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Figge Cellars is a boutique winery producing single vineyard, small lot wines in Monterey, California.
The doors opened in Marina in 2004 and the first vintage was released in 2005.

Owner & Winegrower
Peter Figge earned an undergraduate degree in Biology from the University of Colorado, a Masters degree in
Viticulture from UC Davis and trained under some of the most famous brands in the country. As Senior Vineyard
Manager for Franciscan Estates, Peter developed over 1700 acres in the Central Coast region from 1997-2004.
Peter owns and operates Figge Cellars.

Chardonnay. Pinot Noir. Syrah.
FIGGE grows these grapes to produce 5 wines (2 Chardonnays, 2 Pinot Noirs and 1 Syrah) and 2,500 cases each

FIGGE grapes are handpicked from some of the most prestigious spots in Monterey County.
         Vineyard           Family            Varietals                  A.V.A.                      Acres
         Pelio              Pelio            Chardonnay, Pinot Noir      Monterey                    15 | Figge @ 15
         La Reina           McFarland        Chardonnay                  Santa Lucia Highlands       25 | Figge @ 2
         Paraiso            Smith            Pinot Noir                  Santa Lucia Highlands       254 | Figge @ 2
         Sycamore Flat      Madsen           Syrah                       Arroyo Seco                 60 | Figge @ 1

Current Releases
FIGGE is currently selling these wines through retail, restaurants and its online store.
         Vintage     Varietal           Vineyard           Alcohol    pH          TA       Cases    SRP
         2009        Chardonnay         La Reina           14.2%      3.43        6.8g/l   354      $35
         2009        Chardonnay         Pelio              14.1%      3.38        6.7g/l   560      $35
         2008        Pinot Noir         Paraiso            14.2%      3.48        6.5g/l   225      $39
         2008        Pinot Noir         Pelio              14.5%      3.42        6.5g/l   225      $39
         2007        Syrah              Sycamore Flat      14.2%      3.52        6.8g/l   557      $35

Upcoming Releases
         2009 Pelio Pinot Noir                Summer 2011
         2009 Paraiso Pinot Noir              Summer 2011

On The List
FIGGE is found in some of the most famous spots in the country, including:
         Mansion on Turtle Creek       Dallas, TX               August                 New Orleans, LA
         Prime                         Huntington, NY           Fleur de Lys           San Francisco, CA
         Jardiniere                    San Francisco, CA        Cielo                  Boca Raton, FL
         The American                  Kansas City, MO          Mark’s                 Houston, TX
         Gotham Bar & Grill            New York, NY             Casanova               Carmel, CA

Figge Cellars                      Peter Figge Owner & Winegrower
3348 Paul Davis Dr., #101          Allen Jones Marketing & Sales
Marina, CA 93933

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