities of the day, a bad hair afternoon, and a few mission time warps, I
was able to balance focus with a little fun.
   We were falling asleep on our feet at debrief, but our team leader, Tinell Priddy, shared one of the most poignant lessons
of the week: “If you take nothing else away from this experience…take the memory of operating outside of your
comfort zone and pushing yourself through each obstacle. Remember that everyday your students experience the
same fears and doubts in their readiness and ability.”
July 10th, 2011, 9:30 EST. I can’t believe my luck! We get to spend the entire morning in the MACH II classroom for a Sci-
ence of Flight presentation followed by some flight time in the aviation challenge flight simulators! I may have crashed and
burned and endured some bumpy landings but each mistake increased my desire to learn. Who’s the Flygirl, now?
After lunch it was off to the astronaut simulations, including the 1/6th gravity
chair and the multi-axis trainer. During the Atlantis shuttle mission, I had
the pleasure of experiencing the micro-gravity chair during our spacewalk
duty as mission specialists.
                                                           One of my favorite
                                                       memories is watching
                                                       Space Camp at a sleep
                                                       over when I was 9
                                                       years old. I was capti-
                                                       vated by the multi-axis
                                                       trainer and couldn’t
                                                       wait for my turn.
                                                       Thankfully, I wasn’t
                                                       required to stabilize
                                                       the spinning rings. I
                                                       was only required to sit back, strap in, and enjoy the ride!
                                                           That evening we took a tour of the Davison Center and enjoyed a few
                                                       minutes of crew downtime. It’s amazing how fast you can get to know
people when you spend hours upon hours with them. I ate lunch with astronauts, shook hands with legends, and rubbed
shoulders with some incredible individuals…eleven amazing colleagues, to be exact,
three from Australia! As a crew we designed a mission patch to symbolize our Space
Camp journey.
The boomerang in the patch has a double meaning. It honors our Australian team
members, and it symbolizes the hope of our crew to one day come back together.
July 11th, 2011, 19:00 EST. Our mission complete, it was time for graduation. The
ceremony was bittersweet. On one hand we were absolutely exhausted and ready to
return to real life. On the other hand, we were tongue-tied at the prospect of good-
bye. We came from across the country and around the world to work together and
achieve a common goal. Walking across that stage to receive our diploma, unspoken
expectation hung in the air above our heads …where do we go from here? What hap-
pens next? For me, the answer was simple. Take what I learned from my Space Camp
Summer and pass it on. Keep the desire and light that fire. Pass the spark on so that other teachers and students can take up
the torch and keep it going.                                                               (Continued next page)
   Page 7 7             Official Newsletter of Chapter 398 of the Air Force Association — Sept 2011

                              Our Community Partners for 2011-2012
                                                                                                   Info Pro Corp
COMMUNITY BUSINESSES             Dennis & Company                 The Boeing Company               2004 Lewis Turner Blvd, Suite D
                                 98 Eglin Parkway, # 3            626 Anchors St NW,               Ft Walton Beach, FL 32547
GOLD                             Ft Walton Beach, FL 32548        Fort Walton Beach FL 32548       850-863-8600
Eglin Federal Credit Union       850-864-4569                     850-362-5000                     Monty Sexton
838 Eglin Pkwy.                  Dennis Reeves                    Ken Hill
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32548                                                                        ITT Integrated Electronic
850-862-0111 Ext 1303            Raymond James Financial Ser-     GOLD                             Warfare Systems
Sherry Harlow                    vices, Inc                       Advanced C4 Solutions            403 Park Drive, Alpha Mall
                                 29 Eglin Parkway                 2412 Martin Dr.                  Warner Robins, GA 31088
SILVER                           Ft. Walton Beach, FL 32548       Niceville, FL 32578              478-929-1454
Consulting Services, Inc         850-796-2045                     Robert Walker                    William “Chuck” DeBoe
Apple Specialist                 Eric Halter
17 Racetrack Road NW Suite E                                      Air Commando Association         L-3 Communications,
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547      DEFENSE INDUSTRY                 2502 W Hwy 98                    Crestview Aerospace
850-862-8777                     PLATINUM                         Mary Esther, FL 32569            5486 Fairchild Rd.
Art Rohling                      Lockheed Martin Aeronautics      850-581-0099                     Crestview, FL 32539
                                 86 South Cobb Parkway            Dennis Barnett                   850-682-2746
BRONZE                           Mail Zone 0188                                                    Rich O’Dell
                                 Marietta, GA 30063               ARINC, Inc.
Emerald Coast Endodontics        850-494-0850                     1150 Eglin Pkwy.                 MacAulay-Brown, Inc
385 E Hwy 98 Suite 210           John Hawley                      Shalimar, FL 32579               Six 11th Ave., Suite F5
Destin, FL 32541                                                  850-609-5800                     Shalimar, FL 32579
850-650-5067                     Lockheed Martin MS&S             Corby Martin                     850-651-2122
Dr. Eric W. Bludau               1106 N Eglin Parkway                                              Jay Fisher
                                 Shalimar, FL 32579               BOSH Global Services
Rheumatology Associates          850-651-1388                     151 Mary Esther Blvd
2441 N 9th Ave, Suite A          Bud Sauvgeau                     Mary Esther, FL 32569            BRONZE
Pensacola, FL 32503                                               850-226-8377                      B3H Corporation
850-434-9992                     QinetiQ-North America            Jeff Lemasters                   51 Third St, Building 1
Dr. Asthon Graybiel              1091 Harbor Lane                                                  Shalimar, FL 32579-1700
                                 Gulf Breeze, FL 32563            FLIR Systems, Inc                850-651-3443
PARTNER                          850-797-4503                     701 E John Sims Parkway          Robert Chapman
Cakemaster's Bakery              Tim Minish                       Niceville, FL 32578
781 N. Beal Pkwy.                                                 850-678-4503
Fort Walton Beach, FL 32547      Raytheon Tech Service Group      Jonathan Warren                  SA Technical Services
850-862-4911                     60 Second St. Suite 601                                           1316 Rosewood Cove
Lisa Schomburg                   Shalimar, FL 32579               Full Circle Integration          Niceville, FL 32578
                                 850-651-1314                     127B North John Sims Pkwy        850-621-0183
Circle C Tack & Feed             Mitchell Peterson                Valparaiso, FL 32580             Harold “Ned” Shelgren
12265 Hwy 90                                                      850-678-1100
Holt, FL 32564                                                    Tony Higdon
Jim Connors

