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									                       24th KERALA SCIENCE CONGRESS, 2012
                             TECHNICAL PROGRAMME
                                          DAY 1
                                  29 JANUARY 2012 SUNDAY
0800 – 0930 hrs   Registration
0930 – 1100 hrs   Inaugural Function
                  Lighting the lamp
                  Welcome                                  Dr. K. K. Ramachandran
                                                           Member Secretary, KSCSTE
                  Introduction to the Kerala Science       Prof. C. G. Ramachandran Nair,
                  Congress                                 Chairman, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Presidential Address                     Prof. V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai
                                                           Executive Vice President, KSCSTE,
                                                           Principal Secretary, S&T Department &
                                                           President, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Inaugural Address                        Shri. Oommen Chandy
                                                        Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala
                                                        & President, KSCSTE
                                       Presentation of Dr. S. Vasudev Award
                     Release of Compendium and Proceedings of 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Address by the Guest of Honour        Shri. K. M. Chandrasekhar
                                                        Vice Chairman, State Planning Board,
                                                        Government of Kerala
                  Keynote Address                       Prof. T. Ramasami,
                                                        Secretary, Department of Science and
                                                        Technology, Government of India
                  Vote of Thanks                        Dr. C. Anilkumar
                                                        Member Convener, 24th Kerala Science
                                                        Congress Committee
                  National Anthem

1100 – 1130 hrs   Tea Break
1130 – 1330 hrs   Special theme session: “Climate Change: Plantation Crops & Spices of Kerala”
                                                           Dr. K. Tharian George
                                                           Joint Director (Economics), RRII
                                                           Dr. James Jacob
                                                           Director of Research, RRII
                  G.S.L.H.V. Prasada Rao,                  Impact of climate change on agriculture in
                  Academy of Climate Change                Kerala
                  Education and Research,
                  Kerala Agricultural University,
                  Dr. James Jacob                          Impact of climate warming on natural
                  Director, Rubber Research Institute      rubber productivity in different agro-
                  of India, Kottayam, Kerala               climatic regions of India
                  Dr. Jose Kallarackal                     Response of trees to climate change
                  CSIR Emeritus Scientist,
              Kerala Forest Research Institute,
              Peechi, Kerala
              Dr. K.B. Hebbar,                        Challenges and opportunities of plantation
              Central Plantation Crops Research       crops response to climate change: Coconut
              Institute, Kasaragod, Kerala            perspective
              Dr. R. Raj Kumar                        Climate change: Changing scenario in tea
              UPASI Tea Research Foundation,          plantations of Kerala
              Tea Research Institute, Valparai,
              Coimbatore District, Tamil Nadu
              Dr. K. Kandiannan,                      Spices production in relation to climate
              Indian Institute of Spices Research     change with a special emphasis on black
              (ICAR), Kozhikode, Kerala               pepper in Kerala
              Dr. A. K. Vijayan,                      Impact of climate change on cardamom
              Indian Cardamom Research Institute,     ecosystem in Idukki district of Kerala
              Spices Board, Myladumpara,
              Idukki, Kerala
              Dr. Anita Das Ravindranath              Potentials of coir for mitigation and
              Central Coir Research Institute, Coir   adaptation to climate change
              Board, Ministry of MSME, Govt. of
              India, Alleppey, Kerala
              Mr. C.B. Prakasan                       Impact of climate change on coffee
              Regional Coffee Research Station,
              Coffee Board, Chundale, Wayanad ,
                                                      Dr. Radha Lakshmanan, RRII
                                                      Mr. P.R. Satheesh, RRII
                                                      Dr. P. Harinarayanan
              Vote of Thanks
                                                      Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
1330 – 1415   Lunch Break
1415 – 1500   Dr. P.K. Gopalakrishnan Memorial Lecture
              Welcome & Introduction to
                                                       Dr. R. Prakashkumar
              Dr. P. K. Gopalakrishnan Memorial
                                                       Joint Director, KSCSTE
                                                       Dr. K.V. Sankaran
              Introducing the Speaker
                                                       Director, Kerala Forest Research Institute
                                                       Shri. K. M. Chandrasekhar
              Commemorative Lecture                    Vice Chairman, State Planning Board,
                                                       Smt. Binuja Thomas
              Vote of Thanks
                                                       Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
1500 - 1545   Prof. P.R. Pisharoti Memorial Lecture
              Welcome & Introduction to
                                                    Dr. Kamalakshan Kokkal
              Prof. P. R. Pisharoty Memorial
                                                    Joint Director, KSCSTE
                                                    Dr. N. P. Kurian
              Introducing the Speaker
                                                    Director, Centre for Earth Science Studies
                                                    Dr. Shailesh Nayak
              Commemorative Lecture                 Secretary, Ministry of Earth Sciences &
                                                    Chairman, Earth Commission
                                                    Dr. A. Mohan Das
              Vote of Thanks
                                                    Scientist, KSCSTE
1545 - 1600   Tea Break

1600 – 1730       Panel Discussion on “Science, Communication & Journalism”
                                                         Prof. Rajan Gurukkal,
                                                         Vice Chancellor, MG University
                                                         Dr. Kurian Thomas,
                                                         Director, PRD, MG University
                                                         Shri. Satheeshchandran Nair,
                                                         Dy. Director, Rubber Board
                  Shri. Mathews Varghese                 Associate Editor,
                                                         Malayala Manorama, Kottayam
                  Smt. G. Jaya                           Programme executive,
                                                         All India Radio
                  Shri. A. Prabakaran                    Director, Gyan Vani FM Radio, IGNOU,
                  Shri. N.S.Bijuraj                      Senior Sub Editor,
                                                         Mathrubhumi, Kottayam
                  Shri. Jyothish Kumar                   Doordharshan Kendra, Thiruvananthapuram
                                                         Dr. P. Harinarayanan
                  Vote of Thanks
                                                         Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
1800 – 1930 hrs   Cultural Programme - Dance
1930 – 2030 hrs   Dinner

                                          DAY 2
                                 30 JANUARY 2012 MONDAY
0900 – 1330 hrs   Technical Sessions:

   Note: All participants are requested to observe silence for two minutes from 1100 to 1102 hrs in
   memory of Martyrs

   Venue: SJMB HALL                                              Time: 09.00 - 13.05
   Chairman: Dr. S. Edison, Former Director, CTCRI

   Young Scientist Award Presentations
   Sl. No     Author                                 Title
   01-01      R. S. Sajeevan &                       Discovery and characterization of a novel AP2/EREBP
              Karaba N. Nataraja                     family gene from Indian mulberry
   01-02      Raji S. Nair, Aparna G. Nair & N.      Herbicide stress detection in Colocasia esculenta
              Subhash                                plants by multi-spectral solar reflectance imaging
   01-03      R. Beena, S. Michael Gomez & R.        Molecular mapping and identification of QTLs linked
              Chandra Babu                           to physio-morphological and plant production traits in
                                                     rice (Oryza sativa L.)
   Oral Presentations
   01-01     E.R. Mini & Y. Saideswara Rao           Field evaluation of several chemical indices of soil
                                                     nitrogen availability

   01-02      E. R. Mini & Y. Saideswara Rao         Prediction of plant nitrogen uptake and grain yield by
                                                     soil nitrogen availability tests for rice

