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					                                                                     SPRING 2011 Volume 18, No. 3

A newsletter for the friends of Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland

                     Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland
                                             invites you to the

          19th Annual Culinary Extravaganza
                                           Monday, May 2, 2011
                                           6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
                                  Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore
                          20 West Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21201
          Gourmet Cuisine • Live and Silent Auctions • Wines of Distinction
                                                 Live Music by
                                       Freddie Stevens Entertainment, Ltd
                             $150 per person (parking included) Business attire

                          Featuring these Wonderful Chefs
                   Jerry Edwards                     Winston Blick                        Jay Cohen
                Chef’s Expressions &                  Clementine                         Mia Carolina
                MOW Spokesperson                   Barry Fleischmann                   Jerry Pellegrino
                   Timothy Norris                 Innovative Gourmet                  Corks/Abacrombie
            Radisson Plaza Lord Baltimore           Nino Germano                        Kimberly Rigby
                                                  La Scala Ristorante                     Parfections
                    Doug Dillard
            Baltimore Marriott Waterfront             Nancy Longo                          Bill Tien
                                                  Pierpoint Restaurant                     Matsuri
                   Rodney Henry                Doug Wilson/Paul Glomp                    John Walsh
              Dangerously Delicious Pies      Sparrows Point Country Club             Chef’s Expressions
                   Ronnie Ching                    Geof Manthorne                Lamont Pommells/Emily Haley
             The Classic Catering People           Charm City Cakes             Meals on Wheels of Central MD

                                       Sponsorship opportunities available
                                   For more information or to purchase tickets
                         call 443-573-0930 or visit
        All proceeds help people who are homebound, frail and elderly in Central Maryland.
community news

 Great News/Good News/Bad News
 A message from Catherine Max
 President of the Board of Directors

 Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland           In summary, we are doing an incredible
 recently surveyed a random sample             job! Nearly all of our clients tell us
 of 73 of the clients we serve, and the        we’re making it possible for them to
 results show that we are doing AN             remain in their homes, have improved
 INCREDIBLE JOB!                               their nutrition and, over all, have
                                               made their quality of life much better.
   • 97% report that the services Meals        Not only that, we have reduced their
     on Wheels provides have extended          isolation, and assisted them in accessing
     the amount of time they anticipate        other critical services. And for nearly a
     being able to live independently in       quarter of our clients, we are the ONLY
     the community without having to           people they see.
     move to a nursing home, assisted                                                      Catherine Max, President
                                                                                                  Board of Directors
     living facility, or in with someone       We’re also doing a great job in reaching
     else!                                     out to our homebound neighbors who
                                               need us. In recent months, the number
   • 93% report that participation in          of people we serve each day has grown
     our program has improved their            by 200. And the demand for our
     nutrition!                                services continues to grow.
   • 23% of our clients see no one             That brings us to the bad news. This
     else beside our volunteer or              unprecedented growth in today’s
     driver during an average day. An          tough economic times is putting a
     additional 29% see only one other         severe strain on our ability to meet the
     person during the course of an            need both financially and in terms of
     average day. (Meaning that for 52%        volunteer manpower.
     of our clients we are either the only
     person they see, or we’ve doubled         We do receive great support from our
     the number of people they see on a        donors and volunteers, but now we’re
     daily basis.)                             asking even more. If you’ve already
                                               given for the year, please consider an
   • 96% report that we’ve improved            extra gift. The gift of an hour of your
     their quality of life!                    time has great value to us as well.
   • And finally, 73% of our clients            Come join us and deliver a meal and
     report that we are the only social        learn the value of volunteering and
     service agency that they have             making a difference in someone’s life.
     regular contact with that is able
     to assist them with locating and                 To obtain service, become a volunteer, or make a
     accessing critical resources on a
     regular basis.
                                                          financial contribution to Meals on Wheels,
                                                      call 1-866-0827, email or
                                                        log on to

     2    toll-free 1.866.558.0827 |

…Deliver meals to your homebound neighbors. Call 1-866-558-0827                             BOARD OF DIRECTORS
for more information or visit and click on “Volunteer                                 President
Opportunities.”                                                                                    Catherine Max
                                                                                               First Vice President
….Subsidize meals for a day, a week or a year. Send your tax deductible                           Jonathan Wachs
donation to MOWCM, 515 South Haven Street, Baltimore, MD 21224,                             Second Vice President
or visit and click on “Donate.”                                                  Anne Winter West
….Donate your vehicle. Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland is now                                     Edwin Jules
participating in the Meals on Wheels Association of America vehicle                           Assistant Treasurers
                                                                                                  James Gabriel
donation program. By donating your vehicle, you create a win-win situation.                     Richard J. Ruggieri
You receive a tax deduction for the                                                            William T. Skinner, Jr.
amount we receive from the sale of                                                                    Secretary
your vehicle and the proceeds help                                                                   Kelly Holmes

