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									Electronic Medical Records Are the Future
by Aleks Szymanski
Today paper documents such as medical records can be extremely vulnerable
to theft, fire damage, water damage and simple wear and tear over time.
But there is a way for health care providers to store their patients'
medical records in a safe, easy to retrieve way, minimizing all the risks
that come with keeping traditional paper records.
Choosing the Right Data Backup Solution
by I S McCain
There are a variety of different Backup solutions out there, some free
some incredibly costly, some catering to local backups, some designed for
offsite. There are many things to consider when evaluating a back-up
solution. Most companies look to strike a balance between protecting
their valuable Data from total loss, and planning how best to rapidly
redeploy saved data in the event of a loss.
How To Choose The Right Data Retrieval Company
by Christopher Brow
There are a number of data retrieval companies in every major city. Here
is a list of criteria you can use to choose the right data retrieval
company to safely recover your valuable data.

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