01-03     A.S. Lubaina & K. Murugan             Ultra structural and antioxidative enzyme responses of
                                                Sesamum indicum L. infected with Alternaria sesami
01-04     Hredhya Haridas, P.A. Susha,          A study on drip irrigation technique in Kerala
          K. Madhava Chandran, George
          Mammen & C.M. Sushanth
01-05     Sandhimita Mondal, N.C. Sukul &       Agro-homeopathy: A modern approach in agriculture
          Soma Sukul
01-06     Linu M. Salim & M. S. Jisha           Study of antifungal activity of phosphate solubilizing
                                                bacteria isolated from rhizosphere soil
01-07     R. Anandan & S.N.R.Nagarathinam       An assessment of water availability and crop water
                                                requirement in Kozhinjampara area, Kerala State
01-08     C.J. Bindhu & P.K. Sushama            Investigations on worm-cast as casing material for
                                                milky mushroom and evaluation of spent mushroom
                                                substrate as a source of nutrition for tomato
01-09     R.L. Helen, R. Krishnakumar &         Stress management strategies in Hevea brasiliensis for
          P.K. Ambily                           ethylene stimulation
01-10     Nisha Joseph, E.A. Siril & G.M.       Evaluation and selection of elite annatto
          Nair                                  (Bixa orellana L.)
01-11     O. Sandeep, U. Surendran, George      Impact of magnetic treatment of irrigation water on
          Mammen & E.J. Joseph                  cowpea cv. Kanakamani

01-12     S. Deepa, R.V. Manju & Roy            Physiological and molecular analyses of coconut palms
          Stephen                               (Cocos nucifera L.) with mid whorl yellowing

01-13     R. Narayana, M.K. Dhanya & M.S.       Effect of organic inputs and bio-control agents on the
          Nisha                                 microflora and nematodes in rhizosphere of cardamom
01-14     Jalaja S. Menon, Anu Varughese &      Cultivation of crops under low cost naturally ventilated
          E.K. Mathew                           green house as a mitigation strategy against heavy or
                                                erratic rains of Kerala
01-15     V.G. Jayalekshmy & V. Deepa           Validation of molecular markers for genes of
                                                resistance to bacterial leaf blight in two popular rice
                                                cultivars of Kerala
01-16     V.G. Jayalekshmy & V. Deepa           Molecular analysis of cashew germplasm of Kerala
01-17     G. Prabhakara Rao, Saji T. Abraham    Evaluation of Brazilian wild Hevea germplasm in India
          & C.P. Reghu                          for cold resistance: Genetic variability in juvenile
01-18     Amith Abraham, Shaji Philip &         Bacterial endophyte from Hevea brasiliensis
          Manoj Kurian Jacob                    antagonistic against Phytophthora meadii and bio-
                                                prospecting of its antifungal metabolites
01-19     S. Thankamony, R. Kothandaraman       Effect of seasonal variations in nematode population
          & C. Kuruvilla Jacob                  and gall formation on Pueraria phaseoloides
01-20     Nimmy Jose, C.T. Abraham & S.         Management options for controlling the weedy rice
          Leenakumary                           complex (Oryza sativa f.sp. spontanea) in rice fields of

Venue: COUNCIL HALL                               Time: 09.00 - 12.05
Chairman: Prof. Madhusoodana Kurup, Vice Chancellor, KUFOS
Young Scientist Award Presentations
Sl. No    Author                            Title
02-01   J. Anumol, P.V. Tresamol &          Prevalence and molecular diagnosis of anaplasmosis in
        M.R. Saseendranath                  goats
02-02    A. Deborah Gnana Selvam,           Recurring algal blooms and resultant changes in water
         K.M. Mujeeb Rahiman & A.A.         quality - A probable trigger for WSSV outbreak in
         Mohamed Hatha                      seasonal paddy cum prawn fields
02-03    C. Anees, A.C. Majumdar & S.       Caprine foetus - A novel source of stem cell for
         Bag                                research and therapeutics in veterinary science
Oral Presentations
02-01    R.S. Abhilash, K. Anil Kumar &     Diagnostic significance of prostaglandin induced milk
         S. Biju                            flow test (PG-IMFT) in dairy cattle
02-02    Prejit & R.K. Agarwal              Development of PLG- encapsulated rompC vaccine for
                                            protection against Salmonella typhimurium in birds
02-03    N.C. Anil Kumar, D.B. Viji,        A study on the shifting pattern of potential fishing
         Abbas Muhammed & D. Johny          zone advisories in southwest Kerala coast
02-04    C.A. Anjalee Devi. &          B.   Application of biofloc technology in the larviculture of
         Madhusoodana Kurup                 Penaeus monodon
02-05    E. Nanu, C. Latha, B. Sunil &      Evaluation of hygienic status and grading of raw milk
         Magna Thomas                       at the level of production
02-06    K. Sreedharan, Rosamma Philip      Aeromonas spp. as potential pathogens to freshwater
         & I.S. Bright Singh                ornamental fishes of Kerala
02-07    Varuna P. Panicker, R. Uma.,       PCR-amplification of exon 5-exon 6 region of white
         Lijo John & P. Shonima             leghorn tapasin gene
02-08    S. Athira, S. Viswanathan, G. P.   Present status of fish stock enhancement and
         Deepak & R.B. Pramod Kiran         its impact on fishermen in Vellayani Lake, Kerala
02-09    Joice P. Joseph, S.K. Raval,       Brucellosis in a cattle farm - A report
         Desai Bharat, Aatur Shah,
         Ammu Ramakrishnan & Beenu
02-10    V.R. Dhanya, P.T.A. Usha           Estimation of hexachlorocyclohexane (HCH) residues
         & A.R. Nisha                       in water and cattle of Palakkad District and its impact
                                            on cattle health
02-11    S. Sreelekshmi, S.D. Neetha,       Growth kinetics of Etroplus suratensis in controlled
         A. Rajeela, M.S. Vishnu Nair &     conditions using four different feeds
         R.B. Pramod Kiran
02-12    P.S. Surya, P.M. Priya, & M.       Genotypic characterization of Riemerella anatipestifer:
         Mini                               The organism causing new duck disease in Kerala

02-13    S. Shyama, V.R. Sreenath,          Utility of substrate based biofilm in aquaculture - A
         M.S. Syam Kumar &                  critical study
         T. Yuvaraj
02-14    M.S. Syam Kumar, S. Shyama,        Ornamental fish culture as an ideal tool for
         V. R. Sreenath & T. Yuvaraj        empowerment of women - A case study

Venue: COUNCIL HALL                                Time: 12.15 - 13.50
Chairman : Dr. Balasundaran, Retd. Scientist, KFRI

Young Scientist Award Presentations
03-01          Amita Ajit, D. Dhanasooraj &    Molecular cloning, expression and purification of
               Sathish Mundayoor               immunodominant proteins CFP10, Ag85B and TB10
                                               from Mycobacterium tuberculosis.
03-02          Archana Sreekantan Nair,        Recombinant N-terminal active peptide of bovine
               Salini Bhasker &                (Bos taurus) lactoferrin in suspension culture of
               C. Mohankumar                   Nicotiana tabacum and its antibacterial sensitivity

03-03          Mrudula P. Musthapha, M.B.       Construction of a recombinant vector for constitutive
               Mohammed Sathik &                expression of Hevea chitinase in Bacillus subtilis, an
               Shaji Philip                     endosymbiont of Hevea brasiliensis

