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                    GOVERNING BODY MEETING 26th November 2008 @ 6pm

Chair Luke Miller                    Vice-Chair Richard Pederson
Part 1
Representative Governors             Parents                       Community
* Laura Bugden 31/08/2010            * Lilith Jones 31/10/2009     * Luke Miller 31/08/2010

  Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

* Richard Pedersen 31/08/2010              * Robin Tolley 31/08/2010
                                           * Catherine Wright 2/07/2012

  Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

* Alan Jenner Head Teacher
* Rosemary MacDonald Staff 21/11/2010
* Edwin Ofei-Atuah Teacher 27/11/2012

In Attendance:
$ Claire Durrant                Business Development Manager            * In attendance
$ Janene Catchpole              Deputy Head Teacher                     $ Apologies received in advance
* Sarah Hargreaves              Clerk

Fr. Luke Miller, Chair, in the Chair

1. Welcome and Apologies for Absence
Apologies for lateness have been received from Laura Bugden (work). Edwin Ofei-Atuah was welcomed as the
new teacher governor.
Apologies for sickness have been received from the DHT and Business Development Manager (non governors).

2. Acceptance of Apologies

3. Declarations of Interest: completion of register
No interests relating to this agenda were declared.

4. Membership
Edwin Ofei-Atuah has become the new staff (teaching) governor.
No response has been received from GSTU regarding a new local authority governor. Clerk and Richard
Pedersen to chase.                                                                       Action Clerk, RP

No response has been received from Farid Abdullahi following the letter sent to him.
The parent governor post will be advertised in the next school newsletter as there has been no interest to date.
The vacancy will be advertised at the Christmas concerts and the next parent and carers meeting and the coffee
mornings. Governors considered if the process for obtaining governors was too draw out.              Action Head
6.20pm Lilith Jones joined the meeting.
Lilith agreed to attend the School Council to promote the idea of parent governors to pupils.           Action LJ

   Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

5. Minutes of the meeting of 17th September 2008
It was requested that in future staff names are written in full and governors names are in full the 1st time they are
noted in the minutes.
Item 13ii. It was confirmed that Catherine Wright had agreed to join the Curriculum WP.
With this clarification the minutes were signed as a correct record of the meeting.

6. Matters arising from these minutes, not already on the agenda
Clare Durrant has looked into the new Corporate Manslaughter regulations with the Site Manager and the
local authority Health and Safety Officer and the school complies with the regulations on all accounts.

   Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

GB Committee Terms of Reference. Governors agreed that they wanted the quorum of committees to be 2 not
3 members. It was agreed to review the Instrument of Governance at the next meeting.         Action Clerk
The Head confirmed that the state of the boiler would be sent as a complaint to the borough. Action Head

7. Headteacher’s Report
The Head’s report was pre-circulated. The Head apologised for the spelling and slight inaccuracies in the report;
there is a gap in the admin. team at present and colleagues are helping out
There are currently 651 children on Roll. This is a reduction due to economic migrants returning home.
The playground works are now completed
The Site Manager’s report on activities over the summer holidays were circulated. The school is still waiting for
the new incoming mains to be installed - once this is done a new dishwasher can be installed.
The Fire Drill went very well. It was the 1st time that blocked off exits were used. There will be a full site
evacuation before the end of the year.
£2m from the Primary schools capital allocation has been allocated to the school. A Working Party will need
to be set up to oversee the new build works. Claire Durrant will be writing to the LA to remind them that
£10,000 should be available for the feasibility study.                                                   Action CD
6.35pm Laura Bugden joined the meeting.
The 10 year plan will need to be re-drafted to take account of the above money and the re-alignment of the play
service. It was confirmed that this will be open to local residents and not just children who use the school.
Richard Pedersen questioned the reference to new asbestos regulations as he is not aware of them. The Head
to check with the Site Manager.                                                                        Action Head
It was confirmed that cycling to school is not promoted for the children due to health and safety concerns.
A local authority brochure was circulated which includes pictures of Mulberry children on the cover and inside.
Governors were pleased with the finished brochure.
Tracking of children the school will be able to report on how the children in each year group are attaining in
relation to national targets next week. Pupil Progress Reports will also be completed next week.
Recommendation One was agreed. The Head thanked all staff for their input.
Recommendation Two was agreed.
The Learning Resource Centre is progressing well.
The borough’s use of the Study Support area is advantageous to the school. It is bringing in other schools and
LA colleagues and is providing a good PR opportunity to the school.
SEN Statements The average cost to the school is £7,500; this is the reason that more TA’s cannot be afforded
The KS2 results have still not been received. The class teachers assessments have gone to the secondary
Recommendation Three was agreed. The Mulberry Measure data will follow.
Improving School Programme There are moved towards Federation. The Mulberry school will support two
local schools to help them develop their leadership and management capacity.
The INSET training is progressing very well; led by Janene and Claire.
Visitors to the school. It was agreed that this list should include Rose MacDonald as she attended in her
capacity as a governor.
Naming of the Silver Court development. The children chose the name and it was reported in the local Press.

   Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

8. Chair’s Report
Governors were directed to look at this term’s training brochure from GSTU.                            Action All
Catherine Wright said she would be attending the SEN training.

9. Director’s Report
All items identified as being for action are in hand.
Governors to think about what topic they would like covered as the whole school training this year.    Action All

10 & 11. Governor Involvement & Membership of Working Parties & Governors with special
responsibilities The Head Teacher is a member ex-officio of all groups. Governors agree that each
committee is clerked by the chair of the committee; Chair underlined.
It was agreed that it would be helpful to have subject co-ordinators come to the GB to explain current work and
issues.                                                                                               Action Head
It was agreed that it would be more productive to have some special responsibility areas covered within the
existing working party framework, rather than have additional responsibility posts which may appear artificial to
both governors and staff. From now on the WP items would be taken 1st in the meeting, to avoid duplication with
the Head’s report.
11.i Parental Involvement Group (Lilith, Catherine, Fr. Luke with Janene).
11.ii Curriculum (Luke Miller, Robin Tolley, Lilith Jones, Rosemary MacDonald, Catherine Wright). The Sex
Education policy has been considered and it is up to date. Catherine visited the school on 6th Nov and circulated
a note of her visit. (See File). She was concerned that there were insufficient Teaching Assistants in the school
and also wondered about the amount of support from specialist provision - such as speech and language therapists
and educational psychology. She wondered if additional administrative support would assist teaching staff. (See
HT report for details).
11.iii Personnel (Laura Bugden, Luke Miller, Richard Pedersen). Met on 14th November. See HT report for
details. The current staffing complement, inc. the new starters was discussed. Train to Gain (literacy courses)
will be run. Support will be offered to other schools.
11.iv Finance (Laura Bugden, Luke Miller, Richard Pedersen, Lilith Jones). The budget is satisfactory; the main
concern is the cut in the capital monies by the borough, which has happened at the same time as a high level of
spend on necessary ICT improvements. Claire is chasing the borough for money. Some money has been
received from the Tottenham Grammar Foundation.                                                          Action CD
The FMSiS audit is approaching. It is believed that the school is in a good position with the financial controls.
Internal control procedures are being streamlined. There will be training in the spring term regarding the
forthcoming requirements.                                                                                Action All
School Pay policy This was agreed (There are no changes to last years).
The Interim Pay Award will have to be met by the school.
11.v Premises (Rosemary MacDonald, Claire Durrant, Alan Jenner and a new parent governor with Ricky
Huckle). When the parent governor vacancy is advertised the opportunity to join the premises WP were be
made known.                                                                                           Action Head Pupil Discipline (all non-employed governors: Laura Bugden, Luke Miller, Richard Pedersen, Robin
Tolley, Lilith Jones).
11.vii Safeguarding Fr. Luke Miller.
11.viii Science (vacant) No report. Science monitoring to be carried forward to next term.
11.ix Appointment to Link governor To be held over to the next meeting.                               Action Clerk

Reports of Linked Governors
HASGB (Richard Pedersen)
Literacy (vacancy)
Maths (vacancy)

   Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

EMA This will now be included in the Curriculum WP. Lilith Jones will be the named link person. There will
be an agenda item on EMA to check that the curriculum is meeting the needs of all children in the school and the
school is supporting the interaction between the home and school environments
SEN (Robin Tolley & Catherine Wright)
ICT (Laura Bugden) No report
Advocate against bullying (vacancy)

12. AOB
No items.

13. Dates of future meetings
Fr Luke will circulate dates of future meetings.                                          Action Fr Luke
The date of the next meeting was subsequently agreed as 11th March 2009 at 6pm. Claire Durrant will clerk
as the Clerk is unavailable.

The meeting ended at 8.05pm


Luke Miller, Chair 2008-09

   Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008

Mulberry GB Meeting 26th November 2008


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