to feed a homebound senior.                                                                    Assistant Secretary
                                                                                               Liselotte Davis Karaolis
Your wheels keep Meals on
Wheels rolling!                                                                                     Ruby Barton
                                                                                                  Nancy deLaski
…Endow your gift through a Charitable Bequest (see page 8 for details).                             Susan Fiala
                                                                                                     Lois Gross
                                                                                                  Brandi Healey
                                                                                                 Karen A. Jacobs
                                                                                                Gregory C. Martin
                                                                                               Meredith Blake Martin
And here’s another great way for you                                                           Kevin C. McCormick
                                                                                                   Barbara Pettit
to help while helping yourself:                                                                   R. Scott Royster
                                                                                                   Rita St. Clair
Community Investment Tax Credits                                                                Sandeep Thakrar
                                                                                                 Elizabeth Toland
                                                                                                 Stephanie Tyrell
                                                                                                 Kathryn Wachter
Here’s how it works: As of January 1, 2010, the State of Maryland
                                                                                              Executive Director
expanded the eligibility for community tax credits to individuals.                         A. Thomas Grazio, LSCW-C
Previously, only businesses could take advantage of this opportunity to
                                                                                       Meal Times is the official Newsletter
invest in nonprofits in their community and receive a tax credit for 50%                for the Friends of Meals on Wheels
of their donation.                                                                             of Central Maryland.
                                                                                              515 South Haven Street
For a minimum donation of $500 in support of our mission to feed the                          Baltimore, MD 21224
homebound, you will receive a tax credit of $250 that you can use to                              410-558-0932
                                                                                                410-558-1321 fax
offset your State of Maryland tax liability
                                                                                             1-866-558-0827 toll free
These tax credits are in addition to the deductions on both the Federal             email
                                                                                       Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland
and State taxes as a result of a charitable contribution. Based upon the               is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization,
income and tax structure of the individual or business tax payer, the net              donations to which are tax deductible to
                                                                                       the fullest extent allowed by law. A copy
cost of the donation could be as low as $0.27 for every $1.00 donated.                 of Meals on Wheels’ current financial
                                                                                       statements is available upon request by
                                                                                       contact Meals on Wheels at 515 South
For more information on how to get started or if you have questions,                   Haven Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21224
                                                                                       or by calling 410.558.0932. Documents
please contact Jane Pekosz in the Development Department at                            and information submitted to the state of
443-573-0930 or                                                       Maryland under the Maryland Charitable
                                                                                       Solicitations Act are available from the
                                                                                       Office of the Secretary of State for the cost
                                                                                       of copying and postage.

                                                        | toll-free 1.866.558.0827              3
client news
                                             Edna, Coco, And The Kibble Connection
         Events                              Every morning at 11:45, 88 year-old Edna sits in her small rowhouse with her
                                             little dog, Coco, on her lap – waiting for a special delivery that will brighten
                                             their day.
          MAY 2, 2011
    19TH ANNUAL CULINARY                     Edna was one of 11 siblings. Sadly, only two sisters are alive today. They
        EXTRAVAGANZA                         speak often by telephone, but rarely have the opportunity to visit. One is 96
          Radisson Plaza -                   years old and lives on the other side of the city where she still helps to care for
        Lord Baltimore Hotel                 her disabled son and daughter. The other is 78 and lives in Ohio.
   Call 443-573-0930 for details
                                             Edna has no one else to help or check up on her. She is now on oxygen full-
         MAY 18, 2011                        time and has to use a walker to get around her house. Without Meals on
                                             Wheels, Edna would be in danger of becoming one of the 6 million older
                                             Americans who go hungry every day. Fortunately for Edna, she can depend
     Where: Meals on Wheels
                                             on a volunteer bringing her two nutritious meals every day. She enjoys the
         Central Kitchen
                                             meals and looks forward to their visit.
       RSVP to Schawn by
       May 11, 2011 at                       And fortunately for Coco, Meals on Wheels Kibble Connection volunteers
        443-573-0925                         bring a regular delivery of dog food.
        JUNE 14, 2011                        The Kibble Connection is a joint program of Meals on Wheels of
   VOLUNTEER OPEN HOUSE                      Central Maryland and the Maryland SPCA. Volunteer Noel Morphet
     Where: Meals on Wheels                  coordinates the program, from picking up the donated pet food, packaging
         Central Kitchen                     it for individual pets and having it delivered to the homes of Meals on Wheels
       RSVP to Schawn by                     clients who have pets.
        June 7, 2011 at
         443-573-0925                        There have been numerous studies which
                                             show that owning a pet may help seniors
   VOLUNTEER APPRECIATION                    live longer, healthier, and more enjoyable
        LUNCHEONS                            lives.
    (For information and to RSVP,            Thanks to Meals on Wheels and the
   contact your site coordinator or          Kibble Connection, Edna and Coco are
   call Schawn at 443-573-0925.)
                                             assured of receiving the nutrition they
   April 14 – Carroll County                 need to remain living independently,
   April 29 – Liberty & SSA                  together.                                                            Edna and Coco
   May 5 – Towson
   May 6 – West
   May 9 – Dundalk, East & Central
                                                 Client “Love Notes”                          ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
   May 10 – Sherwood
   May 17 – St. Anthony’s
   May 24 – Faith
   May 25 – Leisure World
   June 2 – Douglas, South,
            Brown & Hampden
   June 9 – Weinberg
   June 21 – Howard County
   June 24 – Anne Arundel County
             (all sites)
   August 26 – Harford County