Oral Presentations
03-01          Reshma John, Siji Raju ,         Endophytic fungal diversity and colonisation in
               Jyothis Mathew & Linu            Achyranthes aspera Linn.
03-02          C.P. Archana, Geetha S. Pillai   Microrhizome and minirhizome induction as a means
               & Indira Balachandran            of pathogen free planting material production in
                                                ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.)
03-03          Lisha P. Luke, M.B.              Promising drought tolerance associated genes of
               Mohamed Sathik &                 Hevea brasiliensis
               Molly Thomas
03-04          Thakurdas Saha, Thomas K.        Characterization of cinnamyl alcohol dehydrogenase
               Uthup & Minimol Ravindran        gene involved in lignification for improving timber
                                                quality in Hevea brasiliensis
03-05          C. Bindu Roy, Minimol            One hundred microsatellite markers from Hevea
               Ravindran & Thakurdas Saha       genome for characterization of cultivated clones of
                                                rubber (Hevea brasiliensis)

Venue: H. N. RIDLEY HALL                                  Time: 9.00 - 10.55
Chairman: Prof. K.K.M. Yusuff, Emeritus Professor, Department of Applied
Chemistry, CUSAT

Young Scientist Award Presentations
04-01           Jesty Thomas & K.R. Chitra       Synthesis of novel nano TiO2 for the solar photo-
                                                 catalytic degradation of Endosulfan
04-02          Giable George, V. S. Vishnu       Synthesis, characterization and optical properties
               & M. L.P. Reddy                   of silicon and praseodymium doped Y6MoO12
                                                 compounds: Environmentally benign inorganic
                                                 pigments with high NIR reflectance
04-03           Divya Thomas & Krishnapillai     Quantum dots (QDS) based fluorescent probe for
                Girish Kumar                     selective determination of nimesulide
Oral Presentations
04-01           A. Shanti Krishna, M. C.         Synthesis and characterization of poly(d,l-lactide-
                Sunny & P. Ramesh                co-caprolactone) modified with fumaryl chloride
                                                 intended for tissue engineering applications
04-02          S. Sreedhanya, Usha K.            Sulphasalazine binds human serum albumin
               Aravind & C.T.
04-03          T.S. Anirudhan & S.R.             Immobilization of trypsin onto poly (acrylic acid)-
               Rejeena                           modified poly (glycidylmethacrylate) -grafted
                                                 nano-cellulose and its improved performance in
                                                 casein hydrolysis
04-04          Rejitha Rajan, Siby Varghese      Role of various co-agents in peroxide
               & K.E. George                     vulcanization of natural rubber
04-05          T.V. Divyalakshmi, Usha K.        Lysosyme immobilized polyelectrolyte multilayer
               Aravind & C.T.                    film: a biosensor for mercuric chloride

04-06          Ambily Chandran, Sunny             Studies on the photo responsive properties of
               Kuriakose & Tessymol               starch modified with 1-(5-(4-dimethylamino-
               Mathew                             benzylidin)-4-oxo-2-thioxo-thiazolidin-3-yl)-acetic
04-07          N. Divia & Karickal R.             Synthesis of thermally and electrochemically
               Haridas                            stable hole-transporting materials based on
                                                  phenylene diamine derivative for optoelectronic

Venue: CHARLES GOODYEAR HALL                                   Time: 9.00 -10.35
Chairman: Dr. N. P. Kurian, Director, CESS, Thiruvananthapuram

Young Scientist Award Presentations
05-01           S. Vishnu Mohan & D.              Evidences of changing climate in the past 10000
                Padmalal                          years from the sedimentary archives of southern
05-02           R. Arun & Shreya                  Application of RS-GIS in detecting
                Bandyopadhyay                     palaeochannels: A case study in parts of Pamba-
                                                  Manimala interfluve, Kerala, India
05-03           V. Noujas, K.O. Badarees &        Numerical model studies on siltation of a harbour
                K.V. Thomas                       at Muthalapozhi along southwest coast of India
Oral Presentations
05-01           E. Shaji, N. Aswathy, J.R.        Industrial groundwater pollution at Chavara - A
                Deepa, M. Thara, P. Umadevi       case study
                & S. Resmi
05-02           K.M. Nair & V. Pramodlal          Investigations on ground water shortage and
                                                  results of experimental rain water harvesting in
                                                  laterite covered midland of Kerala
05-03           C. Vineeth, L. Jose & T.K.        Equatorial plasma bubble: A possible connection
                Pant                              with the polar stratospheric sudden warming
05-04           N.C. Anil Kumar, T.K. Shijil      Geospatial approach for conservation and
                & K. Ajayakumar                   management of inland water resources: A case
                                                  study of Alapuzha District
05-05           C. Anoopa Prasad, M.              Mining induced shoreline changes and
                Vishnu Thilakan, K.C Vimal,       morphological modifications
                M.K. Sreeraj & K.V. Thomas

Venue: CHARLES GOODYEAR HALL                                                Time: 10.45 – 12.30
Chairman: Prof. R.A.D. Pillai, Former Deputy Director, VSSC

Young Scientist Award Presentations
Sl.No.   Author                              Title
06-01    M. Megha & V. Meera                 Comparison of performance of point of use water
                                             treatment system using sand and crushed brick with iron
                                             and manganese oxide coated sand for production of
                                             drinking water
06-02     S. Jayashree Menon &               Runoff prediction in Manali river using SWAT
          N. Sajikumar
06-03     P. N. Salini & B.G. Sreedevi       A comparative study on the characteristic properties of
                                             the coarse aggregates available in southern Kerala
Oral Presentations

06-01     K. Vidya Gopinath & P.             Corrugated plastic pipe packed bed aerobic bioreactor
          Vijayan                            for treatment of leachate from Laloor landfills
06-02     N.A. Mayaja & C.V. Srinivasa       Development of a flood hazard index for pampa river
                                             basin, Kerala
06-03     C.K. Subramaia Prasad              Influence of moulding pressure on compressive strength
          E.K. Kunhanandan Nambiar &         of plastic fibre reinforced soil blocks
          Benny Mathews Abraham
06-04     M.K. Nivedya, R. Sathikumar        GIS- based land suitability analysis
          & V.S. Manju
06-05     A.S. Varadarajan, Robinson R.      Investigations on the effect of an environment friendly
          Gnanadurai & E. John Thomas        coconut oil based cutting fluid on cutting performance
                                             during hard turning with minimal fluid application

06-06     A. Praveen & Parvathy              Seismic vulnerability of masonry buildings and
          Rajendran                          approaches to control the structural collapse

Venue: CHARLES GOODYEAR HALL                                                   Time: 12.40 – 13.00
Chairman: Prof. R.A.D. Pillai, Former Deputy Director, VSSC

Oral Presentations
07-01    Beena Koshy, K.A. Germina &         Application of complementary distance pattern uniform
         Rajeev Rajan                        sets on data structures
07-02    Jisha P. Jayan, R.R. Rajeev &       Malayalam-Tamil sampark
         Elizabeth Sherly

Venue: HENRY WICKHAM HALL                                      Time: 09.00 – 12.05
Chairman: Dr. R.V. Varma, Chairman, Kerala State Biodiversity Board