Community Partners are SPECIAL members. Their membership funds scholarships, grants, teacher support, and AFSOC/Hurlburt Field
Award Programs. They support FREEDOM’S TEAM, Airpower and a strong National Defense. Sponsorship levels are: Commando
$5000, Diamond $2500, Platinum $1000, Gold $500, Silver $300, Bronze $150, and Partner $100. Thank them for their support when you
visit their places of business!

Space Camp - Cont.    July 8th, 2011, 11:29 EST Hundreds of thousands of spectators surrounded the space center for the
program-ending lift-off. NASA reported 45,000 guests were cleared to watch the final launch. The VIP section included mem-
bers of congress, entertainers, and CEOs. Even Elmo from TV’s “Sesame Street” caught the show. I was sitting in the filled-
to-capacity 3D theater at the U.S. Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama. It was an unforgettable experience. The
shuttle program is over but that just opens the door for new space vehicles to ferry brave men and women from earth to
the moon and beyond. As a nation, it seems we are at a pivotal point in space exploration. Is the price worth the sacrifice?
For the army of teachers igniting the desire for discovery in new legions of pathfinders (future scientists, engineers, and as-
tronauts), the answer is a resounding, “YES!” I am more confident than ever that the final launch marks a new beginning but
the trails to success must be blazed by teachers. So while it is important to recall where you were when the last shuttle
launched, perhaps it is more important to wonder where you will be during future launches…and who lit the spark for that
                                    Thanks to Melanie Peters for this article.
                                               UPCOMING EVENTS
 Date              Event                                Location                Time       POC
  11              Executive Council Meeting             Soundside              1130-1230   Mattiza
  13              Hurlburt Teacher Workshop Meeting     Pryor Middle Library   1800        Palmer
  15              Quarterly Reports Due                                                    Mattiza
  17              Pensacola Teacher Workshop Meeting    UWF Bldg 85, Rm 102    1700        Jogerst
  21              Chapter Awards Dinner                 Soundside              1800        Gross
  29              Commando Drill Meet                   Freedom Hanger          All Day    T/Sgt Kendall
  TBD             505 CCW Quarterly Awards              505CCW                  TBD        Gross
  TBD             Team Hurlburt Quarterly Awards        Soundside               0730       Gross

  05              Pensacola Teacher Workshop            Nat’l Flt Academy       All Day    Jogerst
  08              Executive Council Meeting             Soundside              1130-1230   Gross
  10              CCAF Graduation/Pitsenbarger Awards   Soundside              0800        Gross
  12              Area Meeting                          TBD                    0800        Gross/Jordan
  17              Unsung Heroes Luncheon                Soundside              1100        Dailey

  13              Executive Council Meeting             Soundside              1130-1230   Gross
  15              Newsletter Out                                                           Chapman

  Jan 2012
   10             Executive Council Meeting             Soundside              1130-1230   Gross
   TBD            505 CCW Quarterly Awards              505 CCW                 TBD        Gross
   TBD            Team Hurlburt Awards                  Soundside               0730       Gross
   15              Quarterly Reports Due                                                   Gross

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