    4   toll-free 1.866.558.0827 |
                                                                                                   volunteer news
Meals On Wheels Celebrates
Our 50Th Anniversary At Annual                                                            Special Thanks
Volunteer Recognition Event                                                                To the many foundations
                                                                                         and organizations who have
Over 400 volunteers turned out on Sunday, October 31, 2010 to celebrate
                                                                                         provided generous grants to
the mission and share in this special milestone at the Towson Sheraton North             help keep our wheels rolling.
Hotel. The guest speaker was Gilbert Sandler, son-in-law of Beatrice Strouse,             We wish space allowed us
a founder of Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland. There was also a special                      to list everyone.
video greeting from Mike Rowe from the “Dirty Jobs” cable show, who also
happens to be the son of a MOW volunteer at our St. Anthony’s Site.                        AEGON/Transamerica
                                                                                             Foundation, Inc.
Special recognition was given to:

Jean Bowen, a volunteer from Essex for the past 15 years, who received the               BJ’s Charitable Foundation
Ernestine McCollum Award as Volunteer of the Year.
                                                                                              Clayton Baker Trust
Jonathan Wachs, First Vice President of the Board of Directors, who
received the Beatrice Strouse Award, which is presented each year to a                      Columbia Foundation
member of the board who demonstrates exceptional leadership.

Elizabeth Galea, who received the Peg Sheeler Award as the outstanding                     The Dresher Foundation
employee of the year. The award is named in honor of MOW’s first
executive director who was on-hand to present the award in person.                           Emmanuel Episcopal

                                                                                             Evangelical Lutheran
                                                                                              Church in America

                                                                                            GEICO Philanthropic

                                                                                                The David and
          Ruth Velker (R), the 2009        Jonathan Wachs (R) receives the                  Barbara B. Hirschhorn
   recipient, presents the Ernestine       Beatrice Strouse Award from the
    McCollum Award to Volunteer                  2009 winner, Edwin Jules.                     Foundation, Inc.
           of the Year Jean Bowen.
                                                                                          Land O’Lakes Foundation
2010 Site Volunteers Of The Year
                                                                                          McCormick & Company,
Were Also Honored                                                                                 Inc.

Wallace Anderson – Brown Memorial       Ivette Sherman – Montgomery County                The Lois and Philip Macht
County-Change Inc. – Carroll County     Sherry Crowl – Sherwood                           Family Philanthropic Fund
Noel Morphet – Central                  Dora Brooks – SSA
Ella Booker – Douglas Memorial          Harshada Parekh – St. Anthony’s                      Northrop Grumman
Fran Foster & Horace Oxendine – East    Lissy Umlandt – St. Martin’s                             Foundation
James Bennett – Faith                   Marge Bowman – South
Jan McDonald – Glen Burnie              Anne Marie Beahn – Towson
                                                                                                T. Rowe Price
Elizabeth Faith – Hampden               Judith Marcus – Weinberg
                                                                                               Foundation, Inc.
Dennis Nonemaker – Harford County       Larry O’Neill – West
Jim Arney – Howard County               Flo Randall – Woods Memorial
Joe Monroe – Liberty