Young Scientist Award Presentations
08-01   N.S. Sudheer, Rosamma Philip &        Antiviral activity of crude saponin from mangrove
        I.S. Bright Singh                     plant Ceriops tagal against white spot syndrome virus
                                              which highlights the requirement of mangrove
08-02    Sujith V. Gopalan, Kumar             Reflections of molecular systematic study on
         Santhosh & S. George                 amphibians of Western Ghats
08-03    Ramachandran Kotharambath            On the systematics and distribution of Ichthyophis
         Sanil George & Oommen V.             longicephalus Pillai (Amphibia: Gymnophiona:
         Oommen                               Ichthyophiidae)
Oral Presentation
08-01    P.A. Jose, A.J. Robi & K. Jayaraj    Population structure and diversity analysis of
                                              Hydnocarpus macrocarpa (Bedd.) Warb. - An
                                              ecological approach for the conservation of endemic
                                              and ret trees of Western Ghats
08-02    R. Harikumaran Nair, Mathews         Myocardial and hepatocellular implications of arsenic
         V. Varghese & S. Abhilash
08-03    B. Baijulal & V.Sobha                Implications of sediment dispersal and nutrient loading
                                              in two coastal lagoons of southern Kerala.
08-04    V.R. Rekha Nair, P.K. Sushama        Environmentally sustainable composting technique of
         & V. Sunil Kumar                     elephant dung
08-05    P. Nikhil Chandra, K. Usha &         Removal of herbicides from water by humic acid -
         A.P. Thomas                          chitosan multilayer micro filtration membranes
08-06    Noeline B. Fernandez &              Adsorptive removal of copper (II) ions from industry
         Manohar D. Mullassery               wastewaters using a cation exchanger prepared from
                                             banana stem
08-07    C.E. Jayasree, N. Rajagopal &       Effect of ageing on strength properties of rubber wood
         C.P. Reghu
08-08    V.C. Rahul & A.V.                   Secondary succession on lateritic soil - A case study
08-09    T. Geetha & M. Balagopalan          Effect of teak and eucalypt monoculture on soil organic
08-10    R. Delphy, P.K. Ashokan &           Influence of host plant on the physiological attributes
         P. Sureshkumar                      of field grown sandal tree
                                             (Santalum album L.)
08-11    C.A. Sneha,V. Santhoshkumar &       Canopy temperature as an indicator of water stress in
         K.M. Sunil                          Tectona grandis seedlings
08-12    P.K.. Chandrasekhara Pillai,        Terminalias: A major tree component of moist
         M.M. Sowmya & V.S. Hareesh          deciduous forests in Kerala

08-13    G. Madhusoodanan Pillai             Invasive alien flora of Ithikkara river banks at selected
         M. Aravind & K. Sasankadan          sites in Kollam district
08-14    P.R. Satheesh & James Jacob         Trees are not the answer to climate change

Venue: J. J. MURPHY HALL                                        Time: 09.00 - 11.15
Chairman : Dr. K.T. Shenoy, Retd. Professor, Medical College, Thiruvananthapuram

Young Scientist Award Presentations
09-01   C. Vibha & P.P. Lizymol              Effect of inorganic content on surface hardness and
                                             shrinkage of dental restoratives based on novel
                                             inorganic-organic hybrid resin
09-02    G.T. Finosh, M. Jayabalan &         Studies on biosynthetic hydrogels for tissue
         K.G. Raghu                          engineering - Effect of free water on cell penetration
                                             and survival
09-03    A. Aravind & K. Santhosh            A novel hyper branched multifunctional dendritic
         Kumar                               nanocarrier for target specific drug delivery
Oral Presentation
09-01     K. Suneesh & K.T. Augusti          Prophylactic and curative effects of garlic oil as
                                             compared to α- tocopherol against isoproterenol
                                             induced damages in rats
09-02    B. Latha & M.S. Latha               Antifibrotic effect of Monochoria vaginalis on carbon
                                             tetrachloride (CCl4) induced liver fibrosis
09-03    K. Geetha & V. Kalliyana            Effect of diluents on the mechanical properties of
         Krishnan                            polyurethane based dental composites
09-04    R.S. Renjith & T. Rajamohan         Evaluation of antiglycation and antioxidant activities of
                                             methanol and ethanol extracts from Cocos nucifera (L.)
09-05    M. Sindhu & B.D. Sheeja             Synergistic effect of two plant extracts on mosquito
09-06    V.J. Shine, P.G. Latha, S.R Suja,   Potential protective effect of alkaloid fraction of Cyclea
         G.I. Anuja, S. Shyamal & S.         peltata (Lam.) Hook. F. & Thoms., an ethnomedicinal
         Rajasekharan                        plant on liver cirrhosis in wistar rats
09-07    Nitha Anand & M.S. Latha            Protective effect of Woodfordia fruticosa Kurz flowers
                                             on carbon tetrachloride induced hepatic fibrosis in rats
09-08    S. Anaswara Krishnan, R.            Aristolochia indica, plant anti-dote to replace serum
         Dileepkumar & Oommen V.         therapy for snake bite treatment
09-09    G.L. Shyni & A. Helen           Anti-inflammatory effect of methanolic extract of
                                         Jeevaneeya rasayana in adjuvant induced arthritis

Venue: J. J. MURPHY HALL                                                 Time: 11.25 - 13.10
Chairman: Dr. P.G. Latha, Director, TBGRI

Young Scientist Award Presentations
10-01   V. Renju Krishna                 Purification, characterisation and molecular analysis of
                                         chitinase from Streptomyces TBG-201 and evaluation
                                         of its antifungal properties
10-02    Parvin Abraham & K. Santhosh    Characterisation, structural and functional analysis of a
         Kumar                           novel antimicrobial peptide from an Indian frog
                                         Clinotarsus curtipes
10-03    S. Anju, V.N. Anupama &         Production of an anti-tumoral/antimicrobial/
         B. Krishnakumar                 antioxidant bioactive compound from a locally isolated
Oral Presentations
10-01    N.P. Anish & M.G. Rajesh        Standardization of ‘padmacarini’ (Hybanthus
                                         enneaspermus (L) F. Muell.
10-02    C.N. Vishnu Prasad, S. Suma     Kaempferitrin differentially regulate GLUT4
         Mohan, Asoke Banerji &          translocation and glucose transport in adipocytes and
         Anilkumar Gopalakrishnapillai   muscles

10-03    Gopika Gopal & Vinoth Thomas    A method for staining sieve tubes in the bark of Hevea
10-04    Ayana Ravi & Oommen P. Saj      A comparative phytochemical screening of two plants
                                         of mythological importance in Kerala- Holigarna
                                         arnottiana and Terminalia bellerica
10-05    M. Deepak, U. Prakash Kumar,    Evaluation of physico-chemical parameters and
         A.B. Rema Shree & Indira        quantification of umbelliferone in an ayurvedic
         Balachandran                    formulation
10-06    V.K. Jeeja Kumari, Asha Maria   Preparation of higher molecular weight beta glucan
         Mathew & Beena Joy              from oats and its interaction with biochemical

Venue: H. N. RIDLEY HALL                                      Time: 11.05 - 13.20
Chairman: Prof. V.P.N. Nampoori, International School of Photonics, CUSAT

Young Scientist Award Presentations
11-01    S. Uma & J. Philip              Magneto-thermal conduction in nano crystalline
                                         multiferroic bismuth ferrite
11-02    V. Pramitha & C. Sudha Kartha   Study on the potential of silver-doped acryl amide-
                                         based photopolymer for holographic data storage

