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					                                    Lesson Plan Template
 ent Area Grade 10: English
   Title   Huckleberry Finn (Realism vs. Romanticism)
State             R-12-6
Standards:        Literary Texts: Analysis and Interpretation of Literary Text, Citing Evidence
National          R-12-6.1a                                                        Analyze and
Content           interpret author's craft within and across texts, citing evidence where
Standards:        appropriate by ... Demonstrating knowledge of author’s style or use of literary
                  elements and devices (e.g., simile, metaphor, point of view, imagery, repetition,
                  flashback, foreshadowing, personification, hyperbole, symbolism, analogy,
                  allusion, diction, syntax, genre, or bias, or use of punctuation, etc.) to analyze
                  literary works (Local)

                   Analyze and interpret author's craft within and across texts, citing evidence
                  where appropriate by ... Examining author’s style or use of literary devices to
                  convey theme (Local)

                  Uses Comprehension strategies (flexibly and as needed) before, during, and
                  after reading literary and informational text.

Context of
the Lesson        This lesson will be take place in the beginning of the unit on Literary
Where does        Movements (Realism vs. Romanticism). The students will be beginning the
this lesson fit   main focus novel of this unit, which is Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn. This
in the            will be done right after chapter three where Tom and Huck’s friendship
curriculum        dynamic comes into play. The students will already have experience with using
and               a graphic organizer such as this in my class before, so I will not have to go that
instructional     again, unless they ask. Also, they will have been taught and given a sheet of all
context? Is it    the characteristics of Realism and Romanticism already, so that they can
the opening of    connect it to the characters.
a unit or a
series of         This will be a regular, non honors class, with about 15 students.

Opportunit Plans to differentiate instruction:
ies to Learn Those students who have trouble analyzing literature through specific types of
                  graphic organizers can use a different organizer that is more helpful to them.
 Definition:   Furthermore, I will read certain important parts of the chapter out load before
 Materials,    starting the graphic organizer. That way the students who struggle with reading
Learners and   can still participate and create an understanding about the novel.

               Accommodations and modifications:

               I will monitor the progress of each student to make sure that they all understand
               how to use the graphic organizer. If I see that there are some students struggling
               with finding information in the text or other specific problems, I will either
               address it as a general statement to the class or meet with them privately after
               school or during a free period.

               Environment factors:

               The classroom will contain a diverse group of students from different parts of
               the community. A number of them do achieve the standard; however there are
               those who are struggling in the class as well. They are at mixed reading levels
               and require literary assistants at times.

                   1. Novel
               Twain, Mark. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. San Francisco: Ignatius
               Press, 2009.
                   2. Graphic Organizer

Objectives     Content Objective:
               The student will, through reading comprehension, be able to distinguish at least
               one characteristic of Realism and one characteristic or Romanticism in the
               novel “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

               Strategy Objective:
               The student will self question the text, “The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn,”
               about the characteristics of Realism related to Huck and Romanticism related to
               Tom to clarify ambiguity and deepen understanding and will then provide at
               least one example of Realism and one example of Romanticism.

               (50 minute class period)
            Opening (10 min):
     al     I will open by asking questions and assessing how well the students remember
Procedures the characteristics and differences between Realism and Romanticism as well as
               about what they think of the book so far.
                   What are everyone’s thoughts on Huckleberry Finn so far? Do you like
                    it? Do you find it confusing?
                   Who can tell me some of the characteristics of Realism that we learned
                    last week?
                   Who can tell me some of the characteristics of Romanticism that we
                    learned last week?
                   Today, we will be using this graphic organized to learn how some of the
                    characters reflect or share some of the characteristics of Realism and

             Engagement (35 min):

             I will give the students 10 minutes to try to fill out Huck/Tom the graphic
             organizer on their own or with a partner. Following that, the next 20 min will
             involve a class discussion where the students will share their ideas and proceed
             to make connections between Huck/Tom and Realism/Romanticism. Class
             discussions are very helpful for those who retain information better through
             audio learning.
                  Ok, now I want you to use this organizer to help determine the
                     differences and similarities between Huck and Tom.
                  Are some of Huck/Tom’s traits similar to the two literary movements
                     that we have been learning about? How?
                  How are they different from the two literary movements that we have
                     been learning about?
                  Connect Huck/Tom with Realism or Romanticism. Which one should be
                     paired with what? Why?

             Closing (5 min):
             At the end of the lesson, I will ask the students if they have any questions.
             Following that I will summarize the lesson and then proceed to collect their
             graphic organizers.

                   Graphic Organizer

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