                                                         | toll-free 1.866.558.0827     5
                                                                                                                                Margaret Nicholl
                                                                                                                                     Mr. & Mrs. Jordon L.Max
     Your special gift is the perfect way to help people who are homebound due to age or disability while also                       The Attorneys and Staff of the Law
                                                                                                                                     Offices of Peter T. Nicholl
     paying tribute to the memory of a friend or loved one, or honoring the special occasion of someone you know.               Ellen Nichols
     These thoughtful gifts enable Meals on Wheels to provide home-delivered meals to people in the community                        Ms. Katherine Smith
                                                                                                                                Janet Nickerson
     who need our service. When you make a special memorial or honor gift to Meals on Wheels of Central                              Ms. Thelma N. O’Grady
                                                                                                                                Dorothy Nilles
     Maryland, a tasteful card “In Memory Of” or “In Honor Of” is handwritten and sent to the person you indicate.                   Mr. William Smith
                                                                                                                                Pasquale “Pat” Nocera
                                                                                                                                     VISN 5 Co-Workers
     Below is a list of Memorial and Honor Gifts received between August 16, 2010 and February 28, 2011                         Peggy C. Nottingham
                                                                                                                                     Ms. Marian Sause
                                                                                                                                Patrick A. O’Donnell
                                                                                                                                     Ms. Lea M. O’Donnell
                                                                                                                                Bernadine Oettel
   IN MEMORY                                   Ginny Rutherford
                                           Marilyn K. Dunn
                                                                                        Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Schapiro
                                                                                    “Dallas” Henson                                  Mr. Bud Oettel
   Homeless People                             Mr. Lewis R. Kurtz, Jr.                  The Henson Family                       Fannie Mae Okum
       Mr. J. Howard Peltzer, Jr.                                                                                                    Ms. Sandra Leichtman
                                           Theresa Eastman                          Mildred Hood
   Grandma Dixie                               Ms. Rita Trapani                         Ms. Judy Harkins                        Jack Opilla
       Mr.& Mrs. Alvin N. Mineart                                                                                                    Ms. Janet Steinberg
                                           Friedel & Otto Eberspacher               Margie Howard
   The Cesna Family                            Ms. Lieselotte Kurth                     MTA Mobility                            Clara & Jack Orenstein
       Ms. Grazina Blekaitis                                                                                                         Mr. Howard Orenstein
                                           William & Rose Emmerich                  Ruthann Humphreys
   My Mother                                   Mr. William R. Emmerich, Sr.             Mr. Richard W. Humphreys                Lilly Oxendine
       Ms. M. Kelly Hooker                                                                                                           Mr. & Mrs. Steven Scherr
                                           Frieda Epstein                           Lester K. Hunt
   Our Veterans                                Betty Silver & Bud Schindler             Ms. Patricia L. Totzauer                Ethel B. Pawlak
       American Legion Auxiliary #137                                                                                                Ms. Elaine M. Everley
                                           Raymond Evans                            Florence Hunt
   Santiago Aguirre                            Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Proctor             Mr. William Emmerich                         Ms. Theresa Alexander
       JHBMC - Health Information                                                                                               Sharpless M. Paxson III
       Management Department               Ray Evans                                Charles Hymiller, Sr.
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Randall             Ms. Anna M. Hymiller                         Mr. & Mrs. James Cahill
   Lorraine D. Allen                           Ms. Vivian Staisloff                                                             Walter Price
       Mr. & Mrs. Kenneth McCall                                                    Beatrice Ives
                                           Ann Fach                                     Ms. Judith DePauw                            Mr. & Mrs. Alan Schwarzschild
       West County Democratic Club                                                                                                   Mr. & Mrs. Lawrence Rief
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Randall         Stanley E. Jackson
   Frances J. Amasia                                                                                                                 Ms. Faye H. Carey
       Ms. Marian Sause                    Mary Fant                                    Ms. Elizabeth E. Ostrowski                   Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Jules
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Jeffrey M. Neuman         Alice M. Jackson                                 Mr. & Mrs. Steve Traiman
   Evelyn P. Bateson
       Ms. Lisa A. Grazioli                James H. Fant                                Ms. Alicia Matthews                          Mr. & Mrs. Jon Levinson
                                               Ms. Gwendolyn Russell                Paul & Mary Kanarr                               Mr. & Mrs. Jordon L. Max
   Kenneth S. Battye
       Ms. Alice J. Gordon                 Cynthia Feldstein                            Mr. Kenneth Kanarr                           Mr. & Mrs. Aaron & Jill Max
                                               Mr. & Mrs. M. Huddleston             Peggy Ketterle                                   Ms. Nancy Boguslaw
   Mrs. Amelia R. Battye
       Ms. Alice J. Gordon                 Kathryn Fishman                              Mr. Morris Ketterle                          Mr. & Mrs. Stewart J. Falk
                                               Mr. Harry Fishman                    Rosalie Kim                                      The Attorneys and Staff of the Law
   Doris Baxter
       Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Carol Grier     Brent & Regina Fletcher                      Hosford-Kim Charities                        Offices of Peter T. Nicholl
                                               Mr. Joseph F. Siebenhaar             Rose King                                        Mr. & Mrs. Robert Max
   Elfriede & Paul Becker
       Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Jules              Emmaline V. Fodel                            Mr. Wayne King                          Bob Puhlick
                                               Mr. David T. Fodel                   Ronald Klinedinst                                Ms. Mary Ann Puhlick
   Rebecca Bernstein
       Mr. Steven Bernstein                Linda C. Ford                                Mr. & Mrs. Robert T. Bickerton          Vincent C. Rauzino
                                               Mr. Raymond J. Kramer                Marvin M. Klompus                                Ms. Rosemarie Rauzino-Heller
   William Albert Bishop
       Ms. Ruth B. Velker                  James E. France, Sr.                         Ms. Florence E. Brenner                 Sally Reiss
                                               Mr. James E. France, Jr.             Robert Koch                                      Mr. & Mrs. Robert Weinberg
   Maxine Blachowicz
       Mr. John F. Blachowicz              Harry M. Franzoni                            Terry, Glenn, Kevin, Colleen, Jan and   Albert W. Remy, Sr.
                                               Ms. F. Stephanie Franzoni                all of your advocate family                  Ms. Cynthia Hanawalt
   David Blitz
       Mr. & Mrs. Oscar Schapiro           Maria Galeazza                           Lisa Kohlman                                     Mr. Donald Kinney
                                               Ms. Antoinetta Ritger                    Mr. & Mrs. Bob Kempf                         Mr. David Lampel
   Sherry Boggs                                                                                                                      Ms. Patricia A. Miller
       Ms. Joan P. Barroll                 Richard Gallagher                        Mannie Kolus
                                               Ms. Cynthia Ann Magruder                 Mr. & Mrs. Jordon L. Max                     STV Incorporated