11-03    Aparna Thankappan, S. Divya &   Design and fabrication of nano TiO2 based solar cell
         V.P.N. Nampoori                 sensitized by pomegranate extract

Oral Presentations
11-01    K. Sreelatha & P. Predeep       Lewis acid complexation of polyamide nylon 6 films -
                                            synthesis, structure and optical properties
11-02    Saju M. Sebastian, Beena           Solvent free oxidation and halogenations reactions
         Mathew & Ebey P.Koshy              using EGDMA cross linked polyvinylpyrrolidone -
                                            bromine complexes under microwave irradiation
11-03    Fergy John, J.K Thomas & Sam       Synthesis and characterization of nano crystalline
         Solomon                            PrTiNbO6 ceramics

11-04    Dhanesh Thomas & Mailadil T.       Fabrication and characterization of HDPE-
         Sebastian                          Ca4La6(SiO4)4(PO4)2O2 composites for microwave
11-05    S. Vidya, J.K .Thomas & Sam        Synthesis of CaWO4 nano particles by combustion
         Solomon                            technique for LTCC and optical applications

11-06    D.B. Dhwajam, Sam Solomon          Synthesis, characterization and dielectric properties of
         & Jijimon K.Thomas                 ZnNb2(Ti/Zr)O8 ceramics
11-07    Vineetha Ram, K. Vishnu, D.        Effect of mobile phone radiation on DNA, its harmful
         Laila, C. Pradeep & V.P.N.         effects and possible solution
11-08    Divya Dinesh, Jayan Manuvel        Synthesis of thermo responsive nanogels by electron
         & P. Predeep                       beam irradiation
11-09    Obey Koshy & M. Abdul              UV photo detection studies of films of ZnO nanorods

Venue: HENRY WICKHAM HALL                                                   Time: 12.15 - 12.55
Chairman: Dr. B. Narasingha Prasad, Director, CWRDM

Oral Presentations
12-01    Rajeev Rajan                     Response of tribes towards community radio - Anew
                                          communication technology paradigm
12-02    Leena Rajith & Krishnapillai     Magic of chemistry- An initiative to promote scientific
         Girish Kumar                     temper among school students
12-03    A. Praveen & R. Radhakrishnan    Sustainability evaluation of wastewater treatment process
                                          based on organizational environmental sensitivity
12-04    Manu G. Raj & Abiram Suresh      The theory of scientific evolution - the theory about
                                          information processing in analysis and its applications
12-05    K.T. Agustin                     Antioxidants from certain spices

                                         DAY 2
                             30 JANUARY 2012 MONDAY
                           POSTER PRESENTATION PAPERS
                                (Venue: AMAZON BAY)
                                  (Time : 09.00 – 17.00)

Sl No.   Authors                      Title
P01-01   T. Pradeepkumar, R.          Induction of seedlessness in diploid watermelon genotypes by
         Sujata & M.S. Jasheeda       gamma irradiation of pollen
P01-02   M.V. Shijil Kumar, N.P.      Impact of climate change on natural rubber plantations with
         Pranitha, C.R. Lalitha &     special reference to Kannur and Wayanad districts.
         K.R. Kavitha
P01-03   M.J. Reju, A.P. Thapliyal,   Rubber clones in Meghalaya: growth and yield performance
         M.A. Nazeer, T.A. Soman
         & H.K. Deka

P01-04   T. Gireesh, T.A. Soman       Reduction of immaturity period of rubber tree: RRII 400 series
         & Kavitha K. Mydin           clones and root trainer technology in a small holding
P01-05   M. Chithra, T.               Genetic variability and association of characters in certain
         Meenakumari, Y.              exotic clones of Hevea brasiliensis Muell. Arg.
         Annamma Varghese and
         Kavitha K. Mydin
P01-06   B.V. Adrika, C. Mini &       Effect of antioxidants and packaging in improving the shelf
         M.S. Sajeev                  life of banana chips
P01-07   P.K. Ambily, R.              Physiological and anatomical changes in the lacticiferous
         Krishnakumar & C.P           tissues of Hevea under ethylene stimulation
P01-08   P. Prameela, Meera V         Nutrient management for fodder sorghum [Sorghum bicolor L.
         Menon & M. Priyalaksmi       (Moench)] under rainfed condition
P01-09   Riya Joseph & B. Suma        Evaluation of Thippali (Piper longum L.) accessions for yield
                                      and quality
P01-10   Riya Joseph & B. Suma        Genetic Variability in Thippali (Piper longum L.)
P01-11   Sherin George & A.N.         Assessment of nutrient requirement in a rubber-based
         Sasidharan Nair              cropping system with coffee and cocoa as intercrops

P01-12   S.M. Purushothaman           Management of pod borer in cowpea
P01-13   Ambili S. Nair & V.V.        Performance of thermosensitive genic male sterile lines of rice
         Radhakrishnan                under warm humid tropics of Kerala

P01-14   G.J. Shimi & A.S.            Water productivity of vetiver as influenced by planting
         Anilkumar                    methods, fertigation levels and bioinoculants

P01-15   Anu Varughese & P.V          Reducing dormant weed seeds in soil by solarization with
         Habeeburrahman               transparent polyethylene

Sl No.   Authors                      Title
P02-01   M. Manafi, K. Mohan &        Effects of graded levels of aflatoxin on performance
         A. Babaei                    parameters and immune status of White Leghorn layers
P02-02   Mohan, K. Jayakumar,         The depilatory cream or use of spatula – cause for dermal
         Milad Manafi & B.H.          irritation
P02-03   Vijaytha Vijayakumar,        Microbial changes in salted Cynoglossus macrostomus during
         Sajan George & S.            drying under different conditions
P02-04   P. Nimisha & S. Sheeba       Use of herbs as metabolic enhancers in freshwater fishes

P02-05   Stella Cyriac, Leo Joseph,   Comparative efficiency of four different poultry semen
         P.A. Peethambaran, K.        extenders for dilution and storage of white pekin drake semen
         Karthiyayini & T. Gibin
P02-06   S. Sindhu & P.M. Sherief     Recovery of carotenoids from shrimp (Aristeus alcocki)
                                      processing waste using organic solvents and vegetable oils.
P02-07   K.S.Ajith, G. Mathen, S.     Evaluation of complete feed for meat production in calves
         Biju & R.S. Abhilash

P02-08   B. Sunil, C. Latha, Remya    Public health significance of Listeria spp. isolated from
         Raveendran, K. Vrinda        vegetables sold in the retail markets of Thrissur, Kerala
         Menon & V.J. Ajaykumar
P02-09   Mini Bharathan & P.T.A.      Assessment of immunomodulatory activity of methanolic
         Usha                         extract of Boerrhavia diffusa L.
P02-10   M.K. Narayanan & K.         Early surgical neutering- A successful and ethical way to
         Rajankutty                  control
                                     Stray dog population
P02-11   V.J. Ajay Kumar, C.         Standardisation and application of microbial growth inhibition
         Latha, B. Sunil & V.R.      assay to detect the presence of antimicrobial residues in
         Dhanya                      poultry meat

P02-12   K.C. Janeesh & S. Sheeba    A study on fish fauna of inland water bodies of Thrissur
                                     district in Kerala
P02-13   Preethy John, C.M.          Hypoglycemic effect of Brassica juncea (mustard) in alloxan
         Aravindakshan, A.K.         induced diabetic rats
         Deepa and Mini Bharathan

Sl No.   Authors                     Title
P03-01   Sayujia S. Varghese, S.     Pollinia cryopreservation of Eulophia nuda Lindl.
         William Decruse & P.N.
P03-02   Swapna Alex, M.R.           Ecofriendly synthesis of silver nanoparticles
         Preetha Rani, K.B. Soni,
         Deepa S. Nair & B.R.
P03-03   A.K. Resna, C. Geethu, S.   Cell wall degrading hydrolytic enzymes of Pythium
         Sumna & R. Aswati Nair      myriotylum, a necrotrophic phytopathogen
P03-04   Linu Kuruvilla, M.B.        Isolation of drought influenced microRNAs from Hevea
         Mohamed Sathik, Molly       brasiliensis
         Thomas, K.
         Annamalainathan & James
P03-05   A.T. Dhanya, Joby Jose,     Preparation of zein-pectin nanoparticles for biomedical
         A.P. Shahid & S.            applications
P03-06   Ashna U, Lynda V.           Surfactant gene mRNA modulation in three dimensional
         Thomas, Prabha D. Nair &    cultures of alveolar cells
         A. Maya Nandkumar
P03-07   P. S. Vineesh, S.           Embryo culture and genetic diversity analysis among wild
         Mukunthakumar, P.           Musa acuminata (AA) of Agastyamala forests
         Padmesh, Reby Skaria, K.
         Hari Kumar, & P.N.

Sl No.   Authors                     Title
P04-01   Saliney Thomas, Soney C.    Effect of organically modified nanoclay on mechanical and
         George, & Sabu Thomas       transport properties of nitrile rubber
P04-02   B. Preetha, P. Vinisha      Ion exchange behavior of nano antimony zirconium phosphate
         Valsaraj & C. Janardanan    and its application as solid acid catalyst
P04-03   U. Prakash Kumar, A.B.      A rapid technique for detection and quantification of mineral
         Rema Shree & Indira         oil in vegetable oils used as vehicles in ayurvedic formulations
P04-04   C.E. Jayasree, K. Tomson    Rubber wood: a potential timber for pencil manufacture
         Francis, & N. Rajagopal
P04-05   P. Rejani & B. Beena        Synthesis and characterisation of nano ZnO through different
P04-06   Shiji Fazil & Reena          Synthesis, characterization & biological properties of a novel
         Ravindran                    Mg (II) complex of a proton transfer salt

P04-07   Shiby Susan Kuriakose &      Development of a new chitosan IPN as a chelating agent for
         Beena Mathew                 enviornmental application
P04-08   B.R. Manjunath, P.           Cenospheres as possible fillers for PVC compounds in
         Sadasivamurthy, P.V.         electrical cable industry
         Reddy,& Kariackal R.
P04-09   E.V. Anuja, Zafna            Carbon nanotube modified gold sensor in food analysis-
         Rasheed & K.Girish           determination of propyl gallate
P04-10   M.S. Sruthy, M.Deepa,        Preparation of carbon aerogels and its chemical activation for
         P.A. Abraham, N.             hydrogen gas storage applications
         Ranipanicker, K. Stanly
         Jacob & N.C. Pramanik
P04-11   Beena G. Mohan, H.K.         Adipose-derived stem cells on radioopaque strontium-based
         Varma & Annie John           bioceramic for the repair of ulna segmental defect in
                                      preclinical rabbit model

Sl No.   Authors                      Title
P05-01   K. Aparna Sagar, S.G.        Petrology and geochemistry of dolerite dykes of
         Dhanil Dev & E. Shaji        Pathanamthitta, Kerala, India
P05-02   Savithri Babu & T.           Environmental degradation due to saline water intrusion in
         Subramani                    Thamirabarani delta, South India
P05-03   S. Anooja & D. Padmalal      Provenance of late quaternary sediments in the coastal lands of
                                      Kollam district, Kerala
P05-04   V. Dhanya                    Is Achankovil an antecedent river?
P05-05   M. Vandana                   Evolution of micro level landforms in Kabani river basin,
                                      Wayanad Plateau, Kerala
P05-06   John Mathai                  Recent tremors in the Idukki region and its implications on
P05-07   M.A. Mohammed-Aslam,         Remote sensing of mangrove system at coastal regions of
         Thomas George, V.            Kasaragod, Kerala, India
         Gopinathan and K.
         Sreemathi Gopinath.

Sl No.   Authors                      Title
P06-01   H. Soumya & J. Philip        A method and a gadget to measure thermal diffusion rates in
                                      films and coatings
P06-02   V.S. Sanjay Kumar & D.       Mobility plan for west Kallada Gramapanchayath
P06-03   P.K. Chandrasekhara Pillai   High input forest plantations are improved carbon sinks
         & K.V. Sankaran
P0-04    K.I Dhanya & T. Minimol      Treatment of pharmaceutical wastewater by electro fenton
         Pieus                        method
P06-05   Anjali P. Sasidharan & V.    Effect of varying influent C/N ratio on the performance of
         Meera                        immobilized Chlorella in down flow hanging sponge bio-
                                      tower in treating synthetic grey water
P06-06   R. Soorya, K.S. Sumam &      Simulation of pollutant transport in rivers
         N. Sajikumar
P06-07   Stephen P. Jacob, Anooj      The study of thermal behaviour of pavements and its effect on
         Mathew, J.R.                 the environment
         Unnikrishnan, K.V.
         Vishnumaya & Mingkeng
         Dupak, Reebu Z. Koshy &
         B. Premlet
P06-08   V. Sudha, A.K. Raji &       CBR prediction model for subgrade soils using compaction
         K.K. Babu                   and index properties
P06-09   V. Jaya & C.A. Titus        Determination of engineering properties of municipal solid

Sl No.   Authors                     Title
P07-01   Sajimon Abraham, P.         Trajectory data management in spatio-temporal databases and
         Sojan Lal & Dais George     applications in climatological study

P07-02   S. Praveen Kumar, Mincy     Development of catalogue and metadata service for web GIS
         Murali, Resmi Chandran,     application
         & N.C. Anil Kumar

Sl No.   Authors                     Title
P08-01   S.I. Remya, S. Anooja, S.   Textural dependence of C-org and C- inorg in the borehole
         Vishnu Mohan & B.           sediments of coastal wetlands of Kerala - A case study
P08-02   M.P. Krishna, Rinoy         Biological removal of lead by Bacillus sp. from metal
         Varghese, V. Arun Babu      contaminated industrial area
         & A.A. Mohamed Hatha
P08-03   S. Vineetha, S. Bijoy       Seasonal dynamics in the abundance and diversity of
         Nandan, & K.P. Rakhi        macrobenthic fauna in a tropical kole wetland, Kerala, India.
P08-04   G.R. Asish, Satheesh        Primary metabolite profiling and antioxidant activity of Atuna
         George & Indira             indica (Bedd.) Kosterm- an endemic plant species reported
         Balachandran                from southern Western Ghats, India
P08-05   Ann New Jewell, P.          A GIS based approach for the risk assessment of endosulfan in
         Mohammed Rafeekh, &         soil
         M.A. Mohammed Aslam
P08-06   K. Sreedharan, K. Subin     A landuse / landcover change analysis in Udumbanchola taluk,
         K. Jose & A.P. Thomas       Idukki district, Kerala: a geo-informatics approach