   Mary Sue Bone                                                                                                                     Ms. Nicole Campbell
       Ms. Thelma Preisinger               Ruth Garner                              Witold W. Kosicki
                                               Mr. Leonard Garner                       Mr. & Mrs. James Cahill                      Mr. & Mrs. Haley W. Hobbs, Jr.
   Catherine H. Born                                                                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. Stephen D. Sullivan
       Ms. Barbara B. Gruver               Annette Gendason                         Doris Kuning
                                               Ms. Cheri Trieber                        Mr. Charles Kuning                           Mr. & Mrs. Irving J. Summers, Sr.
   Dorothy & Jerry Bracken                                                                                                           Ms. Pamela Masley
       Ms. Ann Bracken                     Gus & Irene George                       Leslie Kurts II
                                               Ms. Carol M. Tabb                        Ms. Mary Ryan                                Mr. & Mrs. Ronald J. LaFromboise
   John Brady                                                                                                                        Computer Sciences Corporation
       Mr. Edgar R. Brady                  Larry L. Young & George W. Grandy, Jr.   Hannah E. Kurtz                                  Mr. & Mrs. Steven C. Browning
                                               Mr. & Mrs. W. Neal Haynie                Mr. Lewis R. Kurtz, Jr.
   George W. Brewer                                                                                                             Irene Rever
       Ms. Betty McCullough                Adelina Gerzhoy                          Mr. & Mrs. L.A. Adebowale                        Mrs. Helene Sheer
                                               Mr. Sergey Gerzhoy                       Mr. Akeem Adebowale
   Mary Lucille Bruder                                                                                                          Edward A. Richardson
       Mr. & Mrs. Stewart J. Falk          Dorothy Gibson                           Marie Leyh                                       Mr. Steven Richardson
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Donald & Carol Grier          Mr. Kenneth Spencer
   Ira & Viola Burcham                                                                                                          Amelia Rode
       Ms. Jean Rossi                      Dennis Goldman                           Albert Lietzau III                               Ms. Judith Crawford
                                               Ms. Betty Silver                         Ms. Toni Gianforti
   Anne Sullivan Byrnes                                                                                                         Ethel Rosenberg
       Ms. Patricia Byrnes                 Raymond J. Gordon                        Louis John Lo Bianco                             Mr. & Mrs. Barry Freedman
                                               Ms. F. Stephanie Franzoni                Mr. W. Lee Norman, Jr.
   Nancy Calvert                               Ms. Alice J. Gordon                      Mr. Douglas R. Peterson                 Maurice Rosenbloom
       Marie A. Baehr & Henry A. Schmidt       Ms. M.T. Susan Wood                      Ms. Anita T. Davis                           Ms. Catherine Max of the Board
       Mr. & Mrs. William P. Twigg                                                      Mr. & Mrs. James Choplick                    of Directors of Meals on Wheels of
       Senior Citizens of Poplar Ridge     Harvey Gordon                                                                             Central MD
                                               Ms. Helen Naviasky                       Ceres Terminals Inc.
       Mr. William A. Buck                                                                                                      Tobe Friedman Rosner
       Mr. & Mrs. Robert W. Cook, Sr.      Ruth Gore                                Charley Longley
                                                                                        Mr. Andrew N. Schatz, Jr.                    Ms. Rona Gail Kleiman
   Gregory D. Cardarelli                       Mr. Ken Gore                                                                          Ms. Margretta Palya
       Mr. & Mrs. Jesse P. Smith           Pat Grable                               Richard S. Lord, Jr.
                                                                                        Ms. Nina Lord                           Gertrude Routzahn
   Donald Cascio                               Mr. Jordan Grable                                                                     Ms. Eileen Lankford
       Ms. Arlene Nusbaum                  George Gramil                            Evangeline Maguire
                                                                                        Ms. Marjorie A. Cuneo                   Rebecca Sachs
   Larry Channel                               Mrs. Bernadine Gramil                                                                 Mr. & Mrs. David Max
       Ms. Amanda Cranfill                  Rev. William B. Greynolds                Eddie Malan
                                                                                        Mr. Andrew N. Schatz, Jr.               Fern Cooper Sandrock & Harrison M.
   Gilbert Cohen                               Ms. Earline B. W. Greynolds                                                      Sandrock, Jr.
       Mrs. Alice J. Gordon                Anne Grudzinskas                         Mary Alice Markey                                Mrs. Fern C.S. Sargent
                                               Mr. Charles Grudzinskas                  Mr. & Mrs. David J. Markey
   Charles & Sara Cohen                                                                                                         Joseph F. Sangirardi
       Ms. Cheri Trieber                   Irving Grusky                            Mariana McCarthy                                 Mr. & Mrs. Barry & Rosa Freedman
                                               Mr. Morton Grusky                        Ms. Nkwa McCarthy
   Lena & Leon Cohen                                                                                                            Pat Sanner
       Ms. Cheri Trieber                   Elza B. Guess                            Esther Mehlman                                   Mr. John Sanner
                                               Mr. Harvey D. Guess                      Mr. & Mrs. Avraham &
   Harold R. Conover                                                                    Maxine Forman                           Harvey Saxton
       Ms. Josephine Conover               Mary Hammel                                                                               Ms. Joan Schochor
                                               Mr. Lloyd E. Hammel                  Catherine Mengle
   John E. Cromwell III                                                                 Ms. Evelyn E. Stinchcomb                Bessie M. Schleider
       Ms. Susan M. Pearce                 Gustine Sally Hamre                                                                       Ms. Gloria Galperin
                                               Mr. Lonnie L. Smith                  Gordon Merritt
   Martin Dannenberg                                                                    Woman’s Club of Towson                  Eva Schonfield
       Mr. James L. Kelly                  Betty Harris                                                                              Ms. Ellen Meyers
                                               Ms. Kathleen Thomas                  Suzanne R. Motsko                                Ms. Kari Hamerschlag
   Mary Angela “Pat” Darminio                                                           Ms. M. Lucinda Motsko
       Mrs. Ellen Hart                     Belle & Bert Hart                                                                         Ms. Elissa Kittner
                                               Ms. Leslie Pick                      Gertrude M. Murphy                               Tarq Inman
   Jay Davis                                                                            Ms. Marilyn Watkins
       Mr. Jeffrey Leisenring              Bobbi Haskins                                                                             Ms. Jennifer Levin
                                               Mr. Calvin Gladden                       Ms. Elsie Valerio                       Mary Sedensky
   Frank & Frances Doerfler                                                              Ms. Sharon R. Green
       Mr. Joseph F. Sienbenhaar           Betty Hatch                                                                               Ms. Dana Barish
                                               Mr. & Mrs. Richard A. DePoy              Ms. Barbara E. Thomas                   David W. Sewell
   Helen Doud                                                                           Forest Garden Ladies
       Ms. Diane Eckles                    John H. & Marjorie E. Henderson                                                           Ms. Laura Murphy
                                               Ms. Patricia L. Henderson                Ms. Tracy J. Kornrich                        Mr. & Mrs. Gary T. Lessner
   Helen O. Downs                                                                   Raymond Nelha, Sr.
       Mr. & Mrs. Howard &                 Bernard Heneson                                                                           Ms. Jacquelin A. Murphy
                                                                                        Ms. Evelyn E. Stinchcomb