P08-07   Sunil P. M. Mathew, Usha    Photochemical degradation of fensulfothion in aqueous
         K. Aravind & C.T.           medium
P08-08   Sareen Sarah John, K.       Mosquito larvicidal potential of biologically synthesised silver
         Pillai Raji, N.             nanoparticles against Aedes albopictus in rubber plantations
         Chandramohanakumar &
         M. Balagopalan

P08-09   G.P.V Prajeesh, V.N.        Bioremediation of perchlorate manufacturing industrial brine
         Anupama, & B.
P08-10   B. Ramkumar & Sareen        Study on lethal effects of lunar eclipse on bacterial population
         Sarah John
P08-11   K.M. Mujeeb Rahiman, G.     Characterisation and bioprospecting of cold adapted yeast
         Saritha, A.A. Mohamed       from water samples of Kongsfjord, Norwegian Arctic
         Hatha & A.V. Saramma

Sl No.   Authors                     Title
P09-01   Jobin Mathew, Nish P.       Effect of Bacopa monnieri and bacoside-a in the gene
         Aravind, & C.S. Paulose     expression of gad65 in temporal lobe epileptic rats
P09-02   R. Manikkumar,              A study on the hypoglycemic and hypolipidemic effects of an
         S. Suresh & P. Faizal       ayurvedic antidiabetic medicine “glycin” for evaluating its
                                     clinical efficacy in diabetic patients
P09-03   M. Abhilash & R.            Artificial sweetener aspartame - a risk factor to blood
         Harikumaran Nair            antioxidant defence sysyem?
P09-04   Manju Alex & Deepa          Nephroprotective and antilithiatic activity of astaxanthin in
         Sagar                       experimental animals
P09-05   Hemand Aravind & M.G.       Heracleum candolleanum (Wight et arn.) gamble a potential
         Rajesh                      candidate for anticancer principles
P09-06   R. Satheesh, R.J. Revathy   Non destructive evaluation of non mineralised tissue
         & V. Kalliyana Krishnan.
P09-07   P. Nisha & S. Mini          Anti-diabetic potential of flavonoid rich fraction from Musa
                                     paradisiaca inflorescence on diabetic rats
P09-08   C.T. Sulaiman, C.T.         Acetylcholinestrase inhibition and Antioxidant activity of
         Sadashiva, Satheesh         Terminalia chebula, Retz.
         George & Indira
P09-09   S. Manju & K.               Methotrexate conjugated hyaluronic acid assembled gold
         Sreenivasan                 nanoparticles for targeted drug delivery
P09-10   C.T. Sadashiva & Indira     A comparative study on phytochemical, antioxidant and
         Balachandran                acetylcholinestrase inhibitors activity of Tinospora cordifolia,
                                     Tinospora sinensis and Tinospora formanii Udayan and

Sl No.   Authors                   Title
P10-01   Lakshmi Mohan &           Bioremediation of industrial waste water by employing
         Nimmy Vijayan             effective microorganisms
P10-02   D. Sruthi & K.M. Maya     Stability of mace (Myristica fragrans Houtt.) powder on
P10-03   V. Chithra, A. Supriya    The rate of lipid peroxidation with severity of CAD in
         Simon & Anoop Vijayan     coronary artery disease patient
P10-04   A. Supriya Simon, V.      Altered DNA repair, oxidative stress and antioxidant status in
         Chithra & D. Dinesh Roy   coronary artery disease
P10-05   Anoop Vijayan, V. Chithra A correlative study to evaluate the association of established
         & A. Supriya Simon        risk factors of coronary artery disease on its severity
P10-06   Pravida Prasad            Optimization of process parameters and mass prodction of
                                   economically important pigment producing Trichoderma sp.
                                   by using agro-industrial byproducts
P10-07   Aswathy Agnes Joseph,     Exploration of endophytic bacteria for plant growth promotion
         Jyothis Mathew & E.K.     from the rhizome of Curcuma longa and Zingiber officinale
P10-08   P.M. Chitrhramol,         Antagonistic potential of bacteria from a rubber plantation in
         Kochuthresiamma Joseph    Konkan region of Maharashtra against major pathogens of
         & Roshni Susan Elias      rubber
P10-09   Roshini Susan Elias,      Nodule occupancy and competitive ability of selected root
         Kochuthresiamma Joseph    nodulating bacteria of Mucuna bracteata

         & Amith Abraham

Sl No.   Authors                       Title
P11-01   I. Rejeena, B. Lillibai, C.   Sol gel derived lead chloride crystals for optical limiting
         Pradeep Chandran, C.          applications
         Mathew, V.P.N.Nampoori
         & P. Radhakrishnan
P11-02   C.R. Indulal, G. Sajeev       Mechanical, optical and ion exchange studies of cerium
         Kumar, A.V. Vaidyan &         molybdo tungstate nanoparticles
         R. Raveendran
P11-03   Remya C. Pillai, Jacob        Synthesis, characterization and dye removal characteristics of
         Mathew & K.C. Philip          ZnO nano particles by spray pyrolysis of chitosan precursor
P11-04   Aneesh George, Annamma        Synthesis, characterization and dielectric properties of
         John, J. K Thomas & Sam       nanocrystalline ZrTi2O6 ceramic
P11-05   S. Sumi, P. Prabhakar Rao     Electrical transport properties of manganese containing
         & Peter Koshy                 pyrochlore type semiconducting oxides: CaCe1-xMnxSnNbO7-δ
                                       (x = 0, 0.2, 0.4 and 0.6) for NTC thermistor applications
P11-06   P.P. Rejith, S. Vidya, Sam    Improved transport jc and flux pinning force in nano structured
         Solomon & J.K. Thomas         BaTiO3 added YBa2Cu3O7- δ superconductors

P11-07   J. James, P.A. Abraham,       Synthesis and pore size tuning of carbon aerogel for super
         N. Ranipanicker, K. Stanly    capacitor applications
         Jacob & N. C. Pramanik
P11-08   K.C. Mathai, S. Vidya, P.     Structural characterization of nano crystalline GDBA2NBO6
         P. Rejith & J. K. Thomas      using FT-IR and Raman spectroscopy, synthesized by a
                                       modified combustion technique

Sl No.   Authors                       Title
P12-01   Geetha Susan Philip &         Occupational stress and their socio-economic impacts imposed
         Ashok Alex Philip             on women agricultural workers
P12-02   R. Sujith, D. Laila & P.      CPW fed mobile antenna with reduced RF interference
         Mohanan                       towards human head
P12-03   C.R. Rachana &                Fractionation and blending of ghee and their applications
         B. Surendra Nath
P12-04   Eldho Abraham, B. Deepa,      Green nanotechnological method for the effective utilisation
         & L.A. Pothen                 of natural fibre
P12-05   Marshal C.Radhakrishnan,      Circus - The traditional heritage of India is loosing its sheen-
         C.N. Radhakrishnan &          A study conducted to perpetuate and promote Indian circus
         T.S. Rajeev
P12-06   Regimon Joseph                Organic waves and Nallani Manure Management Systems

1330 – 1415 hrs   Lunch Break
1415 – 1615 hrs   Invited lectures on the Cutting Edge areas in Science & Technology
                  Chairman                                Prof. E D Jemmis
                                                          Director & Professor, Indian Institute of
                                                          Science Education and Research
                  Welcome                                 Prof. Ommen V. Ommen
                                                          UGC Emeritus Scientist, Kerala University
                                                          and President, Kerala Academy of Sciences