      6    toll-free 1.866.558.0827 |
    Ms. Kathleen F. Toriello            Volunteers                                    Mr. Donald Levenstein                     Ms. Susan Harrison
    Mr. & Mrs. Robert L. Foehrkolb          Ms. Jo Ann Lamp                           Mr. & Mrs. Steve & Melinda Hiken      Kathy Pucci
    Ms. Eleanor M. Packard              For Thanksgiving…                         Annette Gendason                              Ms. Linda Karp
    Mr. & Mrs. Charles P. Hardin, Jr.       Ms. Elizabeth Fotheringham                Ms. Cheri Trieber                     Ruth Pumphrey
    Mr. & Mrs. Darrell C. Edwards       50th Anniversary of Meals on Wheels of    Harry Gendason                                Mr. William Emmerich
Steven William Sewell                   Central MD                                    Ms. Cheri Trieber                     Dr. Louise Rainis
    Mr. & Mrs. Grayson W. Scarff, Jr.       Mr. & Mrs. Richard Soypher            Samuel Gold                                   Ms. Doris X. Sweet
Dr. Sylvan Shane                        Our Clients                                   Mr. & Mrs. Izzy & Evie Morrison       Mrs. Einar Raysor
    Mr. & Mrs. Joseph Mace                  The ArborSun Group, Inc.              Susan Gold                                    Ms. Joan E. Rosenstein
Marie Eberhart Shaw                     Hungry Families                               Ms. Linda Karp                        Mr. & Mrs. Michael G. Riemer
    Ms. Ruth Frey                           Mr. J. Howard Peltzer, Jr.            Richard & Lois Gross                          Ms. Marthe Roles
Robert Sheehan                          Development Department Team at Meals          Mr. & Mrs. Mike & Kathy Myer          Meredith, Josh, Kaitlyn Rosen
    Ms. Margaret A. Gray                on Wheels of Central MD                   Marc Grossblatt                               Ms. Ellen Rosen
Helen R. Sherald                            Ms. Jane G. Pekosz                        Mr. & Mrs. Harvey B. Grossblatt       Fern C.S. Sargent – Happy Birthday!
    Mr. & Mrs. James W. Bethel, Sr.         Ms. Toni Gianforti                    Patricia Harper                               Ms. Fern C. S. Sargent
    Mr. & Mrs. Frank Florio             Pat Harper and the Weinberg Place Staff       Mr. Howard Schloss                    Elaine Schultz - Happy Birthday!
Bettie C. Sickle                            Ms. Ellen Rosen                       Kathleen Hawkins                              Ms. Michele G. Schultz
    Mr. James K. Sickle                 Meals on Wheels of Central MD                 Ms. Laurette Hankins                  Judy Schwaber
Sharon Sidler                           Volunteer(s) – Mrs. Judith Marcus         Mr. & Mrs. John Heller                        Betty & Joan Raskin
    Ms. Kathy Cullen                        Ms. Miriam Lowenberg                      Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Brenda Nudelman    Mr. & Mrs. Milton Schwartz –
Catherine Siebenhaar                    Family Members                            Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Himmelrich              Happy 70th Anniversary!
    Mr. Joseph Siebenhaar                   Ms. Patricia Guarino                      Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Brenda Nudelman        Mr. & Mrs. Milton Schwartz
Charles Sienbenhaar                     Meals on Wheels of Central MD Staff at    Connie Horan                              Robyn Seabrease
    Mr. Joseph F. Siebenhaar            Weinberg Village                              Ms. Linda Karp                            Ms. Linda Karp
John & Agnes Sienbenhaar                    Mr. & Mrs. Mark Paster                Karen Jacobs – Happy “Special” Birthday   Norman Shillman
    Mr. Joseph F. Siebenhaar            The Berrywood Community                       Ms. Catherine Max                         Ms. Susan Weinstein
Mother Belle Silver                         Mr. & Mrs. Jim Stafford               Elizabeth Judge – Happy New Year!         William Siebenhaar
    Betty Silver & Bud Schindler        Monday Bridge Group                           Ms. Maryann Lofft-Judge                   Mr. Joseph F. Siebenhaar
Sidney Silverman                            Ms. Sylvia Tarnove                    Cheryl & Jeremy Kaufman                   Lennie Siff
    Ms. Marcia G. Epstein               Doris Argo                                    Ms. Stacey Kaufman                        Ms. Elizabeth M. Schuerholz
Lynn Slinkard                               Ms. Sarah Hamlin                      Mr. & Mrs. William J. Knight, Sr.         David Silver
    Mr. Thomas L. Slinkard              Mary Asendorf                                 Mr. & Mrs. Mark & Mary Raab               Mr. Robert Spielmann
Rosella S. Smith                            Mr. & Mrs. Raymond A. Smith III       William J. Knight, Sr.                    Gloria Silverberg – Happy Birthday!
    Mr. James F. Smith                  Harry Bass - Wishing you a speedy &           Mr. & Mrs. John Cullum                    Ms. Christine Manko
Sam Snyder                              complete recovery!                        Martha Kominek                            Mickey Simon – Happy Birthday!
    Mr. & Mrs. Cheryl & Jerry Hankin        Mr. & Mrs. Izzy & Evelyn Morrison         Mr. & Mrs. William J. Cunningham          Ms. Arline Nitzberg
James R. Soffos                         Marty Bass – WJZ                          Eileen Lacijan                            Aquilla B. Smith
    Mr. & Mrs. Nickolos Soffos              Kreative Kotton, LLC                      Ms. Kelly Chancey                         Mr. Lonnie L. Smith
Charles Soul                            Jean & John Berg                          Jackie Lamont                             Rita St. Clair
    Mrs. Mary Kozub                         Mr. George Reese                          Mr. Joseph F. Siebenhaar                  Mr. & Mrs. Harry P. Pappas
Nellie A. Sprecher                      Ella Booker                               Esther Libowitz – Happy 80th Birthday!    Lori Sullivan – Happy Birthday!
    Mr. D. Edward Sprecher                  Ms. Beverly A. Reid                       Mr. Paul Rotkovitz                        Mr. William J. Sullivan
Fred Spriggs                            William E. Campbell, Jr.                  Rose Lubitz                               Thomas Tasker - St. Martin’s (Meals on
    Ms. Doris E. Argo                       Ms. Christine Opalenik                    Mr. & Mrs. Milton E. Powell III       Wheels of Central MD) Kitchen