                                                          Dr. K. G. Ajithkumar
                                                          Mahathma Gandhi College Trivandrum
                  Topic                                   Speakers
                                                          Prof. S.K. Satheesh
                  Black carbon aerosols: The              Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic
                  absorbing phenomena                     Sciences, Indian Institute of Science,
                                                          Prof. Avadhesha Surolia
                  Harnessing protein folding to
                                                           Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute
                  counter diabetes
                                                          of Science, Bangalore 560 012
                                                          Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
                  Robotics – creating man out of           Associate Professor,
                  machine                                  Electrical and Computer Engineering,
                                                           National University of Singapore,
                                                          Dr. M. A. Nazeer
                  Vote of Thanks
                                                          Joint Director, RRII, Kottayam
1615 – 1630 hrs   Tea Break
1630 – 1800 hrs   Post Graduate Student’s Interaction with Scientists
                  The session involves interaction of 110 bright Post Graduate Students from
                  Colleges and Universities, with eminent, senior and young scientists to create the
                  research interest and to share the experience. The Following scientists will interact
                  with the students
                  Prof. V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai
Chairman          Executive Vice President, KSCSTE, Principal Secretary, S&T Department &
                  President, 24th Kerala Science Congress
Subject Area      Panel of Scientists
                  Prof. C. G. Ramachandran Nair
                  Former Chairman, STEC and President, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Prof. Madhusoodana Kurup
                  Vice Chancellor, Kerala Fisheries University
Molecular         Prof. Avadhesha Surolia
Biophysics        Molecular Biophysics Unit, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore 560 012
                  Prof. E. D Jemmis
Chemistry         Director & Professor, Indian Institute of Science Education and Research
                  Prof. Ommen V. Ommen
Zoology           UGC Emeritus Scientist, Kerala University and President, Kerala Academy of
                  Prof. S.K. Satheesh
                  Centre for Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Indian Institute of Science,
                  Prof. K. K. M. Yusuff
                  Former Head, CUSAT
                  Dr. Prahlad Vadakkepat
Robotics          Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering,
                  National University of Singapore, Singapore
                  Dr. S. Edison
                  Former Director, CTCRI
                  Dr. K. T. Shenoy
Health Science
                  Formerly Head, Medical College Hospital, Thiruvananthapuram
                  Dr. G. M. Nair
                  Professor, Central University, Kerala
                  Dr. M. Samsuddin
                  Executive Chairman & Director, Information Kerala Mission
                  Prof. V. Unnikrishnan Nayar
                  IISER, Thiruvananthapuram
1800 – 1930 hrs   Cultural Programme
2000 – 2100 hrs   Dinner
                                          DAY 3
                               31 JANUARY 2012 TUESDAY
0900 – 1300 hrs                  Children’s Science Congress
                                                       Dr. K. Vijayakumar
                  Welcome & Introduction
                                                       Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
                                                       Prof. V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai
                  Inauguration of the session          Executive Vice President, KSCSTE &
                                                       President, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                           Presentation by the Children Scientists
Sl. No.           Name of Group Leader                                  Project Title
                  & School Address
01                Akhil Thomas                         A study of the termite mounds at Muttom
                  St. Thomas H.S. Thudanganad          region
02                S. Amritha                           A preliminary study on the effect of the
                  V.V.H.S.S., Thamarakkulam            liquid pollutants in to the soil of the area to
                                                       Thamarakulam Panchayat
03                Amrutha K. Suni                      Science behind the community knowledge
04                C. Anagha                            Sand mining in Cheruthuruthy and
                  Govt. H.S.S. Cheruthuruthy           surrounding areas
05                Arya Parameswaran                    A comparative study on the effects of paddy
                  D.V.M.N.N.M.H.S.S. Maranalloor       field conversion in to rubber field on soil
06                M.J. Ashna                           A study on soil nutrient management and
                  Kanikkamatha                         comparative analysis of different soils of
                  C.E.M.G.H.S.S. Palakkad              Kannadi Panchayath
07                Feba Anna Abraham                    An eco-friendly school
                  S.N.D.P.H.S.S. Cheneerkara
08                Hemin Roy                            A study on invasive alien plant species of
                  Govt. H.S. Meenangadi                Wyanad District
                  A.R. Lakshmi                         A Preliminary study on the population
09                S.N. Public School                   pressure on land and the quality of life of
                  Thattamala, Kollam                   people living in a slum colony and flat
                  Lakshmi Raj                          A preliminary study on the impact of
10                Carmel G.H.S.S. Vazhuthacaud         developmental activities on the land use
                                                       pattern and on the environment.
                  Mithun Gopinath                      A comparative study on the qualities of soil
11                K.P.C.H.S.S, Pattannur               under zero budget farming and organic
                                                       chemical framing
12                Minu Raj                             A comparative study of the micro organisms
                  S. N. Trust Central School, Kollam   in the soil samples in Kollam
13                Raveena Saseendran                   Study on the effects of China clay mining in
                  St.Teresa’s A.I.H.S.S.Kannur         Vengara, Madayipara
14                Sebin Prakash                        Earth worm, bio-indicator of the soil- A
                  St. Mary’s H.S.S Teekoy              study
15                Sruthi C.                            An enquiry in to the importance of organic
                  D.H.S.S Kanhangad                    matter in maintaining soil qualities

16                S.G. Vaishanavi                    A study on the peculiarities of soil used for
                  M.M.U.P.S. Peroor                  pottery
                                                     Dr. P. Radhakrishnan
                  Interaction with students
                                                      Formerly Deputy Director, VSSC
                                                     Shri. E .S. Anilkumar
                                                     Senior Scientific Assistant, KSCSTE
                                                     Dr. A. Thulaseedharan
                  Vote of Thanks
                                                     Dy. Director (Biotech), RRII, Kottayam

14.00 – 14.45     P.T. Bhaskara Panickar Memorial Lecture
                  Welcome & Introduction to
                                                    Dr. V. Ajith Prabhu,
                  P.T. Bhaskara Panickar Memorial
                                                    Joint Director, KSCSTE
                                                    Smt. B. G. Sridevi
                  Introducing the Speaker           Director, National Transportation Planning
                                                    and Research Centre,
                                                    Prof. S. Sivadas,
                  Commemorative Lecture
                                                    Science Writer
                                                    Dr. P. Harinarayanan
                  Vote of Thanks
                                                    Scientific Officer, KSCSTE
1500 – 1600 hrs   Valedictory Function
                  Welcome                           Dr. K. K. Ramachandran, Member
                                                    Secretary, KSCSTE
                  Presidential Address              Prof. V. N. Rajasekharan Pillai
                                                    Executive Vice President, KSCSTE &
                                                    President, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Inauguration                      Shri. K. C. Joseph
                                                    Hon’ble Minister for Rural Development,
                                                    Government of Kerala
                  Report on the Science Congress    Prof. C. G. Ramachandran Nair,
                                                    Chairman, 24th Kerala Science Congress
                  Prof. P. R. Pisharoty             Prof. M. S. Swaminathan
                  commemoration and Valedictory     Renowned Agriculture Scientist
                  Hon’ble Minister will present awards to the Child Scientists and Young
                  Vote of Thanks                   Dr. C. Anilkumar
                                                   Member Convenor, 24th Kerala Science
                                                   Congress Committee
                  National Anthem


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