Linda Steinberg                         Sarah Canham                              Sonia & Arnold Maltinisky – Happy 50th        Ms. Eloise A. Ullman
    Ms. Beverly J. Capistrano               Mr. & Mrs. Bruce Canham               Wedding Anniversary!                      Kathi & Joseph Thomas
Leonard Stinchcomb                      Joan Channel                                  Mr. & Mrs. Nate & Glenda Chernoff         Mr. & Mrs. Charles & Susan Harris
    Ms. Evelyn E. Stinchcomb                Ms. Amanda Cranfill                                                                  Ms. Kathleen Thomas
                                                                                  Catherine Max
Dorothy Streeter                        Mrs. Michael P. Crocker                       Mr. & Mrs. Jordon Max                 Myles Title
    Ms. Robin Streeter                      Ms. Mary Ann Silvestri                                                              Mr. Myles Lichtenberg
                                                                                  Kathy McAllister
Carol Stubbe                            RM Albert & Jane Davis                        Ms. Linda Karp                        Jonathan Wachs - Happy Birthday Dad!
    Mr. & Mrs. M. Huddleston                Ms. Mary Elizabeth Albert                                                           Sofie & Sam Wachs
                                                                                  Carole McMorrow
Frances R. Tierney                      Jim & Marilyn Dickman                         Ms. Virginia Mae Cooper               Dr. Ed Wallach – wishing you a speedy &
    Mr. & Mrs. Richard Allchin              Mr. Steve Hecht                                                                 complete recovery!
                                                                                  Angela & Augie Miceli
    Ms. Jo Ann Brooks                   Chef Jerry Edwards                            Mr. & Mrs. John M. Backer                 Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Brenda Nudelman
    Ms. Sarajane Goodman                    Mr. David Miers                                                                 Steve Weigman
    Ms. Barbara Joellenbeck                 Mr. & Mrs. Marc Kahn                  Beverly J. Miller
                                                                                      Ms. Carolyn B. DeHoff                     Mr. Raymond Devilbiss
    Ms. Myrna J. Anderson               Sally Eveleth                                                                       Lynn Weinberg – Happy Birthday!
Filomena Tierney                            Mr. & Mrs. Gordon & Alice Pollock     Mr. & Mrs. George Miller
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Brenda Nudelman        Ms. Debra Weinberg
    Ms. Anna M. Jardine                 Gilbert & Josephine Fisher                                                          Jean Williams
Betty (Madge) Tobiason                      Mr. Timothy Fisher                    Ms. Anne Miller
                                                                                      Mr. & Mrs. Irwin & Brenda Nudelman        Mr. Steve Williams
    Mrs. Alice J. Gordon                Edwin Foley                                                                         Helen & Rod Williams
Anita M. Trilling                           Ms. Diane Foley                       David I. Miller
                                                                                      Ms. Joetta M. Miller                      Mr. & Mrs. Clifton J. Hargadon, Jr.
    Ms. Catherine Max                   Pam Gail                                                                            Kathy Zaryk
Richard L. Turner                           Mr. Joseph F. Sienbenhaar             David Mock
                                                                                      Mr. D.W. Wells Obrecht                    Ms. Linda Karp
    Mr. Clifton A. Turner, Jr.          Dorothy Galoon – Happy 90th Birthday!
Helen Tyransky                                                                    Jared Nipper
    Mr. Charles G. Tyransky
Catherine Veronis
    Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Odell               Enclosed is my Gift of: $ __________________________________________________________
Hilda Waissman
    Mr. Charles Waissman                   In Memory of: __________________________________________________________________
Betty Warren
    Ms. Beverly A. Reid                    In Honor of: ____________________________________________________________________
Doris I. Warren
    Dr. & Mrs. Ronald Levin
Tess Weintraub
                                           Please send card to (name): _______________________________________________________
    Ms. Miriam Margulies
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                                           Address: _______________________________________________________________________
    Ms. Sally B. Posner
Elmer P. West                              _______________________________________________________________________________
    Ms. Barbara West
Thomas & Helena White                      My Name: _____________________________________________________________________
    Mr. Thomas F. White Jr.
Cynthia Wieland                            My Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________
    Ms. Faye H. Carey
    Ms. Catherine Max                      My Address: ___________________________________________________________________
Albert Roberts & William Roberts, Jr.
    Ms. Geraldine R. Waters                _______________________________________________________________________________
Mary O. Wood
    Ms. Alice J. Gordon                    Please send your check with the above form to:
Edward & Marian Young
    Mr. James Young
                                              Development Office
Martha Zaky                                   Meals on Wheels of Central Maryland
    Mr. Arif R. Zaky                          515 South Haven Street
Chaim Zielinski
    Ms. Ethel Zelenske                        Baltimore, MD 21224
IN HONOR                                   While the amount of the gift is never mentioned on the acknowledgement card, we do suggest
In Thanksgiving                            a minimum of $10.00
    Ms. Maryann Lofft-Judge
My Neighbor’s Daily Delivery
    Ms. Arlene C. Palmer                   You can also call 443-573-0930 to charge gifts to your credit card or log onto
- Our Lord -                      and click on “Donations.”
    Mr. & Mrs. Doug Ripple
Meals on Wheels of Central MD

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        Baltimore, Maryland 21224

        Meal Times
        Spring 2011 • Volume 18, No. 1

        ...enhancing quality of life through the
        provision of nutritious meals, personal
        contact and related services.

Endow your gift through a charitable        General Bequests are legacies left         Contingency Bequests allow you
bequest as a distribution from your         to causes that come from the general       to leave a portion of your estate to
estate to Meals on Wheels through           value of the estate, and are made by       a particular charity if your named
your last will and testament. There are     designating a specific dollar amount of     beneficiary does not survive you.
different kinds of bequests. For each,      your estate to the cause of your choice.
you must use very specific language to                                                  “I devise and bequeath the residue
indicate the precise intentions, and to     “I give, devise, and bequeath to Meals     of my estate to (name of beneficiary),
successfully carry out your final wishes.    on Wheels of Central Maryland, Inc. the    if (she/he) survives me. If (name of
In any charitable bequest, be sure to       sum of $____ for the benefit of Meals       beneficiary) does not survive me, I
name the recipient accurately.              on Wheels of Central Maryland and its      devise and bequeath my residuary
                                            general purposes.”                         estate to Meals on Wheels of Central
Even if you aren’t wealthy, you can                                                    Maryland, Inc., for its general
make a charitable bequest. If every         Residuary Bequests are made when           purposes.”
adult in America made a will and            you intend to leave the residue portion
included a bequest of just $100, billions   of your assets after other terms of the    For more information about making
of dollars would flow to charitable          will have been satisfied.                   a charitable bequest, contact your
causes every year. Below are some of                                                   attorney or estate planner or call the
                                            “All the rest, residue, and remainder of   Meals on Wheels Development office:
the more common kinds of bequests and
                                            my estate I give to Meals on Wheels of     443-573-0930.
some bequest language.
                                            Central Maryland, Inc. for its general

8   toll-free 1.866.558.0827 |

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